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Petition: Save Glasgow's adult entertainment venues...

Save 700 jobs under threat from those who put their own morality ahead of other's livelihoods

Link Here 17th June 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in Glasgow...Glasgow council wages war against lap dancing

The brainchild of one Sandra White MSP, over the last 15 years has been to launch public consultation after public consultation in attempts to close down Glasgow's adult entertainment venues.

The latest is an ongoing consultation which ends in August seeking to license the clubs in a way which could see them closed down for good.

When I was on national TV a few days ago debating the issue with Sandra, she said she hadn't engaged with dancers many years ago when they petitioned for her to meet with them because she didn't believe it came from the girls themselves.

What she fails to acknowledge time and time again is that dancers in Glasgow's adult entertainment venues are happy, safe and want to keep their jobs! Workers within the clubs are also becoming unionised with GMB union.

There are around 700 dancers working across Scotland and it's time she asked them! I want to live in a Scotland which is progressive and recognises the right of a woman to have autonomy over her own body.

Please sign the petition and spread the word! We want as much tangible info as possible to feed into our wider campaign to keep the clubs open.

See petition from



Feminists in need of consent training...

Strip club workers protest in Sheffield against their livelihoods being destroyed by Spearmint Rhino club being closed by the council

Link Here 12th June 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in Sheffield...The usual nutter protests
Strip club dancers have marched through Sheffield to oppose plans to close Spearmint Rhino.

The brightly-dressed protesters stopped traffic in Sheffield city centre, braving driving rain between the Brown Street club and Sheffield Town Hall.

Sheffield's Spearmint Rhino club was targeted by feminist extremists who commissioned private detectives to obtain video evidence and report on anything untoward. They claimed to have filmed inappropriate sexual contact clearly without the consent of the participants. Surely such filming would be illegal so perhaps these may be just claims.

The dancers and supporters, including Sheffield Hallam University women's officer Gabby Willis, told marchers filming of that sort should be classed as revenge porn. Ms Willis said she supported the dancers' right to earn money however they choose. She said:

I think it's really important we stand by women's choice to do that in a safe environment for their job, if they want to.

Club worker Rachael McCoy told protesters:

This is really important to us. This is our livelihoods. I'm a single mother. This job helps me feed my children. This job has actually changed my life for the better.



'It's not just a moral issue'...

Wrexham council bans lap dancing club citing moral concerns

Link Here 21st May 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in Wales...Welsh objections
Plans to create a lap-dancing club have been rejected by Wrexham council.

The owners of XS Wrexham wanted to host full nudity nights twice a week to spice up the town's nightlife which, they said, is in severe decline.

However the council turned down the licence application citing a number of moral concerns. Councillor Krista Childs openly admitted that it was a moral issue. She said:

It's not just a moral issue, it's about generations of children, young people and women and how they're looked upon. We should maximise the safety and well-being of women and I don't think this has a place.

Bar owner David Thomas, chairman of the Wrexham Night Safe and Pub Watch schemes, outlined steps that would be taken to ensure the safety of dancers, customers and the public, including a no-touching policy and the presence of security guards. He also claimed some bars and clubs in the town were at risk of closing if there was no change to the entertainment on offer.


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