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Commented: Provocateur...

The Daily Mail tracks down a little 'outrage' in response to a lingerie advert in House of Fraser

Link Here 25th February 2019
A few shoppers have been 'outraged' a saucy Valentine's Day advert for high end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. The poster was prominently displayed Bath's House of Fraser store and shows an underwear-clad model gazing at herself in the mirror in pink underwear.

Local councillors said they were absolutely shocked and appalled by the picture, saying it is pornographic imagery of women that is not suitable for the high street.

The poster was used to promote Agent Provocateur's pop-up stores for Valentine's Day at House of Fraser branches across the country, including one at Jolly's in Bath.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, the lingerie brand's creative director, Sarah Shotton, said:

We want people to remember to love themselves in their body, mind and self-confidence.

The Daily Mail tracked down a few trivial whinges on Twitter.

Hannah Lees, who manages a Bath-based running group, tweeted: I have no words. Well, apart from these #objectification #everydaysexism. When other Twitter users suggested the pictures were harmless, she replied: She's not 'owning her sexuality and her body She's posing as directed by her employer.

local resident Kirsten Elliott wrote: It's disgraceful. Exposing girls and boys to this perpetuates the patriarchal hegemonies which damage us all. Your daughter is negatively impacted by this image.

Local councillor Victoria Atherstone complained about a similar poster in the Cheltenham branch of House of Fraser. She tweeted:

Absolutely shocked and appalled by this @TheMissAP high street store photographic campaign displayed in @houseoffraser #Cheltenham shocking pornographic imagery of women #exploitation NOT SUITABLE for the high street - please take it down.

A spokesman for Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said there had only been one official complaint about the images - but they weren't in the watchdog's remit.He said their advertising rules didn't extend to shop fittings or in-store material and that it likely fell to local councils.

Offsite Comment: The March of the Prudes

25th February 2019. See  article from by David Flint

Old-fashioned prudishness is alive and well across the world, but it's rarely ego-gratifying unless you dress it up in the modern clothing of concern over objectification and everyday sexism



End of Summer...

Ann Summers is set to close in Carlisle

Link Here 21st February 2019
Full story: Sex shops in Carlisle...Carlisle sex shop council fee is a licence to cripple
Lingerie retailer Ann Summers is closing its Carlisle store. Notices have been posted saying the shop will close its doors on 31st March 2019.

In the meantime there will be a closing down sale offering prices cuts of up to 75%.



Erotic show set to ride into Coventry...

Sex shop fee waived for ETO trade-only show

Link Here 22nd January 2019
Coventry City Council has waived its sex establishment licence fee to allow a two-day erotica trade show to be held at the Ricoh Arena.

Organisers of the Erotica Trade Only (ETO) Show have been allowed to hold their event at the Ricoh in March without paying the standard 5,768 charge.

The council initally seemed to be set on charging an annual feed for the 2 day event but changed their mins when informed that it was a trade only show and is not open to the public.

Coventry will now consider the merits of a reduced licence fee for future temporary events that may be organised in teh future.



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