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The Judge was 'shocked'...

Another victim of the Dangerous Pictures Act

Link Here 20th November 2016
A London bus driver has fallen victim to the Dangerous Pictures Act after police raided his home on a separate matter and searched his lap top for evidence.

The police found 38 extreme images of women having penetrative sex with the animals.

Judge David Owen-Jones, sentencing him to eight months in prison suspended for two years, said:

These were shocking images and it occurred over a fairly lengthy period. There were a number of them including a clip that went on for some 24 minutes.

He was also ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and had to forfeit his laptop.



Extreme injustice...

Victim of Dangerous Pictures Act put on probation for a few jokey bad taste emails

Link Here 14th November 2016
Extreme pornographic images found on the phone of a County Down man had been sent to him as a joke by friends, Banbridge Magistrates Court.

He pleaded to guilty to six charges of possession of an extreme pornographic image and District Judge Benita Boyd imposed a one year probation order.

A barrister explained that the unlucky man had his vehicle stolen and it was used in some serious offences which did not involve him in any way. The police examined his phone and found six video images of extreme pornography involving animals and people and the defendant was arrested. He had been sent them via WhatsApp.

The prosecutor said there was no suggestion that the defendant had asked for them to be sent to him and the prosecution case was that they were not for sexual gratification but simply they were on the phone.



shorts Business Taboo...

A 5000 fine for selling unclassified porn DVDs via eBay

Link Here 7th July 2016
A man who sold unclassified hardcore porn films has been fined more than 5,000 and ordered to wear an electronic tag.

Colin Lane pleaded guilty to 12 offences at Tottenham Magistrates Court on March 17.

He has also been placed under curfew from 8pm to 8am Friday to Sunday, for eight weeks starting from March 18.

On January 9, 2015, the council's trading standards team received an email from a member of the public, alleging an eBay seller, Taboo Films, based in Enfield, was selling unclassified adult films. Two videos were test purchased, and the BBFC confirmed they were not classified.

Officers from the council raided the home of Lane on March 24, 2015, who was making DVD compilations of the films at the time.

Computer equipment used to copy pornographic films were seized, plus approximately 100 film reels and 400 DVDs.



No sanctuary...

3 year community payback order for possession of dangerous pictures

Link Here 15th May 2016
A former Angus animal sanctuary worker has received a three-year Community Payback Order, which will include a ban on the accused keeping any animal.

He was convicted of the possession of bestiality porn at Forfar Sheriff Court.

The man's home computer was found to contain pictures and videos depicting extreme acts between adults and dogs, cows, pigs and horses. Forfar Sheriff Court.

The collection  was discovered after staff at the animal centre where he worked found a link to a bestiality website on his computer. Police obtained a search warrant and uncovered over 1,000 images and 400 videos of adult males and females involving permutations of sexual acts involving horses, dogs, pigs and cows.

Sheriff Gregor Murray said: The choice for me is between a relatively brief prison sentence and a bespoke community order. The former would serve little purpose.



Suspended prison sentence...

Another victim of dangerous bestiality pictures

Link Here 27th March 2016
A man has received a 4 month suspended prison sentence for dangerous bestiality images. He also was given a 20-day rehabilitation requirement

The offence came to light when his children, who had been visiting, went home and told their mum they had seen something.



Scottish of Dangerous Pictures Act...

Persecution for a few extreme porn images

Link Here 22nd February 2016
A forest ranger has been prosecuted for dangerous pictures in Scotland. He was found with 30 explicit and realistic bestiality videos and 40 pictures showing the extreme acts when police raided his home.

Sheriff William Gilchrist placed him under supervision for 12 months. The victim was not placed on the sex offenders register but he has resigned from his job.


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