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Melon Farmers

21st September

  Lars and the Real Girl...

Wand Massagers The Magic Wand Massager
 UK's l argest supplier



The pursuit of realistic sex dolls
Link Here
natalie realdoll Sex dolls used to be inflatable and made of vinyl or latex and had only a passing resemblance to reality. Most of the more sophisticated dolls we see now are created by artist Matt McMullen, who about a decade ago was experimenting with materials for sculpture. He started working on a lifelike silicone female mannequin and documented the progress on his website He then became inundated with requests if they could be used as sex dolls.

The demand was so strong that he decided to make the dolls anatomically correct and the extremely life-like RealDoll.com was born . Over the years, the company has perfected the dolls to make them look even more realistic; they are custom-produced with a variety of wigs, skin and eye colour, genitalia type and size, and other body proportions. A basic doll retails for $6000 upwards.

The movie Lars and The Real Girl features a RealDoll, with an extensive scene showing the RealDoll.com website. However, Lars didn't order the doll to use as a sex toy. He acts as if she is human, by giving her a name, Bianca, and pretending she is his girlfriend. He introduces her to his family and the people in his small community. Lars is very concerned to keep the relationship between him and Bianca pure, and she sleeps next door with his brother and sister-in-law. The story may sound a bit silly but it's an endearing movie and has a lovely ending.

Apparently RealDolls are quite popular in Australia. Dr Cathleen Maslen from the University of Western Australia has studied the RealDoll subculture and believes that despite the sexual marketing, not all the men who order them perceive their dolls as sexual objects. Some men view them as an alternative to having a relationship and take pleasure in buying them clothes and dressing them up. McMullen believes that for men without a choice, or with social interaction problems, having a doll as a companion or for physical needs is better than having no one.

In Japan, a high-tech industry is constantly looking at ways to make dolls look more real. The dolls have realistic-to-touch skin and authentic-looking eyes, and some have moveable joints. They are sold under the name of Dutch Wives, a reference to hand-sewn leather masturbation puppets made by the 17th -century Dutch sailors who were trading with the Japanese.


15th September

 Extract: Down the Rabbit-Hole...

Wand Massagers The Magic Wand Massager
 UK's l argest supplier



What one million sex toy sales reveal about our erotic tastes, kinks and desires
Link Here

down the rabbit hole Lovehoney.co.uk asked what insights Jon Millward could discover hiding in their anonymised sales data from 4.5 million transactions in the last 10 years.

The average Lovehoney customer spends a little over six minutes perusing ten pages of the site. When they place an order, they spend ?35 . Men on average spend ?5.73 (19%) more per order than women. 1 in 5 customers chooses to pay extra for next day delivery. Men are a bit keener than women to get their packages the following day: 23% of male customers choose the speedy option, compared to 19% of women. Half of women and one-third of men who place an order with Lovehoney buy a vibrator.

...Read the full article


18th August

  Realistically Expensive...

Wand Massagers The Magic Wand Massager
 UK's l argest supplier



High resolution sex dolls are a hit in Japan
Link Here
realistic sex dolls Japanese sex dolls are now so life-like that they come with authentic-looking eyes and skin that feels real to touch.

One maker, Orient Industry, will even customise a doll to your exact requirements so you can choose her bust size, hair colour, eyes and everything about her right down to moveable fingers.

The company says its new range of dolls, made of high quality silicone, are so good they are being mistaken for real women and boasts that anyone who buys one will never want a proper girlfriend again.

The dolls are sold under the name Dutch Wives', which is a Japanese term for a sex doll. Priced at a little over £ 1,000 each, sales suggest they are a roaring success.

Company spokesman Osami Seto said:

The two areas we identified as really needing improvement were the skin and the eyes. We feel we have finally got something that is arguably not distinguishable from the real thing.


16th August

  Premature Speculation...

An upcoming cock ring called SexFit that will record sexual performance metrics for boasting on the internet. Hopefully there will exist a facility to edit out the quickies
Link Here
bondara sexfit Spring 2015 will see the release of Bondara's SexFit, a wearable device which claims to be able to measure and track your sexual performance.

Fitting onto the penis like a standard cock ring, the WiFi-enabled SexFit provides a number of straightforward functions like vibration and restriction of blood flow. LED lights will pulse in rhythm acting like a metronome.

The device will track key metrics such as calories burned, time spent and thrusts per minute. This data can be stored and uploaded to the internet for Social media sharing.


15th August

  Exciting Fashion Statement...

Vibrator doubles as pendant
Link Here
craves vesper Crave's Vesper is a slim, stainless steel vibrator that doubles as a pendant. The titillating necklace comes in silver, rose gold-plated and 24k gold-plated varieties, starting at $49.

The nail-shaped necklace has low, medium and high vibrating modes, is USB rechargeable and is described as whisper quiet.

As a necklace, it has sleek and minimal lines that enable this product to be both a subtle fashion statement as well as a statement piece, depending on your mood and outfit, says designer Ti Chang, who founded the company with entrepreneur Michael Topolovac.

Crave is currently taking pre-orders for the product, which comes with free engraving for messages under 60 characters.


7th August

  Price Stimulation...

Katie Price looks to put her name to a line of sex toys
Link Here
Love Lipstick Lies Katie Price Katie Price has apparently decided she wants to expand her business endeavours and create a line of special Katie Price sex toys.

The former glamour model is reportedly hoping to launch the line later this year. She thinks it's time sex toys go mainstream, a source told the Sun on Sunday.


6th August

 Shorts: Stimulating Work...

Sex toy reviewer earns 15k from advertising and reviews
Link Here
cara sutra A mum of two from Lincolnshire earns £ 15k a year through testing and reviewing sex toys.

Cara Houiellebecq is having up to 15 orgasms a week and has an office crammed with more than 2,000 toys.

Cara worked at a sex toy website for two years before leaving in February 2012 to set up on her own - and she has now won Best Erotic Journalist at the ETO awards for two consecutive years.

She has manufacturers from all over Britain sending her free toys to be reviewed and she also writes articles for companies as an industry consultant.

...Read the full article


4th August

  National Orgasm Day...

Ann Summers reports success of its promotion
Link Here
national orgasm day logo A sharp rise in the sale of sex toys has been reported in the UK as Brits celebrate National Orgasm Day.

Sex toy retailer Ann Summers told the Daily Star after a thorough research in sales of their saucy products. it was found that there has been a sharp spike since last week's advertisement hit the internet.

The combined effects of celebrating National Orgasm Day and recent release of the Fifty Shades of Grey promo have jointly contributed to these roaring sales of kinky toys. Specifically, bondage-style accessories have witnessed increased sales.

Ann Summers said that within an hour of the trailer release, there was a 55% surge in web traffic which was followed by sale of more than 500 pairs of handcuffs.


31st July

 Update: Bondage Bonanaza...

LoveHoney hopes that the Fifty Shades movie hype will generate a bonanza of sex toy sales
Link Here  full story: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie...Kink for kids Hollywood style
fifty shades of grey trailer The trailer of the upcoming erotic film Fifty Shades of Grey is hopefully set to spark a 1 million pound boom in the UK sex toy industry.

The Daily Star reported that the film will play in generating estimated average sex toy sales of 2 pound per adult over the course of the next year.

Lovehoney, who is the official supplier of all Fifty Shades sex toy merchandise, will be releasing a new range of toys to tie in with the movie which is out on Valentine's Day and are expecting a surge in sales and a bondage bonanza .


30th July

  Forgettable Sex Toys...

Forgotten sex toys causes health problems
Link Here

journal of sexual medicine A Scottish woman who went to the hospital after a dramatic weight loss was found to have a sex toy in her vagina that she had put there 10 years before, a report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine says. The 38-year-old woman had reportedly forgotten to remove it.

The woman also complained of having trouble urinating and sepsis-like symptoms, the case study said. Surgeons at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, Scotland, removed a 11 cm-long sex toy from the woman.

The case is extremely rare but potentially life-threatening, the researchers said in the study, which appeared in the June edition of the journal.

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