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22nd October

  Carrot Dating...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Oh dear, buying a girl a swanky dinner on the first date is now considered prostitution
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carrot dating An online dating app has been attacked as sexist and has been accused of being prostitution.

Carrot Dating, developed by an MIT graduate, allows men to bribe women into offering them dates with everything from jewelry to a tank full of petrol. Users wanting to get the romance going can even offer prospective suitors plastic surgery.

The idea behind the app is that users dangle a carrot in exchange for getting women to go out with them, according to its creator Brandon Wade.

Business Insider's Christina Sterbenz wrote:

Through Carrot Dating, users (but really men)... can buy credits to send gifts to other users ... so they'll agree to a first date. That sounds quite like an activity illegal in most of the continental US --- prostitution.

Aside from being blatantly sexist, Wade's app clearly won't build the chemistry needed to fall in love.

In fact, this problematic app is teaching men that women are greedy idiots who can't see through blatant and pathetic misogyny.

For the record, if you offer a woman a present in exchange for a first date, then you're implying she can be bought, much like a hooker.'


23rd July

  Promoting Fun Holidays Outside of Miserable America...

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Owner of US travel company promoting holidays for adults in Thailand and the Philippines has been convicted of promoting prostitution
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New Listing: 6 classics set for US Blu-ray release on 22nd October

The Vincent Price Collection Blu ray



12th May

 Offsite Article: WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic)...

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ordinary or perculiarIs paying for sex normal or weird or WEIRD? Newly published research suggests it's far less common than recent media attention would suggest, but more likely to be enjoyed by normal people

See article from io9.com


13th January

  Inflicting Miserable US Morality...

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US government continues legal battle to restrict Anti-AIDS funding only to groups which denounce prostitution
Link Here

US Supreme Court The US Supreme Court has agreed to review a First Amendment dispute over whether the United States can force private health organizations to denounce prostitution as a condition to get AIDS funding.

Justices said they will hear the government's appeal of a lower court ruling that found the anti-prostitution pledge, in a provision of federal law, violated the health groups' constitutional rights.

At issue is the United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003. It requires groups seeking federal money to announce publicly that they oppose prostitution and sex-trafficking.

The government often attaches conditions to the receipt of federal funds, but the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York said the law went well beyond what is permissible.

Four organizations that work in Africa, Asia and South America filed a constitutional challenge to the law in 2005. A federal judge sided with the groups and a 2nd Circuit panel affirmed that ruling in a 2-1 vote. The majority said the rule doesn't merely force organizations to refrain from certain conduct, but also requires them to espouse the government's viewpoint.

The case probably will be argued in April, with a decision due by the end of June.

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West Yorkshire,
HD1 5AA.

Tel: 01484 540978,
Email: empirex@btconnect.com

Empire X

Without wasting your time let's get you straight into a comfortable seat and let you know what's in store for you.

Empire X is a long established Cinema Club (1980) based in the Centre of Huddersfield.

We provide a warm and inviting environment in which to spend a few hours watching very high quality, undiluted, Hardcore movies! or browse in our sex shop for toys and hundreds of DVD titles

Enjoy the movies in the company of likeminded fellow members (Male & Female) who, like you, come from every walk of life. Our aim is for you to feel completely comfortable and at home. There is more to the Empire Cinema Club than simply, well, Naughty films!

Don't go thirsty. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea and cold water are all available in the coffee area you're our guest! Just relax and enjoy.

Movies are played in studio 1 and 2, plus 2 private TV lounges and a couples lounge. With over 5 hours of films to view, we hope you will find something you like.

Adult cinema club is open 7 day a week.
Membership is 5.00 per year.

Mon & Thurs with Striptease: 10.00 (concessions 8.00)
Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 9.00 (concessions 7.00)

Films change Tuesday and Friday