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17th April

 Updated: Ted Cruz sees the light...

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He has changed his mind and says he no longer wants to ban masturbation and sex toys
Link Here
ted cruz Ted Cruz has been claiming on the campaign trail that limit the reach of the federal government into people's lives.

Of course this claim is bollox. For instance in 2007, when he was solicitor general of the state of Texas , Cruz participated in a federal court case in an effort to maintain Texas's ban on the sale of sex toys.

In that case, two sex toy companies sued to render moot the state's ban on the sale of so-called marital aids . The state's ludicrous counterarguments, penned in part by the office run by Cruz, were that the use of sex toys was akin to hiring a willing prostitute or engaging in consensual bigamy , and there is a state interest in discouraging prurient interests in autonomous sex and the pursuit of sexual gratification unrelated to procreation .

The state -- and Cruz -- further argued that the sale of sex toys in the state of Texas was somehow not an interference with the right to privacy for one's sexual activity as established by the US supreme court in Lawrence v Texas. In that case the court found that there was no compelling state interest in interfering in the sexual lives of consenting adults, citing the privacy protections of the 14th amendment of the US constitution.

Cruz ultimately lost the argument with the Court recognizing that  the Lawrence v Texas ruling was not simply a right to engage in the sexual act itself, but instead a right to be free from governmental intrusion regarding the most private human contact, sexual behavior .

Update: Ted Cruz sees the light

17th April 2016. See article from thehill.com

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has seen the light and says he won't ban the sale of sex toys if he's president, BuzzFeed News reported. This is somewhat at odds with what he said when attempted to ban sex toys and masturbation when Texas Attorney General. A brief co-authored by Cruz at the time said there is no substantive-due-process right to stimulate one's genitals. He now claims:

What people do in their own private time with themselves is their own business and it's none of the government's business,

A radio presenter asked Cruz if he would ban the sale of sexual toys, dildos, or anything that sexually stimulates you, Cruz replied:

Look, of course not, it's a ridiculous question, and of course not.


12th December

 Offsite Article: How Sex Toys Penetrated Television...

Link Here
Kina Hora Once relegated to the night stand, used as a threat, or made the butt of jokes, dildos and vibrators are finally taking on a new, provocative role on TV.

See article from broadly.vice.com


4th November

 Update: Wind Up Sex Toy...

Wand Massagers The Magic Wand Massager
 UK's largest supplier



Australian sex toy incurs the wrath of the campaign group Collective Shout
Link Here  full story: Collective Shout...Nutter campaigners against sexualisation and the like
pussy palm pal An Australian pharmacy has come under fire from a strident feminist campaign group for selling a hand-held sex toy on their website.

A description for the toy said: You'll be be her first and only. This virgin is waiting to be touched for the very first time.

The Virgin Pussy Palm Pal was soon removed from the retailer's website after complaints from Collective Shout. The group's director of operations, Coralie Alison, told Daily Mail Australia:

We got a tip off about the product and then I emailed them this morning.

Collective Shout encouraged their followers to whinge on social media so the Daily Mail had plenty of angry tweets to include in the story, eg:

We believe chemists are supposed to be selling products with medicinal and health benefits rather than promoting paedophilic fantasies for profit.

Chemist Warehouse atrocious that you're selling Virgin Palm Pal. 'Tight as a virgin

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