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News Friday 12th August...

UK News UK News The Guardian
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The new moralist censors of the Guardian
The Anti-Sex Left And Its War On Free Expression. By Jerry Barnett

News Thursday 11th August...

Red Umbrella UK P4P pps northern irelandjpg logo
Update: It is the politicians that should be 'cautioned'... for endangering the lives of sex workers
First victims of Northern Ireland's criminalisation of people who buy sex

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.

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US News US News

6th Aug
texxxas logo
Updated: No X in Texas
August 17-19 2016. Hilton hotel censors adult expo after moralist campaigners claim that it facilitates prostitution and trafficking.
Sex Sells Sex Aware the conversation logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Sex on TV
Less impact on teens than you might think
US News US News

5th Aug
penthouse shameless
Shameless politics
Penthouse publishes and article attacking the Utah legislation for its claims that porn is a public health hazard
Red Umbrella UK P4P

4th Aug
fellatio cafe logo
Causing a stir
Unlikely sounding news of a proposed London cafe offering coffee and blow jobs
Sex Sells Internet Video ars technica logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The Tory government’s war on porn is doomed to fail, and here’s why
Too much porn is in circulation and there are too many options to receive it. From Ars Technica
Red Umbrella World P4P g-spot frontage
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The Daily Mail recommends
Red Umbrella World P4P

2nd Aug
frances fitzgerald
Update: Weaving a tangled web of man hating legislation
Ireland's 'justice' minister dreams up prostitution legislation that persecutes men and endangers women
US News US News hustler on trump
Trumps gets cocky
He decides that he doesn't need the votes of American's who enjoy porn
UK News UK News

1st Aug
white horse
The Last Days of the White Horse
Iconic strip bar in London's Shoreditch set to close
Sex Sells Gay News

28th Jul
Victim Blu ray Dirk Bogarde
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: BBFC Podcast Episode 55: Victim (1961)
Victim was an early film exploring gay issues at a time when homosexuality was illegal

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Sex Sells Gay News

27th Jul
Update: Vulgar and offensive censorship
Indian film censors ban gay film, Ka Bodyscapes

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Legalisation of R18 Hardcore  Chapter 1: Jacking Off the Censor Hardcore snippets temporarily got BBFC approval in 1997
 Chapter 2: Makin' Whoopee in Summer 1998
 Chapter 3: Rumours of a Return to Porn in November/December 1998
 Chapter 4: Porn is In & Out & In & Out Again the state of play in January 1999
 Chapter 5: The Video Appeals Committee Forcing the BBFC to respect the law, May 1999
 Chapter 6: Censoring Safer Sex Discrimination at the BBFC. May 1999
 Chapter 7: Hiding Behind Children Giving up on obscenity and using concern for children, July 1999
 Chapter 8: The VAC R18 Appeal Report from the VAC Appeal, July 1999
 Chapter 9: An Appealing Victory Video Appeals Committee judgment allows hardcore, August 1999
 Chapter 10: The Censor and the State BBFC seek Judicial review, winter 1999/2000
 Chapter 11: Judicial Review Confirms Legality of Hardcore: Spring & Summer 2000
 Chapter 12: More Sex Shops Required according to Andreas Whittam Smith, November 2000
 Chapter 13: The Legalisation of Hardcore: A recap 1997-2000

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