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 Offsite Article: Just How Risky Face-Sitting and Fisting Are...

Link Here 12th December 2016  full story: UK Porn Censorship...Digital Economy Bill introduces censorship for porn websites
vice logo Vice investigates if there is any harm in sexual practices considered somehow 'obscene' by the British authorities

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 Offsite Article: His Porn, Her Pain...

Link Here 11th October 2016
His Porn Her Pain Confronting Confronting America's PornPanic with Honest Talk about Sex. Mart Klein debunks 'porn addiction'

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 Offsite Article: Sex on TV...

Link Here 6th August 2016
the conversation logo Less impact on teens than you might think

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Christians are 'shocked' that porn users are ok with their choice of entertainment

Link Here 10th April 2016
josh mcdoweel ministry logoChristians are 'shocked' that American frequent porn users neither feel guilty or are uncomfortable about their porn use.

A study, entitled, The Porn Phenomenon was commissioned by evangelist Josh McDowell. It found that 89% of daily pornography users are comfortable with their use of porn. This is compared to 77% of weekly users and 70% of once-or-twice-a-month users who said the same.

Only 3% of daily users said they wished they no longer used pornography, while just 7% of monthly users and 12% of once-or-twice-a-month users concurred.

Practicing Christians, on the other hand, were found to be nearly half as likely to be comfortable with their pornography consumption than non-Christians. Only 39% said they were comfortable with their level of porn consumption, while 73% of non-Christians said the same. Sixty-one% of practicing Christians said they wished they used less porn -- or none at all -- compared to just 27% of all others.

The comprehensive study, which was conducted by The Barna Group, was conducted through four online surveys that were designed to represent the general American population. Nearly 3,000 people participated in the study.


 Offsite Article: Is Porn Culture to Be Feared?...

Link Here 10th April 2016
the atlantic logo Social conservatives and some feminists worry that the rise of streaming, hi-def pornography causes men to use and abuse women -- but it has coincided with steep declines in rape.

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  Aggressive research...

US academics claim that porn consumption correlates with actual acts of sexual aggression

Link Here 27th January 2016

journal of communicationA Meta-Analysis of Pornography Consumption and Actual Acts of Sexual Aggression in General Population Studies

Paul J. Wright, Robert S. Tokunaga, Ashley Kraus

First published: 29 December 2015


Whether pornography consumption is a reliable correlate of sexually aggressive behavior continues to be debated. Meta-analyses of experimental studies have found effects on aggressive behavior and attitudes. That pornography consumption correlates with aggressive attitudes in naturalistic studies has also been found. Yet, no meta-analysis has addressed the question motivating this body of work: Is pornography consumption correlated with committing actual acts of sexual aggression? 22 studies from 7 different countries were analyzed. Consumption was associated with sexual aggression in the United States and internationally, among males and females, and in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Associations were stronger for verbal than physical sexual aggression, although both were significant. The general pattern of results suggested that violent content may be an exacerbating factor.