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Melon Farmers

31st December   

Missouri Misery...

Nice 'n' Naughty

10pm adult curfew to be proposed for Missouri
Link Here  full story: Adult Entertainment Missouri...Repressive laws enacted in Missouri
31st December   

Missouri Misery...

Nice 'n' Naughty

10pm adult curfew to be proposed for Missouri
Link Here  full story: Adult Entertainment Missouri...Repressive laws enacted in Missouri

Missouri state seal A Missouri nutter lawmaker intends to reintroduce a law creating a host of new rules for adult sex stores and strip clubs, including a ban on lap dances. The legislation was proposed in 2008 as House Bill 2026, but it did not pass.

Representative Ed Emery, has said he intends to file the bill again in the 2009 legislative session. He said the language in the bill would remain mostly the same as it was in 2008.

The previous legislation would have required strip clubs to be located at least 1,000 feet from schools, churches, parks and day care facilities.

Among its provisions, the bill requires that No employee who appears in a semi-nude condition in a sexually oriented business shall knowingly or intentionally touch a patron or the clothing of a patron in a sexually orientated business, and further states that semi-nude dancers shall be and remain on a fixed stage at least six feet from all patrons and at least eighteen inches from the floor in a room of at least 600 square feet.

The original version of the bill also stated that No sexually oriented business may remain open at any time between the hours of 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. on weekdays and Saturdays. Such businesses shall be closed on all official state or federal holidays and Sundays.

Emery said the most powerful aspect of the bill would ban any obstructed views in a strip club, requiring all areas of the establishment be in open view.


30th December   

More Strippers...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Even Las Vegas is feeling credit crunched
Link Here
30th December   

More Strippers...

Even Las Vegas is feeling credit crunched
Link Here

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas The slot machines were quiet, and rock music boomed louder than necessary in the half-empty bar. It could have been a scene from any casino on a dirt road in an unforgiving stretch of desert, but this was, in fact, the Hard Rock Hotel, one of the premier gambling and party destinations in America.

Welcome to Las Vegas at the turn of 2008 – possibly the most depressing and alarming year in the hard-living city's short history. A town that was once considered recession-proof, as people continued gambling and drinking away their sorrows during the bad times, is proving to be anything but.

Until now, gaming revenues in Las Vegas have dropped significantly only once since 1970, and that was in the aftermath of 9/11. In October this year they dropped a staggering 25.5%. Visitor numbers to Las Vegas dropped 10% last month compared to the previous year – and those that are visiting are thought to be spending less than in previous years.

Many who once viewed Sin City as an invincible boomtown, which would party on through any storm, are quickly revising those opinions.

One consequence of the current downturn can be seen in the Vegas strip clubs and lap-dancing bars, which according to reports have seen a sharp rise in the number of girls trying to make a living there.

Shai Cohen, the marketing manager at the world's largest gentleman's club, Sapphire, said he has seen a remarkable increase in the number of girls working as lapdancers in Vegas. We used to get between 250 and 300 girls turning up here to work on weekends, said Cohen. Now we are getting between 350 and 400. This started happening in the last six months or so.


28th December   

Utah Dildos...

Court fight to sell sex toys in Utah
Link Here
28th December   

Utah Dildos...

Court fight to sell sex toys in Utah
Link Here

Utah state seal A court battle that ensued after police raided a novelty shop here has resulted in a less-than-favorable ruling for the retailer.

Doctor John's Lingerie and Novelty Boutique was raided by police officers bearing a search warrant who sought to take possession of sexually oriented items. While law enforcement removed only a few items, they did warn management to cease selling adult products.

The point of contention is a law that requires businesses to apply for a special permit to sell sex-related products. However, the attorney representing Doctor John's maintains that the distinctions that would require a store to obtain the special permit are unclear. After operating under a general business license after a 2001 tussle, the retailer allegedly recently reintroduced films the city declared pornographic as well as sexual devices.

Attorney Andrew McCullough, who's been retained by the store, told the court during a hearing, We're trying to find the line. All that we're desperately asking you to do is define the line.

However, Third District Judge Denise Lindbergh refused to state such a definition and rejected McCullough's claim that Doctor John's was trying to resolve the question. Lindbergh declared Doctor John's to be in violation of the 2001 ruling and awarded court and attorney fees to the city of Midvale.

Midvale's city lawyer says city ordinances clearly state that the sale of sexually oriented can't be the primary purpose of an establishment that doesn't have a special license. However, McCullough is prepared to appeal and told a reporter that he believes he'll find more success in the appellate courts.


18th December   

Update: Onerous Records...

US Government updates 2257 record keeping restrictions
Link Here  full story: 2257 Record Keeping...US adut industry onerous requirements
18th December   

Update: Onerous Records...

US Government updates 2257 record keeping restrictions
Link Here  full story: 2257 Record Keeping...US adut industry onerous requirements

Department of Justice logo The US Justice Department has released revised Section 2257 regulations and they are expected to go in effect in three months.

The 167-page draft includes a change that enables for third-party recordkeeping, attorney J.D. Obenberger told XBIZ.

It means individuals and small companies will be able to contract with a third party with the necessary records, giving them added privacy and security and reduction in compliance costs, he said.

The revised regulations are more stringent with the application of Adam Walsh Child Protection Act of 2006, which requires notices to be placed on each page of every adult website.

Webmasters will now need to post a link to the disclosure statement on all pages where 2257-triggering content appears, attorney Larry Walters from told XBIZ. This is a change from the prior method of posting a link only on the home page.

Walters added that there are several other interesting nuggets in the regulations, and the comments, such as the determination that videos embedded on Web pages from sites like need to be accompanied by full 2257 compliance efforts, even if the originating site may be exempt from compliance.


17th December   

Failing Scores...

Lap dancing takes a hit from the US economy
Link Here
17th December   

Failing Scores...

Lap dancing takes a hit from the US economy
Link Here

Scores New York For evidence that nothing is recession-proof, look no further than the imminent demise of that Manhattan landmark and one-time host to the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, the Scores strip club on Upper East Side.

Scores will not see out the year, its owners have declared, attributing its closure at least partly to the failing economy.

The economy is not entirely at fault. The Scores chain took a big hit this year when its West Side club lost its liquor licence after a police raid resulted in prostitution charges. Undercover police were offered oral sex and more exotic acts for $300 to $1100. Authorities are believed to be preparing to revoke the liquor licence of the more prominent East Side location as well.

Scores's menu of nudity and sex has not always guaranteed its financial success, at least not accounting for the under-the-table cost of forking out for mafia protection . Scores sought to trade out of bankruptcy a decade ago after making pay-offs of $1.6 million.

But until this week Scores had survived the police raids, rezoning attempts to curtail adult entertainment and the killings of a waiter and a bouncer during an early morning party in 1996.

Even if it was always on the periphery of prostitution and touched by violence, Scores managed to glamorise and even normalise tabletop dancing with a publicity campaign of gossip column sightings of celebrities.

The actors Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell and Lindsay Lohan were reported as regulars in the self-proclaimed man's paradise of juicy steaks, fat cigars and naked women. George Clooney had a birthday party there. Madonna was a regular in its early days.

Rudd was introduced to this masculine fantasy by the Australian editor of the New York Post, Col Allan, in 2003. Rudd was the opposition spokesman on foreign affairs at the time.


7th December   


Top selling adult DVDs of all time
Link Here
7th December   


Top selling adult DVDs of all time
Link Here

Flashpoint Adult DVD Empire celebrates their 10th anniversary by unleashing a list of the best-selling porn DVD's of all time.

20. Jesse Jane: Erotique
19. Space Nuts
18. Kelly the Coed 1
17. Flesh Hunter
16. The New Devil In Miss Jones
15. Ancient Secrets Of The Kama Sutra
14. The Fashionistas
13. Fade to Black
12. Jenna Jameson is the Masseuse
11. Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick
10. Bad Wives
9. Briana Loves Jenna
8. Virtual Sex With Jenna
7. Dream Quest
6. All Star
5. Island Fever 3
4. Pirates
3. Island Fever
2. Award Winning Sex Scenes
1. Flashpoint


24th November   

Offisite: Unconstitutionally Vague...

John Stagliano argues in court against obscenity law
Link Here  full story: Buttman John Stagliano...John Stagliano prosecuted for obscenity
23rd November   

Adult World of Censorship...

Obscenity charges filed against Arkansas adult store owners
Link Here
18th November   

The Brits are Coming...

Harmony Films opens in the USA
Link Here
9th November   

Small Ads Censor...

Craigslist restrict adult service ads
Link Here  full story: Website Craigslist...Small ads for sexual services on Criagslist
8th November   

In the Lap of Nutters...

Religious nutters pressure Louisiana to ban lap dancing
Link Here
7th November   

Offsite: Obscene Chilling of Free Speech...

John Stagliano challenges unconstitutional obscenity test
Link Here  full story: Buttman John Stagliano...John Stagliano prosecuted for obscenity
6th November   

Update: Results Stink...

San Francisco referendum fails to de-criminalise prostitution
Link Here  full story: Proposition K...San Francisco referendum to legalise prostitution
4th November   

Updated: Catty Whingers...

Nutters still having a go at HBO over their Cathouse programme
Link Here
29th October   

Uncle Buck...

Buck Adams, well known porn star and director dies aged 52
Link Here
28th October   

The Adult Film World's First Auteur...

Gerard Damiano, director of Deep Throat dies aged 80
Link Here
24th October   

Update: Proposition K...

San Francisco referendum to de-criminalise prostitution
Link Here  full story: Proposition K...San Francisco referendum to legalise prostitution
17th October   

Update: An End to the Soft Option...

Playboy to stop making DVDs
Link Here  full story: Playboy Brand...Playboy's ever shifting logo and brand
10th October   

Relief in Paradise...

Strip club restrictions law declared invalid in West Virginia
Link Here
7th October   

Update: Shacked Off...

Love Shack sex shop hounded into losses by city council
Link Here
4th October   

Ham Fisted Government...

Hard2Find Videos done for fisting videos by mail order
Link Here
1st October   

From the Golden Age...

Adult film maker Henri Pachard dies
Link Here
28th September   

Low Community Standards in Louisiana...

Police claim that real sex DVDs are obscene
Link Here
23rd September   

New York BDSM Club Raided...

Kill joy NYPD deserve a damn good spanking
Link Here
9th September   

Updated: Misery Guts in the US...

New York mayor aims to ban eXXXotica show
Link Here
6th September   

Screw the Constitution...

Florida county attempts to ban hardcore porn
Link Here
28th August   

Little Dicks at US Customs...

US Customs need to confiscate penis enlargement devices
Link Here
25th August   

Nassau Nausea...

Florida county proposes blanket ban on selling porn
Link Here
21st August   

William Wilberforce Adult Sex Tourism Victims...

10 years in prison for US adult sex tourists and porn producers
Link Here
17th August   

Not So Free in Ohio...

Nutters win court case against oppressive adult entertainment law
Link Here
10th August   

Update: Adult Quarter...

California's 25% adult tax dies in committee
Link Here  full story: Pole Tax...Discriminatory taxes on adult entertainment in USA
5th August   

Obscenity in the USA...

XBIZ videos of its Legal Obscenities seminar
Link Here
1st August   


Heidi Fleiss documentary details ideas for gigolo brothel
Link Here
27th July   

Glut of Porn...

DVDs not selling like they used to
Link Here
22nd July   

Class War...

Indian censors challenged over new guidelines to ban the use of caste names
Link Here
22nd July   

Balloting for Freedom...

San Francisco to vote on a step towards decriminalising prostitution
Link Here  full story: Proposition K...San Francisco referendum to legalise prostitution
28th June   

Miami Limo Vice...

Florida police spoil the fun of limo lap dancing
Link Here
18th June   

Jail Reviews...

Escort girl review site in the spotlight
Link Here
18th June   

Religious Pole Tax...

Pennsylvania proposes tax on strip clubs
Link Here
18th June   

Family Encouraging?...

Family friendly sex shop makes the news in New York
Link Here
23rd May   

No Fun in Atlanta...

TV criticised for gay sex in sex cinema expose
Link Here

Belverdere Theatre frontage A months-long investigation by WSB-TV reporter Jodi Fleischer unearthed the 'news' that some men have sex inside adult movie theaters, and some neighbors of adult theaters consider such activity unseemly.

s May 7 report on Atlanta's the Belvedere Theatre in DeKalb County also riled some gay activists and civil libertarians who accuse the reporter and WSB of engaging in cheap, sensationalistic reporting in order to attract more viewers.

s report featured undercover camera footage of men engaging in sex inside the theater, and the reporter teamed up with the DeKalb Police vice squad to videotape men being arrested during a recent undercover sting.

Fleischer did not mention that every man arrested in her piece was charged with masturbation, leaving the impression that they were engaged in the oral and anal sex depicted in the undercover camera footage.

I think people have done that in adult theaters all around the world for years, said longtime Atlanta gay activist Floyd Taylor, who complained to WSB about the reports.

No one has a constitutional right to engage in public sex, said Debbie Seagraves, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia. But the layout of an adult business can determine whether the sexual acts taking place inside are considered public or private, Seagraves said.

We have argued in the past that if there is a place that is set apart in a building where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and someone walks up on them, they should not be arrested for that, Seagraves said.

The Belvedere is currently closed, although a sign on the front door says that it will re-open soon.


17th May   

Sales Droop...

US adult industry reports a decline
Link Here

AVN logo Sales of porn videos are down double digits for the first time in 40 years. Some believe that a decline in this once recession-proof business, could be an indication of a decline in overall consumer confidence.

So is porn going soft? According to Adult Video News, the industry's leading trade publication, DVD sales fell 11% in 2006. This year, it's closer to 30%.

Economics professor Robert Gustafson said that's very unusual for this industry: We're seeing this happen for the first time where you have the adult world actually in their own form of a recession.

Competition from the internet has also cut into profits. Consumers are hooked on pornographic knockoffs of You Tube, like Your Porn, the world's number one porn site, which offers free uploads of adult entertainment videos.

Hustler president Michael Klein said while DVD sales may be down, his stores, magazines, and casino are doing well. In fact, Hustler is now marketing the brand on cell phones.

According to Professor Gustafson these obscene losses won't last long: It'll come back maybe in a different way maybe in 3D. The industry has always been able to profit from new technology.

The porn industry overall earned an estimated $14 billion last year although some within the industry say that estimate is high.


11th May   

Update: Normalising Feminisation...

Hiding prohibition behind the rare crime of trafficking
Link Here  full story: Prostition on HBO...Hharanguing HBO for normalising prostitution

Protestors at HBO The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) has called on the television network HBO to stop airing shows like Cathouse , which promote sex trafficking and prostitution.

On April 24, 2008, CATW held a picket line protest in front of the corporate offices of HBO in New York City to protest its reality series Cathouse , set in a brothel.

CATW claimed that by airing shows like Cathouse, HBO normalizes prostitution and its legalization. The cultural and legal acceptance of prostitution, in turn, encourages the demand for prostituted and trafficked women and girls in the global sex trade. Legitimizing pimps as entrepreneurs and managers, as well as portraying patronizing prostituted women as acceptable, harmless entertainment commences a vicious cycle in which the sex industry expands, and increases the demand for sex trafficked women and girls.


11th May   

Update: A Novel Form of Censorship...

Challenging Indiana over ludicrously wide sex business registration
Link Here  full story: Registration for US Adult Business...US adult businesses must pay registration fees

Indiana state seal An association of First Amendment supporters and retailers have filed suit against the state of Indiana over a new law that would require sellers of sexually explicit and even softcore material to pay a litany of fees in order to do business.

Among the plaintiffs in the suit are the ACLU of Indiana, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Media Coalition, the Association of American Publishers Inc. and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

At issue is Indiana House Bill 1042, which Gov. Mitch Daniels signed into law at the end of March. The new law, which covers any business opening after July 1, 2008, or any existing business which changes location after that date, requires the affected business to register with the Secretary of State and pay a $250 registration fee, with several other fees possibly to follow, if the business sells sexually explicit materials.

The big question, of course, is, what constitutes sexually explicit materials ? Well, among other things, it's any product or service that is harmful to minors or that is designed for use in, marketed primarily for, or provides for the stimulation of the human genital organs or masochism or a masochistic experience, sadism or a sadistic experience, sexual bondage, or sexual domination.

As to what is harmful to minors :

  • It describes or represents, in any form, nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement or sadomasochistic abuse.
  • Considered as a whole, it appeals to the prurient interest in sex of minors.
  • It is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community as a whole with respect to what is suitable matter for or performance before minors.
  • Considered as a whole, it lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value to minors.

Rep. Terry Goodin claims the law will target pornography vendors that pop up along interstate exits in unincorporated areas. What it will do, however, is to require any business that deals in any way with any product or service that's remotely sexual - for instance, museums or art stores that sell statues of Michelangelo's David, or bookstores that sell mildly erotic literature or information on erectile dysfunction - to pay the $250 fee.

We're talking about a law that has very broad and very vague and, we would contend, very unconstitutional restrictions and burdens, said Ken Falk, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana: To the best of my knowledge, there is no similar law in the United States.


10th May   

Catty Nutters...

Nutters harangue HBO over Cathouse reality TV programme
Link Here  full story: Prostition on HBO...Hharanguing HBO for normalising prostitution

Cathouse DVD The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) has called on the television network HBO to stop airing shows like Cathouse , which promote sex trafficking and prostitution.

On April 24, 2008, CATW held a picket line protest in front of the corporate offices of HBO in New York City to protest its reality series Cathouse , set in a brothel.


7th May   

Nutters Exposed...

Whingeing about naked silhouette on US store sign
Link Here

XXXposed sign A New Hampshire adult video store's roadside sign will be moved, but not removed from the property.

The sign for XXXPosed in Wyndham has sparked complaints from passers-by who find the female silhouette on it racy and inappropriate for children to view. The planning director said, his department has received seven or eight complaints about the sign's content in the past several weeks.

Nonetheless, the sign's content is in keeping with local regulations, town officials say.

But the sign's location was deemed 7 feet too close to the right-of-way and must be moved back, said town Planning Director Al Turner.

Business co-owner Maurice Brancato said he has contracted with a company to move the sign.

Meanwhile, Planning Board nutter Ruth-Ellen Post said she can see how the sign would bother a mother with young children. In fact, she said, she would avoid it if she were transporting a young child.


3rd May   

Police Fetish for Repression...

Police raid the best dungeon and fetish facility in New York
Link Here

Rebecca's Hidden Chamber Cops raided a New York S&M club  hauling off six dominatrices accused of prostitution, police sources said.

Undercover officers posed as customers to infiltrate Rebecca's Hidden Chamber, which bills itself as "the polite dungeon," according to its Web site.

The W. 31st St. club's Web site advertises more than 30 beauties available for spanking, whipping and the fulfillment of a variety of fetishes.

According to the site, a guide to adult entertainment named Rebecca's the best dungeon and fetish facility in New York.


1st May   

Offsite: Obscenity in the USA...

A summary of US obscenity cases brought in 2007
Link Here

Defend our porn logo From Northern Virginia to Southern California, federal and state prosecutors and grand juries across America continued to bring criminal obscenity charges against adult operators during 2007. Some of the cases were widely reported in the adult trade publications, while others were barely reported at all.

Here are some of the cases brought, pending or resolved in 2007 that are most useful in taking the temperature of the waters in which the adult producers and distributors swim.

...Read the full article


23rd April   

Great Depression...

Hard times as adult sales go soft?
Link Here

Debbied Does Wall Street DVD US economists are citing some dire portents of a recession these days, but they've missed one indicator I find especially disturbing: The porn business has suddenly gone flaccid.

The drop in porn rentals and sales is worrisome on several fronts: Till now, porn has been a recession-proof business. Further, with the country already in a dispirited mood, the fact that porn has gone limp may indicate a true plunge in consumer confidence.

DVD porn is down between 10% and 30%, depending on which nook and cranny of the business you scrutinize. Joy King, executive vice president of Wicked Pictures, and a smart analyst of the business, says the smallest dropoff is in "couples-friendly porn". By contrast, that sector called the "gonzo" side of the business is in serious need of fiscal Viagra. Guys with an appetite for "gonzo" are going unrequited, which may help account for the closing of many DVD emporiums like the Movie Galleries in the Midwest.

One beneficiary of these trends is online porn -- a business that's lofty in traffic but shrivelled in terms of revenue.

Porn proprietors are doing what they can to meet their business challenges. Wicked Pictures, for example, is recycling its biggest hits, so customers can acquire Space Nuts , Manhunters and Flashpoint in one package.

At the same time, other producers are cutting production costs and special effects. Since these films already are made on skimpy budgets of $50,000 to $75,000, these cuts are not welcomed by the porn filmmakers.

Still, veterans of the porn trade are edgy about the downturn. A generation ago, they recall, when authorities cracked down on Deep Throat and closed many of the porn palaces, the country promptly fell into a serious recession. Economists attributed this setback to the ups and downs of energy prices, but porn analysts insist other sorts of fluctuations play a more urgent role in consumer confidence.


21st April   

Restrictions Restricted...

Dallas increases restrictions on strip clubs
Link Here

Dallas Increased controls have been approved by the Dallas City Council to outlaw the presence of minors and closed-door VIP rooms in strip clubs.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the council revised its requirements for an adult business license after police discovered a 12-year-old girl dancing nude at Diamond's Cabaret in March.

Free Speech Coalition executive director Diane Duke criticized the revisions as "overbroad and overreaching for what they want to do.

The reforms to Dallas' adult business laws call for:

  • An automatic one-year revocation of licenses for any adult business found to be employing or allowing entrance by minors
  • A ban on doors, walls, drapes or anything obstructing the view of VIP areas in a strip club from the rest of the premises
  • A designated official club operator to be present during all operating hours and responsible for all activity within a club
  • Detailed records to be kept on file of all employees including their age, an original photo, a copy of a valid driver's license, their fingerprints and a Texas criminal history report

The revised ordinance takes effect inediately. It reduces the number of days within which a club cited with a violation can be shut down from 30 to 10, but does not include several requirements some council members had hoped to impose.

Those include city licenses for adult business employees, mandatory cover charges and the prohibition of physical contact between strip club dancers and patrons. There was concern amongst city officials that these edicts would invite legal challenges.


20th April   

An Adult Playground...

Mayor suggests legalising Las Vegas brothels
Link Here

Welcome to Las Vegas sign Nevada is the only state in the US that allows legal prostitution, but in its largest city, Las Vegas, prostitution is illegal. When the mayor suggested changing the law, it sparked a huge debate.

Mayor Oscar Goodman grabs the headlines whatever he says or does - and he relishes it. He is proud of Las Vegas' image as "Sin City" and happily calls it "an adult playground".

He boasts about his love of gin, cigars and pretty women and calls himself the happiest mayor in the universe.

But when he suggested legalising prostitution and creating a red-light district and a string of magnificent brothels in downtown Vegas, the mayor got his most dramatic headlines yet.

He had opened up a debate on a taboo subject: Las Vegas' illegal prostitution. Everybody knows it goes on, many businesses profit from it, but in-keeping with the city's slogan What happens here, stays here, it is rarely discussed.

It's disingenuous when people say they don't want to legalise it, says Goodman: Right now it's uncontrolled and unregulated. There's no check and balance as far as the women's health is concerned and legal brothels could be an important revenue-raising device for the city.

It is estimated that there are as many as 10,000 prostitutes operating illegally in Las Vegas, in an industry that may be worth as much as $6 billion a year.

Over 150 pages in the Las Vegas phone book advertise "escorts" and "massage", and leaflets promising to deliver hot babes direct to your room in 20 minutes are handed out to tourists openly on Las Vegas Boulevard.

There are women who get propositioned in the casinos, bars and hotels. There are women who do 'extras' out of strip clubs and who 'give pleasure' in massage parlours. Women who do what we term 'outcall'. There are women who work by print ads or on-line. And every casino host has a bevy of girls to call at a moment's notice to satisfy their high-rollers.

In fact, Nevada is the only state in the US to allow legal brothels, which stems from a 1970 state law allowing Nevada's individual counties to licence their brothels. But this only applies to counties with populations under 400,000, which excludes Las Vegas and Reno. There are nearly 30 state-sanctioned brothels in Nevada.

But some religious nutters, academics and campaigners say that all prostitution is wrong and legalising it does not stop sex trafficking or the abuse of women.

Kate Hausbeck, a sociology professor at the University of Las Vegas, has spent nearly 10 years researching both the legal and illegal sex trade in Nevada. She concludes that the best model for Nevada - and any country in the world - is the decriminalisation of prostitution.

Empower the women who do the work. Give them labour protection and the rights given other workers. Because it's a job and a choice for many women, she says.

But, when asked about Mr Goodman's idea of legal brothels for Las Vegas, she says she doesn't think prostitution will ever be legal here: There's too much money to be made from the illegal sex trade. The casinos and convention industry fear it would be a step too far .


13th April   

Update: Texas Pole Tax...

State tax on strip clubs declared unconstitutional
Link Here  full story: Pole Tax...Discriminatory taxes on adult entertainment in USA

Texas state seal A $5-per-customer fee on Texas strip club patrons dubbed the "pole tax" has been declared unconstitutional.

A state district judge ruled that clubs can't collect the fee. The charge went into effect in January and was expected to raise about $44 million.

Judge Scott Jenkins wrote in the March 28 decision that the fee, while furthering laudable goals, violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is therefore invalid.

The Texas Entertainment Association Inc., which is a group of topless clubs, and the owner of an Amarillo club, sued Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Comptroller Susan Combs over the fee.

Witnesses for the strip clubs testified at a hearing last year that the clubs would go out of business if they had to collect an additional $5-per-patron fee.

Lawyers for the state had said the Legislature was within its rights to impose the fee on businesses that serve alcohol and offer nude performances.

Attorneys for the state have argued that the fee does not prohibit nude dancing, does not regulate what entertainers wear and does not regulate the businesses in other ways. The state can appeal the decision.

Update: Unconstitutional Tax Continues

23rd April 2008

State District Judge Stephen Yelenosky has told attorneys for Texas strip clubs that the state can continue to collect a controversial strip club fee — which was struck down as unconstitutional three weeks ago — while the state appeals the ruling.


7th April   

Mag Tax...

South Carolina porn mag tax suggested
Link Here

South Carolina state seal South Carolina State Senator Mike Fair wants to add a 20% surcharge on magazines like Playboy and Hustler that show frontal nudity. He says the tax hike would raise $385,000 dollars for the state to pay for tracking devices for sex offenders.

Just as we're trying to do with cigarettes, we have tried to do and continue to try to do with alcohol, is lets the users of those products pay for some of the consequences that come from that, Fair explained.

Senator Fair introduced the proposal at a senate finance committee. Right now the group is working on the sate's seven million dollar budget. Senators did not vote on the idea yet, but he hopes they discuss it more when they meet again soon.


31st March   

Update: Novel Idea for Repression in Indiana...

Book shops selling Lady Chatterley must register as sex businesses
Link Here  full story: Registration for US Adult Business...US adult businesses must pay registration fees

Indiana state seal A new Indiana law that requires sellers of adult material to register with the state has Hoosier bookstore owners fuming about government censorship and threatening a legal challenge.

This lumps us in with businesses that sell things that you can’t even mention in a family newspaper, said Ernie Ford, owner of Fine Print Book Store in Greencastle.

Ford was talking about HEA 1042, which Governor Mitch Daniels signed into law last week. He was one of 15 independent Indiana booksellers who signed a letter last week urging Daniels to veto the legislation.

The new law that takes effect July 1 requires businesses that sell sexually explicit material to pay a $250 fee and register with the secretary of state, which would then pass the information to municipal or county officials so they can monitor the businesses for potential violations of local ordinances.

Co-sponsor Brent Steele said the law does not apply to businesses that sold sexually explicit material on or before June 30; it applies only to new businesses, those that relocate or businesses that begin offering such material after that date.

But groups representing state and national booksellers say the law casts its net too wide. A legal scholar agrees, calling it overly broad and so ambiguous that it may violate constitutional rights.

The way we read this bill, if you stock a single book with sexual content — even a novel or a book about sex education — you will have to register as a business that sells sexually explicit material, said Chris Finan, president of American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression: This is just outrageous from our standpoint, and we believe it is a violation of the First Amendment.

While the law does not prohibit stores from selling a book with sexual content, he said, it has a chilling effect that could force sellers to limit the scope of their offerings or get out of the business rather than being placed on a state list of businesses that sell sexually explicit works.

Finan said his group will ask the Media Coalition — a New York-based group that defends Americans’ First Amendment right to produce and sell books, movies, magazines, recordings, DVDs, videotapes and video games, as well as the public’s right to have access to the broadest possible range of opinion and entertainment — to take legal action to overturn the legislation. A decision by the coalition on whether to enter the fight is expected by mid-April, he said.


30th March   

Nude Dancing Reprieve...

Kansas postpones repressive adult industry law
Link Here

Kansas state seal Kansas legislation that would prohibit alcoholic beverages at establishments where there is nude dancing was heard Monday but probably won’t be acted on this session.

State Representative Arlen Siegfreid, chairman of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee, said his committee had too many other bills to consider with only a couple of days left for committee work.

Siegfreid said he expected lawmakers will consider the proposal next year. State Rep. Lance Kinzer, R-Olathe, the bill’s sponsor, appeared to be OK with that.

House Bill 2835 would regulate sexually oriented businesses, such as adult book and film stores, and nude bars.

It would prohibit sexually oriented businesses from being open between midnight and 6 a.m. and ban serving alcoholic beverages. Nude or semi-nude dancers would have to remain at least six feet from patrons. Also, sexually oriented businesses could not be opened any closer than 1,000 feet from a school, house of worship, public library, park, day care facility or other sexually oriented business.

Ron Hein, representing the Motion Picture Association of America, said the group objected to a provision in the bill that included the MPAA’s movie rating system. Incorporating the voluntary rating system into law could cause some filmmakers to stop using the rating system, he said.

Philip Bradley, with the Kansas Licensed Beverage Association, said establishments that serve alcoholic beverages and feature nude dancing already are highly regulated through their liquor licenses and local ordinances.


18th March   

Dildos in Alabama...

Stop the Government from intruding into the bedrooms of law abiding citizens!
Link Here

Back in 2003, Sherri Williams was in the midst of fighting for her right to sell dildos and vibrators in Alabama. She hired lobbyist John Teague to find an Alabama legislator who would be willing to introduce a bill that would strip the prohibition on "obscene devices" from Alabama law – and Teague found one in the person of Representative John W. Rogers Jr.

Rogers introduced the same bill in succeeding years with little success, and this year, it's been designated as House Bill 12, which, if finally passed, would delete the language or any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs from Alabama's obscenity law, allowing the sale of vibrators, etc., to go forward.

And if they do like they did the last four years consecutively, lawmakers will refuse to vote on it because they don't want that coming up on their voting record.

Williams is doing all she can to get the bill enacted: I put together a postcard campaign, and I've got all my customers and any other adult store customers that would like to get involved mailing postcards to the House members encouraging them to actually vote on it...We've already mailed out 2,000....It's a huge, huge response."

The card, which bears the headline, Stop Government from intruding into the bedrooms of law abiding citizens! , quotes the text of the bill, gives a short history of Williams' fight and notes, Yes, for 9 Years, the State of Alabama has spent hundreds of thousands of TAX DOLLARS to defend a law that bans the sale of sexual aids to adults for use in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Now they must spend hundreds of thousands of TAX DOLLARS upholding this law. WHY? ... Doesn't the State have more critical reasons to spend my tax dollars, than to police my personal & intimate choices?

The legislature has until early May to pass (or defeat) the legislation, and Williams hopes that if enough adult store patrons from around the state send in their postcards, and with the legislators undoubtedly aware that their neighboring federal district recently struck down that exact "obscene device" law, this year, HB 12 just might have a chance of passage.


5th March   

Update: AIDS Aid...

US AIDs aid tones down the abstinence rhetoric
Link Here

Bush AIDS Accomplice House leaders from both parties and the White House reached agreement yesterday on a bill that would more than triple in size the Bush administration's global AIDS program, already the largest foreign aid initiative aimed at fighting a single disease in US history.

The bill loosens the requirement for abstinence messages in AIDS prevention strategies, a source of constant criticism of the program since it was unveiled by President Bush in 2003.

The bill authorizes $50 billion over five years to prevent infection, treat people already ill from HIV, and care for children orphaned by the epidemic. The program, known as the President's Emergency Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), provided $15 billion over its first five years.

This historic agreement will save millions of lives, said Paul Zeitz, a physician who heads the Global AIDS Alliance, a vocal critic of some original PEPFAR provisions. With bipartisan support, Congress is beginning to fix aspects of the AIDS program that were clearly not working.

The original PEPFAR law's requirement that one-third of prevention dollars be used to promote abstinence set off a rhetorical war between the program's State Department leaders and much of the rest of the AIDS community. The new bill appears to signal a truce.

The reauthorized bill requires PEPFAR's chief to provide "balanced funding" for prevention and to ensure that abstinence and faithfulness activities are implemented and funded in a meaningful and equitable way. If a country spends less than 50 percent of its sexual-transmission prevention funding on the promotion of abstinence and faithfulness, the program must justify that decision to Congress.

However, a requirement that every organization receiving PEPFAR money adopt a specific policy against "prostitution and human trafficking" - which many activist groups also find rankling - remains in the new bill.

The bill now goes to the Senate.


26th February   

Secondary Effects...

Belief in nonsense leads to lap dancing ban in West Virginia
Link Here

West Virgina state seal Lap dancing would be a no-no in West Virginia strip clubs in a new bill authored by Senate Majority Whip Billy Wayne Bailey.

And such clubs must stop the music and the nude dancing at the midnight hour, six hours earlier than existing law allows, if the bill is enacted.

Known as the West Virginia Community Defense Act, it was offered by Bailey at the request of nutters of the West Virginia Values Coalition.

It curbs the secondary effects of sexually oriented businesses, Bailey claimed: And it stops the actual entertainment at midnight. No more dancing from midnight to 6 a.m. By midnight, the girls have to stop working. What's more, it sets a 6-foot buffer zone between the strip teasers and the patrons. No touching allowed. No lap dancing.

In a statement, the Values Coalition said Bailey's bill intends to provide West Virginia families with limited protection from the ancillary effects that sexually oriented businesses impose on the surrounding community. Studies show that sexually oriented businesses are breeding grounds for forced prostitution, sexual assault, illicit drug use, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, property crimes, blight, burglary, litter and the spread of disease, the nutters claimed.


14th February   

Texas Dildos...

Sex toy ban overturned
Link Here

Texas dildos A federal appeals court has overturned a statute outlawing sex toy sales in Texas, one of the last of the southern states to retain such a ban.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Texas law making it illegal to sell or promote obscene devices, punishable by as many as two years in jail, violated the right to privacy guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.

Companies that own Dreamer's and Le Rouge Boutique, which sell the devices in its Austin stores, and the retail distributor Adam & Eve sued in federal court in Austin in 2004 over the constitutionality of the law. They appealed after a federal judge dismissed the suit and said the Constitution did not protect their right to publicly promote such devices.

In its decision, the appeals court cited Lawrence and Garner v. Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court's 2003 opinion that struck down bans on consensual sex between same-sex couples.

Just as in Lawrence, the state here wants to use its laws to enforce a public moral code by restricting private intimate conduct, the appeals judges wrote. The case is not about public sex. It is not about controlling commerce in sex. It is about controlling what people do in the privacy of their own homes because the state is morally opposed to a certain type of consensual private intimate conduct. This is an insufficient justification after Lawrence.

The Texas attorney general's office, which represented the Travis County district attorney in the case, has not decided whether to appeal, said agency spokesman Tom Kelley.

Phil Harvey, president of Adam & Eve Inc., said: I think it's wonderful, but it does seem to me that since Texas was one of three states in the country — along with Mississippi and Alabama — that continued to outlaw the sale of sex toys and vibrators, that it was probably past time .

Alabama is in the 11th Circuit. But now it's unlikely that the law in Mississippi, which also is in the 5th Circuit, will be prosecuted, some legal experts said. Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado and Georgia had laws barring obscene devices, but courts have since struck them down. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a Georgia law banning the advertising of sex toys, which can be sold under some approved circumstances.

Update: Mississippi Shaken

25th February 2008

It is also speculated that the Mississippi sex toy ban is now also in jeopardy as it is on the same circuit of appeal courts as Texas


9th February   

Update: Freedom Unconstitutionally Diminished...

Strip clubs fight repressive law in Memphis
Link Here  full story: Registering Adult Industry Workers...US adult industry workers made to register

Tennessee state seal Seven strip clubs in Memphis have filed a federal lawsuit against the city and Shelby County seeking to block a recently passed ordinance that bans beer sales and topless dancing in the clubs.

Arguing that the entertainment offered in their establishments would be "unconstitutionally diminished" should the ordinance be enforced, the clubs also say the law is unenforceable in municipalities that have their own regulations and ordinances.

The law is irrational, arbitrary and capricious, says the suit, which was filed by attorneys. The clubs represented in the suit are: Christie's Cabaret; Platinum Rose; The Gold Club; New York, New York; The Pony; the Jet Strip and Downtown Dolls.

The ordinance was modeled after Tennessee's Adult-Oriented Establishment Registration Act of 1998, which has been upheld twice in court. In addition to the banning of alcohol and nudity, it requires dancers to maintain a distance of six feet from customers while performing. Employees of any type at the clubs are also required under the ordinance to file applications with the Shelby County Clerk's Office.

Unless defeated by the clubs' suit, the ordinance will take effect Apr. 29.

Update: Effected

4th May 2008

The repressive law came into effect as described above


3rd February   

Addicted to Repression...

Colorado proposal to tax adult hotel room movies
Link Here

US flag A Colorado Representative, Amy Stephens, is sponsoring a state bill to tax adult movies ordered in hotel rooms as a means of funding child sex-abuse programs.

House Bill 1086 currently calls for a 99-cent fee on all in-room pay-per-view movies, but Stephens seeks to narrow the targeted material down to adult movies only.

Stephens said that taxing adult movies for this cause only stands to reason, as most of our sexual predators in prison are addicted to pornography.

Cathryn Hazouri, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, countered Stephens' argument, saying that her proposal would violate the First Amendment.


1st February   

Kicking the Small Guy...

Store clerk faces obscenity charges in Staunton
Link Here  full story: After Hours Sex Shop...Adult video shop persecuted in Staunton

After Hours Video sign In December, the Hook reported on the case of Rick Krial, the owner of Staunton adult video store After Hours Video who faces eight felony obscenity counts after undercover police purchased 10 DVDs from his establishment. Now, the cashier who sold police those DVDs has also been charged.

Staunton Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Robertson indicted Tinsley Embrey on six felony and four misdemeanor counts. A date for pretrial motions has been set for March 6 at 8:30am, three weeks after Krial's own trial opens at 1pm on the appropriate date of February 14.

The prosecutor told the Staunton News Leader that he charged the cashier because He knew what he was selling. The article also states that Krial will foot the legal bill for Embrey.

In the obscenity cases we've done, I don't recall any of the clerical staff ever being charged, says Kent Willis, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia. If you target the owner of the store, then the store goes away. If you target an employee who has little to no decision-making power over what items are for sale, it just means more work for the prosecution to achieve the same goal.

Update: Trial

11th March 2008

Krial and his company, LSP of Virginia, will face two initial misdemeanor counts of selling obscenity at a June 17 trial. Krial's employee, Tinsley W. Embrey, also will face two misdemeanor counts of selling obscenity at that time.

While grand juries indicted the defendants on additional felony counts of obscenity, these charges will be left for future trial dates.

Update: Defence Rejected

2nd June 2008

A motion to dismiss obscenity charges against a Staunton adult video store owner and one of his employees on constitutional grounds was denied at a hearing Wednesday morning in Staunton Circuit Court. The case is scheduled to proceed to trial Aug. 12.


1st February   

Background of Repression...

Workers in adult businesses require registration in Memphis
Link Here  full story: Registering Adult Industry Workers...US adult industry workers made to register

Tennessee state seal All Memphis Sex Workers Must be Licensed. An ordinance that took effect January 1st requires workers at adult-oriented businesses and the owners of those businesses to be licensed annually before they're allowed to work in Shelby County.

Bartenders, waitresses, dancers, bouncers, store clerks, movie-theater employees, and others at the county's more than two dozen adult establishments must undergo criminal background checks and complete county license applications or change careers.

Background checks will be conducted by sheriff's deputies and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. A history of prostitution, rape (including statutory rape), sexual battery, public indecency, pandering, sale or distribution of obscene materials, or other illegal activities can keep a worker or business owner from being licensed by the five-member Shelby County Adult Oriented Establishment Board.


22nd January   

Upload and Layout...

25th AVN Award winners
Link Here

Pirates DVD cover

T op Selling Title of the Year

Adult Video News has staged its 25th anniversary awards show at the Mandalay Bay Events.

The big winners were two heavily nominated features, the film Layout (Vivid) and the video Upload (Sex Z Pictures). Each won eight awards. Evil Angel, as it has so often in the past, walked away with the giant’s share of the prizes, 18 in all.

Best Actor, Film- Tom Byron, Layout, Vivid
Best Actor, Video- Brad Armstrong, Coming Home, Wicked Pictures
Best Actress, Film- Penny Flame, Layout, Vivid
Best Actress, Video- Eva Angelina, Upload, SexZ Pictures
Best All-Girl Release- Girlvana 3, Zero Tolerance Entertainment
Best All-Girl Series- Women Seeking Women, Girlfriends Films
Best All-Girl Sex Scene, Film- Sex & Violins, Vivid, Faith Leon, Monique Alexander & Stefani Morgan
Best All-Girl Sex Scene, Video- Babysitters, Digital Playground, Sophia Santi, Alektra Blue, Sammie Rhodes, Angie Savage & Lexxi Tyler
Best All-Sex Release- G for Gianna, Jonni Darkko/Evil Angel
Best Alternative Release- Buttman at Nudes a Poppin' 20, Evil Angel Productions
Best Amateur Release- Cherries 56, Homegrown Select/Pure Play Media
Best Amateur Series- Intimate Moments,
Best Anal Sex Scene, Film- The Craving, Wicked Pictures, Chelsie Rae & Tyler Knight
Best Anal Sex Scene, Video- Big Wet Asses 10, Elegant Angel Productions, Bree Olson & Brandon Iron
Best Anal-Themed Release- Ass Worship 10, Jules Jordan Video
Best Anal-Themed Series- Big Wet Asses, Elegant Angel Productions
Best Animated Release- Night Shift Nurses: Experiment 1 & 2, Adult Source Media
Best Art Direction, Film- The Craving, Wicked Pictures
Best Art Direction, Video- Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, Evil Angel
Best BDSM Release- Bondage Thoughts, Daring Media Group
Best Big Bust Release- Gina Lynn's DD's and Derrieres 2, Gina Lynn Distribution
Best Big Bust Series- Big Natural Breasts, New Sensations
Best Cinematography- Fashion Underground, Teravision/Vivid,
Best Classic DVD- Debbie Does Dallas, Definitive Collector's Edition, VCX
Best Continuing Video Series- Belladonna: Manhandled, Belladonna/Evil Angel
Best Couples Sex Scene, Film- Layout, Vivid, Penny Flame & Tom Byron
Best Couples Sex Scene, Video- Evil Anal 2, Manuel Ferrara/Evil Angel, Jenna Haze & Manuel Ferrara
Best Director, Film- Paul Thomas, Layout, Vivid
Best Director, Foreign Release- Alessandro Del Mar, Dangerous Sex, Private U.S.A./Pure Play Media
Best Director, Non-Feature-Belladonna, Belladonna: Manhandled 2, Belladonna/Evil Angel
Best Director, Video- John Stagliano, Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, Evil Angel
Best DVD Extras- Upload, SexZ Pictures
Best DVD Menus- Not the Bradys XXX, X-Play/Hustler
Best Editing, Film- X, Studio A Entertainment, Andrew Blake
Best Editing, Video- Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, Evil Angel, John Stagliano
Best Ethnic-Themed Release, Asian- Anabolic Asians 5, Anabolic Video
Best Ethnic-Themed Release, Black- Big Black Wet Butts 7, Evasive Angles Entertainment
Best Ethnic-Themed Release, Latin- Big Latin Wet Butts 5, Evasive Angles Entertainment
Best Ethnic-Themed Series, Asian- Asian 1 on 1, Naughty America/Pure Play Media
Best Ethnic-Themed Series, Black- Black Reign, Mercenary Pictures
Best Ethnic-Themed Series, Latin- Chicks & Salsa, Third Degree Films
Best Fem-Dom Strap-On Release- Babes Ballin' Boys 17, Pleasure Productions
Best Film- Layout, Vivid
Best Foot Fetish Release- Stiletto, Penthouse Digital Media/Pulse
Best Foreign All-Sex Release- Angel Perverse 8, Clark Euro Angel/Evil Angel
Best Foreign All-Sex Series- Ass Jazz, Buttman Magazine Choice/Evil Angel
Best Foreign Feature- Furious Fuckers: Final Race, Evil Angel/Rocco Siffredi
Best Gonzo Release- Brianna Love Is Buttwoman, Elegant Angel Productions
Best Gonzo Series- Bang Bus, Bang Productions
Best Group Sex Scene, Film- Debbie Does Dallas ... Again, Vivid, Stefani Morgan, Savanna Samson, Monique Alexander, Evan Stone, Christian & Jay Huntington
Best Group Sex Scene, Video- Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, Evil Angel, Annette Schwartz, Sintia Stone, Judith Fox, Vanessa Hill & Rocco Siffredi
Best High-Definition Production- Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, Evil Angel
Best High End All-Sex Release- Broken, Teravision/Vivid
Best Internal Release- All Internal 5, Cruel Media/ Jules Jordan Video
Best Internal Series- 5 Guy Cream Pie, Kick Ass Pictures
Best Interactive DVD- (tie) InTERActive, Teravision/Hustler Video & Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze, Zero Tolerance Entertainment
Best Interracial Release- Black Owned 2, Jules Jordan Video
Best Interracial Series- My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla, Hush Hush Entertainment
Best Male Newcomer- Alan Stafford
Best MILF Release- It's a Mommy Thing, Elegant Angel Productions
Best MILF Series- Momma Knows Best, Red Light District
Best Music- Afrodite Superstar, Femme Chocolat/Adam & Eve Pictures
Best New Starlet- Bree Olson
Best New Video Production Company- Silver Sinema
Best Non-Sex Performance- Bryn Pryor, Upload, SexZ Pictures
Best On-Line Marketing Campaign, Individual Project- Debbie Does Dallas...Again, World of Wonder/Vivid
Best On-Line Marketing Campaign, Company Image-, Club Jenna
Best Oral Sex Scene, Film- Layout, Vivid, Kylie Ireland
Best Oral Sex Scene, Video- Babysitters, Digital Playground, Sasha Grey
Best Oral-Themed Release- Face Full of Diesel, Digital Sin
Best Oral-Themed Series- Feeding Frenzy, Jules Jordan Video
Best Overall Marketing Campaign, Company Image- Vivid
Best Overall Marketing Campaign, Individual Project- Coming Home, Wicked Pictures
Best Packaging- Janine Loves Jenna, Club Jenna/Vivid
Best Packaging Innovation- The Exquisite Multimedia Lighted Boxes, Exquisite Multimedia
Best POV Release- Fucked on Sight 2, Manuel Ferrara/Evil Angel
Best POV Series- Fucked on Sight, Manuel Ferrara/Evil Angel
Best POV Sex Scene- Goo Girls 26, Rodnievision/Exquisite, Sunny Lane
Best Pro-Am Release- Breakin' 'em In 11, Vouyer Media
Best Pro-Am Series- Filthy's First Taste, Club Jenna/Vivid
Best Retail Website, Rentals- Sugar DVD
Best Retail Website, Sales- Adult DVD Empire
Best Screenplay, Film- Layout, Vivid, Phil Noir
Best Screenplay, Video- Upload, SexZ Pictures, Alvin Edwards & Eli Cross
Best Sex Comedy- Operation: Desert Stormy, Wicked Pictures
Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production- Furious Fuckers Final Race, Rocco Siffredi/Evil Angel, Gianna, Vanessa Hill, Sarah James, Marsha Lord, Poppy Morgan, Kelly Stafford, Jazz Duro, Omar Galanti, Kid Jamaica & Joachim Kessef
Best Solo Sex Scene- Upload, SexZ Pictures, Eva Angelina
Best Solo Release- Extreme Holly Goes Solo, Pink Visual Productions
Best Spanking Release- Baltimore Brat 2, Kelly Payne Productions
Best Special Effects- Upload, SexZ Pictures
Best Specialty Release, Other Genre- Cum on My Tattoo 3, Burning Angel Entertainment/Pulse
Best Specialty Series, Other Genre- Jack's Leg Show, Digital Playground
+Best Squirting Release- Flower's Squirt Shower 4, Elegant Angel Productions
Best Squirting Series- Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman, Elegant Angel Productions
Best Supporting Actor, Film- Randy Spears, Flasher, Vivid
Best Supporting Actor, Video- Barrett Blade, Coming Home, Wicked Pictures
Best Supporting Actress, Film- Kylie Ireland, Layout, Vivid
Best Supporting Actress, Video- Hillary Scott, Upload, SexZ Pictures
Best Tease Performance- Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self, John Leslie/Evil Angel, Brianna Love
Best Three-way Sex Scene- Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, Evil Angel, Katsuni, Melissa Lauren & Rocco Siffredi
Best Transsexual Release- Transsexual Babysitters 2, Devil's Film
Best Transsexual Series- Transsexual Prostitutes, Devil's Film
Best Video Feature- Upload, SexZ Pictures
Best Videography- Black Worm, Pulpo, Mandril
Best Vignette Release- Babysitters, Digital Playground
Best Vignette Series- Barely Legal School Girls, Hustler Video
The Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year- Stormy Daniels
Director of the Year (Body of Work)- Jules Jordan
Female Foreign Performer of the Year- Monica Mattos
Female Performer of the Year- Sasha Grey

Hall of Fame: Brittany Andrews, Jay Ashley, Skye Blue, Jake Jacobs, Angel Kelly, Dyanna Lauren, Michael Raven, Raylene, Ruby, Alexandra Silk, Angela Summers, Tasha Voux

Hall of Fame - Founders Branch:
Martin Rothstein, Model Distributors
Teddy Rothstein, Star Distributors
Kenneth Guarino, Metro Home Video

Male Foreign Performer of the Year- David Perry
Male Performer of the Year- Evan Stone
Most Outrageous Sex Scene- Ass Blasting Felching Anal Whores, Powersville/JM, "There are Some Things Even an Asshole Shouldn't Attempt" w/ Cindy Crawford, Rick Masters & Audrey Hollander
Reuben Sturman Awards- Jeff Steward, JM Productions, Rondee Kamins, General Video of America

Top Renting Title of the Year – 2007 - Debbie Does Dallas...Again, Vivid
Top Selling Title of the Year – 2007 - Pirates, Digital Playground/Adam & Eve

Transsexual Performer of the Year- Allanah Starr
Unsung Starlet of the Year- Gianna


14th January   

Never Say Never Spread Again...

Jenna Jameson retires from adult films
Link Here

My Plaything DVD The adult industry’s biggest star has confirmed her retirement from performing in adult movies. Jenna Jameson announced that she will no longer “spread her legs again” for the industry while presenting onstage at the 25th Annual AVN Adult Movie Awards.

She addressed recent tabloid headlines, saying I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Then came the official word straight from the icon’s lips.

Honesty is key, Jameson said. I will never spread my legs in this industry again, but I love all of you.

Scattered boos followed her announcement, no doubt in disappointment that the world’s biggest sex star is finished performing.


11th January   

Land of the 0.01% Free...

Ocean City ban adult businesses from 99.91% of town
Link Here

Maryland state seal The Mayor and Council settled on a course of repression regarding sexually oriented businesses this week, with a unanimous vote for a scenario that outlines the tiny and limited portion of town that will allow for sexually oriented businesses.

Ocean City in Maryland currently consists of only one sexually oriented business, but the possibility of more following en suite was enough to spur the Mayor and Council to place a moratorium on sexually oriented businesses until a decision on the licensing and zoning of sexually oriented businesses could be made.

The council agreed to go with the most restrictive scenario available, which will require a 600-foot buffer from protected facilities and a 300-foot buffer from residential uses. This scenario will yield two acres of property and 0.09% of developable land for sexually oriented businesses. With the restrictions of the scenario, the only area of town that will be zoned for additional sexually oriented businesses will be in the Food Lion Shopping Center between 118th and 119th streets.

I think it's fair based on what we have today , said Mayor Rick Meehan.


10th January   

A Flash of Injustice...

Bar owner held responsible for flashers
Link Here

Alabama state seal Jeffrey Baxter, the owner of Stardust nightclub, has been charged with violating Alabama's Anti-Obscenity Act in connection with the arrests of three women at the club for indecent exposure.

The girls were arrested for flashing others in the club, and Baxter is being held liable, as the owner, for allowing it to happen.

Baxter told the Eagle that the three women were not employees of the club, and that his employees in fact were the ones who called police to have them removed.

This is a case of girls gone way too wild, Baxter said, adding, "A girl could flash in any bar in Dothan and the same thing would happen.

Baxter was charged with a Class C felony, and the Dothan office of Alabama's Alcohol Beverage Control Board is recommending that the state ABC board suspend or revoke Stardust's alcohol license because this was the club's third offense in the year 2007.


9th January   

Penned In...

Proposal for Pennsylvania adult entertainment tax
Link Here

Pennsylvania state seal Senator Jane Orie is pushing for a 10% state tax on adult entertainment, including pornography distributors, publishers, adult bookstores, escort services and strip clubs.

Orie said she will ask the Senate to authorize her proposal for the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study whether the tax is feasible in Pennsylvania. Similar laws in Utah and Texas have been challenged on the grounds that they are unconstitutional.

The senator believes the revenues from the proposed porn tax would help "remediate the harm" of adult entertainment's negative "secondary effects".

Update: Constitutionally Inconsistent

13th January 2008

From X Biz see full article

Jeffrey Douglas, chairman of the Free Speech Coalition, told XBIZ that assurances that the tax would be constitutional if limited to “secondary effects” adult entertainment were an oversimplification of the question, at best.

At the heart of this kind of proposal is taxation that targets one form of protected expression over another, and it means that the government is favoring one form of expression over another, Douglas said. No matter how proponents embroider it, all of these taxation schemes are designed to burden forms of expression that they don’t like, but not forms of expression that express the same thing, but that don’t show off the same body parts.

Asked why state governments would continue to propose such forms of taxation if they are doomed to be struck down by the courts, Douglas said it all comes down to politics: These proposals are inconsistent with the 1st Amendment and inconsistent with legal precedent — but they make great local politics, so we continue to see these bills.


2nd January   

Lollipops Not Licked Yet...

Daytona strip petition Supreme Court over nudity repression
Link Here

Florida state seal Attorneys for Lollipops Gentlemen's Club have taken their fight against the city's anti-nudity ordinance to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Their petition was filed this month.

We're asking the Supreme Court to give some guidance, said Brett Hartley, an attorney representing Lollipops.

City Attorney Marie Hartman has said the city would respond to the petition filed with the Supreme Court.

The city's ordinance states if a club sells alcohol, or is within 500 feet of a business that sells alcohol, the dancers must wear modest bikinis. The city will allow adult entertainment in certain areas, including undeveloped land west of the city.

The Supreme Court often denies cases, but Hartley says the Lollipops' attorneys are seeking guidance from the high court because there is not uniformity in similar ordinances across the country. He said the city's argument that such businesses create "adverse effects" is not supported by facts and "flies in the face of common sense."

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