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News Monday 25th March...

EU News West Europe european parliament 2018 logo
Maybe the Brexiteers are right
EU parliament gives final approval to internet copyright law that will destroy European livelihoods and give unprecedented censorship control to US internet and media giants
India loses its mental balance
And its all because of the video game: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

News Sunday 24th March...

World News Asia Pacific OFLC New Zealand logo
New Zealand's chief censor bans Brenton Tarrant's murderous manifesto
World News Middle East sherin abdel wahab
Case proven
Singer banned from performing after demonstrating that Egypt does not respect free speech
EU News West Europe copyright protest
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: No Brexit does not have the copyright on mass protest
Tens of thousands of people across Europe staged protests on Saturday against the upcoming EU internet censorship in the name of copyright law


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News Friday 22nd March...

World News East Europe vladimir putin
An Iron Curtain for the Internet
Russia extends repressive state censorship to news deemed to be fake and to insulting politicians, even when justified

News Thursday 21st March...

World News Asia Pacific OFLC New Zealand logo
Objectional censorship
New Zealand's film censor bans video by the New Zealand mosque murderer
Australia News Aussie News 4chan logo
Australian and New Zealand ISPs blocked multiple websites which hosted the video by the New Zealand mosque murderer
Africa News Africa News south africa film censor logo
Internet Censorship Law
New law in South Africa will appoint the film censors as the arbiters of internet hate speech
EU News West Europe copyright not detected
Dark Days
Wikipedia protests against the EU's disgraceful new copyright laws favouring US conglomerates over European people

News Tuesday 19th March...

US News US News springer opera house logo
Uncensored 'No Shame Theatre' event censored and shamed
Someone said 'fuck Jesus' and that was that
US News US News Georgia
Those without sin that cast the first stone
Georgia's ethics commission director resigned over a supposed lack of ethics

News Monday 18th March...

EU News West Europe jojje olsson on gui minhai,
Censors Without Borders
Reporters Without Borders condemns Chinese censorship pressure from its embassy in Sweden
World News Asia Pacific Super Real Mahjong P V Custom
Seeing the Light
Nintendo removes console game Super Real Mahjong PV from its eShop
World News East Europe Forever So
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: After a crackdown on live music in Russia, artists are asking what's next
Months after a series of concert cancellations, the country's underground subcultures have reached an uneasy truce with authorities

News Saturday 16th March...

World News Asia Pacific tv new zealand
Sky vs Sky
Sky New Zealand pulls Sky News Australia over mosque attack videos
EU News West Europe Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Is it a crime to tell the truth about ISIS?
Marine Le Pen could be jailed for sharing graphic images of ISIS violence. By Fraser Myers

News Thursday 14th March...

EU News West Europe boing boing logo
Enemy of the people
With days to go until the #CopyrightDirective vote, #Article13's father admits it requires filters and says he's OK with killing Youtube

News Wednesday 13th March...

Africa News Africa News Uganda flag
Where there's a will
Despite banning internet porn Uganda finds that its 6th most visited website is
Australia News Aussie News cu nt
I'm sick of living in an 'I find offence' society
Australian mayor speaks out against miserable gits on his own council


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