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24th December  Race, Sex & Violence

Children Now are campaigning US nutters who present their opinions as if it were research. In their own words they are a child research and action organization. They are clearly using a Trojan Horse policy of using the more acceptable race card to obtain their own censorial aims.

The makers of the top-selling video games portray almost all black women as victims of violence, according to a new study. Video makers design the games so that 86% of the black women in them are harmed violently.

Among the study's other findings: In games designed for young children, video makers made all the human characters white.

In the study, called "Fair Play?", the game makers made nearly all of the heroes white, and female characters were severely under-represented, accounting for only 16% of human characters. The dearth of racial and gender diversity and the predominance of violence in top-selling video games send negative messages to children," said Lois Salisbury, president of the U.S.-based group Children Now, which did the study.

The study examined Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Nintendo's Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, along with games made for computers. The study found a lack of role diversity for females and characters of color. Female characters were most likely to be portrayed as props or bystanders. Black and Latino men were typically athletes; and Asian/Pacific Islanders were usually wrestlers or fighters. In addition, there were no Latina characters.

The study also found that 89% of video games that were examined contained violent content, almost half of which frequently resulted in visible harm to the characters in fighting, sports, strategy or action games.

The study also discovered that video game ratings can be misleading. The Children Now study found that more than 79% of the games analyzed that were rated "E" for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) contained violence. More than 28% of the E-rated games frequently included images of harm or injury.

The study also found that few of the top-selling games contained features found to be appealing to girls, such as female-controlled characters, the ability to create something and cooperative play. Sixty one percent of games featured less than half of the elements that girls enjoy.

Among the other key findings of the study:

  • Female character roles and behaviors were frequently stereotyped, with females more likely than males to scream, to wear revealing clothing, and to share, help or nurture.
  • The negative consequences of violence were rarely shown, with most victims appearing unaffected by the aggressive acts committed against them.
24th December   Clearly Nutters

Los Angeles-based ClearPlay is offering downloadable software that can "clean" DVDs so that sex, swearing and violence are edited out for family viewing. The software must be used in conjunction with a PC's DVD-ROM drive and then connected to a TV. The program instructs the DVD player to "skip over" or "mute" content based on time signatures from the particular film. ClearPlay charges $9.95 per month to access its library of 150 screened DVD titles, and says it is adding 25 new titles per month.

The Daily Mail has reported a similar set-top box, TVGuardian which will go on sale in Britain in 2002. It can intercept and cut out more than 150 "inappropriate" words and phases as determined from scanning the subtitles for the deaf. It will cost about 60. The box will be developed from a US product made by Principle Solutions.

19th December   Nutters on the March

Thanks to Simon for pointing out nutter activity. From

Next March - on Saturday May 11th 2002, mediamarch 4 in central London will followed by rally in Trafalgar Square

. . . . These are just some of the supporters of mediamarch:

Nutter Organisations:

  • mediawatch-uk (previously National VALA)
  • The Parents Network
  • National Council for Christian Standards in Society
  • Knights of St Columba
  • CRUX
  • Maranatha Community Manchester
  • Muslim Council of Britain.

Nutter Individuals:

  • Gerald Howarth MP (Chairman, Lords & Commons Family & Child Protection Group (LCFCPG) Houses of Parliament)
  • Rt Hon Baroness Young DL
  • Peter Luff MP
  • the late Mary Whitehouse (Founder of mediawatch-uk)
  • Lord Ashbourne (Past Chairman, LCFCPG)
  • Marquis of Reading
  • Isobel Wilson (mother of one little girl shot and killed at Dunblane Primary School)
  • Roger Scruton
  • Rosemary-Anne Sisson
18th November   For Nutters Eyes Only

Customers going into Newcastle's For Your Eyes Only are being photographed by a group of nutter women opposed to the club. They hope to get men in trouble with partners and wives but the club says it welcomes the 'free publicity' and its customers are not ashamed. The women put the men's photos on their website at  in an attempt to deter men from going there

Edmund Lavelle, managing director of the chain, which has four other clubs, says It is difficult to say whether the website will have an adverse effect on business.

No sooner had I posted the article when Angelfire removed the site in question, leaving this message in its place: The page you are attempting to access has been removed because it violated Angelfire's Terms of Service.

8th October   Which Nutters (updated)

The inevitable continuation of the market for hardcore leads the nutters into ever more desperate measures. They have now taken to hassling customer care acreditation. This is a letter I have received from Strawberry X  

We were very proud to have been a member of the Which? webtrader scheme, unfortunately, due to a complaint from a member of the public, Which? have suspended our use of their logo.

Uncharacteristically, Which? wont give any reason, or explanation of the complaint. However from their original email to me, it concerns the VRA and was a list of questions that read like a standard nutter email. We replied fully, and Which? contacted trading standards for clarification. Islington trading standards replied explaining in 1 paragraph the VRA 1984. They did not say whether we were breaking the law or not and left the decision to Which?

Needless to say, Which? run away quickly. I have sent two emails to Which? specifically describing nutter behaviour and asking if this was the case. Both times Which? have circumvented the issue.

As there's not really any higher customer care accreditor than the consumers association, this is a harsh blow.

What will the nutters go for next? We're used to them talking to police and trading standards, Then they started on banks and credit card payment solutions. Now they're even trying to attack us through a customer care certificate? Is this fucking desperation or what?

The letter from Which? read as follows

We were promoted to investigate this matter following a complaint   made to Which? Webtrader.  When complaints about members of the Which?   Webtrader scheme are brought to our attention we raise the issue with the   trader. On the basis of the information that was provided to us by  Strawberry X and then Trading Standards we requested that you removed the  logo. We will be confirming to the individual concerned the action that we  have taken.

   Thank you for taking prompt action to remove the logo. Should the   legal situation change in the future we would be happy to receive a new   application from Strawberry

   Yours sincerely

   Lesley Maslen
   Which? Webtrader Manager

And before we rush to blame the Internet Vigilante Nutters they have sent me the following email

For clarification purposes, the IV have have had NO correspondence with the 'Which? Webtrader Manager', which may be the implication your viewers perceive rom the report featured on your website. We needed to point this out, as we have no quarrel with Strawberry X.

IV Central

8th October   Playing at Censorship

Thanks to for another example of nutter harrassment:

We have obviously hit the big time, we have received the attached email from the nutter farm. It really makes you wonder what planet these guys are on, did anyone see the recent programme on channel 4 when "Golden Showers" were shown!!!

It is assumed that you are unaware that this is in fact illegal. Upon inspection it would appear your webapge, is currently infringing upon  the mailorder aspect of 'R18 Adult video works distribution' - please see  below current 'Home Office' legislation:-


We are hoping that you can make the alterations to your webpage, in order  that it complies to current UK law, without the involvement of Trading  Standards and/or Police. Please take our recomendations seriously, as our  workload ensures that this matter is not open for disscusion and we will  have no alternative but to forward our full reports should this illegal  activity not cease within one week of the date of this e-mail.

Best regards

8th October   Last Chance to Speak Out
I enjoyed this article and I feel it may have relevance to Nutter Watch

By Polly Toynbee from the Guardian

The only good religion is a moribund religion: only when the faithful are weak are they tolerant and peaceful. The horrible history of Christianity shows that whenever religion grabs temporal power it turns lethal. Those who believe theirs is the only way, truth and light will kill to create their heavens on earth if they get the chance. Tolerance only thrives when religion is banished to the private sphere, but bizarrely this government is marching backwards, with more faith schools, more use of "faith communities" and now Blunkett's new laws against "religious hatred" to save religion from vulgar abuse.

Wherever religion burns, it seeks power: Israel has become ever more dangerous (to itself and others) as religious parties gain power over secular ones. Religious politics scar India, Kashmir, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sudan ... the list of countries wrecked by religion is long. But the present danger is caused by Islamist theocracy.

There is no point in pretending it is not so. Wherever Islam either is the government or bears down upon the government, it imposes harsh regimes that deny the most basic human rights. Religions never accept universal human rights because their notion of rights derives from a higher revealed truth. Hundreds of emails from Muslims around the world flooded in this week claiming that UN human rights are a western construct, alien to their culture. A moderate one wrote: "Islam has its own understanding on human rights and the social order and the relationship between men and women established 1,400 years ago." Islam does have as wide a spectrum of interpretation as Christianity's long stretch from Ian Paisley to the Pope to the Quakers - but their Paisley element is alarmingly powerful.

This may be the last chance to say so before emergency measures ban "incitement to religious hatred". To say that religion is dangerous nonsense is indeed intended to incite people against irrational superstition in favour of reason. But this law will insulate religious ideas in a sanctuary beyond scrutiny, refutation or ridicule. Why does religion deserve a realm beyond questioning?

Lady Thatcher's outburst yesterday was a false accusation that Muslims in Britain had failed to condemn the September 11 horror, when every mosque (bar the notorious two) rapidly denounced the atrocity in shocked terms - as did all Muslim countries except Iraq and the Taliban. At a time when the Muslim News reports more than 200 attacks on mosques, what she said was nastily inflammatory. But satisfying though it would be to see the baroness thrown in the slammer for incitement, this proposed law will never work. It is a Dangerous Dogs Act in the making: it is as difficult to define "religion" as it was to define a pit bull. The charity commission regularly wrestles with ineffable nonsense so that Odin worshippers qualified but some pagans did not.

Religions will seek to use these new laws against anything they deem blasphemous. Incitement to religious hatred will be an offence, along with "religious hatred" as an aggravating factor lengthening the sentences of people caught committing a crime. The rationale for this hurried law is that the BNP put out leaflets in Oldham with pictures of the World Trade Centre, reading, "This is what Muslims believe should happen to the west." But where Muslim is simply used as a blatant proxy for race, existing anti-racist laws can be used. It was originally mooted for Northern Ireland - though whether Protestant parents already committing several intimidatory offences by hurling abuse at Catholic children need a special law against calling them Taigs is doubtful. Religious lobbies have wanted this for years. The danger is that they intend to use it as a proxy blasphemy law: it is indeed disgraceful that our archaic blasphemy law covers only Christianity - but it should be abolished altogether. This will muddy the waters between race and religion, tarring all religious critics with the smear of racism, something that has already intimidated the rational into silence on Islam - leaving it to feminists, gays and the doughty National Secular Society.

I bn Warraq, director of the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society, is an apostate scion of a Koranic school and author of Why I Am Not A Muslim. He strongly opposes the proposed law: "Already there is an intellectual omerta on any criticism of Islam, great intellectual cowardice in facing up to the Koran and what it actually says. Politicians mouth platitudes about Islam as a peaceful, tolerant religion. The left dare not criticise it, tongue-tied with post-colonial guilt. New laws risk stifling the golden thread of rationalism that western civilisation is built on." He considers that Blair and Bush have their own raison d'etat for wooing Islam, pretending it is a tolerant faith while needing allies.

But the blood-curdling words of the Prophet are there for all to read: "Kill those who join other gods" (Koran, 6: 5-6). Muslims must "slay or crucify or cut the hands and feet of the unbeliever" (5:34). "From them [the unbelievers] garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their head a boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods" (22:19-22). The Prophet commands for any unbeliever, "Seize ye him and bind ye him, And burn ye him in the Blazing Fire. Further make him march in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits... Nor hath he any food except the corruption from the washing of wounds." There is much more, with smiting above necks and smiting all fingertips off. It is notable that his early words of tolerance spring from when he was weak, while the murderous talk comes from his later all-conquering days. As for women's rights, slave-maids are the spoils of war, just as scores of celestial virgins are the reward for martyrs. Husbands have the right to scourge disobedient wives, women's evidence is inadmissible in court - all this jars with the hundreds of emails I had explaining how well Islam respects women.

How do so many moderate, peaceful and contemplative Muslims translate the many savage words on the page into a quite different version of Islam? Many disclaim the barbaric practices of Muslim regimes as essentially non- Islamic, but tribal. Ibn Warraq says: "Sometimes they claim there are no such verses. They tell westerners it is different in Arabic - but I know Arabic and the translations are accurate. Moderates try to reinterpret it which you can a little, but the Koran is not infinitely elastic." Warraq warns people not to be intimidated out of challenging Islamic ideas, but he fears new laws would do just that. Emails will flow in again in their thousands, taking deep offence. But religion must not be placed beyond criticism by accusations of Islamophobia, which has become a code for racism. 

4th October   Fantasy Nutters
The Internet Vigilante Nutters have found another target in FantasySupplies:

Dear Sirs,

We have received a report that you are currently supplying R18 videos to  members of the UK public, via mailorder at the following website:-

It is assumed that you are unaware that this is in fact illegal.  Upon inspection it would appear your webapge, is currently infringing upon
the mailorder aspect of 'R18 Adult video works distribution' - please see  below current 'Home Office' legislation:-

We are hoping that you can make the alterations to your webpage, in order that it complies to current UK law, without the involvement of Trading Standards and/or Police. Please take our recomendations seriously, as our  workload ensures that this matter is not open for disscusion and we will have no alternative but to forward our full reports should this illegal activity not cease within one week of the date of this e-mail.

Best regards


27th September   NutterCam

The Internet Vigilante Nutters have found yet another target in their quest to drive the porn market underground. This time a site called is under seige. Perhaps the nutters ought to look to the world news. The Taleban have the strictest censorial regulations in the uncivilised world and predictably they are also the biggest shits in the uncivilised world.

See a comment in Legal Debate about whether video based material is governed by the Video Recordings Act anyway. Saying that, Britcams do sell videos of their material which will then be governed by the VRA.

Dear Sirs,

We recently received a complaint from a member of the public, regarding the activities of the following webpage:-

Upon inspection it would appear your webpage, is currently infringing upon the several aspectsof video recordings act It is assumed that yourself or your company are unaware of the current law within this country.

Please can you ensure, that the above mentioned website, complies with current UK law (highlighted above), within 7 working days of the date of this e-mail. If these modifications are executed, our reports will not be forwarded to local trading standards/Police.

Best regards and I look forward to any feedback you may wish to provide.

IV (South West District)

13th September   Bitching about Rockbitch

Religious nutters and councillors are trying to prevent my favourite band from playing in Wales. Rockbitch have already been banned from performing in Cardiff, but campaigners want to block their gig in Newport on September 17.

The band are famed for their refreshingly frank on-stage sex acts and nudity.

Reverend Nutter Peter Wood of Newport's Summerhill Baptist Church told NME: This is a challenge to the values of the whole of Western society. It's important we don't just dismiss these people and their views as a joke - it's actually very dangerous.

The shameful Newport Councillor Garry Brown said: I think we should all get together - the council, the magistrates, the police - and stop this.

Promoter Mike Jones said: Yes, it's an outrageous show - it's very in-your-face. But if you don't like it, don't go and see it. It's as simple as that.

9th September   UK Protection of Children Online

So we have a new bunch of nutters: UK Protection of Children Online. I would  have thought that people who really cared about children would support the transfer of the business from the black market to legitimate UK business. Any selling to children will be much better dealt with if the traders are known and above board. People won't stop buying porn just because UK traders aren't allowed to sell it, they will for sure buy from foreign companies and black market traders instead. It is for this reason that I suspect that UK Protection of Children Online are just another bunch of nutters who want to impose their own noxious morality on their fellow man.

This is an email they sent to Taboo, local government and the police: Notice that they dishonestly use mere Home Office suggestions for discussion as if they were regulations.

To whom it may concern,

We have recieved several complaints, from concerned parents, regarding the activities of the below mentioned individual(s), in your region.

Taboo Sex Toys & Lingerie Ltd.
57-58 Blackwell Street
DY10 2EE

Upon inspection it would appear this organisation is blatantly breaking current UK law, regarding the distribution of 'R18' video works (aka - hard core pornography). You will see, at below webpage, the various advertisements for R18 video works:-

This website is infringing upon the mailorder aspect of adult video work distribution, please see below extracts:-


2.2 There are strict controls on the sale of videoworks which are given an R18 classification. Under Section 12 of the Video Recordings Act 1984, such videos can only be sold in a licensed sex shop - of which there are approximately 90 in England and Wales plus two in Scotland - to adults aged 18 and over. They cannot be LEGALLY SOLD BY MAIL ORDER, supplied through ordinary video outlets or shown on television. THEIR SUPPLY OTHER THAN IN a licensed sex shop would be a criminal offence subject to a fine of up to 5,000, six months' imprisonment, or both.

Furthermore it is noted that white paper proposals plan to increase the above mentioned fine to 20,000 - an indictaion of how serious the Government take this sort of activity.

Section 12 (1) Where a classification certificate issued in respect of a video work states that no video recording containing that work is to be supplied other than in a licensed sex shop, a person who at any place other than in a sex shop for which a licence is in force under the relevant enactment-- (a) supplies a video recording containing the work, or (b) offers to do so, is guilty of an offence

The 'R18' category, required by the Video Recordings Act, is primarily for explicit videos of consenting sex between adults. 'R18' videos may be supplied ONLY IN licensed sex shops which no-one under 18 can enter.

In light above regulations, we would appreciate a swift response and an end to this illegal activity and prosecution to the maximum extent possible under UK law.

Please respond at your earliest convenience, as we need to report back to the complainees, with a conclusion on this matter.

Best regards
Miss H Dobson
Case Manager - East Midlands
UK Protection of Children Online

22nd August   Nutter Dobson has been targeted by Nutters:

On Sat 18,8,01 l get an e.mail from a Helen Dobson, advising me that l was breaking the law as to the posting of R18 videos, as they can only be sold in  a licensed sex shop, she also sent that e.mail to West Mercia police, and my local trading standards office, by cc on the e.mail. She has asked the police to follow it up and to use the full arm of the law to stop us trading..  Now as far as l am concerned, the sale takes place when l put the credit card
through my pdq machine, and at that point it will tell me that the c/c is authorised or not authorised, and of couse all this is done in a licensed sex shop.

The police came in the shop today, as part of license renewal, l asked them and as far as they were concerned IF it was passed by the bbfc the police have no problem.

18th August   High Priority Illegal Nutter Activity

The East Midland Internet Vigilante Nutters are continuing to harangue X-Sensual. Their latest memo certainly has a sense of raving desperation. European Human Rights legislation states that material can only be censored after justification of harm. As proof of harm from porn has proved elusive, then it seems to me that it is the Nutters who are acting illegally.

From: IV

To whom it may concern,

We note that your webpage is still operational and operating illegally. As no attempt has been made to rectify the illegal content of your site, we have no choice but to advance to stage 2 - 'high priority illegal activity status'.

Stage 2 'summary'

  1. Remind Notts Trading Standards of their obligations to prosecute.
  2. Inform several Notts local councillors that this activity is going on, within their environment.
  3. Forward the initial report we received; 'the parent was concerned that you had quoted a price for a video to her 12 year old child, via e-mail' to Nottinghamshire Vice Squad - this may entail additional charges under the Child Protection Act.
  4. Liase with your merchant account manager and establish what their policy is on illegal activity carried out, using their merchant services.


IV - East Midlands

4th July

Internet Vigilantes

  Guess Who Stirred up the Brum Raids

I recently posted a news item about Birmingham sex shop raids. Guess who as owned up to making the complaints. None other than the Internet Vigilante Nutters. They have sent me the following email on the subject.

Get ready to do much more typing up of similiar stories and modifications to your 'licensed shops' list, as they go down like flies!

Much,much more to come in and around the Midlands area in the coming weeks.

Internet Vigilantes

I must admit to being a little fascinated in people who clearly derive so much pleasure from unneccessarily depriving their fellow man of the sexual pleasures of life. Perhaps they would like to inform the Melon Farmers about what their mission is and why? In particular why are they attacking legitimate businesses on technicalities such as the mail order prohibition when any success in this campaign will only lead to the re-establishment of an even more undesirable black market? Beats me.

27th June


  Mediawatch-UK Annual General Meeting , May 2001

From the Chairman's Keynote Speech by John Milton Whatmore

At last year's AGM I alluded to the Culture War we were waging against a society which seemed not to care that the underpinning pillars that keep Society safe, sound, tolerant and free were greatly endangered, and indeed being eroded.

During the last year have seen more depressing statistics published to support the argument that Mediawatch-UK still needs to be brave in its campaigning for honest and decent programming on Television and radio, and vigilant in its monitoring of media output and lobbying of government legislation.

  • 40% of all children born in the UK last year were born out of wedlock.
  • Teenage girls in the UK are 5 times more likely to become pregnant than any other country in Europe.
  • A recent Home Office Report published earlier this month indicated that residents in England and Wales run a higher risk of being a victim of crime, than in any country in Europe, the United States and Japan.
  • Violent crime is rising faster in Britain than anywhere in Europe too
  • Violent crime including Muggings and violent assault has risen sharply by 16% in the last year.
  • England & Wales has the second worst case history in the world for "victimisation risk" the chances of an individual becoming the victim of a crime or an attempted crime in a given year.
  • And England and Wales also topped the European league for Car Theft, Burglary, robbery, personal assault and sex attacks.

Against this backdrop we have a Film Industry forever trying to push back the barriers of taste and decency and a Film censorship body intent on becoming more and more liberal in its attitude.

We have a Television Industry, which is more concerned with ratings and driven to commercial profits than it is with supplying wholesome public broadcasting. And we have toothless watchdogs and regulatory bodies that can't or won't arbitrate in favour of taste and decency.

It is not fashionable at present to link public morals with public behaviour. Whenever I have been participating on radio programmes this year or being interviewed in the Press I have been given a fair hearing until I mention public morals, then I have been moved on to another subject.

The media does not like being reminded of the fact that it is contributing to a corruption of public morals. I have been encouraged though on several occasions when I have contributed to radiophone ins, to hear that many callers agreed with my arguments.

I said it last year and I'll repeat it again this year...THERE IS MORE REASON FOR MEDIAWATCH-UK TO EXIST NOW THAN EVER BEFORE.

Why do I assert that? Because we are now living in a society which subscribes to self-regulation...people know what's best for themselves...Society does not need to be nannied...individuals can make up their own mind what they require to lead their lives.

That enlightened attitude and liberal policy should, I venture to suggest be resisted at all corners of the argument. All the evidence suggests that it has produced a society, which at best is self-indulgent and at worst is morally and criminally corrupt.

Sociological behaviour is a very complex issue and I am not going to insult your intelligence by claiming that the principles Mediawatch-UK stands for would at a stroke solve all the problems.

But we have to help . Where has all the cultural and enlightened changes made in the last 50 years got us? The British Crime Survey has estimated that the instance of crime has risen from 500,000 in that time to a staggering 20 Million today.

  • The young gang member needs to discover right from wrong.
  • He needs to have sound role models to which he can relate.
  • The messages he receives from the airways of Television and Radio need to wholesome.
  • He needs to be encouraged to recognise the value of life and compassion to others.
  • He needs to discover that his life could be enriched through service as opposed to crime.
  • He needs to be inspired to use his talents and gifts in a constructive way.

That's quite a shopping list isn't it?

But you know mediawatch-uk can, and does, help with the process of ticking off the items on that list.

  • The Ministers and Committee Members who are pouring all this money into the welfare of this boys future need to be taking seriously, the appeals and concerns from mediawatch-uk and like-minded organisations who have a genuine contribution to make towards a Law abiding and peaceful society.

Next time you see a violent image on the screen be sure that it is not helping this boy's rehabilitation. Next time you see robbery and violence glorified on television be sure that it is not constructive to building useful role models for young people. Next time you see a national newspaper bankroll the return of a convicted criminal to this country after 40 years on the run from justice be sure that it is sending the wrong signals to young minds.

Next time to see images on TV of people taking drugs in whatever context be sure that it is contributing to ill health, misery, addiction, negative dependence and Crime. Next time you hear the reasonable tones of the liberal great and good droning on about Society lightening up and extolling Self Regulation sure that it is a recipe for a Society lacking in confidence, harmony and peace.

Many years ago Mary Whitehouse said if you feed violent scenes to the public via the television screen, you will end up with a violent society.

mediawatch-uk with limited financial resources will continue to lobby Parliament, programme makers and Media Authorities. It will continue to articulate the concerns of those who believe that taste and decency are essential elements in the make up of an homogenous society. It will continue in some small way to try and influence the minds and hearts of young people like that young gang member, for the benefit of his future and ours.

Thank you all for your continuing support.


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