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 2016: July-Sept

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Offsite Article: Office Jobs...

Link Here 17th September 2016
Full story: Sex Cinemas in London...Licensing and censorship
We Went to the Opening Night of London's Only Porn Cinema

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Private Shops look to exit from Bath

Link Here 29th August 2016
A long established Bath sex shop has been put up for sale. The licensed Private Shop on Lower Bristol Road is set to close after the company has decided to leave the city.

However, it is possible that a sex shop could continue. The new freehold owner would be able to keep it trading as a sex shop as the licence for the shop is transferable via Bath and North East Somerset Council . Darker Enterprises surveyor Tim Cooper said:

The new owner would be free to call it what they want. People know it's an adult licensed shop and even after a change of name they will know it's the place to go.



Primary legislation to follow...

Dublin Council accepts a motion to ban new sex shops from within 250m of a primary school

Link Here 10th July 2016
There was a little 'outrage' in 2015 in response to the opening of a new sex shop, PlayBlue in Drumcondra. This resulted in a council motion asking for new sex shops to be banned from opening within 3km of a primary school.

Somewhat belatedly, the motion finally came up for debate this week. It was noted that a 3km exclusion zone would effectively ban all new shops. A concept enthusiastically accepted by some councillors.

Others opposed the ban. Social Democrat Gary Gannon said:

I was aware that there was a backlog of motions, but this seems to be backlogged from the 1950s.

He said he'd be eager to talk about displays and sex positivity, healthy body images, and consent. But not casting those who go to sex shops as somehow disturbed, adding: I don't think it supports who we are as a modern republic.

A compromise position of a 250m exclusion zone was accepted and the change would now need to be incorporated into the city development plan, at a later stage.


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