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Offsite Article: The Daily Star recommends...

Link Here 5th September 2017
Club Cupido Liberal swingers club in Benidorm

See article from



Developing control freakery...

Reprehensible photo developers refuse to develop photos from Free the Nipple political event

Link Here 26th August 2017
More than 200 people took to the streets of Brighton to highlight oppressive double standards which dictate that men may show their chests in public whilst women may not.

But when one participant took the photos to be developed at Boots in Tunbridge Wells, she says she was left feeling embarrassed after staff told her that she could not have nude photos developed in store. The protester was told that 12 of her photos from the event couldn't be printed - despite them being taken at a public march which was attended by parents and children.

A spokesperson for Boots noted that there is no company-wide policy on nudity, and that the shop assistant would not have been breaking any company rules to personally take the decision to ban nudity.

Despite the missing prints, the retailer charged her full price for developing the images and the woman in question has since issued a formal complaint to Boots.



BDSM is now illegal on fire safety grounds...

Swingers club closed down by council over supposed fire safety issues with BDSM restraints

Link Here 11th August 2017
A swingers club complete with a dungeon and stocks has been closed down after safety inspectors claimed it was a deathtrap

Vivente club in SUnderland was closed down in a ruling that claimed lives of customers were placed in danger.

The owner was taken to court and admitted five breaches of fire safety regulations.

The court heard the club used candles for lighting effect, while walls were coated with a flammable plastic material and escape routes contained combustible objects.

Vivente, which boasted on its website that it was equipped with stocks, sex-swing and plenty of implements to inflict pain, could accommodate as many as 60 punters and had a dungeon. The club had been operating for around 12 months.

Prosecutor David Claxton said the physical restraints, including stocks, would, self-evidently, increase the risk to life in the event of a fire.

Sentencing, Judge Timothy Gittins accepted High's claims that breaches were committed out of naivety. He handed down a six-month custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months.


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