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I'm sick of living in an 'I find offence' society...

Australian mayor speaks out against miserable gits on his own council

Link Here 13th March 2019
A Northern Territory mayor has slammed his own council's decision to ban merchandise bearing the witty slogan CU in the NT.

T-shirts, beer stubbies, caps and thongs bearing an allusion to a rude word will banned from being displayed at Darwin's popular Nightcliff and Mindil Beach markets.

Darwin Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis actually voted for a motion to pull the merchandise from public display but he did express misgivings about people being too easily offended. He told Daily Mail Australia:

My problem is that we live in a "I find offence society" and there's always a push to remove things from the public Where do we stop?

I'm not going to actively try to find out what's moral, what's offensive or what's not offensive.

Greens councillor Robin Knox moved the motion after receiving complaints about children seeing the CU in the NT stall. She whinged:

The market stall was next to a children's playground - it's a very family friendly market.



Asset strippers...

Advertising agency buys long running Polish porn mag to close it down

Link Here 10th March 2019
The advertising agency VMLY&R has teamed up with the Polish newspaper Gazeta.pl to buy out Poland's longest-running erotic magazine and to close it down.

VMLY&R and Gazeta bought Twoj Weekend to close it down to do a little virtue signalling in opposing porn. They will produce one final issue without any of the magazines signature erotic content and will instead bang on about 'progressive' issues like gender, sexism etc.

This last issue will be promoted by an advertising campaign, including outdoor, media, cinema, radio, press, social media and online with support from client partners including Mastercard and Bank BGZ BNP Paribas.



Offsite Article: James Whale vs Ofcom...

Link Here 8th March 2019
A new ruling sets a dangerous precedent for broadcasting. By Andrew Tettenborn

See article from spiked-online.com



Cuts of meat...

Images of butchered meat are now defined as sensitive and liable to offend on Instagram

Link Here 7th March 2019
Full story: Instagram Censorship...Photo sharing website gets heavy on the censorship
A chef has criticised Instagram after it decided that a photograph she posted of two pigs' trotters and a pair of ears needed to be protected from 'sensitive' readers.

Olia Hercules, a writer and chef who regularly appears on Saturday Kitchen and Sunday Brunch , shared the photo alongside a caption in which she praised the quality and affordability of the ears and trotters before asking why the cuts had fallen out of favour with people in the UK.

However Hercules later discovered that the image had been censored by the photo-sharing app with a warning that read: Sensitive content. This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.

Hercules hit back at the decision on Twitter, condemning Instagram and the general public for becoming detached from reality.



Film makers harassed by censors...

Indian film censors demand that a movie called #MeToo change its title

Link Here 7th March 2019
#MeToo is a 2019 India crime thriller by Harsh Warrdhan (as Harshvardhan) and Harsh Warrdhan.
Starring Ritika Singh, Manish Jhanjholia and Gyan Prakash. IMDb

Recently out on bail and on his way to a hideout, Richie coerces his elder brother, Yash and Mama (Mother's brother) to kidnap a girl. Sakshi, on her way to college, is snatched from a bus stop in the broad daylight. This is a story of one of the 34,768 girls kidnapped every year in India.

Indian film censors from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) have demanded that a film titled #MeToo must change that title before being certified for cinema screening.

Directed by Harsh Warrdhan, #MeToo is 110-minute indie film about a young woman being kidnapped and sexually assaulted in a moving car. Starring National Award-winning actor Ritika Singh, it was shot in Haryana for over a month. The film's makers reportedly applied for a CBFC certificate in October last year. The film was rejected by the CBFC's first tier censors and then by the Revising Committee, the second tier.

Now that the film hasn't been cleared by the CBFC, Warrdhan and the movie's producers have filed a petition against the CBFC at the Delhi High Court on March 6. Shilpi Jain, the lawyer who is representing the filmmakers said:

In the petition we are arguing that the cuts/modifications that have been ordered by CBFC are serious encroachment of the right to speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of India. Board has missed the central theme of the film. Film deals with a highly sensitive issue and any tampering with respect to the scenes can cripple the narrative.

We had applied for an Adult certificate considering the film has strong language. Even then, the certificate didn't come through.



Racist bullying in academia...

How I was Kicked Out of the Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting written. By Mary Frances Williams

Link Here 27th February 2019



Commented: Provocateur...

The Daily Mail tracks down a little 'outrage' in response to a lingerie advert in House of Fraser

Link Here 25th February 2019
A few shoppers have been 'outraged' a saucy Valentine's Day advert for high end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. The poster was prominently displayed Bath's House of Fraser store and shows an underwear-clad model gazing at herself in the mirror in pink underwear.

Local councillors said they were absolutely shocked and appalled by the picture, saying it is pornographic imagery of women that is not suitable for the high street.

The poster was used to promote Agent Provocateur's pop-up stores for Valentine's Day at House of Fraser branches across the country, including one at Jolly's in Bath.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, the lingerie brand's creative director, Sarah Shotton, said:

We want people to remember to love themselves in their body, mind and self-confidence.

The Daily Mail tracked down a few trivial whinges on Twitter.

Hannah Lees, who manages a Bath-based running group, tweeted: I have no words. Well, apart from these #objectification #everydaysexism. When other Twitter users suggested the pictures were harmless, she replied: She's not 'owning her sexuality and her body She's posing as directed by her employer.

local resident Kirsten Elliott wrote: It's disgraceful. Exposing girls and boys to this perpetuates the patriarchal hegemonies which damage us all. Your daughter is negatively impacted by this image.

Local councillor Victoria Atherstone complained about a similar poster in the Cheltenham branch of House of Fraser. She tweeted:

Absolutely shocked and appalled by this @TheMissAP high street store photographic campaign displayed in @houseoffraser #Cheltenham shocking pornographic imagery of women #exploitation NOT SUITABLE for the high street - please take it down.

A spokesman for Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said there had only been one official complaint about the images - but they weren't in the watchdog's remit.He said their advertising rules didn't extend to shop fittings or in-store material and that it likely fell to local councils.

Offsite Comment: The March of the Prudes

25th February 2019. See  article from reprobatepress.com by David Flint

Old-fashioned prudishness is alive and well across the world, but it's rarely ego-gratifying unless you dress it up in the modern clothing of concern over objectification and everyday sexism



Offsite Article: PC judge and jury...

Link Here 25th February 2019
Ofcom sides with the offence takers in a contest between James Whale and feminists

See article from theguardian.com



Offsite Article: We need to stop calling it political correctness...

Link Here 22nd February 2019
That tired phrase fails to capture the severity of the threat to free speech. By Andrew Doyle

See article from spiked-online.com


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