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 2017: Jan-March

  XS whingeing...

Local feminists kindly publicise Club XS in Hastings

Link Here 16th August 2017
club xsA Hastings lap-dancing club has come under fire for its use of mobile billboards. For the last few months adverts for Prospect Place-based Club XS have been parked around the area.

The ads have been criticised by several feminist campaign groups  including the Bexhill and Battle Labour Party Women's Forum. Women's officer Anne Ruzylo whinged:

At this time of year, Bexhill has many tourists coming into the town and inevitably, many of them too will have seen these degrading ads at the side of the road. Posters like these not only leave a distinctly nasty taste in the mouth but also bring the entire area into disrepute at a time when we need all the visitors we can get. This isn't just about the rights of one local business to make more money. These posters appear to suggest that women are on sale at a club just down the road from here and that is something that directly affects every person in this country.

Forum members have written to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to raise complaints about the billboard.

Club XS managing director Peter Eldridge responded:

I see that once again Club XS being disparaged for being nothing more than a perfectly legal business operating in the town with the full consent of the council, which grant us our license each year. A license that has now been renewed for the seventh time without a single objection.


 Updated: False trail...

Birmingham authorities assemble mass raiding party on the scent of trafficking at a lap dancing club...and inevitably can't find any trace but there are multiple complaints of overcharging

Link Here 4th August 2017  full story: Lap Dancing in West Midlands...Fun on Broad Street
legs elevenA report at a Birmingham Council licensing committee meeting claimed that a concerted, sophisticated and highly organised criminal operation was being run from the Broad Street branch of the Legs 11 lap dancing club.. This was said to include financial fraud and human trafficking.

A mass raid resulted comprising of a campaign group, Hope for Justice, city council officials, trading standards, Revenue and Customs officials, police and even the Red Cross.

Inevitably the raid failed to find evidence of trafficking. No arrests were made, and the campaign group Hope for Justice said no hard evidence of people trafficking was uncovered. A spokesman said that none of the girls wanted to engage with us, or with the police. Some of the girls talked about having to 'pay to work', maybe 100 or something, but then potentially being able to earn more than that. Some of them earn very good money -- 1,000 a night perhaps, but others much much less. He added:

In this particular case, we didn't see clear cases of girls being forced to be there.

However the club has been closed anyway, with the authorities citing allegations of fraud.

Update: Licence Lost

4th August 2017 See  article from

A lap dancing club which allegedly drugged customers and took more than 90,000 in credit card overcharges has had its alcohol licence revoked.

Legs 11 on Broad Street, Birmingham, had the licence suspended on 3 July over police claims it was associated with serious crime.

Barbara Dring, the city council's licensing sub-committee chair, said it was revoked to protect public safety. In the committee's report, he said two men had claimed they were drugged, with one testing positive for methadone with a home testing kit.

The club was being investigated over 17 fraud-related allegations since 2013, police said. Some customers paid for dances in a private area but additional transactions were taking place that they had not authorised, Supt Parsons added. One victim claimed he had lost as much as 19,417.


  HMS Miserable...

The Royal Navy bans sailors from possessing anything but BBFC approved porn

Link Here 19th February 2017

pc shipThe Royal Navy has banned posters of glamour models so as not to offend women sailors after some complained of feeling intimidated by the soft porn.

Perhaps the banning of public space pin ups is understandable in these PC times but the Navy's rules go further and effectively ban sailors from all but a tiny portion of available porn.

Sailors were told about the ban when they were given an amended version of the Royal Navy's Queen Regulations. A new section titled Pin-ups and Pornography reads:

Possession of films/videos and all forms of digital media (e.g DvDs, or downloads from the internet) that have been certified by the British Board of Film Censors is permitted.  All other pornographic material is prohibited.

A Naval source told The Sun about these miserable rules:

To be fair, this is part of the service coming into the 21st Century, being more inclusive and not offending women.

But a lot of the lads are moaning about this because porn has been rife across the fleet for generations, and this is the result of a few people complaining.


 Update: There's not much call for Conservative clubs around here...

Southsea lap dancing club win appeal against a council ban to takeover old Conservative Club

Link Here 12th February 2017  full story: Lap Dancing in Portsmouth...Miserable council proposes nil policy
elegance portsmouthPermission to turn a former Conservative club in Southsea into a lap-dancing venue has been granted after Portsmouth Council's original decision to ban the move was overturned.

Elegance, currently in Granada Road, will now be allowed to move to Albert Road and open between 9pm and 4am.

An appeal against the council decision was granted by planning inspector Jo Dowling who explained that the proposed venue would not be out of character :

I acknowledge that the presence of a lap dancing venue may deter some people from visiting this part of Albert Road.

However, as already highlighted due to its first floor location the proposed lap dancing venue would have a very limited physical presence on the street.

Being a late-night venue the proposed use would not operate at the same time as the majority of the daytime businesses.

More than 1,300 people had signed petitions against the move and the city council received 63 objections at the time of the original decision.


 Offsite Article: Secrets Money...

Link Here 7th February 2017
HMRC logo Secrets lap dancing club lose unlikely sounding tax appeal about paying tax on commissions charged to dancers for redeeming lap dancing vouchers

See article from