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Melon Farmers

News Sunday 7th February...

Nutter Watch Religion Antichrist DVD Willem Dafoe
Updated: Antichrist Banned in France
Religious censors get court to revoke 16 rating for Lars Von Trier's film. Then they turn their attention to The Hateful Eight
Nutter Watch PC News Delilah Tom Jones
No Laughing Matter
PC MP calls for a ban of the rugby anthem Delilah

News Friday 5th February...

Nutter Watch Religion comment is free logo
Extract: Comment is no longer free
The Guardian notes that public opinion has turned against immigration and islam and the newspaper will end online comments for related articles so as to avoid toxic comment

Religious Watch

Religious Watch logo

A change of focus, 9th June 2015

A website was previously maintained tracking a wider remit of religious intolerance. Such debate now is being more widely discussed and is now longer being maintained on Melon Farmers. Religion news is now limited to matters of censorship.

Nutter Watch

I always see nutters as those who feel that their moral ideas should be inflicted on others. They usually mean well, but unfortunately their morality is based on nonsense, and this is reflected in the validity of their ideas.

Most of the time their ranting isn't taken too seriously and it is ignored by everyone but themselves.

Just occasionally they strike a chord with the blame society and we end up with nutter inspired legislation


Mary Whitehouse and biishop

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Mary Whitehouse
Andrea Dworkin

Recent Nutters

Nutter Watch Religion

31st Jan
coldplay hymn ofr the weekeend video
Update: Rajan Zed Recommends
Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay
Nutter Watch PC News

30th Jan
irvine beat logo
Ethnically Correct
Ofcom bans the use of the word 'chinky', as used to describe a Chinese takeaway
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US

29th Jan
angel from hell
Update: One Million Moms Recommend
CBS TV show Angel from Hell
Nutter Watch Religion

27th Jan
france interdit-18-ans
France film censors award rare 18 rating to film about religious extremism
Nutter Watch PC News Jimmy Carr Being Funny DVD
Commented: Small minded TV censors
High priests of political correctness at Ofcom ban jokes about dwarves
Nutter Watch PC News

26th Jan
Birthday Cake George Washington
Burning Issues
PC bullies get book banned for its light hearted story set in a US time of slavery
Nutter Watch PC News Wartime Evacuee Refugee Fancy Costume
German Amazon offends the intelligence of just about everyone
Children's historic refugee costumes pulled in case they offend modern day migrants
Nutter Watch PC News

25th Jan
Updated: So who now decides who is allowed to be depicted as baddies in video games?
Survival Island 3 banned for setting up aborigines as targets for shootings

Previous Nutters

Nutter Watch PC News

21st Jan
Sexuality shouldn't be linked with domesticity
Shopper offended by lingerie shop window set in a laundrette
Nutter Watch PC News

20th Jan
Debate is Futile
A few vegans take easy offence at light hearted adverts for Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Nutter Watch Religion

15th Jan
Offsite Article: What's the difference between 'offensive' and 'grossly offensive'?
Judge Liam McNally's decision to allow the unpleasant Pastor James McConnell walk free is a little triumph for free speech. By Padraig Reidy.
Nutter Watch PC News
Offsite Article: After Cologne: let's dare to say how things really are'
A new Kafkaesque Europe where elevating European values over others is branded a phobia. Where to refuse to speak the truth is considered virtuous, and where saying how things really are, is seen as bad. By Brendan O'Neill
Nutter Watch Religion

14th Jan
Update: Hurt sentiments
TV comedian briefly jailed for blasphemy against a cult leader
Nutter Watch Religion
Updated: Worshiping Lord Bezos
Rajan Zed whinges at Fortune magazine
Nutter Watch PC News

13th Jan
Offsite Article: Taking the school bully down a peg or two
Chris Patten makes a robust response to the ludicrous Oxford student who whinged about a statue of Cecil Rhodes
Nutter Watch PC News

11th Jan
Natural Born Censor
Former government minster for feminism and political correctness appointed to ASA advisory committee
Nutter Watch PC News

9th Jan
PC bullies whinge at a generic name for a style of pillowcase named 'housewife'
And Wiki joins in the fun describing the style as: 'Housewife is essentially a bag, with a flap in the open end to fuck', or near enough
Nutter Watch PC News
Just when you thought PC whinges couldn't get any more inane
Hands up all those who are not a bit sexist, homophobic, racist and especially ageist when it comes to selecting sexual partners
Nutter Watch PC News
Just when you thought PC whinges couldn't get any more inane
A few tweeters get all 'offended' by a stripy scarf on sale at H and M
Nutter Watch PC News

8th Jan
The many faces of easy offence
Cyber bullies pick on Hungarian lawyer trying to highlight the decline of notable African tribes
Nutter Watch PC News
Offsite Article: Let's blame porn for everything
Ludicrous academic sees porn as a possible cause of Cologne New Year assaults but totally rejects any connection to the ethnicity of the perpetrators
Nutter Watch Religion

7th Jan
Offsite Article: Religious Correctness
A year after Charlie, RSF cautions against the insidious imposition of a 'religious correctness' that poses a major threat to the journalistic freedom to inform others (and make them laugh).
Nutter Watch Religion
Offsite Article: The truth about Charlie
Oe year after the 7 January attacks. By Karima Bennoune
Nutter Watch Religion

6th Jan
Update: Free to offend...but not too much
Judge finds high profile preacher's criticism of islam to be 'offensive' but not 'grossly offensive' so clears preacher of charges on internet insult
Nutter Watch Religion
Offsite Article: Our sacred right to blaspheme
Charlie Hebdo has been attacked, threatened, misunderstood and maligned, but it sticks to its core values. By Caroline Fourest

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