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News Saturday 18th February...

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Bound and Gagged
The UK's internet backbone is introducing gagging orders, presumably at the behest of government, to ensure internet companies maintain the secrecy of mass snooping capabilities
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My friend Cayla's a snitch
German authorities ban internet connected doll over unprotected and hackable surveillance capabilities

News Friday 17th February...

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Update: A handle on your private life
US lawmaker introduces bill to force visa applicants to identify their social media accounts

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16th Feb
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Monopolists vs the European people
Hollywood film studios to fight against proposed EU licensing laws allowing people to access services like iPlayer in any EU country
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15th Feb
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Comment: Blackmailer's Charter
Digital Economy Bill could make UK citizens vulnerable to blackmail. By Open Rights Group
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13th Feb
Snowden DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A jailer's charter
The government ramps up prison sentences for heroic whistle blowers like Snowden and publishers like the Guardian
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10th Feb
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Update: A charter for copyright trolls
Open Rights Group asks: Why does the government want to encourage legal threats to grannies and put file sharing teens in prison for a decade?
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8th Feb
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Virtually no borders
The EU takes a rare break from generating crap laws and firms up on proposals to require video streaming services to be available to all of the EU
Control FreaksControl Freaks US Senate
Freedom from licensing
US lawmakers re-introduce bill to restore people's rights to sell their own devices
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7th Feb
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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Your Browsing History Alone Can Give Away Your Identity
Researchers have found a way to connect the dots between people's private online activity and their Twitter accounts -- even for people who have never tweeted.

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6th Feb
Offsite Article: The Guardian on the Digital Economy Bill
We need a better balance between the needs of government and the privacy of citizens than that provided in the proposed legislation
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31st Jan
Offsite Article: Trump signs 'no privacy for non-Americans' order
What does that mean for rest of us? Europe's Privacy Shield shaken by US president
Control FreaksControl Freaks

29th Jan
Offsite Article: Six Strikes struck down
The six-strikes Copyright Alert System is no more. In a brief announcement, MPAA, RIAA, and several major US ISPs said that the effort to educate online pirates has stopped. It's unclear why.
Control FreaksControl Freaks

28th Jan
Offsite Article: Copyright trolls are out of control in Finland
Finnish Government Investigates as Tens of Thousands Face Piracy 'Fines'
Control FreaksControl Freaks

25th Jan
Offsite Article: A less than perfect score of 0/10
Usenet company Giganews successfully calls the bluff of copyright troll Perfect 10

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