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25th September   

Built in Hardcore TV Options...

Philips to incorporate access to internet TV (including hardcore) into TVs
Link Here

A GDBTV IP Technology Gives Adult Channels Integrated TV Penetration

Iinternet protocol television (IPTV) technology supplier, Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV), has partnered with Philips Electronics to launch the first television set with a fully-integrated IPTV service.

For the first time ever, adult channels will be able to target 50 million plus homes across Europe alone.

Using GDBTV's channel management software, the channels will be able to deliver to the whole range of Philip's new television sets. This finally opens the door for adult shopping channels, which, gives consumers the chance to purchase all kinds of adult novelties in the privacy in their own home, directly from their television sets.

The original deal, for GDBTV's EPG to be included on Philips' Net TV integrated IPTV service, with expected sales of 50 million television sets in Europe, has now been expanded to also include GDBTV's GoXXXTV adult offerings, with dual PIN protection for age verification as standard security.

Launching this month, as an included service, GoXXXTV is also set to get its own dedicated adult platform on the service as from January 2010.

Channels include: Private; Harmony Films (UK); Seymore Butts (USA); Vivid (International); DBA Supercore XXX (DE); Sweet Pictures (NL); Belais Production APS (DK); TV Polari XXX; the PornXXX channel (UK); and Wrist Action (UK);

GDBTV co-founder and managing director, Jim Deans, comments: While set-top box services remain popular, we have always known it would be an integrated TV service which would really launch IPTV into consumers' homes. We are happy we can also now extend this service to our adult clients.


12th July   

Classics on Demand...

Behind the Green Door comes to VOD on Hot Movies
Link Here

In what its reps are calling perhaps its biggest content partnership coup to date, HotMovies announced a completed deal with the legendary porn producers the Mitchell Brothers and a launch schedule to exclusively present their titlesócomprising five of the greatest classics in the history of adult cinema

The five titlesó Resurrection of Eve, The Grafenberg Spot, Autobiography of a Flea, Behind the Green Door and Behind the Green Door, the Sequel ówere massive adult-theater releases in the 1970s and also contributed to mainstream acceptance of porn as a cinematic art form. These films set new standards for production values and box office, helping to start the long and ongoing journey of adult movies toward the mainstream.

HotMovies will roll out the movies one at a time over the next five weeks, beginning with the launch of Behind the Green Door this weekend.


2nd April   

Adult Live TV...

Hardcore live shows each weekend on Internet TV
Link Here

There's an interesting looking new Internet TV service called Adult Live TV.

There are weekend hardcore live shows at 8pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

Some good looking girls and plenty of free stuff on the website to give a good idea of what goes down on the live shows. Ionie Luv Coxx provides a blog for the site.


13th January   

Hot Gadgets...

Adult Internet TV delivered wirelessly to your bedroom
Link Here

US press on the prowl at the recent AVN adult trade show have picked up on an Internet TV service.

FyreTV is an adult service that provides a black box to connect a TV to broadband. But this year's new version is even better. Why? Because it's wireless so you can take it anywhere in your house.

The FyreTV system, which just went out of beta this past month, has a Wi-Fi version of their set-top-box with the same DVD-quality porn streaming for the same $9.95 monthly subscription. Here's their thought process. Lots of people like watching porn in the bedroom; their previous FyreTV box is only Ethernet-enabled, with no dongle option; not a lot of people have Ethernet wiring in the bedroom. Thus, the wireless FyreTV is born.

We've tested the original FyreTV box for a while now, and it's definitely worth the subscription price in both usability and convenience.

FyreTV guys also told us that they're going to be enabling HD wireless streaming in about two months, meaning the same box you buy now will be able to stream HD content wirelessly to your bedroom.


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