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10th December

 Offsite Article: Is the Poundland Vibrator Better Than Expensive Ones?...

Link Here
poundland vibratorReview of cheap versus more expensive sex toys by Gwen Poonani

See article from vice.com


19th October

  Domesticated Sex Toys...

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Photography exhibit in London
Link Here
butt plug cactusA new photography exhibition shows sex toys in a range of ordinary domestic settings.

Artist Will Ablett made a set of photographs entitled Domesticated Sex Toys inspired by the global success of Fifty Shades of Grey . He said the project was a visual response to the increase in sales of sex toys after the film's release.

Ablett says that by showing sex toys alongside ordinary domestic items, he is pointing to not just their growing popularity but also changing perceptions around the normality of sex toys in our day to day life.

The images can be seen at theprintspace Gallery in Kingsland Road from October 20 to November 2


31st August

 Offsite Article: Calling a Dildo a Dildo...

Link Here
biustle logoPC extremist whinges about the term 'sex toys'. By Amanda Chatel

See article from bustle.com

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