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  Pie in the sky zone...

An intriguingly named 'slavery investigator' calls for a legal prostitution zone in the West Midlands

Link Here 17th September 2017

west midlands zonesA legal prostitution zone should be introduced in a bid to tackle sex slavery in the West Midlands, an expert has said. The expert, who was intriguingly described as a 'slavery investigator' whose identity cannot be revealed, said it would help ensure the safety of women, while reducing the amount of pop-up brothels.

The idea has also been backed by the English Collective of Prostitutes, which say the zone would mean sex workers could report violence without fear of arrest. Spokesman Laura Watson added it would mean an end to police action, which saw 800 cautions given to sex workers in two years.

Speaking to the Express & Star, an ex police officer said: It (legal prostitution zone) would be helpful in terms of the girls safety and looking at the issue from the victims' point of view.  It is not something that can be done overnight and would take a great deal of work. But it could provide a way for us to get on the girls' side, provide security and tackle pop-up brothels. These girls often do not trust the police or authorities. [Hardly surprising when police have added to the criminal records of 800 sex workers in 2 years].


  Guilty of trying to save a life...

Shameful prosecution of a cleaner arrested because she tried to help save the life of a customer who collapsed in a brothel

Link Here 28th July 2017

prostitutes collective logoMs Norman, the 70-year-old woman who was arrested because she stayed to try to save the life of a man who had collapsed in the brothel where she was working as a cleaner, was today found guilty of assisting in the management of a brothel.

Cari Mitchell from the English Collective of Prostitutes, which has been supporting Ms Norman and who was present in court, commented.

It is a terrible injustice that a woman who performed a civic duty by trying to save another human being's life should find herself with a criminal record for her efforts. Shame on the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Judge. If they had any morals or were in anyway concerned for women's safety this prosecution would never have been brought or Ms Norman would have been found not guilty. How was prosecuting Ms Norman in the public interest?

Ms Norman was too upset to comment and was very distressed at getting a criminal record. She thanked her supporters and the ECP for sticking with her throughout this ordeal.

This prosecution sends a signal to sex workers everywhere that the police are more concerned with their targets and consequently their funding than with the value of human life. Sex workers who are victims of rape and other violence will be deterred from reporting for fear of being put on trial for prostitution. Violent attackers are more likely to go free as a result.

Ms Norman was convicted of assisting in the management of a brothel because she helped post ONE advert and recorded the details of some clients. Everyone knew that she was the cleaner and not the manager or owner. She got paid 26 an hour. She was given a conditional discharge and has to pay towards court costs. A criminal record wrecks havoc with someone's life 203 affecting everything from travel to housing to insurance cover. We now wait to see if the police and courts further persecute Ms Norman by trying to take her savings and assets under proceeds of crime law.

This prosecution flies in the face of the National Police Chiefs' Council policing strategy which recognises sex workers as a vulnerable group that we have a responsibility to protect. Evidence from New Zealand where prostitution was decriminalised in 2003 found that 70% of sex workers said that since decriminalisation they were more likely to report incidents of violence to the police.* In the UK. there are significant differences in the numbers of sex workers reporting violence depending on police policy in that area. For example, in Lancashire, where police made known that their priority was harm reduction, 46% of sex workers reported when they were a victim of crime. This compared to 5% of victims in Nottinghamshire where police had a policy of arresting both sex workers and clients.


 Offsite Article: Fake News...

Link Here 11th March 2017
police devon logo Newspaper stories about pop-up brothels and trafficking prove under investigation to be bollox. Police Are Using the Pop-Up Brothels Scare for Propaganda. By Frankie Mullins

See article from


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