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Melon Farmers

7th July

 Updated: Daily Mail Recommends...

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Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money
Link Here
rihanna bitch have my money video The Daily Mail writes:

Warning Explicit Content: Rihanna fully nude and bloody on quest for revenge in Bitch Better Have My Money music video

The seven-minute video was rated for mature audiences for its language, nudity and violence.

The Mail then continues giving a full illustrated synopsis of the video. And strangely the description is straightforward and totally lacking in the flowery prose of Daily Mail 'outrage'.

The Guardian adds:

Depending on which commentator or social media spat you choose, the video,  viewed 12 million times since its release, is either an empowering challenge to music industry stereotypes or a racist and gory piece of misogyny.

Predictably, BBHMM ignited a furious debate. A headline on Refinery29 declared the video Not Safe For Work or Feminists while Twitter accused Rihanna of glorifying violence against women, and condemned the kidnapped female trope. Rolling Stone was attacked for praising the video and crediting the two minor male roles while not even giving a name to the actress who plays the main role.

In general the newspapers seem disappointingly unoutraged. Rihanna needs to try a bit harder.

Update: Repulsive new video for her repulsive single

7th July 2015. See  article from by Sarah Vine, Daily Mail hack and wife of Michael Gove

sarah vine Rihanna and a video that should turn all mothers' stomachs: 'Concerned parent', [and wife of the government's chief whip] Sarah Vine, on the star's latest song that glorifies murder, torture, drug-taking, guns and racial stereotyping

When I first watched Rihanna's repulsive new video for her repulsive single, Bitch Better Have My Money , it had only had a couple of million views. It was last Wednesday, in fact, shortly after Nick Grimshaw had mentioned it on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Even Grimshaw seemed a little bit shocked -- and he's not exactly a prude. It had made him feel proper sick, he said. Hmm, I thought to myself. Better check this one out.


A civilised society learns to censor such things for the greater good of all who live in it.

Without such boundaries, we are little more than savages. And Rihanna reminds us just how far we have fallen.

...Read the full recommendation

Update: Viv recommends the video: 'Unbelievably Shocking!'

7th July 2015. See  article from

mediawatch banner logo Travel firm Kuoni and the Co-operative Group are the first to say they will stop their adverts playing before the singer's track Bitch Better Have My Money on video streaming website Vevo.

Kuoni said last night they have a policy of not advertising alongside explicit content and would be withdrawing their support for the video.

Chris Sonne, a spokesman for the Co-op, said:

This is certainly not something we would ever wish to be associated with. We are seeking to have the advert removed.

Vivienne Pattison, of pressure group Mediawatch-UK, said:

It is fantastic that advertisers have begun to take responsibility and withdraw their support for this unbelievably shocking video. I hope that more follow suit.

She also expressed her concern over the lack of restrictions in place on Vevo to prevent children from watching the film.

Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, added:

It is a grossly irresponsible production and we hope that no reputable advertiser will wish to support it or be associated with it in any way.


31st March

  Daily Mail and the BBFC recommend the first 18 rated music video on YouTube...

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Couple of Stacks by Dizzee Rascal
Link Here  full story: BBFC Online Music Censors...Scheme for UK music publishers to get BBFC rating for videos

dizzee rascal couple of stacks video British made online music videos are to being given age ratings. The BBFC, which is running the initiative, has estimated that one in five videos released will be deemed unfit for those under 12. Video sharing sites YouTube and Vevo have signed up to the scheme and pledged to include the warnings on clips uploaded to their sites. Vevo puts the rating in the top corner of the video, while YouTube includes it in the information beneath.

However some of the world's raunchiest performers, such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, are not covered by the scheme and there are no measures in place to enforce the guidelines. A spokesman for Vevo said:

There is no signing in as such or filters -- although this is a next step that may be added in time. At the moment this is about giving parents and users the information they need to make a more informed viewing choice and decision. To be effective it requires that parents also take an active interest in what their children are watching.

Rapper Dizzee Rascal has scored a first, his video Couple of Stacks is the first and so far the only 18 rating under the initiative for strong bloody violence, gore, very strong language . The three and a half minute clip contains extreme violence with the rapper ripping the heart out of a stripping woman, brandishing a knife while covered in blood and decapitating a woman whose body then stumbles around the room.  He also holds a family hostage and serves a cake with severed fingers instead of candles. He is shown pulling out a person's eyeball, slitting one woman's throat and cutting another's head in half.

Vivienne Pattison, a moralist campaigner from Media Watch-UK, said:

When parents are surveyed, the two areas that came up as being particularly problematic were soap operas and music videos, those are the two areas that come up again and again as the issue. One in five, that's a huge number of videos.

What happens is one video pushes the boundaries and the next artists is under pressure to do the same in order to get people talking about it. It becomes a great merry-go-round and I think that is a fantastic illustration of exactly where this is gone, it's quite extraordinary.

It's not a magic bullet but it's a fantastic step and I think it will really make a difference. I don't know where we will end up down the line but I would like this to act as a kite mark for music videos. This is not a move about censorship, the videos will all still be there, but I think artists and record companies need to take seriously that if they are targeting young fans they have got to do it responsibly.

On the lack of enforcement of the ratings, she said: You can't go into a shop and buy a 15 rated film without ID and we need to see about extending those protections online.


12th March

 Updated: Flogging a Grey Horse...

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The inevitable inane whinges about Fifty Shades of Grey high street merchandising
Link Here  full story: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie...Kink for kids Hollywood style
ann summers fact not fiction advert Ann Summers has removed some Fifty Shades of Grey-style posters from its windows following whinges from mothers and bullying campaigners.

The high street lingerie chain confirmed several branches, located near stores targeted at children such as Mothercare and Build-A-Bear, have removed the images.

ann summers 50-shades bra advert The posters, which were rolled out in all 142 Ann Summers stores several weeks ago, show a woman kneeling on a red sofa, dressed in a cut-away leotard that at first glance looks like she is just wearing nipple tassels, but in fact she is wearing a bra with a cap design over the area of the nipple.

She is holding a large leather whip and striking a pose next to a handcuffed man in his underpants.

Mothers and campaigners ludicrously complained that the pornographic images could be easily seen by children

Vivienne Pattison of moralist campaign group Mediawatch-UK said her group had made complaints about nine branches of Ann Summers.

As a result the posters have been removed from stores in Milton Keynes, Wimbledon, Sutton, Norwich, Eastbourne, Taunton, and the Ann Summers stores in all 18 Intu Chapelfield shopping centres.  A spokesman for Ann Summers confirmed the company has had six complaints from its retail stores and fewer than 20 complaints via email or letters.

Pattison claimed the campaign potentially breached the recommendations made by the 2011 Bailey Review into the sexualisation of children. She spouted:

We are used to seeing the windows of Ann Summers featuring lingerie but this image, featuring a bare breasted (except for nipple tassels) model goes too far and is inappropriate for display in places which are likely to have numbers of children present.

Any child passing this image will be subject to its overt sexual messaging and imagery. Government guidelines for retailers in the Bailey Review state that sexualised images should not be displayed in children's eye line.

This government has done much to address the early sexualisation of children in our society and Ann Summers needs to be made aware that it too has a responsibility in this regard.

Christian pastor Paul Burns joined and said he was 'shocked' to see the display on his way to church. He said:

I watched four separate families pull their children away from this window display. It has whips, it has a woman basically degraded with what you would expect to see in a porn film that people buy to watch. It is not what you expect to see in a family shopping centre.

Update: Taking the moralist line

13th March 2015.  See  article from

childs eye line uk logo Kathy McGuinness, founder of the two year old anti-sexualisation campaign group, Child's Eye Line UK, whinged about the poster continuing to be displayed at the Staines store:

They are pushing the boundaries and it's all about profit. They don't care about children. You've got parents wheeling children around shopping centres and they shouldn't have to deal with it. It may be okay for adults to see it, or not, but for a child it's very confusing.

They want to make as big an impact as possible, and it's pushing the boundaries. How is that fair for children? This shows a sexualised image which is damaging to children and is unacceptable in the High Street.

The guidelines are there for a good reason after extensive research. It's irresponsible in a family-friendly shopping centre. Ann Summers is refusing to act and the only reason the posters are coming down is because the shopping centres have shamed them into it.

Ann Summers is yet to make a responsible decision and is only doing so when it is enforced where local shopping centres have applied pressure.

The Two Rivers Shopping Centre said it had not received any complaints, but it has been in contact with the lingerie store about the poster and is awaiting a reply from its head office.

Mary Whitehouse

Vivienne Pattison


A British pressure group  which campaigns against the publication and broadcast of media content that it views as harmful and offensive, such as violence, profanity, sex, homosexuality and blasphemy.

It was formed in 1965 by Nary Whitehouse as the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association. The group changed its name to Mediawatch-UK in 2001.

 - Mary Whitehouse 1965-1994
 - John Beyer 1994-2009
 - Vivienne Pattison 2009-present

Now most notable for providing sound bites providing 'outraged viewers' for stories in the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph.


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