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19th December   

After Eight...

Edinburgh's only swingers club
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After Eight logo Last week we must have had 18 couples in, explains Alex, as he stirs his instant coffee. Tonight there’s only about eight so far. Of course, Fridays are not as busy usually.
Alex and his wife are standing next to the small kitchen which acts as a makeshift bar for the After Eight Club.

This is “the meeting area” at Edinburgh’s only swingers club. Around a dozen men and eight women are sitting around the large tenement-style lounge – all watching a pornographic film.

Moments earlier, shortly before midnight, we had knocked on the door of the After Eight Club, which operates from the former Highland Club sauna in Spittal Street.

At the reception booth, Jim, the club owner, accepts the £10 individual membership fees and £20 entrance charge for couples. Single men pay £25 for membership and £35 entry. Single women are allowed in free.

The official host for the evening, Dave offers the initial welcome: You’ll find it’s a very relaxed atmosphere in here. No-one is going to pressure you to do anything. If they do, tell me.”

These are the private rooms, says Dave on a guided tour. They have locks and if you want to go in there by yourselves, that’s fine. And if you speak to another couple and decide to join them, that’s fine too.

In the bowels of the club is “the open room” which is dominated by a giant bed. A couple in their late-20s are lying on the bed – fully-clothed – and talking.

The After Eight Club has been running for about a year, with regulars joined each Friday and Saturday by a few new faces.


13th December   

Swinging Back...

Swingers club fights council ordinance
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Fight for your right to party banner A Duncanville swinger sued the city, contending that a new ordinance banning sex clubs violates his privacy and due process rights.

Jim Trulock and his partner, Julie M. Norris, call themselves advocates for the swinging lifestyle. On weekends, they turn their home near Cedar Ridge Drive and Interstate 20 into the Cherry Pit, where guests can mingle, dance and have sex.

Last month, the Duncanville City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance deeming sex clubs in private homes a public nuisance. City officials say they were acting in response to complaints about the Cherry Pit.

The Cherry Pit advertises on the Internet. The weekend parties reportedly draw up to 100 guests.

Neighbors whinge about parking problems and potential harm to their property values.

Duncanville officials have twice cited Trulock for violating the new ordinance, as well as the city's sexually oriented business and zoning ordinances.

The new ordinance classifies sex clubs as a public nuisance. Officials also contend that the Cherry Pit is an unlicensed business operating in a residential area.

The Cherry Pit's attorney, Ed Klein, said the city is trying to regulate private acts in a private home. The ordinance is unconstitutionally vague and overly broad, according to the lawsuit, filed in Dallas County Court-at-Law No. 2: The ordinance as written criminalizes the behavior of a substantial portion of the population of Duncanville who seek to engage in sexual activity as well as each and every person who may be present on the premises at the time in question.

The suit alleges that a man interested in sex with his wife could be prosecuted. And if the encounter occurred in a hotel, every guest could face criminal action, the suit says.

Klein asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent the city from enforcing the ordinance while the lawsuit proceeds. Judge King Fifer denied the request.

4th December    Safe Sex Passport ...
Her Majesty requests and requires that the bearer is allowed to enter freely without let or hindrance

Safe Sex PassportThe world's first "safe sex passport," aimed especially for users of dating and social networking websites, is due to be launched this week in the United States.

Some years ago I met an individual who had intercourse with someone they met online, who didn't disclose that they had an STD, or sexually transmitted disease, Gonzalo Paternoster of Florida-based SSP BioAnalytics said: The idea popped into my head that people know but don't tell the truth, and we needed an independent way to verify someone's health status, he said.

The Safe Sex Passport will be available - at a cost - to anyone over the age of 18 who goes online and orders the credit-card-size article. As soon as you order your card, you are referred to an affiliated laboratory where you can get tested for five major STDs,  Paternoster said. Card holders are tested for HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

When you go to the test facility, you will have to show your official ID to make sure you are the person who owns the safe sex passport. The test results are tied to the card. So let's say now you meet someone: they can call a phone number and get the test results and test date for you, plus identification information so that they know for sure that you are really the person who was tested, he said.

Subscribers will also be provided with virtual health certificates, which can be posted on their online dating or MySpace profile page. Nearly 15,000 people and several dating websites have already expressed an interest in the safe sex passports and online health certificates,  Paternoster said.

60% of inquiries have come from Europe, where the passport and health certificates are expected to be brought to market early next year, Paternoster said.


18th November    Hooray Henrys ...
Swingers club to open in Liverpool

Liverpool sceneLiverpool's first sex club for swingers is set to open in the city centre.

After getting the go-ahead from police and council bosses the club is scheduled to open its doors before Christmas.

Today the owners said it was a venue for "like-minded" partner-swopping couples.

Set out over three floors, the club boasts a bar, six private sex rooms, a sauna, steam room and relaxation area.

HRH (Hurray Henrys) – named after its location in Henry Street, just off Duke Street – also features a room where couples can broadcast their activities on the internet.

Today co-owner Jim Reid said: It's going to be a very classy club and I'm confident we will attract visitors from all over the UK and even Europe. This isn't going to be a seedy place – it will be a great place for like-minded couples to come to enjoy themselves.

The owners said the majority of HRH people will be couples paying an annual membership and one-off visitor fees. But single women will be welcome along with a limited number of single men.


12th November    Fighting for the Right to Party ...
Cherry Pit Swingers Club vs mean minded council

Fight for your right to party bannerA Texas swingers club operated out of a Duncanville home has stirred up controversy.

The city of Duncanville has placed no parking signs in front of the home in an attempt to restrict the club. However, despite resident complaints, the law has not allowed the city to control what goes on inside the private residence.

An internet site advertising the club calls the location the Cherry Pit , which is a private swingers club where visitors share hot tubs and rooms full of beds.

Authorities say the place is hard to close since the Cherry Pit only asks for donations, which makes it not an illegal business.

The City Council then passed an ordinance. It targets the Cherry Pit Club for closure and makes it illegal for any private sex club to promote or advertise itself.

Club supporters say it's not a nuisance and compare it to a large dinner party, Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT reports.

The club's defenders say the government should stay out of people's bedrooms.

The owners say they'll take their case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Update: Duncanville is the Pits

19th November 2007

The owners of the Duncanville residence now best known to North Texans as The Cherry Pit are now officially charged with a Class C misdemeanor.

Late Saturday night, the city's code compliance officers cited the club, accusing it of illegally using the property as a sexually-oriented business.

Update: Cherry Picking Concessions

20th November 2007

The swingers club known as the Cherry Pit offered another olive branch to the City of Duncanville.

The city has maintained that by accepting donations, the Cherry Pit is in fact a business and a sex club. Owners of the club removed from its website any and all words encouraging guests to make donations to pay for parties.

Attorneys for the Cherry Pit say they are also considering reducing the number of guests who attend the parties.


25th November    Swing On ...
Cherry Pit Swingers Club reach truce with council

Fight for your right to party bannerThe City of Duncanville has reached a temporary truce with the Cherry Pit swingers club.

The club's attorney said the owners of the Cherry Pit have agreed to stop advertising party dates and times on their Web site.

They will also provide off-site parking and reduce the number of party guests.

As long as the Cherry Pit holds up its end of the agreement, the city has agreed to let the parties continue and will not issue any citations.


9th November    Police Cause Alarm and Distress ...
Naked ramblers complain about Dorset police

Dorset Police badgeTen police officers chaperoned a sponsored nude walk along a clifftop path in Dorset. But the operation left the naturists prickling with resentment against "heavy-handed" interference.

Four months after the naked ramble between Swanage and Lulworth Cove, complaints about police tactics have been lodged with Dorset police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). The group of around 15 walkers set off on June 2 for a fundraising hike to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society, adopted by the British Naturism organisation as its charity of the year.

We had some officers walking with [the ramblers], a spokeswoman confirmed. When other people approached we warned them to put their clothes back on. The coastal path is a busy tourist area with the path being used by more than 200 people on a summer Saturday, including significant numbers of children and older people.

We had 18 complaints about nudity from members of the public and one man was arrested. He was charged but the Crown Prosecution Service subsequently dropped the charges.

Under the Public Order Act 1986, it is an offence to be naked in a public place within sight of a person who is likely to feel alarmed, distressed or harassed by the nudity . It effectively requires a member of the public who is prepared to go to court to substantiate a complaint.

Bernard Boase was one of those asked to cover up by a police officer: It was completely unnecessary and such a waste of resources. I'd be interested to know exactly what it did cost. The second shift of officers got very heavy-handed, going up to passers-by suggesting that they might like to make complaints.

The police would never say what the nature of the complaints [about us] were. They claimed that in the process of collecting evidence they were entitled to approach other walkers ... We just don't want to wear too many clothes. The police officers that day, by contrast, looked very hot and overdressed.

Several walkers are understood to have registered complaints with the IPCC and Dorset police. A spokesman for Dorset police confirmed that two complaints about the operation were being investigated.


8th November    Toga Toga Spanked ...
Rights abusing councillors ban swingers club without justification

Toga Toga logoThe owners of a Cheshire club in Winnington are to appeal after it was refused a sex establishment licence.

Toga Toga Ltd in Winnington Lane houses swingers club Toga Toga and festish club Spanked after owner Alex Hughes took it over earlier this year.

At a meeting of the licensing sub committee he and co-owner Walter Johnston told members they were unaware when they took over the lease that they needed to apply for the licence. They admitted they had not been aware how close the proposed Winnington Urban Village would be.

But they told the committee there was no intention to advertise the club locally but only on the Internet and in specialist publications, and since opening there had been no problems with the police.

These councillors who sat on the committee are representatives of the people, yet there have been no objections to the nature of our business at all.

But members of a licencing sub committee decided the location and situation of the club in relation to other premises in the area was not appropriate having regard to the character of the locality as one of mixed industrial, commercial and residential use.

They stated that they were specifically concerned about the close proximity of the day nursery and permitted residential development.

They also said the number of sex establishments considered suitable for the Winnington area was nil and therefore the granting of such an application would exceed this figure.

He said: This is a members' club. We are not advertising for members of the public to come in. It is all completely behind closed doors. These councillors who sat on the committee are representatives of the people, yet there have been no objections to the nature of our business at all. We went through the application process and there was not one objection.


3rd November    Nutters and Swingers ...
Club Elite: Swingers in Tampa

Club elite bannerClub Elite in Port Richey, Florida is advertised as a premier swingers club in Pasco County. But neighbors want it closed just as quickly as it opened. Nutters are complaining that it's a sex club. All their complaints have caught the attention of the sheriff's office.

According to the club's website it was founded last month as a private members club for those 21 and up.

Kimberly Sabo says I look for about every kind of pervert, prostitutes, and everything that that brings. I've invested a lot of money, thousands of dollars and to have something like this open up down the street a matter of a mile or so down the street there's no way I could make a profit.

The Pasco County Sheriff's office says it has received 20 to 25 complaints about the club. Kevin Doll the spokesperson for the department says: We've had some people who have gone to the club I guess thinking it's a regular night club however they found out there has been some sex type activities swinging type activities going on at this club.

Doll says Florida law is vague about swinging clubs but deputies are looking into the business. It's not necessarily illegal however we believe that the location where this club is is in violation of zoning laws. We believe it's an adult oriented business thus it should be in our industrial zone in the county and right now it's in a commercial district.

Update: A pleasant comfortable place to go

4th November 2007

The Sextons are swingers who have been married for 15 months. They're concerned about the controversy surrounding Club Elite.

Some residents are calling it's a sex club that will bring crime to the area. But the Sextons have been to Club Elite and say people just don't understand their lifestyle. John Sexton says: There may be an idea that everyone that's in the lifestyle, everyone who is a swinger is also a child molester or we're only interested in sex and as soon as you get a group of us together that all the clothes come off and it becomes a roman style orgy and that's not the case at all.

Cathy says sex is involved only if you're comfortable with it: It could be sex, maybe not even sexual intercourse but it could be any kind of sexual intercourse yes. It's safe. Condoms are provided at the clubs free of charge. The bedrooms are very nice and clean. It's tidy. It's just very safe and clean. There's a group area, there's a sex area, and a dancing area.

John says It's just a pleasant comfortable place to go

Update: Strip Mall

21st February 2009. See article from

County officials have filed a lawsuit asking a judge to shut down Club Elite swingers club.

The lawsuit, filed Feb. 2 in Pasco County courts, alleges that Club Elite is a sexually oriented business featuring sexually themed floor shows and concerts. The performances include persons watching others engaged in sexual activities, the lawsuit alleges. The performances include persons performing sexual activities for an audience.

The excuse is that the club is on commercially zoned property at 9721 U.S. 19, in a strip mall above a bakery, a deli and a dentist. County ordinances only allow sexually oriented businesses to set up shop in industrially zoned areas.

Update: Fun Ended

16th June 2011. See  article from

Pasco County's most famous swingers club has thrown its last erotic party.

Club Elite owners Eric and Angie Kubb settled a lawsuit with Pasco County over the club, where members engaged in open sex acts and bondage shows. The settlement requires them to shut down the club by July 22 and prohibits the owners from marketing the bottle club to swingers. The settlement has been approved by county commissioners.

The club's website says the last party was held June 4.

Adult businesses are only permitted in property zoned for industrial use, Assistant County Attorney Kristi Wooden said. Though county officials have received reports of other swingers events, Club Elite was the only established club for swingers, she said.

The club can continue to operate as a bottle club, Wooden said.

The owners agreed to dismantle the club's interior rooms and remove all mattresses, sheets and pillows from the property.


22nd September

    Dog Eared Service ...


ICSTIS logoRip-off dogging service fined

From The Register see full article

A text alert service for doggers has been fined £20,000 by regulator ICSTIS for breaches of the premium-rate code, including signing up punters without their knowledge and failing to respond to "stop" messages.

The "Dogger" service was run by Zamano Ltd and provided vital information for those wanting to watch, or be watched, having sex in public places.

But punters only found out they'd been signed up to the service when they received a reverse-charged SMS, at £1.50, letting them know where they should be to get in on the action.

Zamano argued it had taken on the service from another provider, and claimed to have sent out notifications (free) to all customers on the database. However, as it couldn't provide any call records, ICSTIS dismissed the argument.

The service was terminated before ICSTIS got involved, but Zamano still has to cough up the cash to compensate aggrieved non-doggers who received messages.


18th September

    Problems Dogging Rochdale . ..


Carpark closure noticeCar parks closed at Alkrington Woods

Based on an article from Middleton Guardian see full article

An 'education centre' is planned for a car park that has been shut due to dogging.

The Friends of Alkrington Woods met with Rochdale Council and police and took the decision to keep the entrances to Rhodes Lodges on Manchester Old Road and Silburn Way closed for the foreseeable future.

The area had become noted for dogging in recent years. Both entrances were closed as a result, but the Friends hope to retain use of the Manchester Old Road car park by creating a centre there to educate visitors about the woods and the countryside.

Sonia Elsey, Friends of Alkrington Woods secretary, said: We've decided that both car parks should remain shut. The unsavoury acts are still happening in the woods but at least they're not in the car park in view of the people in the houses opposite.

But we are going to go ahead with the countryside classroom. The only way we can open the Manchester Old Road car park again is to have a facility there that can open in the morning and then close in the evening, when the gates will be locked again.

Double yellow lines planned for Silburn Way to prevent 'doggers' parking up before walking into the wood have yet to be put in place, Elsey added.


12th September

    Car Park Morality . ..


Canada flagCouncil twists car park restrictions to keep swingers out of town

Based on an article from Edmonton Sun see full article

Residents of Edmonton say a swingers club will invite the sex trade into their neighbourhood and are signing a petition against Sinclinations - a proposed straight-couples sex den.

The legal sex club is trying to set up shop in the basement of a former bowling alley.

The city has so far prevented Sinclinations from opening by enforcing a strict parking bylaw which requires double the parking spaces the site can accommodate.

Neighbours are furious the city hasn't taken a moral stance on the issue of spouse-swapping, despite the fact that moral arguments against such establishments are inadmissible under the law. [Dubiously twisting parking restrictions to enforce a ban sounds to me like the city taking a moral stance]

A local resident said: This is a family friendly area and we don't want swingers anywhere near here. There are a lot of kids here and 118 Avenue already has enough problems already. Why doesn't the club just go to an industrial park?"

Swingers and sex- trade workers don't go together at all, said JoAnn McCartney, a former vice cop and adviser with the Prostitution Action Awareness Foundation of Edmonton. She also owns JoMc, a sex-trade and addictions counselling service: (Sinclinations) would be a club where consenting adult couples can meet for sex without any financial consideration paid for participating. There is no evidence such clubs attract the sex trade.

And while McCartney said morality and the law remain separate, she suggested the city can use the parking issue as a moral loophole to turn away unwanted or controversial businesses: Parking is how you get them every time.

Area councillors Ron Hayter and Kim Krushell have written letters to support Sherbrooke residents but have limited their arguments to parking and traffic safety issues: Sinclinations simply doesn't have enough parking to meet code, and I say thumbs-down to the club.


12th September

    Update: Car Park Immorality . ..


Canada flagCouncil sets max 149 customers but min 324 parking spaces

Based on an article from see full article

Edmonton's appeal board rejected the application of Sinclination Inc. for permission to open a swingers club in the Sherbrooke Plaza mall.

The reason for the rejection was supposedly not sin, however, but parking. The appeal board ruled that the mall didn't have enough parking spaces for the 13,000-square-foot swingers club proposed for the basement of the mall.

Sinclination spokesman Kevin Gainer had told the board the private club would offer a lounge, locker rooms, theme rooms for couples to use, and eventually a sauna and hot tub.

The club, he said, would be aimed at couples who are already active in the lifestyle, couples who are wanting to explore new sexual avenues, or couples simply wishing to spice up their own monogamous relationship.

Under city rules, a private club the size proposed by Gainer must have 324 parking stalls, more than is available at the mall. Gainer had appealed for a reduction of that requirement to 75 stalls, and said a 324-stall requirement was unreasonable since the fire marshall would only allow 149 people in the club at a time.

As well, he said, many of his customers would come in groups of four, given the "swingers" nature of the business, and that would cut down the need for parking.

Members of the Sherbrooke community which is next to the mall argued against the sex club. Most stuck to the parking problem it would create, since those were the grounds the appeal board was ruling on.

The appeal board will release written reasons for its decision in a few weeks.


11th September

    No Fun in Korea . ..


South Korea flagPolice prosecute sex party participants

Based on an article from Chosun see full article

Police have arrested scores of men and women who engaged in group sex encounters arranged through a commercial website.

They include a substantial number of social leaders such as professors, doctors, civil servants, middle school workers and senior executives of a large corporation. Married couples and lovers engaged in partner swapping through the website, police said.

Police on Tuesday booked a 42-year-old website operator identified as Kim who they say arranged the group sex parties and collected participation fees. They also booked 53 male members who had group sex and 11 females using Kim's website.

According to police, Kim opened the website in November and gathered 4,000 members through May. He also arranged 20 group sex parties at hotels in and around Seoul.

Police say about a thousand of the 4,000 members participated in the encounters. Men paid W100,000 to W1.5 million (US$1=W939) to join in the illegal sex parties. Each was found to have engaged in group sex on one to seven occasions.

Police said 11 women including a 38-year-old named Kim had group sex with male website members. Among them were housewives, freelance models, private institute students and convicted prostitutes. They were paid W1 million each to participate in the parties. There are several million similar websites out there, said a police official.


25th August

    Tolerant Town Returns to Tolerant . ..


nude in BrattleboroVermont nudists reprieved after temporary ban

From Houston Chronicle see full article

Vermont's clothing-optional capital is stripping off its temporary ban on public nudity.

A month after passing the temporary ban, the Brattleboro Selectboard voted 3-2 on to reject a proposed ordinance that would have made it permanent. When the emergency temporary ordinance expires next month, public nudity will no longer be illegal.

It's all about tolerance, one board member said. We in this country are going down a slippery slope these days, said Dora Bouboulis, noting a national newspaper recently published an article about the emergency ordinance under the headline Tolerant town gets intolerant.

She said it wasn't up to the town to restrict anyone's right to dress or undress.

Before the vote, residents weighed in on both sides of the debate. Michael Gauthier gave the Selectboard a petition with signatures of 967 people who support a nudity ban. What is the point, other than shock and awe, that the nudists are trying to make? he asked.

Update: Civil Infraction

17th November 2007

The Selectboard took one more step toward approving an ordinance that would prohibit nudity in Brattleboro's public areas when it asked the town manager to prepare a draft ordinance for its first reading at its next meeting on Nov. 20.

Selectboard Vice Chairman Dick DeGray said all members of the board had made compromises to make an anti-nudity ordinance acceptable. For his part, he said, he agreed to not pursue making nudity a criminal offense and would instead support keeping it a civil infraction punishable with a ticket.

Hopefully, he said, making it a civil infraction will end nudity on Brattleboro's streets: I don't want to see people getting arrested, but I don't want to see people abusing the town. If the town finds a civil action is not enough to stop the behavior, then it will need to reconsider whether to make it a criminal violation.

The ordinance will also restrict employees from taking their clothes off so as to restrict adult entertainment.

Update: Bare Faced Intolerance

16th December 2007

The Brattleboro Selectboard is prohibiting nudity in public areas of the town.

Laura Austan told the Select Board restricting nudity was a slap in the face to tolerance and personal freedom.

But Gary Gale says it's intolerant to force someone to witness a nude person.


23rd August

    Business Upswing . ..


Lifestyles logoBig dollars from US swingers

From see full article

Matt Virtue, who works as a consultant at a Washington law firm, says he spends more than $10,000 a year to attend conventions, hotels and clubs where he and his girlfriend can have sex with other partners: Any other hobby that I was into at 40 years old is going to cost me $10,000. Dude, I'm addicted to it, there is no doubt about it.

Such enthusiasm has turned what were once private passions into a multimillion dollar business. Lifestyles Organization, the nation's largest swinger services company, has annual sales of about $15 million.

Swingers also bring in millions of dollars to specialty clubs and hotels in the United States as well as Jamaica, Mexico, France and elsewhere.

We're talking about a lifestyle, but in reality we are also talking about a business, Robert McGinley, the president of Lifestyles Organization, said during its annual convention in Las Vegas, which attracts about 900 couples.

Lifestyles Organization caters to a middle-class demographic who want to meet like-minded couples and who typically want to hide their passions from what they call "vanillas" (conventional couples).

Efforts to meet such couples outside those circles often fail, giving tour, club and convention organizers steady business.

At this year's event, Anaheim, California-based Lifestyles Organization contracted out an entire hotel near the Las Vegas Strip and organized seminars and parties for middle-aged couples. The most exhibitionist of those gathered in open hotel rooms after midnight to have sex as others watched or joined in.

Leading sex researchers say they do not know the number of swingers in the United States, so it is difficult to pinpoint how much business the subculture represents overall.

Rick Conner, a swinger and author of an advice book for such couples, estimates there are 100,000 U.S. swingers, of whom 20,000 are particularly active. Other swingers have suggested the number is in the low millions.

Conventions bring Lifestyles $4 million in annual sales; their travel business booking swinging guests into resorts such as Hedonism II in Jamaica or Desire in Mexico bring in another $10 million to $12 million a year, McGinley said.

Several hundred clubs nationwide also cater to swingers. Jeff James, who works for Club Freedom Acres in San Bernardino County east of Los Angeles, said 225 to 260 couples visit on a typical Saturday night, paying $85 each, with a similar number on Fridays paying $65. It's doubled in daily attendance in the last three years, he said.


14th August

    Swinging Denver . ..


Sugar House lounge graphic Swingers Club gets the OK in Denver

Based on an article from Denver Post see full article

First, the Denver nightclub owners fought their neighbors. Then they fought the city. Finally, they fought the city once again.

With each battle, the owners of the Sugar House lounge pulled out tough, unexpected victories on their way to opening a nightclub that will cater to swingers, or "open-minded couples," one night a week.

Wednesday morning, they achieved what is likely their final victory: They were given a liquor license after months of wrangling with city officials.

The owners now are moving quickly to try to open as early as next week, almost 12 weeks after they had originally hoped to.

Ewing said recently that he thinks the reason he had to battle so hard for the nightclub was because some folks have moral objections to the swinger lifestyle.


13th August

    Police Dogged by Killjoy Attitude . ..


Studland South BeachOutdoor sex at Studland

Based on an article from Dorset Echo see full article
See also FAQ: Dogging & Swinging: Is it legal?

Public sex acts on Studland Beach have been condemned by police after incidents including suspected prostitution, group sex and shooting of a porn film.

Police are patrolling the area to spoil the annual summer-time increase in outdoor sexy fun.

The beach, which has a designated zone for naturists, has a reputation for attracting an element seeking sexual thrills, but police want to send out a strong message it cannot continue.

Police believe a sex film was shot in the area this summer after a member of the public reported it after the event.

Inspector Ashley Adams, Purbeck Section Commander, said: The type of problems we are having are groups of people engaging in sexual activity in the sand dunes and woodland, people exposing themselves in public and masturbating. We had a situation with a motorboat moored off the coast allegedly being used for the purposes of prostitution. [cruising?]

Insp Adams added: Studland Beach has a problem with people using that area for sexual activity. We want to make clear our action is not directed towards any particular community group, be it the gay community or the nudist community, but sexual activity in view of a member of the public is inappropriate and unlawful and police will take action.


17th July

    Swinging Mary Carey . ..


SwingFest logoTo host the the World's Largest Swingers Party

From PR-inside see full article
See also SwingFest

Adult superstar, Mary Carey will host the World's Largest Swingers Party. The party will take place at the Lifestyle Convention taking place July 31 to August 3, 2008 at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood Florida.

Mary Carey who is best known for her numerous adult movies, highly publicized political aspirations, and her infamous appearances on The Howard Stern Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno etc will be the hostess for the 4 day event that has a projected attendance of 10,000 swingers from around the globe.

By day, Mary will act as master of ceremonies for the event; introducing guest speakers, announcing contests, and interacting with attendees. Between announcements Mary will also have a booth on the convention floor complete with elevated stripper pole and signing table to promote her new website In the evening hours Mary will be rubbing elbows (and who knows what else) with party goers at some of the many corporate sponsored parties during the convention.

Organiser, SwingFest is a sexual freedom advocacy group primarily focused on the swing lifestyle community.


16th June

    Fun in Canada . ..


Canada flagMayor vows to close legal swingers club 

Based on an article from see full article

Business was in full swing last night at Club Venus, Moncton's new gathering place for New Brunswick couples who are into swapping partners.

Owner Lenna Doiron said she now has more than 30 members signed up for the club, which the city's mayor have vowed to shut down.

Club members can come on a daily basis, she said, but Friday nights are for couples and singles and Saturday nights are for couples only.

They can just hang around, socialize and meet other people who are interested in the same lifestyle and have common interests, Doiron said. She was vague about what else will go on at Club Venus.

The prospect of a swingers club opening in a former Moncton church has the city's mayor up in arms, vowing to prevent it at all costs.

Swinging was made legal by a 2005 Supreme Court of Canada ruling. But this has not impressed Mayor Lorne Mitton who seems to be putting personal morality above the law by saying: If this is the activity that is claimed to be happening in that establishment, we will be doing all in our power to see that [it] ceases.


15th July

    Update: A Morality Bashing . ..


Canada flagCanadian swingers club closes

Based on an article from see full article

A Moncton swingers club that opened in June to vows from politicians to shut it down has closed, at least temporarily, for personal and financial reasons, the owner said.

The Owner of Club Venus, Lenna Doiron, said her members-only club, located in a former church, filled a need for local swingers by offering couples who wanted to swap partners a place to meet each other.

Doiron said while she didn't expect everyone in the community to be a fan of the club, she wasn't expecting the backlash from politicians. She added that swingers clubs are a legal business, as the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that it is legal for people to meet behind closed doors in clubs and have sex.

I didn't appreciate the government officials going after me, Doiron said. It shocked me and it hurt my feelings. I'm a citizen of Moncton and they bashed me. I didn't expect them to treat me like that.

Doiron closed the club's doors on Friday, citing financial and personal reasons. But the club may not be closed permanently, she says.


18th June

    Nude Snapshot . ..


Hong Kong flagA snapshot of Hong Kong attitude to public nudity

From Asian Sex Gazette see full article

A nudist group is holding what it says is Hong Kong's first nude photographic competition to test whether attitudes towards the naked human body have changed in the decade since the city returned to Chinese rule.

Simon Cheung, chairman of Body Arts Association, said that the competition to mark the 10th anniversary of the handover had received more than 300 entries.

Cheung had difficulties booking a venue six years ago when he organized a life-drawing contest. He now hopes the competition, to be held on June 16 when the winning photos and all entries will be on display, will be trouble free: Some of these pictures show sexual organs. If there aren't many complaints about it and the feedback is good, I would consider it a success.

Cheung contacted nearly 20 people to be judges of the contest and to present the awards, but only four agreed: Many of them said they were too busy and some of them told us they found it embarrassing to come because they would be seen as indecent. They want to distance themselves from it; I feel very disappointed about this .g.

Public nudity remains illegal in Hong Kong, despite efforts by the group to have a secluded beach set aside for nudists.


31st May

    Club F for Fun . ..


Club F Sunderland logoSunderland Swingers Club

Based on an article from ic Newcastle see full article

A primary school head nutter has expressed concern about the lack of consultation before what claims to be the North East's largest sex club opened on her school's doorstep.

Sue McNeilly, acting head of Hudson Road Primary School, in Hendon, Sunderland, was surprised to discover that the Fizikal club, in Merton Street, only a few hundred yards from the school, hosts Club F, which claims to be "the North East's biggest and best adult party venue" for swingers.

McNeilly, who believed the premises was just a health club, said: I would have thought someone should have made us aware of this.

According to Club F's website, it has recently undergone a facelift and now features a jail cell and a "posture enhancing swing". There are also St Trinian's fancy dress nights as well as an erotic cinema, playrooms and a 12-seat jacuzzi.

A review on one swingers website said the club was full of great, fun-loving attractive couples , but another complained that too many single men were allowed into the club.

Couples are charged £20 for Saturday party nights and single men £15 for some of the other nights. A Sunderland Council spokesman said the club did not need a licence to operate, which meant there was no legal requirement to consult the neighbouring community. But he added that as a business, it was required to conform to the usual health and safety standards.


28th May

    Public Sex Environment . ..


Walking the dogPolice to create database of dogging spots

From The Telegraph see full article
See also Wiltshire Public Sex Environment Policy

Policemen are to be sent on a new intelligence-gathering assignment; their mission, to identify every "PSE", describe its profile and consult its users.

Findings of the investigations will be logged in a central register held by the Metropolitan Police Force. Results will then be used to implement a grand strategy known by Scotland Yard as the "multi-agency management of PSEs".

A PSE - public sex environment - is better known as an outdoor spot where people meet for sexual encounters. Most PSEs are used by homosexual men, but police are receiving a growing number of complaints about heterosexuals meeting for outdoor sex, a practice known as "dogging".

The new scheme will have an initial trial in London, but if it is a success it could be extended nationwide. Supporters claim it will improve relations between the police and users of the sites, and encourage greater reporting of robberies and homophobic assaults.

Police re-examined their approach to outdoor sex after the murder of Jody Dobrowski on Clapham Common, south London, in 2005 when some potential witnesses were reluctant to speak to them.

John Roberts, an MPA member who helped draw up the new strategy, said: There's a big community out there using these environments that we have not been protecting.


6th May

    Bed and Breakfast and Sex and Fun. ..


USA flagCity killjoys see otherwise

From the Fox 23 see full article

City officials from Schenectady, New York State, are expected to serve a cease and desist order on the owner of a local bed and breakfast this week.

Bob Alexson admits that he hosts swinger parties in the basement of his Union Street Bed and Breakfast.

The embattled bed and breakfast owner has been fighting with the city and some of his neighbors about what else goes on inside 1362 Union Street.

I have private parties, he explains. My friends are always welcome to come and sit in my hot tub and enjoy themselves and talk and I love to cook. I've got a huge commercial kitchen. I cook for them. We have a good time.

That good time that often involves adult activities for the swingers who attend the parties Bob says he holds daily. Alexson swears he hasn't collected one cent since the city changed the law last October to include his swingers club into the definition of adult entertainment.

The city has been building a case to force him to restrict his parties to industrial zones.


6th May

    Orgy Parties . ..


Japan flagA new trend in Japan

From the Japan Times see full article

A popular buzzword on the Internet these days is the Japanese phrase for "orgy party". Search for the term 'ranko' party and you'll come up with hundreds of thousands of hits.

Some of the Web sites are for swingers but the vast majority are merely ads for the latest trend in prostitution. At these so-called "orgies," the guys pay money to take part, and the women are professionals.

More than 100 groups seemed to have sprung up since last year in central Tokyo, but there are only three authentic, not-for-profit ones, says an anonymous man, who counts himself among the very few authentic swingers.

Why the proliferation of these professional "orgy parties" in Tokyo? The main reason is the crackdown against local naughty nightlife, which city hall has been waging during the last few years. As the authorities drive prostitution deeper and deeper underground, sex-establishment operators have discovered that the sex parties are a relatively safe and highly profitable field of business.

Advertising is done furtively, on the Internet or through word of mouth. The venues are usually hotel rooms.

As for the fees, male participants in the classy members-only orgies pay anywhere from 100,000 yen to 500,000 yen per session. Yearly memberships can run as high as 5 million yen. For these prices, participants can expect to cavort with aspiring fashion models and actresses. On the other end of the fee scale are the common one-off parties, costing from 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen per session. The women usually hail from massage parlors and other sex establishments.

With good money to be made, we can expect the orgy parties to become a more common part of the sex scene, at least until the Tokyo government's next round of crackdowns.


30th March

    My Year of Swinging ...


Swung book coverA new book by Ewan Morrison

From the Belfast Telegraph . Well worth reading the full article
Swung is available at UK Amazon

Using websites, swingers arrange to meet up across Northern Ireland. And, while working on a novel about swingers, Swung , acclaimed author Ewan Morrison spent a year exploring this secret sexual subculture.

Ewan Morrison writes: My year of swinging ended before I completed my book. I felt I had to stop and take stock and that a novel would be the vehicle for that. The year ended with a prior stage of escalation – an invitation to an orgy

I met so many people who claimed their lives had been enriched. And it still makes me ask if the conventions of monogamy are too repressive. Although swingers rarely quote psychologists or radical thinkers, there is an unspoken philosophy akin to that expounded by Erich Fromme and the polyfidelity movement (a sexual variation on communal living): a belief that polyfidelity cures the social problems of loneliness, jealousy, adultery, social fragmentation and emotional boredom.

My year of swinging ended with many new friends who were no longer lovers. Which leads me to believe that swinging is, for the committed core, a lifestyle that they live day-in day-out. But for the majority who pass through the websites, it is a stage gone through for a year or so, a volatile stage filled with questions about limits and boundaries. Who I am? How will I live? Can I be happy? Can I love? What is love? Swinging is not so much an answer as a question asked deeply – for as many philosophers say, the only questions worth asking should place your life, and your body, at the heart of the question.


30th March

    Dogged by Police ...


Police banner about action at OtterspoolPolice ask doggers to 'change their behaviour'

But it is not at all clear that 'well behaved' doggers are doing anything illegal

Thanks to Melanie & Adams Place
See also UK Dogging Law
See also D iscussion about legality of dogging

The police have issued the following letter on the subject of action against dogging on Otterspool Promenade:

Policing Operation In Otterspool Promenade

Merseyside Police is undertaking an operation from the 2nd April to tackle the illegal sexual activity in the area of Otterspool promenade, after complaints from local residents.

The 2nd April will see covert and overt patrols policing the area in order to tackle the problem and support the regeneration work going on in the area, which will attract more tourists to this natural beauty spot.

In partnership with the City Council and Citysafe, the operation also aims at tackling the under reporting of crime against individuals who frequent the area for illegal sexual activity. Organisations like Armistead, the gay and bi-sexual support group for men, say that criminals in the area are targeting their members, but many are not reporting them to the police for fear of prosecution.

The operation does not aim to target any sexual group and much of the sexual activity going on in the area, is carried out by heterosexual couples and not by the gay community.

To enable individuals to change their behaviour prior to the start of the operation, a wide range of communication materials are being used to ensure people have an opportunity to change their behaviour without the need for police intervention.

Highly visible signage has been put up in the area to ensure that people are aware of the operation and so that anyone that sees anything knows how to report this to the police. Local residents are also being leafleted in the area to ensure they are aware that Merseyside Police and its partners are tackling the problem.

Melanie & Adams Place have a page on UK Dogging Law :

The relevant section of the 2003 Sex Act to doggers is Section 66 Exposure and Section 67 Voyeurism.

2003 Sex Act - Section 66 : Exposure

(1) A person commits an offence if-
(a) he intentionally exposes his genitals, and
(b) he intends that someone will see them and be caused alarm or distress.

(2) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable-
(a) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both;
(b) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years.

2003 Sex Act - Section 67 : Voyeurism

(1) A person commits an offence if-
(a) for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, he observes another person doing a private act, and
(b) he knows that the other person does not consent to being observed for his sexual gratification.

(2) A person commits an offence if-
(a) he operates equipment with the intention of enabling another person to observe, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, a third person (B) doing a private act, and
(b) he knows that B does not consent to his operating equipment with that intention.

(3) A person commits an offence if-
(a) he records another person (B) doing a private act,
(b) he does so with the intention that he or a third person will, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, look at an image of B doing the act, and
(c) he knows that B does not consent to his recording the act with that intention.

(4) A person commits an offence if he instals equipment, or constructs or adapts a structure or part of a structure, with the intention of enabling himself or another person to commit an offence under subsection (1).

(5) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable-
(a) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both;
(b) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years.

Under Section 66, doggers are at risk of the law if it is their intention to cause alarm or distress to members of the public. So, if you take reasonable precautions to make sure that you are well out of public view, you should be fine. Essentially, this means only go dogging at night, away from residential areas and well away from the major carparks where anyone could turn up. If you use the carparks as a general meeting area, then move on to a more discreet location to play, you're taking steps to ensure no one is offended.

Under Section 67 , doggers are only at risk if they approach couples having sex in cars that are not doggers, and therefore not consenting, but are just simply courting couples. A large number of dogging locations have grown from well established lovers lanes and gay cruising areas, so there is a potential risk of being in breach of section 67. Luckily, the signals used in dogging establish the consent of the couple wanting people to watch them have sex, and therefore section 67 no longer applies as long as you only approach cars that have signalled to you.

See also Melanie & Adams Place which has a relevant D iscussion about legality of dogging


28th March

    High Definition Dogging ...


Real UK doggingReal UK Dogging available for download

From All Amateurs DVD

All Amateurs DVD have started the UK High Definition ball rolling with their amateur production Real UK Dogging

The film was produced using "massively high spec videos for true High Definition not
what most internet companies call HD".

The video is available as an unrestricted High Definition DivX download ( 1280 x 720 pixels progressive @ 5,000 KB/s)


22nd March

    Grotty Landlords ...


Tory flatSwingers evicted from Tory owned flat

From ic Newcastle see full article

Conservative Club bigwigs voted out a tenant at one of their properties after discovering he was swinging to an altogether more liberal kind of party.

Members of the Benton Conservative Club, in Longbenton, North Tyneside objected to their flat being used as the home of Club 2000, which describes itself as: The first dedicated adult club for liberated and broadminded adults right here in the North East.

Conservative Club secretary Paul McGivern said: It's a self-contained flat but it is in the same building as the club and is owned by the club. The tenant came with very good references and in many ways has been a model tenant because he always pays his rent on time and we've had no trouble.

He added: To be honest, it has been greeted with general hilarity among the club members. We've had a good old chuckle about it . . . especially reading some of the stuff on the website.

The club, run by a couple known only as Kay and Garry, charges a £10 membership fee and a £15 admission charge per couple which includes complimentary tea, coffee and a buffet.

The website features reviews of the club posted by couples who have attended parties. One says: The place is a flat above a bingo hall and if you can hear the people below playing bingo God alone knows what they can hear from above.

But a less favourable reviewer wrote: If I am going to spend 15 quid a couple and a tenner up front for membership we would at least like a bit more than a two-bedroomed grotty flat.


18th March

    Isaan Swings ...


Publicity still from Resort CarolineSwingers Club in Thailand under investigation

From Metro
See also Resort Caroline

A Briton who set up a swingers club in rural Thailand faces jail for promoting adult sex tourism.

Anthony Craig is under investigation for charging guests £100 a night for sex with unlimited adult partners, both girls and transsexual 'ladyboys'.

Craig says on his website that all his sex workers are anxious to meet foreigners and 'shag like rabbits'.

Guests are picked up discreetly from Udon Thani airport and taken to Resort Caroline in the remote Nong Saeng district, five miles from the nearest village.

Craig, who with Thai wife Lampan, is on £4,600 bail, says in his promotional literature: I have helped village girls find fun and rich western boyfriends and husbands. My hedonistic business is aimed at soft-play couples and shy single men. It started off as a nudist resort and my guests sort of changed things. My ethos is live and let live.

I make more friends than enemies but my enemies are the unseen bigots that condemn my way of life because of their myopic outlook, he says.

About 6,000 swingers, mainly from Britain, are thought to have visited the resort since it opened four years ago. Its gatehouse is manned by Craig's Thai mother-in-law.

Police chief Teerasak Krinponsa said: These swingers and this resort are giving Thailand a bad name.


11th March

    Tenth Heaven ...


10th HeavenFun in Birkenhead

Based on an article from This is Wirral

A swingers club offering "sophisticated entertainment for uninhibited and discerning adult men and women" is set to open up for business in Birkenhead

10th Heaven, promoting itself on the internet and in the Loot advertising publication as "the northwest's newest swingers club" is in the former Great Float pub in Upper Beckwith Street, Birkenhead.

10th Heaven offers a sauna, dark room, couples room, viewing room, two hot tubs, three DVD lounges, four private rooms, two mixed play rooms and a BDSM room.

The club does not have a licence to sell alcohol but the website advises customers that they can bring their own drinks that they can then store "behind the bar".

Ann McLachlan, Labour councillor for Bidston and St James, said she is unhappy about the club operating in the area. She told the Globe: This is a totally inappropriate development for the area and the last thing I, as a ward councillor, want to see.


20th February

    Nude Prude ...


Caesars logoObjecting to nude bating club coming to Bognor

Based on an article from

Nude bathing sessions and events for gays are among the activities lined up at the latest leisure venue in Bognor Regis.

The naturist sauna and swimming pool occasions will be held regularly at Caesars above the High Street. The social events for male and female gays will form part of alternative Sunday sessions at the club.

Owner Peter Bedford said he expected to hold the alternative events regularly: They will be for people who are like-minded. There are a lot of people with these lifestyles. We want to be able to cater for everyone.

Bedford believed that people would accept naturist and gay events in 2007: We are not forcing anybody's life on to anyone else. This is a private members' club and we want to give the correct image to people.

Prudish Bognor town councillor Michelle White condemned the advent of nude bathing in the town centre: I am concerned about the advent of naturist sauna sessions in Bognor for a variety of reasons. Over the past year, Bognor has seen the opening of a hard core licensed sex shop with strippers at the Mud Club.

Yes, whether people use these services and the new services is a matter of personal lifestyle choice. Yes, they are behind closed doors... BUT... the protection of the more vulnerable members of society is something we need to seriously consider, and urgently.


5th February

    Swinging to Blackmail ...


BlackmailSwingers made secret video s of the action

Based on an article from

A Long Island couple, who trolled a "swingers" Web site for partners, cooked up a scheme to turn their coupling into illegal profits: They secretly videotaped and photographed sex they had with consenting adults they met online and forced them to pay up or risk seeing their images in public.

One woman shelled out $51,000 to keep the images from getting into the hands of her husband, Nassau police said. That woman from upstate New York, and a Garden City man who also was married, were the first alleged victims to turn up in an initial investigation. The two victims did not know one another.

But judging by the large number of seized snapshots and video, dozens more across New York State fell prey to the scheme. Some are well-known men and women who have been contacted by investigators after a few were recognized in the pictures.

We are contacting people with reputations to uphold, said Det. Lt. Ray Cote of Nassau's Third Squad. He declined to name names.

Police have arrested Michael Largue and his lover, Shawn Payne on multiple grand larceny charges. Largue and Payne, who themselves met online, worked as a team. Largue would lure the women into a sexual relationship that was later extorted for cash, while Payne did the same with men, police said.

Payne was arrested and charged with second-degree grand larceny, fourth-degree grand larceny and first-degree scheming to defraud. She was also charged with promoting prostitution. Payne has pleaded not guilty to the charges and was being held on bail. Largue was arrested on multiple charges of grand larceny. He pleaded not guilty Wednesday and is also being held on bail.

The couple's next court date is Friday in Nassau County Court.


3rd February

    Licensed for Licence ...


Destiny SX clubRomford swingers club gets alcohol licence

Based on an article from Romford Recorder

A Romford swingers club that serves up sex and pretend torture can now add alcohol and food to its menus.

Police visited Destiny - SX last December and found an observation area outside an imitation dungeon equipped with restraining devices and five rooms with large beds.

The membership form states: Destiny - SX stages sexual activity, intercourse and S&M play may take place between consenting adults.


15th January

    Spa Going Dry ...


Hertfordshire police logoPolice oppose alcohol licence for swingers club

Based on an article from The Comet

The police are opposing an alcohol licence for a Hertfordshire swingers club. They supposedly fear that having booze on sale there would attract large groups of men on stag nights and pub crawls which could prompt crime and disorder concerns.

The members-only naturist Maltings Spa in Baldock has applied for an alcohol permit which is due to be considered at North Herts District Council's licensing and appeals committee meeting to be held on Thursday.

It is the Hertfordshire venue for Suburban Swingers UK which on its website boasts of being perhaps the only swingers club in the UK to hold regular parties and adult evenings at its own luxury health spa facility.

The licence application is being opposed by Baldock community police sergeant Clive Reader. In his representation he states to the committee: The website makes reference to providing swinging parties for couples, swinging parties for single males, swinging discos, adult wife-swapping parties, orgies, gang bangs, naturist swinging parties, naturist discos and greedy girls nights in a fun, no-pressured atmosphere.

Sgt Reader adds: The concern is that the provision of alcohol on the premises, combined with the current practice of allowing non-members to attend, may cause problems.

Maltings Spa owner David Keeble believes that the swingers' events should not affect the alcohol licence being granted. He said: Not much goes on. We've always kept a very low profile; we've never had a problem with anybody before. People who come to the parties are mostly discreet, middle-aged and just want to meet like-minded people. They use it more as a meeting place, it's nothing illegal.


22nd January

    Update: Spa Flows On ...


Hertfordshire police logoAlcohol licence granted at naturist spa

Based on an article from The Comet

Nutters were unable to protest about a naturist spa in Baldock getting an alcohol licence as it has been granted without a hearing.

Due to the police and fire service withdrawing their opposition, the licence has been granted automatically.

Locals were told they had not lodged a complaint in time for the licence and appeals committee meeting organised for January 18, which has now been cancelled.

The Maltings Spa in Hitchin Street caused nutter uproar in the town after being exposed as the home of Suburban Swingers UK.

Sgt Clive Reader has since withdrawn the objection. He said: Following negotiations with the Maltings Spa's solicitors regarding their alcohol licence application, police will not be objecting to the licence.


8 th January

    Middle Door ...

Portsmouth venue

US swingers venue comes under scrutiny

Based on an article from the Seacoast Online

A biweekly American swingers party has been hosted at the same Portsmouth residence for 17 years

The events are posted on the Middle Door website but this has come under scrutiny by the police and council.

We've advised the property owners that the conduct represented by their Internet material appears to be a violation of city ordinance and needs to be ceased, said City Attorney Bob Sullivan. The bottom line is that it's zoned for residential use, and this kind of activity is not considered by the city to be normal residential use of the property.

That activity, as represented online by the Middle Door, includes alternate Saturday night sex parties for couples and singles to explore themselves, unleash their passions, discover their sensuality, try something new, watch others enjoy, or take part.

An anonymous, handwritten complaint was sent to local state police headquarters. The complaint reported the timing of the swingers parties, directed police to the Middle Door Web site and said "the neighbors want it stopped." It also reported "people arriving in bus-like vehicles from out of state," parking problems and the opinion that charging an attendance fee for swingers, with the exception of single females, constitutes prostitution.

The city attorney said that he could not comment further on the matter except to say, the city will monitor the property to determine whether any impermissible activities are occurring.




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