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2014: Jan-March

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Morality in Media has a whinge at the PornHub tube website but in the process notes how incredibly popular it is

Link Here 6th May 2014
US campaigners are a little 'disheartened' by the fact that porn is incrediblypopular. The organisation published an article on its PornHarms website from which the following is an excerpt:

With over 1.68 million visitors per hour, Pornhub was the world's largest pornographic video sharing website in 2013. Recently, their statisticians collected data from 2013 and summarized a few disheartening facts about pornography use around the world. This data was gathered from Pornhub's amazing 14.7 billion visitors!

Now 14.7 billion is a big number. In monetary terms, if you had 14.7 billion dollars, you could buy 150 Boing 737's. And in people terms, 14.7 billion is more than twice the population of the earth. In celestial terms, 14.7 billion years ago, scientists postulate the Big-Bang happened. Needless to say, Pornhub has created a destination for an amazing number of pornography purveyors.

On the average, a Pornhub visitor spends 8 minutes and 56 seconds on the site per visit and typically revisits the website six times a day. That's a 5.1% increase over 2012 figures. Americans spend the most time on Pornhub per visit at 10 minutes and 39 seconds.

Although there are various searches and videos available on Pornhub, users are drawn to the same search term worldwide. For the past two years, the search term teen has been the top search around the world. This search team alludes to the topic where the porn viewing public is digressing. The implication could be that sexual predators may be seeking younger victims.



Exposed to blackmail...

Webcam extortionists arrested in the Philippines

Link Here 2nd May 2014
Police in the Philippines say they have arrested dozens of suspects linked to an online blackmail syndicate.

The suspects persuaded people in foreign countries to expose themselves in front of webcams or send explicit material, police said. They then threatened to send the footage or photos to relatives unless payment was made.

Philippine National Police chief Allan Purisima said 58 people had been arrested in a probe involving Interpol. He explained:

The modus operandi of this group is to create an online account on social networking sites with the purpose of locating and attracting prospective clients, especially old male individuals abroad.

Whilst they created this account they would pose as Asian attractive females.

After getting acquainted with the victims... they'll invite and further entice their would-be victims to use video-call and engage in cybersex and this will be recorded, unknown to the victim.

The footage was then used to extort money, usually ranging from $500 to $2,000, he said.



Offsite Article: Social porn...

Link Here 20th March 2014
Why people are sharing their sex lives online From PornTube to Pinsex to Pornostagram, sex websites are following the lead of social networks, allowing users to like, share, repost and comment on each other's pornography

See article from



Big Whoppers To Go...

Brisbane sex shop offers drive through service

Link Here 17th January 2014
A sex shop in Brisbane says it has become the first adult store in Australia to offer a drive-through service.

Adult Emporium's co-owner Paul Lane said the drive-through will operate via a laneway adjoining the shop's front door, and even if the concept is wildly successful, Lane doesn't envisage installing a window and speaker system. He Explained further:

You can pay online and choose to have (a product) sent to you, or you can come and pick it up at the door. You let us know and we'll come out and bring it to you.

We're all camera-d up so we'll see them coming in and there'll be no delay.

It's Australia's first drive-through adult shop.



Licensed to Strip...

Canadian Province of Saskatchewan legalises striptease in bars

Link Here 2nd January 2014
Strip shows and wet t-shirt contests in bars are now legal under provincial law.

The latest move to loosen up Saskatchewan's liquor laws went into effect New Year's Day. It's the end of an era in a province where the combination of alcohol and stripping has long been banned. Performers still cannot be fully nude: women will still have to cover their nipples and full frontal nudity is not allowed.

It's good news for Anna Scott, who is artistic director for the Bottoms Up Burlesque Club. Her dancers are burlesque performers, in contrast to exotic dancers that work in bars. However, before the change, her dancers could not even remove a glove or feather boa in a licensed facility, she said.

It's not known if any bars are planning to immediately start strip shows or wet t-shirt contests.


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