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BBC to end programmes with white men explaining things...

It's hardly going to do much for community cohesion if you make your own people unwanted

Link Here 26th August 2018
The BBC no longer wants TV shows in which white, middle-aged men stand up and explain things, according to one of the corporation's senior executives.

Programmes that feature individual presenters imparting their knowledge of a subject to viewers are too static and no longer excite audiences, Cassian Harrison, editor of BBC Four, told the Edinburgh Television Festival yesterday

He said controllers of other channels, including BBC Two, had also taken against the outdated presenting format. There's a mode of programming that involves a presenter, usually white, middle-aged and male, standing on a hill and 'telling you like it is'. We all recognise the era of that has passed.



Justice not seen to be done by the police...

Appeal court reminds police that men are not guilty as soon as a woman makes an accusation

Link Here 21st June 2018
One of the country's most senior judges yesterday told police to stop calling those who report rape or sexual assaults victims.

No one in a sex case is a victim until the crime has been proved by a guilty plea or a guilty verdict, Lord Justice Gross said.

In a powerful rebuke to police chiefs, the Appeal judge said there should be a change of culture in police forces to ensure that allegations are properly investigated and that those who make accusations are not automatically believed.

The criticism of police for failing to deal properly with sex cases, delivered in a speech to criminal lawyers, amounts to a demand from the judiciary to an end to the ideology of victimhood.



Offsite Article: The consequences of police stitching innocent people up for crimes they did not commit...

Link Here 10th June 2018
Why Brits are turning against the police. Even respectable society now hates the rozzers. By Patrick West

See article from


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