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  Risky Do It Yourself at Home Depot...

An amateur porn star gets in trouble in the US for performing porn in public

Link Here 8th September 2017
risky b-day videoPretty porn star MayvenDoll, like others before her, has built a brand around public sex. But it has all gone a bit tits up as she and her producer/husband have both been arrested for their public sex themes.

MayvenDoll was charged with eight counts of public display of hardcore sexual activity, three counts of obscene film and four counts of promoting obscene performance, according to District Prosecutor Scott Ellington. Her boyfriend faces three counts of each charge.

An anonymous snitch notified the Street Crimes Unit of the Jonesboro, Arkansas Police Department, that MayvenDoll was performing sexual activities in public across Jonesboro. The source led police to the videos uploaded to porn websites online. One video showed MavenDoll going into Home Depot in Jonesboro, bending over to show her panties and flashing down different aisles of the store. According to reports, the big issue appeared to be that some of the acts took place in proximity to locations like playgrounds, public benches, and the like.

MeyvernDoll's video that led to the arrest was appropriately titled Risky B-day and is available on PornHub.


  Not all bad...

Trump's government overturns Obama's repressive attempt to censor adult companies by denying them banking services

Link Here 20th August 2017

doj logoThe U.S. Department of Justice has indicated it will end Operation Choke Point, the repressive program that discouraged banks from offering financial services to a range of companies it deemed objectionable.

Critics of the program that was initiated during the Obama administration said it was hurting legitimate businesses such. Adult entertainment companies were also affected.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd referred to the program as a misguided initiative in a August 16 letter to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte. In the DOJ's letter obtained by Politico, Boyd said, We share your view that law abiding businesses should not be targeted simply for operating in an industry that a particular administration might disfavor.


 Offsite Article: NY vs Sex Shops...

Link Here 10th August 2017
new york city logo New York City's war against free expression reaches a new tipping point

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