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Melon Farmers

News Monday 24th October...

Nutter Watch PC News Smiffys Zombie Nurse Medium Women
The cult of the easily offended
New and particularly ugly characters cast their deathly pall over Halloween celebrations
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US warap 2016 logo
Diary: White Ribbon Against Pornography Week
30th October - 6th November. Miserable US moralists set to spout their nonsense for a week

News Saturday 22nd October...

Nutter Watch PC News bill leak
Commented: Outrageous truth
Police chief in Australia defends elements of truth in a cartoon that 'outraged' the PC community

Religious Watch

Religious Watch logo

A change of focus, 9th June 2015

A website was previously maintained tracking a wider remit of religious intolerance. Such debate now is being more widely discussed and is now longer being maintained on Melon Farmers. Religion news is now limited to matters of censorship.

Nutter Watch

I always see nutters as those who feel that their moral ideas should be inflicted on others. They usually mean well, but unfortunately their morality is based on nonsense, and this is reflected in the validity of their ideas.

Most of the time their ranting isn't taken too seriously and it is ignored by everyone but themselves.

Just occasionally they strike a chord with the blame society and we end up with nutter inspired legislation


Mary Whitehouse and biishop

Contact via email to Dave: 
Or contribute:
Melon Farmers Censorship Forum


Mary Whitehouse
Andrea Dworkin

Recent Nutters

Nutter Watch Religion

21st Oct
auntie annes pretzel dogs
Stupid and Backwards Malaysia
Minister notes that decision to ban the phrase hot dog does nothing for Malaysia's credibility
Nutter Watch Religion

15th Oct
estonia kick mary
Somebody deserves a good kicking
Churchmen and politicians whinge about an art exhibit at Estonia's new National Museum
Nutter Watch Religion

14th Oct
Pakistan flag
Update: No religious freedom in Pakistan
TV censors block 11 christian channels from cable TV
Nutter Watch PC News

12th Oct
kirk solicitors advert
Tutu tutter
Advert censor dismisses an even more trivial than usual PC complaint about dancers 'protecting their assets'
MediaWatch-UK Media watch-UK witty whitehouse
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A posthumous 'I told you so'
After a barrister who once opposed Mary Whitehouse in court now says she was maybe ahead of her time, press commentators have been lining up to agree, including this by Rod Liddle
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US

10th Oct
Update: Morality in Media recommends
HBO's Westworld which 'uses brothels as a backdrop for full frontal nudity'
Nutter Watch UK Nutters

9th Oct
Fall 3 DVD Gillian Anderson
Doon Mackichan recommends
The Fall, crime porn pandering to viewers who enjoy gritty dramas
Nutter Watch Religion ashish gupta bollywood bloodbath
Update: Fashionable offence taking
Rajan Zed whinges about London fashion show with models taking on a theme of hindu dieties

Previous Nutters

Nutter Watch PC News

8th Oct
Offsite Podcast: I won't play the PC game
spiked podcast Professor Jordan Peterson interestingly tells spiked why he refuses to use mad gender pronouns as soon to be mandated by a new Canadian censorship law
Nutter Watch Religion

7th Oct
Justice falls short
Iran woman imprisoned for 5 years for writing an unpublished short storing abut stoning
Nutter Watch PC News

6th Oct
Dangerous Truths
Council of Europe calls on Theresa May to censor news media from reporting on the muslim background of terrorists
Nutter Watch PC News

4th Oct
Inappropriate appropriation
Ludicrous PC students come to the conclusion that any media set in a foreign culture could cause offence and must be banned, eg the opera Aida set in Egypt
MediaWatch-UK Media watch-UK

30th Sep
A UK TV reference guide for walking on PC eggshells
Ofcom categorise words according to their levels of 'offensiveness'
Nutter Watch PC News
Harry Hill begs Ofcom's pardon for an 8 year old Burp
Flippant mockery of a trans documentary was acceptable 8 years ago but now has to be censored
Nutter Watch Religion
Offsite Article: The Deplorables
Pepe the Frog has been added to a religious campaign group's database as a 'hate symbol'
Nutter Watch Religion

28th Sep
Update: Litigation Heaven
Speculation that Louis Theroux's My Scientology Movie has been banned in Ireland over fears about the country's blasphemy law
Nutter Watch PC News

25th Sep
Judged Offside
Paul Gascoigne fined 1600 pounds after performing a trivial joke about dark skin
Nutter Watch Religion

24th Sep
Updated: Epic intolerance
Ben-Hur censored in Malaysia
Nutter Watch PC News
Commented: Does political correctness ban authors from writing books set in other cultures?
Author Lionel Shriver comments 'I hope the concept of cultural appropriation is a passing fad'
Nutter Watch PC News

23rd Sep
Inappropriate stereotypical fat shaming appropriation
Disney withdraw Maui costume after PC complaints
Nutter Watch PC News

22nd Sep
ASA vs English Freedom
Advert censor bans gollywog character from adverts for the Ginger Pop Shop

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