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News Sunday 26th March...

Games NewsGames News Outlast Trinity
Updated: Outlast Outlawed
Australian censors ban Outlast 2 video game but then pass a cut version with an R18+ rating which will be distributed worldwide
moviesMovie News Poster Mawlana 2016 Magdy Ahmed Aly
Moralist Preacher
Lebanese film censor bans the Egyptian film Mawlana

News Friday 24th March...

moviesMovie News Cat Sick Blues DVD
Update: Cat Sick Blues
New Zealand film censors ban horror film rated 15 in Australia after the distributor refuses to implement cuts
moviesMovie News Poster Beauty and the Beast 2017 Bill Condon
Updated: Beastly homophobic film censors
Beauty and the Beast banned in Kuwait, effectively banned in Russia, and recently unbanned in Malaysai

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moviesMovie News

19th Mar
nice guys
Update: Ban happy chief censor
Indian film censor bans 77 films in a year
InternetInternet News

17th Mar
european commission logo
Update: More EU nastiness
EU is getting heavy with internet giants who refuse to censor content that the EU does not like
InternetInternet News Pakistan flag
Update: Censorship via blasphemy
Pakistan is getting heavy with internet giants who refuse to censor content that Pakistan does not like
TV CensorshipTV News

14th Mar
ladys flames
Update: Flaming row
Myanmar complains that a Thai TV drama insults its historic royalty
InternetInternet News

11th Mar
European Parliament logo
Update: Linked to censorship
Leaked Report Slams European Link Tax and Upload Filtering Plans
InternetInternet News twitter 2015 logo
Update: Twitter turns grey
Twitter greys out profiles of users with 'sensitive' content
booksBook News China flag
Update: Total thought control
China bans the sales of foreign books without the express approval of the state

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