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A chequered past...

Donald Trump's nomination for US Attorney General has a history of porn obscenity prosecutions

Link Here 21st January 2019
Anti-porn crusaders are celebrating Donald Trump's nomination of William Barr to be the next Attorney General of the United States, fondly recalling Barr's first term as the country's top law enforcement officer from 1991 to 1993, when Barr led a campaign of anti-porn prosecutions and was praised by President George H.W. Bush for the superb job he did cracking down on obscenity.

Senate confirmation hearings for Barr are now in progress.

Donna Rice Hughes, president of the anti-porn group Enough is Enough, applauded Barr's nomination, saying in a press release that Trump had pledged to appoint an attorney general to aggressively enforce federal obscenity, child pornography, sexual predation, and sex trafficking laws.



Divisive politics...

Arizona politicians propose a one off 20 dollar tax on accessing internet porn with the proceeds going to help Trump build his border wall

Link Here 19th January 2019
Full story: US politicans and porn harms...US states claim porn to be a public health hazard
An Arizona legislator has proposed a one off $20 fee to access porn sites, with funds going to Donald Trump's border wall.

According to a report by The Arizona Republic, state rep Gail Griffin has introduced a new bill that would force internet users to cough up $20 just for the ability to access adult sites online. The money would go into a newly created account called the John McCain Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Fund, with the proceeds to be used for one of 10 things, and the top item on the list of 10 is: Build a border wall between Mexico and this state or fund border security .

A similar tax has been proposed in several other states but has not yet come to fruition. Lawmakers have not made it clear how the tax will actually be implemented but perhaps it would be along the line of ISPs blocking porn sites until the tax is paid.



Offsite Article: How US Republicans Gave Up on Porn...

Link Here 20th November 2018
Once, the fight against pornography was the beating heart of the American culture war. Now porn is a ballooning industry with no real opponents. What happened? By Tim Alberta

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