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News Monday 23rd January...

ShoppingRecent Releases Creepy Masters Cinema Format Blu ray
Weekly UK DVD and Blu-ray Releases
Bllod Rage, Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Under the Shadow
BBFC CutsCuts and Bans The Beast Within DVD
Shopping: The Beast Within
1982 USA horror by Philippe Mora just released on UK DVD and Blu-ray
BBFC NewsBBFC Weekly DVD front cover
Weekly UK Adult Ratings from the BBFC
BBFC cracks its whip


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Cutting Edge Quick Trims

The Art of War

Cuts for an MPAA R rating

edge art of war

Cutting Edge header 1


Cutting Edge Episode 42

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Ferman, Spielberg and the PG rating

Cutting Edge Temple of Doom

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UK Internet Porn Censorship

The Digital Economy Bill is passing through Parliament and will lead to the mass blocking of internet porn to all UK residents. This includes the free tube sites and is not restricted to UK based websites. The BBFC has been appointed to the new role of internet porn censor.
open rights group 2016 logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Censor's Charter
Open Rights Group summarises the current state of play revealing how porn sites will be blocked for UK internet users
house of lords red logo
Update: The Censored Digital Economy
Lords 2nd Reading debate of age verification and censorship for worldwide porn websites
The BBFC is set to ban all online porn
Murray Perkins of the BBFC explains how all the world's major porn websites will have to be totally banned in Britain (even if they set up age verification systems) under the censorship rules contained in the Digital Economy Bill
vice logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Just How Risky Face-Sitting and Fisting Are
Vice investigates if there is any harm in sexual practices considered somehow
karen bradley
Update: Quick, buy shares in VPNs, there will soon be a massive new uptake
UK government decides that it will censor nearly all internet porn

Recent Melon Farmers News

Liberty logo
Update: The People vs the Snoopers' Charter
Liberty launches crowdfunded legal challenge to indiscriminate state spying powers in Investigatory Powers Act
urban dictionary logo
BBFC decides that the Urban Dictionary website should be adults only
european court of justice logo
Update: But will the government listen?
European Court of Justice finds that the UK mass snooping regime is too broad and must be reigned in
access-now logo
Petition: Encryption is under threat in Europe!
Tell the EU Council: Protect our rights to privacy and security!
arms of the british governmentjpg logo
Too Late!
Encryption, privacy and security has just been killed by the British government

Recent Movie News

Love Camp 7 Blu-rayCombo
Shopping: Love Camp 7
1969 US video nasty by Lee Frost set for US DVD/Blu-ray Combo release on 31st January 2017
Amcuk Blu-ray
Shopping: Amuck
1972 Italy mystery thriller by Silvio Amadio set for UK Blu-ray release on 27th February 2017 with previous BBFC cuts waived
Massacre In Dinosaur Valley Blu-ray
Shopping: Massacre in Dinosaur Valley
1985 Italy / Brazil action horror adventure by Michele Massimo Tarantini set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 13th March 2017 with most previous BBFC cuts waived
Poster Embrace 2016 Taryn Brumfitt
Update: Low self esteem
Fearing that the feminist movie Embrace will be unattractive to young people, distributors commission a little BBFC cosmetic surgery to improve its appeal
Angry Birds Movie Clay Kaytis
BBFC Cuts 2016
BBFC cuts, including advised cuts, category cuts and compulsory cuts to all films except sex films (for which there are way too many cuts to list)

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UK Internet Porn Censorship

For those that hold the opinion that Britain is bastion of Western liberal values...
Porn Censorship in Britain 2016: The Digital Economy Bill. By the Britisher. Via YouTube

Porn performers talk about the UK porn laws . By Pandora Blake Via YouTube

Help defeat this ill-informed censorship
 Visit Backlash

Tony Bear explains UK video censorship to Lady Bear

In December 2014 the UK introduced new regulations to censor online videos. Tony Bear explains the new rules to Lady Bear. She doesn't like it. If you don't like it either, find out more at Backlash.

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Nice 'n' Naughty Sex Shops Review Review
Hot Movies Video on Demand Review Review

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SexAndCensorship (Facebook) - internet censorship - internet censorship - liberty and privacy - dangerous pictures - dangerous pictures - sexual freedom

UK Internet Censors Logo

UK GovernmentUK Internet

23rd Dec
open rights group 2016 logo
Update: Crap law in the making
Open Rights Group demolishes government's internet censorship tweak to catch porn carrying Twitter and Reddit

Films Articles Logo

moviesMovie News

21st Jan
Reservoir Dogs DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Lend an Ear
Reminiscing about the censorship issues with Reservoir Dogs as it heads towards a 25th Anniversary screening at Cannes 2017
EU NewsWest Europe

20th Jan
Love DVD
Update: Love at 16
France's Culture Minister seeks to change film censorship rules so that the 18 rating is reserved for out and out pornography
BBFC CutsCuts and Bans

19th Jan
The Goonies Blu-ray
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: BBFC Podcast Episode 63
The BBFC discusses issues from the Netflix Stranger Things series, E.T., cuts to The Goonies and Stand by Me
South AsiaSouth Asia

14th Jan
cbfc cuts xxx return of xander cage
FXXXing censorship
xXx: Return of Xander Cage is cut by the Indian film censor
BBFC CutsCuts and Bans

13th Jan
Poster Embrace 2016 Taryn Brumfitt
Update: Low self esteem
Fearing that the feminist movie Embrace will be unattractive to young people, distributors commission a little BBFC cosmetic surgery to improve its appeal

Broadsheet Articles Logo

World NewsLiberty News

22nd Jan
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Digital Security Tips for Protesters
Those engaging in peaceful protest may be subject to search or arrest, have their movements and associations mapped, or otherwise become targets of surveillance and repression
Games NewsGames News

21st Jan
oculous logo
Virtually 18 rated
Virtual reality headset producers require developers to obtain an IARC rating for games
Control FreaksControl Freaks netflix logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Geo-lock Picking
A year on since Netflix took action against subscribers using VPNs, TorrentFreak takes a look at the current possibilities of subscribing to better catalogues in other territories
World NewsAsia Pacific

20th Jan
Gal*Gun: Double Peace
Not difficult enough!
New Zealand film censors ban the video game Gal*Gun Double Peace
UK ParliamentHouses of Parl In praise of blasphemy
Je Suis Charlie...BUT
National Secular Society organises discussion in Parliament about the legacy of the Charlie Hebdo and its effect on free speech
UK GovernmentGov bill emmott
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Demonstrating how close Ofcom is to being a government censor
Ex-Ofcom TV censor seeks judicial review over sacking by the government
InternetInternet News mozilla logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The Internet Health Report
What's helping (and what's hurting) our largest global resource. By Mozilla
World NewsUK News Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Policing criticism of Islam: the new Star Chamber
Newspapers are being forced to recant their questioning of Islam. By Tom Slater
World NewsPhone News meitu
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Beauty is only skin deep, it's what underneath that counts
A Chinese selfie app from Meitu installs a privacy horror show

Outrage Articles Logo

Nutter WatchAsia Pacific

21st Jan
wicked van virgin
Update: Emasculated with censor's scissors
New Zealand miserablists think the censorship of jokes on Wicked Campervans has been effective
Nutter WatchPC News

19th Jan
center for media justice logo
Everybody demands Facebook be their best friend
Political campaigners call on Facebook to censor their own activists less and to censor their opponents more
Nutter WatchUK News

15th Jan
k cider can
Update: Portsmouth Council Recommends
K Cider and its 500ml can, council whinges are dismissed by the drinks censor
TV CensorshipUK TV News

14th Jan
urban myths
A pale imitation
Sky pulls Michael Jackson episode from satirical series, Urban Myths
TV CensorshipUK TV News Eastenders logo
Update: Never ending whingeing
A few viewers are wound up by strong language on EastEnders
Nutter WatchTV News

13th Jan
virginija buneviciute nazi salute
Don't mention Fawlty Towers
Lithuanian TV show taken off air after a nazi salute in a charades based game
Ofcom WatchOfcom Watch

11th Jan
tell me another
Tell Me Another
Ofcom censors the use of the word 'coon' in a chat show anecdote from the 70's
TV CensorshipUK TV News

7th Jan
real housewives of isis video
Commented: Real Housewives of ISIS
BBC generates a little 'outrage' for poking fun at terrorists

Sex Articles Logo

US NewsUS News

19th Jan
bill margold 2011
Obituary: Bill Margold
Golden Age porn actor dies aged 73
Sex SellsAsia Pacific

18th Jan
pornhub logo
Update: Miserable Philippines
Philippines blocks Porhub after report shows its popularity in the country
Red UmbrellaUK P4P

13th Jan
HM Courts Service
Fined for what exactly?
Man fined for paying for sex in Nottingham
Red UmbrellaUS P4P

10th Jan
backpage censored notice
Update: Escorted off site
Sex worker small ads on are censored by the US authorities via a campaign of persecution and harassment
Red UmbrellaWorld P4P

9th Jan
greens germany logo
Rare compassion from politicians
German Green politicians calls for financial support for disabled people to oay for sex worker visits
World NewsWorld News

7th Jan
pornhub logo
Searching for a porny Harley Quinn
Porn viewing very popular in Britain

Diary Logo


10th Jan
We Are Still Here DVD
Diary: We Are Still Here
January on the Horror Channel

30th Dec
freedom of speech
Diary: Molland vs Sullivan: Freedom of Speech
10th February 2017, a performance from the Leicester Comedy Festival

25th Dec
eroticon logo
Diary: Eroticon 2017
4-5th March 2017. Erotic writers convention in London

20th Dec
triple six 2017 logo
Diary: Triple Six Horror Festival
27th-28th May 2017, Manchester

Shopping Logo

ShoppingRecent Releases

23rd Jan
Creepy Masters Cinema Format Blu ray
Weekly UK DVD and Blu-ray Releases
Bllod Rage, Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Under the Shadow
ShoppingRecent Releases The Beast Within DVD
Shopping: The Beast Within
1982 USA horror by Philippe Mora just released on UK DVD and Blu-ray
ShoppingRecent Releases Seeding Ghost Blu ray Chuan Yang
Shopping: Seeding of a Ghost
1983 Hong Kong horror thriller by Chuan Yang just released on UK DVD and Blu-ray
ShoppingRecent Releases

22nd Jan
24 Hours Die Various
Shopping: 24 Hours To Die
2014 Ireland horror by Stephen Patrick Kenny just released on US DVD
ShoppingRecent Releases

21st Jan
Bubba Redneck Werewolf Fred Lass
Shopping: Bubba The Redneck Werewolf
2014 USA comedy horror by Brendan Jackson Rogers just released on US DVD
ShoppingRecent Releases Resident Evil: Extinction Blu-ray
Shopping: Resident Evil: Extinction
2007 action Sci-Fi horror by Russell Mulcahy just released on US Blu-ray
ShoppingRecent Releases

20th Jan
Worm DVD John Ferguson
Shopping: Worm
2013 USA Sci-Fi romance by Doug Mallette just released on UK DVD
ShoppingRecent Releases Resident Evil Afterlife Milla Jovovich
Shopping: Resident Evil: Afterlife
2010 action Sci-Fi horror by Paul WS Anderson just released on US Blu-ray
ShoppingRecent Releases

19th Jan
Don't Breathe DVD
Shopping: Don't Breathe
2016 USA horror thriller by Fede Alvarez just released on UK DVD

New Listings Logo

ShoppingNew Listings

23rd Jan
Suddenly In The Dark Blu-ray
Shopping: Suddenly In The Dark
1981 South Korea horror by Young Nam Ko set for US Blu-ray release on 14th February 2017
ShoppingNew Listings Children Of The Corn 3 - Urban Harvest Blu-ray
Shopping: Children Of The Corn 3: Urban Harvest
1995 USA horror thriller by James DR Hickox set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 27th March 2017
ShoppingNew Listings

22nd Jan
It Watches DVD
Shopping: It Watches
2016 USA thriller by Dave Parker set for US DVD release on 21st February 2017
ShoppingNew Listings Trippin' DVD
Shopping: Trippin'
2011 China / USA comedy horror by Devi Snively set for US DVD release on 14th February 2017
ShoppingNew Listings Dark Moon Rising DVD
Shopping: Dark Moon Rising
2015 USA fantasy by Justin Price set for UK DVD release on 6th March 2017
ShoppingNew Listings

21st Jan
Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell DVD
Shopping: Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell
set for UK release on
ShoppingNew Listings

20th Jan
Destruction Babies DVD
Shopping: Destruction Babies
2016 Japan comedy thriller by Tetsuya Mariko set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 10th April 2017
ShoppingNew Listings

19th Jan
Roger Corman Presents: Death Race 2050 DVD
Shopping: Roger Corman's Death Race 2050
2016 USA action comedy by GJ Echternkamp set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 20th March 2017
ShoppingNew Listings Mobsters Blu-ray
Shopping: Mobsters
1991 USA crime drama by Michael Karbelnikoff set for UK Blu-ray release on 27th March 2017

Sex + Shopping Logo

Sex SellsNew and Offers

23rd Jan
DVD front cover
Selected releases at CD Universe
Sex SellsNew and Offers

22nd Jan
161217 simply
Simply Adult
Latest releases from Girlfriends Films and Brazzers
Sex SellsNew and Offers

21st Jan
DVD front cover
Mom's Magic Massage (2016)
Selected releases at Adult DVD Empire
Sex SellsNew and Offers

20th Jan
DVD front cover
A Soft Touch #3
Selected releases at Your Choice
Sex SellsNew and Offers

19th Jan
DVD front cover
Watch Perfectly Natural 11
Selected releases at Hot Movies
Sex SellsNew and Offers

18th Jan
DVD front cover
Selected releases at CD Universe
Sex SellsNew and Offers

16th Jan
DVD front cover
Sorority Sisters (2016)
Selected releases at Adult DVD Empire
Sex SellsNew and Offers

15th Jan
DVD front cover
Uniformes Deluxe Anthology
Selected releases at Your Choice
Sex SellsNew and Offers

14th Jan
DVD front cover
Watch Car Trouble 2
Selected releases at Hot Movies


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