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18th March

  Euphemism Service Charge...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Austria implements repressive new law requiring ALL customer services to be recorded on a till receipt
Link Here
Austria flag Thanks to a repressive new law, supposedly to protect tax revenues, every business now has to give customers service receipts - and that includes the sex clubs too.

But the question of how to declare services provided to customers has led to some confusion among sex club bosses and some interesting receipts being issued.

One boss has asked how they are expected to register services like a two hour 'chat' between an employee and a client. As a tip?, suggests Peter Laskaris, boss of the Laufhaus club in Vienna.

The new tax law introduced in recent weeks requires many businesses to install a new till system and issue a receipt to customers for every transaction so the tax can be recorded.

Meanwhile the manager of Maxim club in Vienna has also questioned whether they will need 20 different tills, each for a different woman who offers her services on a freelance basis.

Maxim boss Josef Stern was also concerned about the security of his employees: Putting the actual names and addresses of the girls on the receipt absolutely won't work for security reasons.

One receipt obtained by newspaper Heute carrying out investigative research in Maxim included 250 euros on a special sex act.



18th March

 Update: Extreme censorship...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Saudi internet censors block 600,000 websites
Link Here  full story: Internet Censorship in Saudi...Communications under threat
Saudi flag Saudi Arabia's Communications and Information Technology Commission has blocked 600,000 websites over 2 years that contained pornographic and other prohibited materials.

Those who have published and promoted pornographic content will face extreme punishments of up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 3 million Saudi riyals (about $800,000).


15th March

  Virtual Complexity...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Dorcel trial with virtual reality porn is not a resounding success
Link Here
marc dorcel 2016 logo Gregory Dorcel, son of and patron of the brand Marc Dorcel, doubts the potential of virtual reality in the porn industry.

When thinking about applications of virtual reality, the pornography industry arises as obvious. Yet Gregory Dorcel, CEO of the famous French brand, is no longer convinced. Last October, the company produced two films for virtual reality helmets, with 360 videos. The more sober of the two was free, the other sold at 10 euros. Result: 80 000 downloads in the first 15 000 sales for the second. A return of EUR 150 000, for a production that has cost 200,000 due to the complexity of the shoot involving 18 cameras.

Dorcel noted that his company made a try whilst other were playing a waiting game. He concluded:

I see no market for at least five years. But in five years we will be moved on; maybe holograms?


5th March

 Offsite Article: Closing Time...

Link Here
porkys sydney The decline of Sydney's adult nightlife area, King's Cross

See article from


24th February

 Update: Down the Tubes...

InterContinental hotels joins the list of those claiming the moral high ground by ending in-room adult movies when in fact free porn has killed the business
Link Here  full story: Nutter Friendly Hotels...Nutters campaign against hotel room adult movies
intecontinental hotels logo The InterContinental Hotels Group has decided to remove on-demand pornography from every location in its international chain.

Dawn Hawkins of Morality in Media, now known as the National Center on Sexual Exploitation crowed about the decision:

We are grateful to Intercontinental Hotels Group for the priority the company placed on working with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in order to ensure that none of its hotels profit from sexual exploitation. InterContinental Hotels Group has committed to rigorously enforce a brand standard prohibiting the distribution of pornography across all of its brands, such as Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza.

Free streaming pornography has largely made in-room, on-demand pornographic services unprofitable. Robert Habeeb, president and CEO of First Hospitality Group, estimated that a 200-room hotel could make just $2,000 a month from the rental of pornography.


31st January

  Less Crazy...

Melbourne's longest running porn cinema is looking to sell
Link Here
crazy horse melbourne Melbourne's longest-running porn cinema is set to close, its owner has flagged.

Crazy Horse has been screening hardcore pornography, sometimes continuously for 24 hours a day, from the basement of a sex shop on Elizabeth Street for almost 50 years. But as demand for porn increasingly moves online, the cinema's future is under a cloud.

David Ross, spokesman for Melbourne-based porn empire HGC, said:

It's keeping its head above water but it's certainly not one of our remarkable profit centres. People are going to the internet so it's not something that is long for this world, one would imagine.

Ross suggested the cinema could be converted into a mainstream theatre. He said the HGC Group, which owns the Club X chain of adult shops and the Sexpo brand, had a five year lease on the adult complex but was open to vacating the site early to make way for a new operator.


22nd January

 Update: New Zealand film censor asks...

Do we really still need to be concerned about pornography in New Zealand?
Link Here  full story: Internet Censorship in New Zealand...New Zealand considers internet blocking
OFLC New Zealand logo


8th January

 Offsite Article: Top of the 10 minute Pops...

Link Here
pornhub report Fascinating annual report from PornHub revealing the most popular searches and porn stars

See article from

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