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Melon Farmers

News Monday 11th April...

Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US tv ma logo
Update: All that morality campaigning to no real avail
Parents TV Coincil claims that family TV is all but extinct in the US

News Sunday 10th April...

Nutter Watch Religion josh mcdoweel ministry logo
Christians are 'shocked' that porn users are ok with their choice of entertainment
Nutter Watch PC News police threats
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Scottish cops, stop policing our tweets
Police send menacing threats to 'visit' people sending unkind tweets

Religious Watch

Religious Watch logo

A change of focus, 9th June 2015

A website was previously maintained tracking a wider remit of religious intolerance. Such debate now is being more widely discussed and is now longer being maintained on Melon Farmers. Religion news is now limited to matters of censorship.

Nutter Watch

I always see nutters as those who feel that their moral ideas should be inflicted on others. They usually mean well, but unfortunately their morality is based on nonsense, and this is reflected in the validity of their ideas.

Most of the time their ranting isn't taken too seriously and it is ignored by everyone but themselves.

Just occasionally they strike a chord with the blame society and we end up with nutter inspired legislation


Mary Whitehouse and biishop

Contact via email to Dave:
Or contribute:
Melon Farmers Censorship Forum


Mary Whitehouse
Andrea Dworkin

Recent Nutters

Nutter Watch PC News

9th Apr
The Guardian
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The Guardian wants to engage with its readers
But only those who support its ridiculous brand of PC extremism
Nutter Watch Religion

8th Apr
Bangladesh flag
Update: Extreme censorship
Another secular blogger murdered by muslim extremists in Bangladesh
Nutter Watch Religion

7th Apr
hebdo editorial
Commented: Beyond criticism
Commentators are 'outraged' by Charlie Hebdo editiorial suggesting that the wider muslim community indirectly support terrorism by shutting down criticism of islam
Nutter Watch Religion

2nd Apr
doyle tweet
Commented: Met Police: armed wing of the offence-taking industry
Man ludicrously arrested over non threatening tweet referencing the worldwide debate about support for terrorism
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US

29th Mar
vidangel logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Speechless
Another attempt at technology to self censor movies for the easily offended
Nutter Watch PC News

27th Mar
The Guardian
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Comment Isn't Free
The Guardian is a little slow to see that its brand of PC extremism isn't so popular with its internet commenters

Previous Nutters

Nutter Watch PC News

23rd Mar
Sexist and violent and funny
Australian advert censor whinges about a witty advertising board
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US
Religious vandals censor advert on back of a removals van
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US
Update: Trivialising Torture
Morality in Media write to the UN with the ludicrous claim that pornography is a form of torture
Nutter Watch PC News

21st Mar
Update: Police Suck
New Zealand police report Wicked Campervans to the censors over unpolitically correct slogans
Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US
Updated: Parents TV Council Recommends
Of Kings and Prophets, a new US TV miniseries on ABC
World News World Nutters

20th Mar
Fewer freedoms, the state will take care of that
Geert Wilders on trial for inciting hatred against Dutch Moroccans
Nutter Watch Religion
Update: Iconic censorship
Rajan Zed calls on European art galleries to censor the artwork, Barbie Kali
Nutter Watch Religion
Offsite Article: Fearful Censorship
Index on Censorship says theatremakers are self-censoring plays to avoid islamic backlash
Nutter Watch PC News

17th Mar
More Inappropriate Censorship
Councils ban Roy Chubby Brown from its venues citing 'inappropriateness'
Nutter Watch PC News
Commented: PC Bandwagoning
Mayoral candidate puts his own morality above the livelihoods and entertainment wishes of hundreds of residents and proposes to ban all adult entertainment in Bristol
Nutter Watch Religion

16th Mar
No criticisms allowed of the most violent influences of our times
Report finds an increase in support for restrictions on free speech about religion
Nutter Watch Religion
Updated: Homophobic Censorship
Italian catholics ban the gay film Weekend from much of Italy
Nutter Watch PC News

13th Mar
Banning Words: Covertly imposing a censorial ethos
Birmingham's Education Commissioner bans the words 'Trojan horse' to describe attempts by groups to take over schools and covertly impose a muslim ethos.
MediaWatch-UK Media watch-UK
Mediawatch-UK recommends
Versailles on BBC2
Nutter Watch UK Nutters
Kidscape Recommends
BBC3 Online
Nutter Watch Religion
One Million Moms Recommend
The Real O'Neal's
Nutter Watch PC News

12th Mar
Policing Punchlines
The might of the Canadian state lays into a comedian for telling a bad taste joke
Nutter Watch PC News

11th Mar
Miserable Canada
Ontario PC extremists whinge about sexy uniforms at Hooters

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