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News Monday 8th February...

BBFC News BBFC Daily queen a night in bohemia
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
Shopping Recent Releases I Survived Zombie Holocaust DVD
Weekly UK DVD and Blu-ray Releases
Sheba Baby, Children of the Corn, Cannibal Woman, Wild Orchid
Ofcom Watch Ofcom Watch Ofcom logo
On-demand and online research: consumption and concerns
Ofcom solicits 'concerns' of VoD viewers
Sex Sells Sex for Fun british fetish film festival 20161 logo
Diary: British Fetish Film Festival
27th and 28th February 2016. Welshpool, with a talk about ATVOD by Myles Jackman
BBFC News BBFC Weekly dvd_front_cover
Weekly UK Adult Ratings from the BBFC
No cuts this week Popular Pages
Cutting Edge header 1

Cutting Edge XXX

Gavin Salkeld's Cutting Edge, Season Two, Episode 31
xXx Films

The season two premiere reveals the BBFC cuts to xXx and xXx: The Next Level

Cutting Edge header 2

cutting edge fast and furious video

Quick Trims Episode 26:
Fast & Furious on YouTube

BBFC cuts for a 12A rated cinema release and home video

ATVOD with award for service to foreign industry

ATVOD and Ofcom UK Internet Censors

Good Riddance ATVOD
Ofcom takes over from ATVOD and consults on proposals for Video on Demand censorship rules and processes (1st January 2016)

Happy Birthday Porn Protest!
Report from the Westminster porn protest (17th Dec)

Ofcom sacks ATVOD

ATVOD and Ofcom censor Daisy Rock

ATVOD censors Dreams of Spanking and 7 others

ATVOD Annual Report 2015

First victims of new Tory internet censorship rules...  

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Tony Bear explains UK video censorship to Lady Bear

In December 2014 the UK introduced new regulations to censor online videos. Tony Bear explains the new rules to Lady Bear. She doesn't like it. If you don't like it either, find out more at Backlash.

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UK Internet Censors Logo

UK Government UK Internet

28th Jan
David Cameron
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Cameron's opt out from net neutrality
Ars Technica surveys the state of play in Cameron's progress towards internet porn censorship

Films Articles Logo

BBFC Cuts Cuts and Bans

7th Feb
Poster Fifty Shades of Black 2016 Michael Tiddes
Fifty shades of strong sex references
The BBFC reduces the rating of Fifty Shades of Black from 18 to 15
EU News West Europe Antichrist DVD Willem Dafoe
Updated: Antichrist Banned in France
Religious censors get court to revoke 16 rating for Lars Von Trier's film. Then they turn their attention to The Hateful Eight
MPAA MPAA News Poster Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 Burr Steers
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Film makers discuss why they chose to make it for a child friendly PG-13 rating

5th Feb
Poster Bakemono No Ko 2015 Mamoru Hosoda
The Boy and the Beast
Strong language cut an MPAA PG-13 rating
film Hard 18s Peter Rome DVD Ethan Reid
Shopping: Peter De Rome
2014 UK documentary by Ethan Reid containing real sex set for 18 rated UK DVD release on 14th March 2016

2nd Feb
deadpool jan
Updated: Bar Talk
Deadpool film makers speak of a bar scene that was too 'offensive' for an R rating
BBFC Cuts Cuts and Bans

28th Jan
War Worlds Dvd Gene Barry
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: War of the Worlds
Latest BBFC case study considers the 1953 version of War of the Worlds
EU News West Europe

27th Jan
france interdit-18-ans
France film censors award rare 18 rating to film about religious extremism
Internet Internet News netflix logo
Updated: Netflix Goes Worldwide
But don't throw your VPN away yet as censors and pixelators will surely soon get their evil way

Broadsheet Articles Logo

Ofcom Watch Ofcom Watch

8th Feb
Ofcom logo
On-demand and online research: consumption and concerns
Ofcom solicits 'concerns' of VoD viewers
UK Government Gov

7th Feb
home affairs committee
Update: Loopholes Within Loopholes Will Lead to Unbridled Surveillance
A report on the UK's Investigatory Powers Bill
Control Freaks Control Freaks project awesome video
No rights to know the rules about rights issues
Video producers complain about the draconian and arbitrary censorship by YouTube
World News World News

1st Feb
who logo
Update: Ratings you can't trust
World Health Organisation calls for stupid ratings for movies to support its pet anti-smoking campaign
World News Asia Pacific Thailand flag
Update: The Censorship Line
Thailand to ask facebook to censor content the government doesn't like
World News Tech News

30th Jan
Fahrenheit 451 DVD Oskar Werner
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Link burning
Details of the new 451 error code to indicate that a website has been blocked for censorship reasons
Ofcom Watch Ofcom Watch

29th Jan
master mind
Sangat TV learns that offence is censored on TV but not at the cinema
Ofcom bans Sikh music video which features the theme music to a film passed 15 uncut by the BBFC
World News Middle East

28th Jan
Turkey flag
Update: Traditional Censorship Values
Several Turkish government departments will cooperate to censor what people are saying on social media
EU News West Europe altermedia deutschland logo
Update: Germany bans far right website
And also worries about the grey zone where the not so far right citizens criticise refugees

Outrage Articles Logo

Nutter Watch PC News

7th Feb
Delilah Tom Jones
No Laughing Matter
PC MP calls for a ban of the rugby anthem Delilah
Nutter Watch UK News

5th Feb
comment is free logo
Extract: Comment is no longer free
The Guardian notes that public opinion has turned against immigration and islam and the newspaper will end online comments for related articles so as to avoid toxic comment
Nutter Watch Religion

31st Jan
coldplay hymn ofr the weekeend video
Update: Rajan Zed Recommends
Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay
Ofcom Watch Ofcom Watch

30th Jan
irvine beat logo
Ethnically Correct
Ofcom bans the use of the word 'chinky', as used to describe a Chinese takeaway
ASA Watch ASA Watch

29th Jan
crimestoppers advert
Heartstopping Distress
Advert censor bans crimestoppers advert banned over bloody image of heart
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US angel from hell
Update: One Million Moms Recommend
CBS TV show Angel from Hell
ASA Watch ASA Watch

28th Jan
radio x advert
Bitter whingers
ASA dismisses complaints about Radio X advert announcing the return of Chris Moyles
ASA Watch ASA Watch

27th Jan
Turbo Kid DVD Munro Chambers
Turbo Charged Offence
ASA whinge at advert on games website Twitch for the film Turbo Kid
Ofcom Watch Ofcom Watch Jekyll Hyde DVD Tom Bateman
Ofcom Play Hyde to ITV's Jekyll
Ofcom whinges about ITV's Jekyll and Hyde series broadcast at 18:30

Sex Articles Logo

Red Umbrella UK P4P

7th Feb
The Guardian
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: It's now far more difficult to stay safe
The criminalisation of men who pay for sex in Northern Ireland was supposed to protect women but does the opposite. Laura Lee, who is preparing to challenge the new law in court, explains how
Red Umbrella US P4P

2nd Feb
New Hampshire state seal
Erotic Service Providers
Bill introduced in New Hampshire to decriminaliase prostitution
UK News UK News angels gentlemans club leicester
Updated: Fun Resumes
Miserable Leicester councils refuse lap dancing licence over claims of customers being allowed to touch dancers but the club continues pending an appeal
Sex Sells Gay News club 487
Fun resumes
New Cross gay sex cinema continues pending licensing appeal
World News World News

31st Jan
crazy horse melbourne
Less Crazy
Melbourne's longest running porn cinema is looking to sell
Red Umbrella UK P4P

30th Jan
Birmingham Council
Red Brumbrella
Birmingham councillor calls for the establishment of a red light zone in the city
US News US News Utah state seal
Utah Crisis
Politician tables resolution claiming porn to be a public health crisis
Sex Sells Sat News

27th Jan
Miserable Iceland
Iceland TV withdraws porn channels
South Asia South Asia Pakistan flag
Miserable Pakistan
Pakistan demands that ISPs block 400,000 porn websites

Diary Logo

Diary Diary

10th Jan
Appearing DVD Will Wallace
Diary: Eight Network Premieres
February 2016 On Horror Channel
Diary Diary

5th Jan
frightfest glasgow logo
Diary: Frightfest Glasgow
25-27th February 2016 at Glasgow Film Theatre

Shopping Logo

Shopping Recent Releases

8th Feb
I Survived Zombie Holocaust DVD
Weekly UK DVD and Blu-ray Releases
Sheba Baby, Children of the Corn, Cannibal Woman, Wild Orchid
Shopping Recent Releases The House Pine Street DVD
Shopping: The House on Pine Street
2015 USA horror drama by Aaron Keeling and Austin Keeling just released on UK DVD and Blu-ray
Shopping Recent Releases Highway Hell Patrick Bergin
Shopping: Highway to Hell
1991 USA comedy horror fantasy by Ate de Jong just released on US DVD and Blu-ray
Shopping Recent Releases

7th Feb
Evil Souls DVD Holli Dillon
Shopping: Evil Souls
2015 UK horror by Maurizio Del Piccolo and Roberto del Piccolo just released on UK DVD
Shopping Recent Releases Stoppard Glenister Barantini Feuerriegel Blackwood
Shopping: Cryptic
2014 UK comedy horror by Freddie Hutton-Mills and Bart Ruspoli just released on UK DVD
Shopping Recent Releases

5th Feb
Maze Runner Scorch Trials DVD
Shopping: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
2015 USA action Sci-Fi thriller by Wes Ball cut for UK DVD and Blu-ray but there is a restricted release uncut Steelbook edition
Shopping Hard 18s Peter Rome DVD Ethan Reid
Shopping: Peter De Rome
2014 UK documentary by Ethan Reid containing real sex set for 18 rated UK DVD release on 14th March 2016
Shopping Recent Releases Five Dolls August Format Blu Ray
Shopping: Five Dolls For An August Moon
1970 Italy mystery thriller by Mario Bava just released on UK DVD and Blu-ray
Shopping Recent Releases

2nd Feb
Hellions Blu ray Robert Patrick
Weekly US DVD and Blu-ray Releases
He Never Died, Highway to Hell

New Listings Logo

Shopping New Listings

8th Feb
Man Vs DVD Chris Diamantopoulos
Shopping: Man Vs
2015 Canada Sci-Fi horror thriller by Adam Massey set for UK DVD release on 28th March 2016
Shopping New Listings

7th Feb
Narcopolis Elliot Cowan
Shopping: Narcopolis
2014 UK Sci-Fi mystery thriller by Justin Trefgarne set for US DVD and Blu-ray release on 1st March 2016
Shopping New Listings

5th Feb
Peter Rome DVD Ethan Reid
Shopping: Peter De Rome
2014 UK documentary by Ethan Reid containing real sex set for 18 rated UK DVD release on 14th March 2016
Shopping New Listings War Range DVD Kane Senes
Shopping: War on the Range
2015 USA western thriller by Kane Senes set for UK DVD release on 21st March 2016
Shopping New Listings Among Living DVD Anne Marivin
Shopping: Among the Living
2014 France horror fantasy thriller by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury set for UK DVD release on 7th March 2016
Shopping New Listings

31st Jan
2 Guns Zero Tolerance DVD
Shopping: 2 Guns: Zero Tolerance
2015 Thailand action film by Wych Kaosayananda set for UK DVD release on 15th February 2016
Shopping New Listings

30th Jan
Children Shouldnt Play Things Blu ray
Shopping: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
1972 USA comedy horror by Bob Clark (as Benjamin Clark) set for US Blu-ray release on 23rd February 2016
Shopping New Listings Last Stop DVD Mena Suvari
Shopping: Last Stop
2014 USA Sci-Fi horror by Travis Oates set for UK DVD release on 22nd February 2016
Shopping New Listings

29th Jan
Village Damned Collectors Blu ray Christopher
Shopping: Village of the Damned
1995 USA Sci-Fi horror thriller by John Carpenter set for US Blu-ray release on 12th April 2016

Sex + Shopping Logo

Sex Sells New and Offers

8th Feb
DVD front cover
Accidentally Lesbian 3
Selected releases at Simply Porn
Sex Sells New and Offers

7th Feb
160207 bp
British Porn
Latest releases with a British connection from Viv Thomas and Simply Films
Sex Sells New and Offers

5th Feb
DVD front cover
Babysitter Diaries 18
Selected releases at Simply Porn
Sex Sells New and Offers

2nd Feb
DVD front cover
Teens In Tight Jeans # 4
Selected releases at CD Universe
Sex Sells New and Offers

1st Feb
DVD front cover
50th Anniversary #1
Selected releases at Your Choice
Sex Sells New and Offers

31st Jan
The Doctor
AVN Award winners at Hot Movies: Best Foreign Feature
Sex Sells New and Offers

30th Jan
160130 simply
Simply Porn DVD
Latest releases from Marc Dorcel and Evil Empire
Sex Sells New and Offers

29th Jan
AVN Award winners at Hot Movies: Best Drama
Sex Sells New and Offers

28th Jan
160128 private
Latest Galleries from Private


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