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 2004: July-Sept

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16th September   Fighting New Law

More prohibitions on possessing videos on their way. I hate to think how many people will be instantly criminalised by their Spanish bull fighting home videos. There must be hours of footage in various bull fighting films and documentaries recorded off TV over the years. Sounds like another badly thought out piece of legislation ready to be used for purposes that it was not intended for.

The Government have just published a draft Animal Welfare Bill at:

The section on Fighting etc includes

(2) A person commits an offence if, without lawful authority or excuse, He:

(a) is present at an animal fight;

(b) makes a recording of an animal fight

(c) has in his possession or distributes:

(i) a recording of an animal fight,

(ii) a copy of such a recording, or

(iii) material from such a recording

(d) publishes material from a recording of an animal fight