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  Rare compassion from politicians...

German Green politicians calls for financial support for disabled people to oay for sex worker visits

Link Here 9th January

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greens germany logoA spokeswoman for the Green Party in Germany has said disabled and seriously ill people should be able to claim back public money if they pay for sex. They would have to prove a medical need and show that they could not pay to visit sex workers otherwise.

MP Elisabeth Scharfenberg told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that she could imagine local authorities paying for sexual assistance .

The newspaper wrote that increasing numbers of sex workers offered services in care homes. A sexual adviser for nursing homes told the paper that prostitutes were a blessing for some patients.

In the Netherlands it is already possible to claim the cost of sexual services as a medical expense.


 Offsite Article: Perhaps honest competition keeps prices low...

Link Here 15th December
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New Zealand flag The number of legal brothels in New Zealand is declining, possibly giving way to independent working

See article from stuff.co.nz


 Update: Why Zurich Is Turning Its Red-Light District Into a Drive-Through...

A report from the new red light area

Link Here 17th November
zurich sex box rules
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