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 2013: July-Sept

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25th September

 Update: David Blunkett has a goose stepping Basil Fawlty moment...

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With a rant about porn, Sodom, Gomorrah and a moral climate that allowed Adolf Hitler to flourish
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

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Porn producer Tristan Taormino announces that she will insist on condoms for her films

chemisty 2 An established porn producer has vowed to insist on condoms on her set. Tristan Taormino told CNN that she was looking for performers for a new movie when as casting agent recommended a woman named Cameron Bay, whom later was found to have contracted HIV.

From that point on Taormino decided that she was going to require her male actors use condoms while filming - even if she was the only producer of straight porn to do so.

There are those who disagree though. Performer Danny Wylde wrote in a blog post:

We all take risk going to work every day. It's a managed risk. And it's something I choose to participate in so that I can get a paycheck at the end of my day.

In his blog post he wrote about a time when the porn industry did require condoms on set and the drop in sales almost crumbled the industry:

People don't want to see condoms in their porn. In straight porn, they didn't want to see condoms, he wrote. Everybody tried it, and nobody bought the movies.

Taormino told CNN that she is going to require her performers use protection even if she does lose some viewers.

I know there's a lot of talk about how porn watchers don't want to see condoms and sales will plummet and everyone's going to be miserable. But I'm not buying it.

Offsite: Nica Noelle too

28th September 2013. See article from

In a long piece just published on , noted adult director Nica Noelle has followed Tristan Taormino with a public announcement (on a well-trafficked mainstream site) indicating her intention to henceforth make her sets condom-mandatory.


24th September

  How about inventing credit cards with a near zero credit limit that can be safely used to prove age...

30,000+ items in stock
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Simply Adult  

ATVOD suffocates another 10 businesses with unreasonably restrictive censorship rules in the name of child protection
Link Here
Elbowed Off the Tube...

The Mirror's moral high ground advert banned from London Underground

mirror elbows in bath advertThe Daily Mirror were trying to be clever at the expense of the Sun. They produced an advert using an illusion where elbows in the bath can look like breasts at first glance, but a closer look reveals just elbows.

The Daily Mirror poster used the illusion with the strap line: We're not like other tabloids and the hashtag #Madeyouthink.

However, the image proved too risque for poster sites on the London Underground, with the ever staid Transport for London, refusing to allow it to be run.


24th September


New Listing: New slasher released on US DVD on 24th September

23rd September

 Update: Protest Objects...

Gender extremists set to protest at an XBIZ adult industry conference in London
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

Bloody Homecoming Jim Tavare


20th September

  Internet Censorship is on the Cards...

Payment card companies set to discuss ATVOD's website censorship ideas in early October
Link Here
  Heritage Assets on Chester Council...
Flimsy grounds of a change of character of an area cited to ban table dancing at Platinum Lounge





10th September


UK domain registrar opens consultation to determine if some words should be censored from domain names
Link Here  full story: Internet Domain Censorship...In the Domain of Nominet internet censorship
  Funding a Mountain of Rice...

The effect of the recent alcohol tax hike

6th September

 Update: So who decides what moralist propaganda should be taught to kids about porn?...

Sex education should include dangers of menacing internet porn, Nick Clegg warns but accuses the Tories of blocking the idea
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
The Escape Artist [Episodes 1-3] is a crime drama by Brian Welsh.
With David Tennant, Toby Kebbell and Sophie Okonedo.

UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong threat, references to sexual violence and forensic gore for:

  • 2013 Acorn Media UK video

Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me


5th September

 Update: Imaginary vs Real Harm...

Government told to stop banging on about internet porn, its suicide and self harm that most concerns parents
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
Boosting State Revenue...

Substantial rise in alcohol taxes

singha beerAlcohol taxes have been hiked in Thailand to boost state revenues. This was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister


5th September

 Update: Bollox About Internet Porn in Parliament...

300,000 attempts to access porn in Parliament over the last 12 months
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

I Spit on your Grave 2, Slaver, The Taken, Wayland's Song


2nd September

  Please, a little more work, and a little less self congratulatory prose...

BBFC publish woefully inadequate rules for classifying websites and mobile content as adults only
Link Here
1st September  
  Weekly UK Adult Ratings from the BBFC...


29th August

 Update: Filtering Out Inconvenient Privacy Protection...

BT are seeking legal advice on whether warrantless intercepting of people's internet use is legal for the purposes of internet censorship.
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

BT logoBT has sought greater legal clarity from the Government in relation to the implementation of website blocking as mandated by the government internet censors.

According to the Financial Times:

BT executives met with Oliver Letwin MP recently to discuss a range of policy issues, a BT spokesperson said. During this meeting the issue of filters came up and we expressed a view that greater legal clarity would be welcome given external legal advice we have received. We have made this point several times during the past year as it is important that any plans are practical and not unintentionally derailed.

Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), the interception of communications is generally prohibited. It is only legal to intrude on private communications if you have a warrant or both the sender and recipient of information consent to the activity, even if the interception is done unintentionally.

Telecoms firms are allowed to unintentionally intercept communications in line with RIPA if it takes place for purposes connected with the provision or operation of that service or with the enforcement, in relation to that service, of any enactment relating to the use of postal services or telecommunications services.

Perhaps BT should also consider the legal liability for businesses trashed by their websites being blocked by cheapo keyword checking algorithms. To date these have a long history of failure resulting in unfair and negligent blocks. ISPs have probably got away with it in the past because the algorithms have been used for requested child protection where users were probably happy with a 'better safe than sorry' approach. But in the next round users will be expecting ISPs to block only what they sign up for.


23rd August

 Update: Noting current website filtering inability to distinguish between education and titillation...

Prominent writers warn Cameron that people will be blocked from accessing to educational websites
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
Hamlet DVD

   Porn or literature?
Don't bother asking ISPs

The current crop of website blocking options are totally over the top in overblocking with a safety first approach that blocks websites over totally trivial use of eg strong language. It is not clear if the Government or ISPs are intending to upgrade their filters to prevent businesses being trashed over negligent website blocking decisions by automated software. But presumably they will stick with the current crap. Related issues are that educational websites are being likewise blocked merely for using words associated with sexuality.

David Cameron's plan for UK households to block internet porn with default search filters will be very damaging for LGBT people and vulnerable adults who could be denied access to legitimate sexual health and education sites, a group of authors and journalists has warned.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, prominent figures including the Belle de Jour writer Brooke Magnanti and feminist blogger and author Zoe Margolis, warned that the Government was taking:

A dangerous and misguided approach to internet safety. Focusing on a default 'on' filter ignores the importance of sex and relationship education and sexual health. Worse, you are giving parents the impression that if they install Internet filters they can consider their work is done.

They point out that faults with existing internet service provider filters have been reported numerous times and warn that any default filters could:

Unintentionally block important sites related to sexual health, LGBT issues, or sex and relationship education. This will be very damaging for LGBT young people, for example, or vulnerable adults who may be cut off from important support and advice, in particular those with abusive partners who are also the Internet account holder.

Lee Maguire, technical officer at the civil liberties organisation the Open Rights Group, said that filters could never distinguish:

Between sites that seek to titillate and those with frank discussion of sexuality.

Sites dealing with issues surrounding sexuality are likely to fall foul of miscategorisation as they often contain certain keywords that filters see as inappropriate for children. Even when humans categorise sites, categories will often be set by individuals with their own cultural values.

The open letter, which was also signed by the science-fiction writer Charles Stross and the New Statesman journalist Laurie Penny, said that by promising families one click to protect the whole family , the Prime Minister was:

Giving parents the impression that if they install Internet filters they can consider their work is done. We urge you instead to invest in a programme of sex and relationship education that empowers young people and to revisit the need for this topic to be mandatory in schools. Please drop shallow headline grabbing proposals and pursue serious and demonstrably effective policies to tackle abuse of young people.


20th August

  Parliamentary Trolling...

Yet another parliamentary inquiry into online safety
Link Here

Culture, Media and Sport select committeeThe parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Committee has announced another inquiry into Online Safety:

Despite technological innovation and an increase in public understanding of dangers, the online world continues to pose hazards, from images of child abuse to trolling. These dangers are the correlation of the immense benefits provided by unimpeded communication and free speech, so any attempts to mitigate harms have to be proportionate and, where possible, avoid disadvantageous consequences.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee has decided to investigate a number of aspects of online safety that are currently raising concerns, in particular:

  • How best to protect minors from accessing adult content;

  • Filtering out extremist material, including images of child abuse and material intended to promote terrorism or other acts of violence;

  • Preventing abusive or threatening comments on social media.

The Committee invites written evidence from those who wish to contribute to the inquiry.


20th August

  Asking For an End to Anonymous Comments... announces measures to reduce opportunities for harassment
Link Here
ask fm logoSocial networking site has unveiled changes to make its site safer after recent online bullying cases.

It said it would view all reports within 24 hours, make the report button more visible, and include bullying and harassment as a category for a report. It said some of the changes would be live on the site by September. said it would:

  • Hire more staff, including a safety officer, to moderate comments on the site
  • Create a bullying/harassment category for reported comments, alongside spam or scam , hate speech , violence and pornographic content
  • Raise the visibility of a function to opt out of receiving anonymous questions
  • Limit the number of features unregistered users were able to access, and
  • require an email address upon sign-up for registered users

The UK Safer Internet Centre, which promotes the safe use of technology, said it was delighted by's proposed changes, and added the increased visibility of the anonymous opt-out option was an important development. We strongly advise users, especially children, to switch off anonymous questions, and to report any abuse they see on the site, the group said.


20th August

 Extract: Amber Warning: Herd-sourced Censorship Scheme...

We can't crowdsource the right to free speech. The BBFC's plan to put content flags on online video could work, but crowd-sourcing censorship isn't the right way to do it.
Link Here  full story: Internet crowd sourced classification...BBFC propose a traffic lights scheme

light censorshipThe web inevitably makes available some content which is unsuitable or inappropriate for children to access. Some of this will be illegal, but much more will not, or may be suitable say for over 13s or over 16s only. A traffic light system may therefore struggle to distinguish between these and runs the risk of imposing the strictest warning on masses of content by default.

A greater concern however, is how the new system will guard against becoming a tool to enable prejudices of one kind or another to be played out. The system can only operate if it is the crowd's decision which counts - the reason this is even being considered is because there is too much content for a regulator or platform to consider. Relying on the crowd assumes that a collective consciousness emerges from the great mass of web users and their shared values, rather than a set of subjective reactions. This is a dangerous assumption. As a recent MIT study reported in Science suggests, the wisdom of the crowd may be a myth, its mentality more akin to that of a mob or herd.

...Read the full article


20th August

 Offsite Article: Lets drive one of our few remaining successful businesses off shore...

Link Here
porn hosting mapOnly 3 nations have significant porn hosting business. 60% in US, 26% in Netherlands and 7% in UK

See article from


17th August

 Offsite Article: When politicians get the internet wrong, the internet can be ruthless...

Link Here
ask fm logoDavid Cameron calling for a boycott of vile websites that breed cyberbullying is well-intentioned but could prove foolhardy. By Caroline Criado-Perez

See article from


16th August

 Offsite Article: Moral Panics a useful political tool?...

Link Here
the arab spring moves westIs the introduction of internet censorship a reflection of western government desires for wider control of the internet?

See article from


15th August

  'Out of the shot and danger of desire'...

Crap internet blocking at the British Library censors Shakespeare's Hamlet
Link Here  full story: Crap Internet Blocking...Cheapo automated filters are not up to the job

Hamlet DVD David TennantA man using the British Library's wi-fi network was denied access to an online version of Shakespeare's Hamlet because the text contained violent content .

Author Mark Forsyth was writing his book in the library, and needed to check a line from the famous play. He revealed on his blog that the filter had logged his attempt to access the page.

The British Library said the fault was caused by a newly installed wi-fi service from a third-party provider.

A spokesperson for the British Library said Hamlet had since been made accessible.

Internet filters have recently come under increased scrutiny, after the government announced that pornography will be automatically blocked by UK internet providers, unless customers choose otherwise. In general the most minute examples of a few words alluding to adult content can be enough to trigger a block. The software then errs on the side of caution and unfairly blocks many websites.

And of course these companies show little concern about legitimate businesses that suffer as a result.

Prof Ross Anderson, a security expert at Cambridge University, told the BBC that internet filters were pointless and that it was completely inappropriate to have one in the British Library. He added:

Everything that is legal should be available over the library's wi-fi network. The only things they should block are the few dozen books against which there are court judgements in the UK. One of the functions of deposit libraries is to keep everything, including smut.

Meanwhile one filter maker has a bit of a Gerald Ratner moment

15th August 2013. See  article from

Some customers of newly filtered ISPs are finding that porn is still getting through , but bona fide sites are being blocked . That's because filter algorithms struggle to distinguish between porn and legitimate sites, like lingerie retailers.

None of these systems are perfect, says George Anderson from online filtering security firm Webroot:

If you're an underwear site that's pretty close [to a porn site] and you get blocked because of this ban, that's going to cause issues.


9th August

 Offsite Article: Porn filters: 12 reasons why they won't work (and 3 why they might)...

Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
walled garden internetI wonder how many people realise that they will lose half the internet if they turn on David Cameron's website blocking option

See article from


4th August

 Update: Encyclopaedic Knowledge...

Wikipedia founder explains that Cameron's internet censorship plans are absolutely ridiculous
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

jimmy walesDavid Cameron's plan to protect children from obscene material online has been dismissed as absolutely ridiculous by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. He said:

It's an absolutely ridiculous idea. It won't work. The software you would use to implement this doesn't work.

My view is that instead of spending literally billions of pounds, billions of dollars, snooping on ordinary people and gathering up all of this data in an apparently fruitless search for terrorists, we should devote a significant proportion of that to dealing with the real criminal issues online - people stealing credit card numbers, hacking into websites and things like that.

Unfortunately we're not seeing a lot of that. We see a lot of flash and a lot of snooping. But this is, at the end of the day, going to take an investment in real, solid police work.

Wales said problems like online child abuse, hacking social media sites and abusive or threatening messages could be tackled without the introduction of new legislation.

Wales also spoke of the issue of abusive tweets. He suggested that Twitter should make it easier for users to report abuse, but rejected calls for tighter censorship of the social network. He said:

When you think about rules about verbal threats, human society has a long history of rules and laws around this, and those rules and laws are very well thought-out. They deal with complicated cases.

I do think that Twitter has needed in the past to do more to give people more control of the environment, to allow faster means for people to complain and to have people behaving badly exposed, blocked or arrested as necessary.

But it is not like we don't have a law against threatening people. We do, and people are quite rightly being called up on this.


1st August

 Update: Censorship, Content and Consumers...

DCMS outlines its plans for the suffocation of the British internet industry
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

dcms internet censorshipThe DCMS has published an official wide ranging paper on internet and communications policy. Many of the censorship aspects have already been described by David Cameron in his recent speech. Here are a few paragraphs fleshing out some of the proposed censorship ideas:

Material Promoting Terrorism

The Prime Minister has convened an Extremism Task Force which will be looking closely, in the coming months, at the role the communications industry can and should play in reducing the availability of material promoting terrorism online.

A watershed for internet TV

We want to ensure that the living room remains a safe space for children.

TV remains central to our lives, with people in the UK watching on average more than four hours of broadcast TV every day. Families still get together to sit around the television and watch the latest period drama, talent competition, or catch the latest episode of their favourite soap.

But increasingly, set-top boxes and TVs connected to the internet enable programmes and films to be viewed on-demand, to fit viewing around our own schedules. These can fall outside of regulatory frameworks. People tend to consider connected TVs to be a TV-like experience and expect to be more protected than they are from content accessed through PCs and laptops. Yet, the technology means that it is easy to flick  between regulated and unregulated spaces. Since this is not always clear, this increases the risk of people inadvertently accessing content that may be offensive, inappropriate, or harmful to children.

The technology is already available to enable people to be provided with more information about programmes, and for locks to be put in place to prevent post- watershed programmes from being viewed by children on-demand. But more needs to be done to make sure that these practices are adopted more widely, and to make sure that tools, like pin-protection, are straightforward and easy for people to use.

We also want it to be clear to people when they are watching TV in a protected, regulated space, and when they move with just a few clicks to an unregulated area of the internet. We want industry, broadcasters, manufacturers and platform providers, to lead the development of consumer tools in this area, working with regulators to consider what mechanisms can be applied to clearly label regulated and unregulated content. One such mechanism, may be, for example, using the electronic programme guide itself to define the protected space. We will work with industry to ensure that best practice is developed and can be shared and standardised. Given this is an area where we are seeing rapid developments, we will keep progress under close review, and if necessary, we will consider the case for legislation to ensure that audiences are protected to the level that they choose

R18 on internet TV

The popularity of video-on-demand services (VoD) has grown dramatically in recent years, providing consumers with great new choices about what they want to watch when and where. But with this new opportunity comes risk, and this is particularly the case when it comes to harmful content that is now more readily available. In hard copy, content rated R18 by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is only available in licensed sex shops and content that was even stronger is banned outright. The VOD regulations in this area do not currently provide the same level of certainty and protection as on the high street. As on-demand services become increasingly prevalent we want to make sure that regulation of on-demand content is as robust as regulation of content on a DVD, bringing the online world into line with the high street.

We will legislate to ensure that material that would be rated R18 by the British Board of Film Classification is put behind access controls on regulated services and we will ban outright content on regulated services that is illegal even in licensed sex shops.

More Dangerous Pictures

We will also close a loophole in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, so that it is a criminal offence to possess extreme pornography that depicts rape.

Website Blocking

We are seeing good progress in this area:

  • Where children could be accessing the internet, we need good filters that are preselected to be on, and we need parents aware and engaged in the setting of those filters. By the end of this year, when someone sets up a new broadband account, the settings to install family friendly filters will be automatically selected; if you just click next or enter, then the filters are automatically on.

  • By the end of next year ISPs will have prompted all existing customers to make an unavoidable decision about whether to apply family friendly filters.

  • Only adult account holders will be able to change these filters once applied.

  • All mobile phone operators will apply adult filters to their phones. [Does this allow adults to turn off the blocking?]

  • 90% of public Wi-Fi will have family friendly filters applied to wherever children are likely to be present.

  • Ofcom will regularly review the efficacy of these filters

But we are clear that industry must go further:

  • We expect the smaller ISPs to follow the lead being set by the larger providers.

  • We want industry to continue to refine and improve their filters to ensure they do not, even unintentionally, filter out legitimate content.

  • We want to see mobile network operators develop their child safety services further; for example, filtering by handset rather than by contract would provide greater flexibility for parents as they work to keep their children safe online.

Paying for PC advert censorship

The UK benefits from a healthy and successful advertising sector, underpinned by an exemplar of successful self-regulation, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The A administers a system which is flexible and responsive, and is industry funded, through 0.1% levy on non-broadcast advertising spend levied by the Advertising Standards Boa of Finance (ASBOF). This levy is voluntary, but is well supported by industry; however, will be important to ensure that this continues to be sustainable in the future. The relatively recent extension of the ASA's online remit to cover marketing on companies own websites and on social media demonstrates the increasing importance of online advertising, and advertising spend in the future is likely to increase its focus on these online markets. Therefore, it will be important to ensure that this self-regulatory, industry-funded model remains sustainable for the future, and that the regulation of online and offline advertising alike can continue to be supported by the industry levy. Some concerns have been raised over the degree to which collection of the levy in the digital world has kept pace with the rate at which advertisers are now operating there.

We think it is incumbent upon all parts of the industry, including the digital media, to safeguard this continued funding by playing their part in the collection of the levy.


1st August

 Update: The Censorative Party...

57% of Conservative MPs support David Cameron's internet censorship policy
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

conservative party logoThe ToryDiary website writes:

Respondents were asked in our latest survey whether or not they supported David Cameron's proposals on the internet and pornography.

  • 57 per cent said that they do.
  • 27 per cent said that they don't.
  • 15 per cent said that they have no view.

This represents decisive support for the Prime Minister's proposals, which have been strongly driven by the Culture Department. It's worth adding that at this stage this is very much support in principle: we have yet to see the detail.

However Tory MPs don't seem to be lining up make their pro-censorship views known to the electorate. Perhaps too many votes to be lost.


30th July

 Petition: David Cameron: Stop Sleepwalking the UK into Censorship...

David Cameron wants to push you into switching on adult web filters. These proposals are incredibly dangerous. Cameron should drop them immediately
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet


30th July Update:


28th July

 Update: Just Like China...

But Perry, Cameron and the Daily Mail will be happy
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet

Clair PerryChristian campaigner and Conservative MP Claire Perry has told the Church of England to pull its money out of Google in a bid to force the company to take a stronger line over pornographic and child abuse images she claims are widely available through its search engine.

She told The Daily Telegraph:

It is quite clear that many companies, in particular British ISPs, are finally now taking a really responsible approach to this. They are seeing that we want a level of social responsibility. There are others out there who have not got that attitude.

They (the Church of England and other investors) have a role to play, they have questions to ask themselves. They are moral leaders.

Her demands follow the Archbishop of Canterbury's pledge to to review the Church's investment strategy, after very embarrassing revelations that it has holdings in firms that profit from payday lending.

In the name of pressurising organisations to do more about child abuse, then perhaps the church should also pull its investment from religious organisations too. And it's not as if political organisations are a paragon of virtue either. In fact it makes one wonder if there is anything that passes muster as totally ethically correct.


27th July

 Updated: The Daily Mail and Guardian are as one in being aghast at the opposition...

Why DO the left sneer at David Cameron's (our) bid to block porn?
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC...

Don Jon, The Lone Ranger, Time Bandits, Byzantium

filmFilm Cuts Cert Run Time BBFC decisions on 26 July 2013

Don Jon


don jon

BBFC uncut
18 90:10s Don Jon is a 2013 USA comedy by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


26th July

 Update: Guess Who is Censoring the British Internet?...

So how come Britain is allowing China to suffocate British internet businesses by letting Chinese censors take the decisions to err on the side of overblocking
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet




26th July  


26th July

 Update: Sleepwalking into Censorship...

Open Rights Group explain how blocking choices will be presented
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
18 94:13s Kelly + Victor is a 2012 Ireland/UK drama by Kieran Evans.
With Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Julian Morris and William Ruane. YouTube icon IMDb

UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong fetish sex and very strong language for:

  • 2013 cinema release

Monster High

BBFC uncut
U 73:20s Monster High - 13 Wishes is a 2013 children's cartoon video by Steve Sacks.
With Cameron Clarke (voice) and Joni Goode (voice).

UK: Passed U uncut for mild threat and slapstick for:

  • 2013 cinema release

Prince Avalanche


Prince Avalanche Paul Rudd

24th July

 Update: Blocking Thoughts...

Commentators on Daily Mail Dave's internet porn ban
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet


24th July  
  Ho Lee Fuk...

TV station jokes about the Asiana crash and then tries to bully YouTube posters passing on the joke

23rd July

 Update: Laughable Censorship of Search Terms...

David Cameron admits that he has not thought his internet censorship policy through
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
23rd July  

Complaints about cleft lip makeup for baddie in the Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger Blu ray Digital Copy Cleft palate support groups have hit out at Disney's new summer film The Lone Ranger , amid accusations that the villain was given a birth defect to make him look more evil .

Disney's promotional material for the film said of William Fichtner's character Butch Cavendish: Cavendish is a ruthless outlaw whose terribly scarred face is a perfect reflection of the bottomless pit that passes for his soul. Fichtner told entertainment reporters that his broken nose and cleft lip made it easier to slip into his role, and meant he didn't need to act any more evil because it was obvious from his face.


22nd July

 Update: Cameron to Attempt to Ban Everything on the Internet...

We're being governed by someone who believes what he reads in the Daily Mail
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
  Advertising a Selfish Government...

Norway is preparing a law to ban internet advertising for sexual services

Norway flagThe Norwegian 'Justice' Ministry is preparing to ban all forms of advertising of sexual services on websites. The ministry is working on the censorship law with the aim to promote a bill to the Parliament in the autumn.

 Police inspector Vegard Munthe Ommdal claimed on TV2:

We primarily want to prevent human trafficking and pimping. And online advertising is a very important part of the business,

Ommdal thinks advertising on the internet must be seen as promoting someone else's prostitution.


22nd July Shopping:


20th July

 Update: Something's Got to be Done But Cameron Doesn't Care What...

Open Rights Group are the first to ask serious questions about how ISP website blocking will be implemented, and who will be responsible for getting it right, and who will publish the rules?
Link Here  full story: Internet Blocking Adult Websites in UK...Government push for ISPs to block porn

polk county policejpg logoPolk County prosecutors have dropped all charges against an arbitrary store owner who was charged with distribution and possession of obscenity with intent to sell after detectives purchased 10 ordinary adult movies at a gas station and convenience store in Dundee, Florida.

Minakashiben Patel was also charged with sale of drug paraphernalia, based on selling Detox brand energy drink. Those charges were dismissed early on.

A dult industry attorneys Lawrence Walters and Corey Silverstein, represented the victim, Patel, and worked together to strike a deal with the county persecutors. Walters reported:

Ms. Patel agreed to make a $2,000 donation to a drug education and prevention fund. She further agreed to abide by existing state obscenity laws and not to sue the sheriff or prosecutors as a result of the arrest.


20th July Comment:
  ASA Open Your World...

Pedantic advert censor whinges at Heineken advert featuring a bottle of beer in Wembley

David Cameron

In July 2013, UK prime minister David  Cameron announced a series of measures to censor the internet.


Do Not Force ISP Filtering of Pornography and Other Content

David Cameron: Stop Sleepwalking the UK into Censorship


Censorship Policies

All internet users will have to choose network level website blocking. For new users by the end of 2013. For existing customers by end of 2014. The subscriber making the choices will be subject to age verification and further updates to the blocking options may only be made by the account holder.

Website blocking to be applied to all new mobile phones

Prohibited possession of extreme pornography will be extended to scenes of simulated rape.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to draw up a blacklist of banned Google search terms, Chinese style.

Hardcore services on Connected TVs to be restricted to videos within BBFC R18 guidelines

There will be stronger powers for watchdogs to investigate the hidden internet -- heavily encrypted forums and pages that allow abusers to cover their tracks

Adult content will be banned on public WiFi

Ofcom to oversee this implementation of these measures.