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Melon Farmers

News Friday 19th December...

World News World News Australian Sex Party
Update: Preferential Candidate
The Australian Sex Party wins its first parliamentary seat
Sex Sells Internet Video squirt alert game
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Squirt alert
The terms in this specific porn ban are pretty ridiculous to say the least and outright sexist, so we made this Android game to show how we felt about that.

News Thursday 18th December...

UK News UK News sexpo uk logo
Diary: Sexpo UK
13-15th November 2015, Olympia, London

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.

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Recent Sex Sells

UK News UK News

17th Dec
sexhibition 2015 advert
Diary: Sexhibition
21st-22nd August 2015. Erotic Event in Manchester
Sex Sells Internet Video

16th Dec
nick clegg
Update: Nick Clegg champions people's 'exotic' sexual kicks
Whilst David Cameron confirms that he is a miserable censorial prat
US News US News la county logo
Update: Porn Producers Unprotected by the Constitution
Vivid loses legal challenge to the local law requiring condoms in porn production
US News US News tilted kilt
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The Attentive Service Sector (ASS)
Tilted Kilt and Twin Peaks are slightly sexy US restaurants which are challenging the rather staid Hooters
Sex Sells Internet Video

15th Dec
Intimate Games DVD Tudor Gates
Offsite Article
Offsite Comment: Can We Stop Being Judgemental About People's Sex Lives
There seems to be a tired, frustrating belief in British culture that sex is something that needs to be kept indoors and not talked about, especially if you're a politician or public figure. By Frances Black
Red Umbrella UK P4P prostitutes collective logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Comment: Calling for the full decriminalisation of sex work
Why the next general election will be pivotal for sex worker rights. By Margaret Corvid
Red Umbrella World P4P

14th Dec
Escort Ads
Moralist MPs screw a wide industry with presumably deliberate vague law
Considering the affects of Canada's new ban on advertising vaguely defined 'sexual services'
Sex Sells Sat News western cape high court
Update: Lawyers continue to be enriched by satellite porn in South Africa
TV broadcaster fails to prevent a revisit of the TV censor's decision to award licences for porn channels
Sex Sells Sex Aware dream rooster
Dream Rooster
Alarm clock cum panty vibrator found to stimulate sexy dreams
Sex Sells Internet Video

13th Dec
Ofcom Behemoth crushes small website operator falls victim to a 1500 pound censorship fine for not following impossible age verification rules
Sex Sells Gay News Their Room London Berlin Francisco
Shopping: In Their Room: London, Berlin, San Francisco
Gay documentary video by Travis Mathews just released on UK DVD and Blu-ray. 18 rated with real sex
Sex Sells Internet Video

12th Dec
atvod taking piss
Update: Life can be fine if we sit on our faces in all sorts of places
Lively and colourful protest outside parliament over government internet censorship decree
Sex Sells Internet Video House of Commons logo
Updated: Gallant MPs
Early Day Motion calls for the annulment of the Government's internet censorship decree
US News US News Bright Lights Lonely Nights Memories
The Memories of Serena, Porn Star Pioneer of the 1970s
Mental illness, Willian Margold and Jamie Gillis

Previous Sex Sells

Sex Sells Internet Video

11th Dec
So what censorial nastiness is ATVOD cooking up next?
Guess who's paying these people to sit around a table dreaming up ideas to censor the internet?
Sex Sells Internet Video
Diary: Protest against internet porn censorship
Friday 12th December at noon outside parliament
Sex Sells Sat News
The recent changes to copyright law have enabled porn parodies to hit the UK
Sex Sells Gay News

10th Dec
Out in Public
More crap BBFC R18 censorship that will be seized upon by ATVOD to ban a whole new genre of internet porn
Red Umbrella UK P4P
Update: Sex work just got more dangerous in Northern Ireland
Stormont passes new law to criminalise men paying for sex
Sex Sells Internet Video

9th Dec
Update: Orwellian Control
A worrying snippet about US website refusing UK debits cards
Sex Sells Books and Mags
The Paul Raymond Awards 2014
The winners
Red Umbrella World P4P

8th Dec
Update: Dangerous Law
Ontario premier criticises new national law endangering sex workers and criminalising customers
UK News UK News
Updated: Birmingham refuses sex entertainment license for Lace Club
Never has a council spewed so much bilge
UK News UK News

7th Dec
Updated: So will the spankees take their punishment lying down?
Sparing a thought for some of those most affected by the government's repressive censorship
Red Umbrella World P4P
Update: Safeguarding the human rights of sex workers
New Zealand parliament buts an end to Auckland's attempt to ban street prostitution
Sex Sells Internet Video

6th Dec
Update: Small Business Saturday
The Government chips in by killing an entire industry of small adult internet businesses (without even having the decency to ask parliament first)
World News World News
Miserable Antwerp
Belgian city dreams up a morality tax to discourage sex shops
Sex Sells Internet Video

5th Dec
Commented: The Truth about the Porn Law Changes
The BBFC and police impose some downright stupid porn censorship rules, but not quite as broad as the list being quoted in the press
Sex Sells Internet Video
Petitions: Remove Regulations for Video on Demand Pornography
We call for a complete removal of this amendment, underhandedly rushed through parliament in only one month, which is inherently sexist, insulting and damaging to many British people
Red Umbrella World P4P
Update: A very very scary model for Irish sex workers
More details on the Irish proposed law to criminalise people buying sex
UK News UK News
Update: Preserving Icons
Councillors call for Madame JoJos to be saved
UK News UK News

4th Dec
Inappropriate Decision
Moralists win against lap dancing application in Lowestoft
UK News UK News
Offsite Article: Sleazy or sanitised
London's Soho thrives most when under threat
Sex Sells Internet Video

3rd Dec
ATVOD comments on its new internet censorship powers
Sex Sells Internet Video
Censorship on Demand
Two more British adult businesses crucified by ATVOD for not using non-existent age verification checks

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 Chapter 10: The Censor and the State BBFC seek Judicial review, winter 1999/2000
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