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Update: Twats Blocked as Promised...

Claire Perry's website blocked by O2's crap blocking system

Link Here 29th December 2013
Full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
David Cameron's Mary Whitehouse, Conservative MP Claire Perry has been campaigning for the censorship of the internet via overbroad website blocking well in excess of the claimed porn blocking.

Having got her wish granted she found out for herself, the ISP algorithms are crap and block everything including her own website.

The Independent reports that Perry's site was among those added to the blocked list by O2's blocking system. It's thought all the mentions of porn and sex on her site in relation to why we need such censorship was enough to flag it up as one requiring blocking.

An O2 spokesperson told The Independent that the network had since changed its filter, allowing access to a few of the many negligently blocked sites.



Update: A filter that really is not worth having...

LibDems note that BT's crap website blocking system blocks Glasgow Cathedral and the blog of its Provost

Link Here 28th December 2013
Full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
Since BT activated its 'block everyhthing', adult content filters, we've seen many examples of perfectly acceptable sites being blocked.

Alisdair Calder McGregor reported last week that the LGBT+ Liberal Democrats site, hardly a den of debauchery, had fallen victim to BT's algorithims.

The latest, and best example to date in my view is the blocking of Glasgow's St Mary's Cathedral website and the personal blog of its Provost, the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, as he told us on Twitter.

Just discovered that my blog is censored by the BT web filtering parental controls. That means some can't see invitation to crib service.

Just discovered that both my blog and @thecathedral website are blocked by David Cameron's porn filters.

Now look, @LibDems. Blog and church website have been censored by Cameron's porn filters ON YOUR WATCH! None of us must forget that.

I read both sites regularly and, needless to say, I've never seen anything anybody should be protected from on either of them. I suspect the reason they were blocked was because Kelvin writes a lot about LGBT issues and is a passionate campaigner for equal marriage. The Cathedral, being an inclusive and welcoming place even to atheists like me has an LGBT Group.

A filter that gets it so badly wrong is a filter that really is not worth having.



Petition Update: Dave...

Do Not Force ISP Filtering of Pornography and Other Content

Link Here 26th December 2013

The government is currently trying to push a bill forcing ISPs to provide opt-out pornography filtering, however this is an issue that fails to address any real problems.

Bad parenting is the real problem, and bad parents will simply allow the filter to be enabled and believe it protects their children, even though the filters are easily (even trivially) circumvented. Parents need to supervise and educate their children about internet use, not rely on filters of dubious effectiveness.

It also sets a poor precedent that objectionable content can be blocked at the ISP level in the name of protecting children, who are in fact being harmed more by poor parenting. Aside from content of a clearly illegal nature the government should not be forcing the presence of filters at all, but instead pushing to improve the involvement of parents in a child's life, and to promote education over flimsy, disruptive, and money-wa