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  Mandy's Delights...

Irish sex shop owner receivers a small fine for selling porn DVDs without a licence

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Link Here 13th February 2017
mandys delightsA sex shop boss has been fined 400 for illegally supplying porn videos from her shop in Navan.

She was found guilty after gardai seized 126 DVDs following a raid on her shop Mandy's Delights.

All the seized DVDs featured mainsteam porn with titles such as Jasmine and Her Gang, Third Sex Encounters, Apples and Bananas, The Great British Gender Bender #2, Discovering Alexis Texas, Backdoor Emergency Entry, 40 is the new 20, Best of Bisexual and Land of the Shemales.


  Colin retires...

Colin's Books sex shop closes in Cardiff logo
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Link Here 5th February 2017
colins cardiffFor 40 years sex shop Colin's Books has sold porn and sex toys to its customers in Cardiff. A sign in red felt tip told customers All DVDs 5 cash only.

But the store was shutting its doors for good on Saturday as the businessmen behind the venture decided to retire. Colin's business partner Anthony expanded:

It used to be a little backstreet here but it is all built up now and the rents are going up and the rates are going up and we don't want to get in a difficult position. It's time to get out, it's not like it used to be with the internet.