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Bordello of sex dolls opens in Germany

Link Here 25th October 2017
nordoll selectionA sex-doll brothel has opened in Germany.

Bordoll, as it's named, is located on an aptly scarlet-lit street in Dortmund and is run by Evelyn Schwarz. It currently houses 11 silicon dolls and rents them out for 22c80 (2£71) an hour.

Each 30kg doll has its own name and is aesthetically unique. The 11 dolls are categorised as real, skinny, fantasy, or anime and are listed on the site alongside their full specifications -- from the colour of the hair to the size of their body parts.

Schwarz explained that the brothel is very popular, with the dolls booked around 12 times each day to men of every age from all over the country.


  The Daily Mail recommends...

A week of all inclusive unlimited sex and fun on a Colombian island

Link Here 8th October 2017
sex island video A wildly erotic advertisement for a Colombian sex tourism company has been removed from YouTub. And the account for Good Girls Company, which claims to be an all-inclusive erotic resort, has been suspended by the video-sharing website's censors.

The company's brazen video showcased a sex and drugs holiday on a Colombian island off the coast of Cartagena. Prostitutes would be provided for unlimited sex. The trip from November 24 to 27 was explicitly advertised as a sex island experience.

The video starts by advertising the holiday's more prosaic benefits such as airport transfers being included. Then, its young male star boards a luxury yacht, on the deck of which dozens of young beauties are gyrating in bikinis.

Sexual surprises are also advertised, over a scene showing the man coming into his bedroom to find four naked women posing coquettishly face-down on his bed.

Tourists with other appetites may like to know that all meals are included, a fact mentioned over a scene of the man eating his pudding off the naked body of one of the video's female stars, served by another in a fetish version of a French maid's outfit.Free booze is also thrown in.

The Daily Mail published loads of sexy pictures from the video and the article seemed more promotion than censure.


 Offsite Article: The Swedish model...

Link Here 6th October 2017
Sweden flag Legislation on sex work: Sweden Sex Purchase Law

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