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EU NewsWest Europe

19th Mar
ugene delacroix le 28 juillet. la liberte guidant le peuple
How much more symbolic can you get?
Facebook censors France's iconic artwork, Liberty Leading the People
World NewsMiddle East before the revolution
No freedom, before or after the revolution
Egyptian play, Before the Revolution, is banned by censors
EU NewsWest Europe

18th Mar
Council of Europe flag
Council vs Union
Whilst the EU ramps up internet censorship, particularly people's criticism of its policies, the Council of Europe calls for internet censorship to be transparent and limited to the minimum necessary by law
EU NewsWest Europe Fariņa
Censorship blows
A Spanish book sellers association protests about a court ban on a book pending a libel case
Australia NewsAussie News FORTNITE
Two weeks of hysteria
Australian press work up a fuss about the popular video game, Fortnite
World NewsAsia Pacific

17th Mar
uncut original
Dressed to amuse
Chinese censorship of The Shape of Water inspires a meme for recreating cinema scenes with the addition of little black dresses
EU NewsWest Europe

16th Mar
EU flag
Open sourced protest
The EU's disgraceful censorship machines are inevitably aimed at a lot wider censorship than that cited of copyrighted movies and music, and github is fighting back

15th Mar
manitoba logo
Reducing waste
Manitoba film censors to be shut down so as to reduce cost and red tape for film distributors
Africa NewsAfrica News Nigeria flag
Extract: But surely it is totally fair to hate someone that takes away free speech
Nigeria considers making hate speech a capital offence
EU NewsWest Europe european commission logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The rise of the censorship machines
European Parliament has been nobbled by a pro censorship EU commissioner
US NewsUS News

14th Mar
US Senate
US internet snooping
EFF and 23 Groups Tell Congress to Oppose the CLOUD Act
EU NewsWest Europe Spanish flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Glorifying censorship
Spanish anti-terror law has chilling effect on satire, says Amnesty International

Previous World

World NewsMiddle East

6th Feb
Updated: Severe punishment
Ofcom fines Al Arabiya News channel from the UAE for broadcasting a prison confession extracted via torture
World NewsEast Europe
Offsite Article: Russia's Internet Censorship on the rise
A new report has revealed the escalating internet censorship situation in Russia, with a record number of cases being reported in the past year.
World NewsAsia Pacific

3rd Feb
Don't mention the human rights
China praises Theresa May for not bringing up the issue of human rights abuse
EU NewsWest Europe

2nd Feb
The Origin of Facebook's World
Facebook defends art censorship case in France saying that the complaint has been made to the wrong part of the company
World NewsAsia Pacific
Perhaps a holiday in Thailand is not such a good idea...
Thailand is now enforcing a new law that allows for a year in prison for smoking on the beach
EU NewsWest Europe

1st Feb
Updated: But disregard for justice and free speech hardly puts Poland on the moral high ground
MPs approve law to send people who say 'Polish death camps' to Polish prison camps
World NewsAsia Pacific
But at least it helps keeps China's businesses out of the west
China official bans censor evading VPNs from the end of March
World NewsAsia Pacific
Blued out
Gay dating apps banned from Google Play Store on orders from the Indonesian government
US NewsUS News

31st Jan
Censorship tyranny
Virginia lawmaker proposes a $20 tax charge for internet users to be able to access adult websites
World NewsMiddle East

30th Jan
Censorship Diktat
Stage play, Only a dictator is banned in Turkey's major cities
Offsite Article: Moralist Upsurge in Brazil Revives Censorship of the Arts
The offensive affects the artistic world in general, not just the shows or exhibitions that have been directly cancelled in recent months.
South AsiaSouth Asia

29th Jan
Updated: Priority issues
Pakistan's Islamabad High Court directs that the government sets up a committee of telecoms and TV censors to ban pornography
World NewsAsia Pacific
Wrong think
Chinese internet censor closes Weibo's trending and most searched sections

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