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Offsite Article: Smart-Home Spies...

Link Here 6th June 2018
The only thing worse than getting a bad night's sleep is to subsequently get a report from my smart-bed telling me I got a low score and missed my sleep goal.

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Dark days...

China deploys facial recognition glasses that link to a central database to provide extensive information about the subject

Link Here 5th June 2018
Chinese police are using dark sunglasses equipped with facial recognition technology to spot criminal suspects.

The glasses are linked to a central database which contains details of criminal records. Wearing the technology, police can almost instantly view an individual's personal details, including name, ethnicity, gender and address.

Police at the Zhengzhou East Railway Station arrested seven people who were suspected of being involved in kidnapping and hit-and-run cases during an operation in January. They have also held another 26 people who were using fake identification cards.

Pictures of the operation, which were published online by the web version of China's People's Daily newspaper, show a female police officer wearing dark black sunglasses which have a small camera attached on the right-hand lens. The camera is connected by an electronic lead to a hand-held device. The device has an app where police officers can process images they have taken of suspicious individuals. The facial information captured by the glasses will be sent back to a database which provides information on whether the suspect is on the run from police, and even their recent Internet history.



Offsite Article: The internet of snooping things...

Link Here 2nd June 2018
Which? investigation reveals staggering level of smart home surveillance

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