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28th March

 Update: Passive Oppression...

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French sex workers order to wear plain clothes
Link Here  full story: P4P in France...Sex workers and the law
street walker fashion Women in skimpy outfits and high heels could be arrested under new French laws that make it illegal to simply look like a prostitute in public.

France is set to bring in a repressive new anti-vice law that makes passive soliciting by appearing to be offering sex for sale illegal. It is expected that prostitutes will be forced to wear casual clothing like jeans and trainers to get around the rules. The law will outlaw the act of publicly soliciting another person for paid sex, by any means, including passive behaviour .

But French sex workers' union Strass see the law as a huge step backwards . Spokesman Chloe Navarro said:

It is making criminals of women for how they dress, and victimising prostitutes for doing their job and aggravating their working conditions.

Lawmakers in France's upper house the Senate will vote on the law next week.


20th March

 Offsite Article: Remaining unconvinced...

Link Here
Sweden flag The New York Times investigates Sweden's laws criminalising men who buy sex

See article from


16th March

 Update: On the Periphery of Rome...

The church unites with sex workers against plans to move red light zone to deserted area
Link Here  full story: Human Rights Events in Thailand...Human Rights Critics Banned from Thailand

council Rome council has a plan is to corral the growing number of sex workers into an unpopulated set of designated streets, a tucked-away red-light district. Proponents reason the working girls can still serve male clients, but beyond the delicate eyes of wives, grandmothers and children.

The zones of tolerance, however, are meeting strong resistance from the Roman Catholic Church, the national government and the sex workers themselves.

Italy's prostitution laws are vague and still largely guided by a half-century-old act that banned brothels but left unclear the legality of street solicitation.

Religious groups that work with sex workers say the streetwalker problem is now critical, with the population at roughly 12,000, about double the number a decade ago.

The plan has made unlikely allies of the Catholic Church, which is fighting it on miserable moral grounds, and sex worlkers themselves, who are resisting it based on more earthly commercial concerns.

Although much of the public debate centres on what to do about female prostitutes, aid groups say almost half the streetwalkers in EUR are male transvestites or transsexuals.


15th March

 Offsite Article: Tourists on Sex Vacations are Increasingly Younger and Female...

Link Here
Costa Rica flag The stereotype of sexual tourists in Costa Rica being older, gray-haired, and western men is being shattered by a new generation of libidinous travelers who happen to be younger, and sometimes female

See article from


13th March

 Update: Sex Labourers...

Barcelona court finds that sex workers in a brothel should be considered as employees
Link Here  full story: Sex Work in Spain...Debating the regularisation of prostitution

barcelona ajuntament logo A judge ruled in a Barcelona court that sex workers should be given contracts by brothel owners, who would pay social security contributions on their behalf. The civil court decision was made after a massage parlour offering sex services in the city was raided by labour inspectors. The judge ruled that management violated the women's rights and the firm, called Xcenter, would have to pay backdated national insurance payments for the prostitutes from 2012.

The owner argued that the workers were autonomous and not officially employed, however authorities stated that as there was a employer and employee working relationship, it constitutes a contract so social security payments should be made. The court has therefore ruled that prostitutes should be given the security of benefits, healthcare, pensions and unemployment payments to help safeguard them from being exploited.

Prostitution has been decriminalised in the country since 1995, however sex workers were not deemed to have had jobs and were not entitled to labour rights.

The decision by the court in Barcelona is not yet final, as it can be appealed to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia.


8th March

 Offsite Article: So Far So Good...

Link Here  full story: Criminalisng Buying Sex in Canada...Reducing prostitution by endangering sex workers
montreal logo Hundreds of erotic massage brothels flourishing in Montreal despite federal anti-prostitution law

See article from

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