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Dreadful situation...

Extreme pornography victim sentenced to a 2 year community order

Link Here 10th April 2019
An internet user who downloaded illegal pornographic images of adults having sex with animals has been to a community order for two years with rehabilitation requirements.

Police found 71 bestiality pictures and movies on computer devices when they raided his home in August last year. The victim admitted possessing extreme pornography.

Judge Tim Gittins lectured the victim claiming:

The items are illegal and the items do untold damage, not just to the animals involved but also to those who you erroneously believe are volunteering. Very often the adults are coerced into doing what they are doing.

The images themselves give no indication of the sort of dreadful situation they find themselves in or the damage being caused by them knowing that such items are available for viewing by others.

It perpetuates the damage that people like you download and retain them.



Trouble and strife...

Dangerous Pictures victim reported to the police after a domestic

Link Here 11th March 2018
A man was told by a judge that he must take part for two years in a programme for treating sex offenders.

The victim of the Dangerous Pictures Act was found to have more than 1,350 images of extreme pornography involving bestiality. Police arrested him at his home. after he was reported by his ex-partner after relationship problems.

The man  pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to possessing images of extreme pornography. In a police interview he admitted having problem with viewing such images, but had not realised it was a criminal offence.

The Judge, Recorder Richard Booth, told the victim that the treatment programme is necessary to help him deal with his addiction. It forms part of a two-year community order that also includes 240 hours of unpaid work. Williams must also pay a 230 fine.



Offsite Article: A legal hub...

Link Here 17th January 2018
The latest reports from Pornhub and the likes show what types of porn people like but perhaps also a timely reminder about the legalities of downloading porn in the UK

See article from theconversation.com


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