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Melon Farming
 Facebook Page: Media Censorship in Australia A lively Facebook page from the makers of the Chopping List
 Rewind Multi-Region DVD Comparison Database  English language version of German site pictorially describing movie cuts
 Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page including censor cuts
 Eros An excellent Melon Farming magazine
 The Chopping List Cuts and bans in Australia
 Refused Classification Melon Farming in Australia
 Schnittberichte Keeping track of the German censors (German language)

Forums  Cult Labs Forum Cult action, exploitation, horror and Sci-Fi movies forum
 Cult Movie Forums Continuing from where the Anchor Bay forum left off Detailed info on video nasties released before the Video Recordings Act
 Home Theater Forum Laser & DVD discussions that often centre on censorship

Blogs  VHS Wasteland Blog for strange, hard to find VHS covers of the past
 Stripping the Illusion All about stripping from the only people that know anything about it
 Italian Film Review The Strange Vices of Cult Cinema
 Cinema Extreme A blog of film journalism, for mature thinkers, dealing with extreme cinema from all over the globe
 Spy Blog Watching them watching us

Melon Farmers
 Inquisition 21st Century  Resisting the absolutism of our times and threats to liberty
 Realm of Horror Complete with a selection of interesting video clips
 Search My Trash A travelogue through the weird and wonderful world of uncharted cinema
 Sex Gore Mutants Well worth a look for horror fans
 Flesh & Blood FABPress publishers of many interesting books on the horror genre
 The Dark Side Long genre magazine
 Film Blitz Taking over from Trash City
 Is it...Uncut A well established magazine that is essential reading for melon farmers

Campaigns &
 Index on Censorship A nonprofit that campaigns for and defends free expression worldwide.
 US Press Freedom Tracker  from Index on Censorship - internet censorship and championing digital rights - Test websites for UK ISP blocking
 National Secular Society A good campaigning website, very useful
 The Freethinker Secular Humanist Monthly, a good read in cartoon times Maintains a record of content censored from social networking sites
 Myles Jackman Obscenity Lawyer. Award winning obscenity law advice from the sexual freedoms specialist
 Media Freedom A crowd sourced map of violations, censorship and the needs of threatened journalists in Europe
 Spiked  interesting essays on the topics of free speech, liberty and nanny statism
 Global Voices The world is talking, are you listening?
 National Coalition Against Censorship Action, Advocacy, Education supporting free expression in the US Campaign from TaxPayers' Alliance, fighting intrusions on privacy and liberties.
 Takedown Hall of Shame highlighting outrageous attempts to take down online content
 Freemuse Freedom of Musical Expression
 x:talk A space to organise and empower workers in the sex industry
 CPBF Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
 CFOI Campaign for Freedom of Information
 Article 19 Global campaign for free expression
 Amnesty International Sometimes their human rights trumps anti censorship
 Liberty Protecting civil liberties Promoting human rights
 Campaign Against Censorship Formerly the Defence of Literature and the Arts Society
 International Union of Sex Workers campaign against the criminalisation of prostitution
 Backlash Campaigning against the Dangerous Pictures Act
 CAAN Consenting Adults Action Network campaigning against the Dangerous Pictures Act
 The Manifesto Club Pro-human campaigning network to develop people’s creativity and knowledge.
 Committee to Protect Journalists dedicated to defending press freedom worldwide
 No2ID Campaigning against ID cards.
 Sexual Freedom Coalition to reform law that inhibits freedom of consenting adults

Media  Book of the Dead The definitive Evil Dead Site
 Alex Cox's Repo-Page Inspirational inventor of the term "Melon Farmer"
 Salvation Films An excellent range of sex and horror
 Film Threat Online Hollywood indy magazine
 Media Channel aims to raise awareness about global media issues

UK Film Festivals FrightFest Main event in London is at the August bank holiday but there is also an event in Glasgow early in the year
St Albans Film Festival March GrimmFest International Festival of Horror and Cult Films in Manchester. Early October
Mayhem Horror Film Festival Mayhem Horror Film Festival. Nottingham, early November

UK Censors
 VSC Video Standards Council or VSC Rating Board is the UK video games censor but generally just administers the application of PEGI ratings
 ASA UK Advertising Standards Authority
 BBFC British Board of Film Classification. The state appointed film and video censor, now also designated as the new internet porn censor
 Children's BBFC Website for younger children offering games, puzzles, information and news
 Ofcom TV, satellite, cable, radio, telecoms and internet censor
 UKCCIS UK Council for Child Internet Safety
 Department for Culture, Media, Sport, Proscription & Censorship
 The Home Office still in charge of the obscene Obscene Publications Act
 Ministry of Justice As if New Labour know the meaning of the word justice
 D-Notices Discreet UK censorship of security matters
 HM Customs The censors with the most awesome powers.

International Censors  World Ratings   A useful guide from Wikipedia
 Australia   Classification Board (previously Office of Film & Literature Classification)
 Australia   ACMA, Australian Communication and Media Authority, TV Censor
 Austria   Bundesministerium fur bildung, wissenschaft und kultur
 Brazil   Ministry of Justice
 Canada: British Columbia   Consumer Protection British Columbia whose remit includes film censorship
 Canada: Nova Scotia   Film censorship is administered by the Maritime Film Classification Board
 Canada: Quebec   Quebec - Regie du Cinema
 Canada   Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
 Canada   CBSC Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
 Canada   CBSA: Canada Border Services Agency maintains a list of banned films and books
 Denmark   Medieraadet, classifiers (Danish language)
 Europe: PEGI   Pan European Game Information
 Finland   VET, film classifiers who use the word 'classifiers' honestly
 France   Centre National de la cinematographie: Commission de Classification (French language)
 Germany   FSF, television regulators (German language)
 Germany   FSK, film & video censors (German language)
 Germany   USK, Computer game censors (German language)
 Hong Kong   Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
 Hungary   Nemzeti Media
 India   Central Board of Film Certification
 India   Indian Broadcasting Foundation includes the TV censors of the Broadcasting Content Complaint Council
 Ireland   Film Censor Office
 Ireland   Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
 Ireland   Censorship of Publications Board
 Kenya   Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) website
 Malaysia   Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF)
 Malta   Board Of Film And Stage Classification
 Netherlands   Kijkwijzer, self classification guidelines (Dutch & English)
 New Zealand   Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC)
 New Zealand   Film & Video Labelling Body (FVLB) Body decides on using Australian or UK film ratings when appropriate
 New Zealand   Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
 Nigeria   National Film & Video Board (NFVCB)
 Norway   Norwegian Media Authority
 Poland   Krajowa Rada Radiowym i Telewizyjnym (KRRiT)  TV & radio censors
 Singapore   Media Development Authority (MDA)
 South Africa   Film and Publication Board (FPB)
 South Africa   Broadcasting Complaints Commission South Africa (BCCSA)
 South Korea   Game Rating Board
 South Korea   KMRB, Korea Media Rating Board
 Sweden   Statens medieråd (Swedish Media Council) The site is Swedish & English language
 Switzerland   Commission du Cinema du Canton de Geneve & Vaud
 UAE   National Media Council
 USA   MPAA Censors, but at least their advice is voluntary
 USA   MPAA's Classification and Rating administration (CARA) searchable ratings website
 USA   ESRB Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Self assessed computer game ratings

 Christian Voice headed by Stephen Green SaferMedia, previously MediaMarch
 Christian Concern for Our Nation Lobby group of MPs, lawyers etc
 Christian Institute Took great offence at Jerry Springer: The Opera
 Object to everything to do with sex
 Clean Hotels A list of American hotels to avoid that don't carry porn on room TV
 Mediawatch-UK Changed name from the National Viewers & Listeners Association
 Christian Answers Morality film reviews
 Capalert More nutter film reviews, maybe should be filed under humour

Privacy  Secret Bases An entertaining guide revealing the UK's "hidden" MoD facilities and military sites
 You Are Being Watched Surveillance in America
 Tunneler from Metropipe Products Anonymizes your web browsing
 Anonymizer Privacy products.

Other Sites UK version of anti-censorship website World version of anti-censorship website Expurgated version of Melon Farmers
 PattayaGoGos Thai-Anxiety: Enjoying nightlife in Thailand
 UK Horse Racing Another passion in life is to become a professional gambler
 Bain EMA Accountants and business advisers in Perth, West Australia
 MiGlass glass processors (Midland Industrial Glass) Bespoke glass products in the UK Reflexology, Reiki and Thai Massage in Birmingham, UK

Sex Aware  Global Network of Sex Work Projects Promoting health and human rights
 Dancers Information Information written for dancers and mainly by dancers
 Prostitutes Collective Aampaigning for the abolition of the prostitution laws
 Support And Advice For Escorts Independents supporting each other
 Holistic Wisdom Holistic & Sexual Health for the mind, body & spirit

Sex Sells  London Lapdancer For Dancers. For Customers. For the Curious. Covering the London strip scene
 Adult Entertainment Law US specialist law firm: JD Obenberger & Associates The Erotic Media Review
 Association of Erotic Artists Essays and articles on the erotic arts and topics such as censorship
 Rame Archives from Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.erotica.movies
 British Girls Adult Film Database Invaluable for finding  British stars and films
 Mike Freeman made some of the first porn videos I saw, still going strong

Sex Sells The largest sex machine retailer in the UK & Europe
 YourChoice : Genuine home-made shows are reworked into compilations for your viewing pleasure.
 GayHotMovies Pay Per View, Download or Rental, Free minutes to sample
 HotMovies Pay Per View, Download or Rental, Free minutes to sample
 Simply Adult The largest adult website in Europe.
 AEBN Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network
 Adult Video Universe Vast selection from the US market Empire X is a long established Cinema Club (1980) based in the Centre of Huddersfield Sexy lingerie. body stockings, hosiery, dresses, dancewear, g-strings and accessories Sex Toys with FREE UK Shipping Making the oldest known pleasures modern With over 30 years experience in the the sex industry we give a money back guarantee Helping people enjoy a better sex life
 Private VOD Home of the stars: Angel Dark, Boroka, Claudia Rossi, Regina Ice The largest city full of erotic articles and sex toys Quality latex and rubber fetish wear With a huge range of DVDs, Blu-Ray, Sex Toys & Lingerie, VOD and more…..


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