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Offsite Article: How US Republicans Gave Up on Porn...

Link Here20th November 2018
Once, the fight against pornography was the beating heart of the American culture war. Now porn is a ballooning industry with no real opponents. What happened? By Tim Alberta

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Unfriendly Texas...

Hotel guest arrested for possessing 11 dildos in his bag

Link Here6th October 2018
A traveller to the distinctly unfriendly Texas town of Crockett (which bills itself as The Cleanest, Friendliest City in Texas) fell victim to an unfriendly ban on sex toys.

For some reason the guy was targeted by county police, who asked if they could search his hotel room. The man, apparently being under the impression that he'd committed no crime, consented to the search.

They found a laptop bag containing 11 sex toys -- so they promptly busted him under Texas' Obscene Device Law which states, A person who possesses six or more obscene devices or identical or similar obscene articles is presumed to possess them with intent to promote the same.

Now, many people are under the impression that the legality of sex toys in Texas was settled back in February of 2008, when a US appeals court ruled that a ban on sex toys was unconstitutional. However, the promotion of obscene devices would remain illegal in 20 counties.

So while Alabama is now the only state with an official prohibition on selling or possessing sex toys, those planning to travel to Texas with their dildos or strokers might want to limit the selection they bring.



Commented: Real Sex is better on Pornhub...

US cable channel HBO drops its late night erotic fare

Link Here3rd September 2018
Full story: Parents TV Council...US moralists whinge at TV sex and violence
An era of adult television has come to an and, according to a story in the Los Angeles Times , which reported that the Time-Warner owned, pay cable network HBO has spent the summer, quietly and without fanfare, removing its once-prodigious library of erotic documentaries and entertainment programs from the network and the HBO streaming platforms, HBO Go and HBO Now.

Since the 1990s, HBO has produced and broadcast such series as the influential Real Sex , the Las Vegas brothel reality series Cathouse , and recurring instructional sex specials hosted by adult performer Katie Morgan.

But HBO has not produced new adult late night programs for several years, and now the network will no longer offer repeats or archived shows from its adult category either.

While HBO's new owner, the telecom giant AT&T, informed HBO employees earlier this year that it planned big changes for the network, the elimination of HBO's erotic fare, network execs told the Times , was not mandated by AT&T and in fact began well before the telecom conglomerate took over. The reason that HBO is ditching their late night lineup, according to what one spokesperson told the Times , is simply that HBO viewers have lost interest, most likely due to the proliferation of adult content online.

Update: Never enough

3rd September 2018. See  article from

US moralists always want more. The Parents Television Council writes:

The Parents Television Council applauds HBO and its corporate parent, AT&T, for removing the pornographic content from its platform -- but urges AT&T to make the same move by removing X-rated pornographic content from DirecTV. PTC President Tim Winter whinged:

AT&T's HBO made a wise decision to remove pornographic content, even citing that 'there wasn't strong demand for this kind of adult programming.' While that is a huge positive step forward, the same logic should also extend to AT&T-owned DirecTV, which still offers hardcore pornographic content to subscribers.

How can a company that says it is built on responsibility continue to deliver and profit from pornography? How much does DirecTV porn really increase the earnings per share? Is this a reasonable tradeoff for a so-called responsible company?

Given that AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson was the 36th National President of the Boy Scouts, it's hard to reconcile that role with the DirecTV pornographic lineup. Are the explicit pornographic titles on DirecTV about grandmothers, mothers, or stepsisters what he wants his scouts to be thinking of?



A Little sad news...

New Jersey's last porn cinema has closed

Link Here5th July 2018
Little Theatre, New Jersey's last porn cinema has clsoed.

At the height of the porn craze of the 1970s, there were as many as 800 movie theaters exclusively devoted to adult films in operation across the United States. But by 1990, thanks to another craze -- the rise of the home VCR -- that number was down to only 50, by one estimate. AVN is estimating that there are just 13 surviving across the US.

The Little Theatre has been a fixture on the ever-shifting urban landscape of Newark, New Jersey, since March of 1930, according to a eulogy for the dearly departed, 299-seat moviehouse published by The Newark Star-Ledger . But for nearly 50 years, the theater has been devoted exclusively to porn, screening adult films continuously from 10 am to 10 p.m. every day.



XRCO Awards Results 2018...

X Rated Critics Association select their best videos of the year

Link Here30th June 2018
The winners of the 2018 XRCO Awards have been announced.

The two biggest winners, by little surprise, were Angela White and Greg Lansky, who picked up three trophies each including Female Performer of the Year for White and Best Director (Non-Features) for Lansky.

...And the winning videos were:

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Fifty Threes Shades of Blue...

Americans grow ever more tolerant of pornography, especially those identifying as Democrats

Link Here6th June 2018
A new Gallop poll has been published surveying the opinions of Americans on the subject of pornography.

For the first time, a majority of Democrats do not have moral qualms about pornography. The poll found that 53%t of Democrats see pornography as morally acceptable, an 11 point spike from last year and the biggest jump since Gallup began taking the survey in 2011.

Across a number of issues related to sexuality and sex, Americans have been adopting a more permissive viewpoint.

The percentage of all Americans who view pornography as morally acceptable jumped 7% this year to 43%. Previously the supportive fraction has risen only one or two percentage points each year.

Republican acceptance of pornographic material has also increased but remains relatively low at 27%.



Updated: Instaban...

The US FOSTA internet censorship law results in Instagram banning all posts on the #stripper hashtag

Link Here1st June 2018
Instagram has censored the hashtag #stripper and several related keywords that dancers use to find each other and organize online. Now, sex workers are taking to social media to spread the word, decry censorship, and suggest workarounds.

Currently, when you search Instagram for #stripper or #strippers, you are given a preview of just a couple top posts in the category. But if you click through to view the entire hashtag, the following message appears:

Recent posts from #strippers are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines.

The same thing was reportedly happening until very recently with a handful of related hashtags, including #yesastripper, #stripperstyle, and #stripperlife--but those appear to be back in action, demonstrating how quickly the sex work community has to adapt and change.

Instagram has yet to comment about the censorship, but is surely because of the recent US internet censorship law FOSTA. This would make Instagram responsible should any posts to #stripper be used to facilitate sex trafficking. As Instagram is unable to vet all such postings for possible traffcking then the only practical option is to ban all posts about sex work.

Update: Unbanned

1st June 2018. See  article from

By Thursday morning, Instagram had apparently backed down, telling Jezebel that, the hashtag #stripper can again be used and seen by the community in the spirit in which they are intended.

Instagram sent a statement on Thursday effectively rescinding the ban:

The safety of our community is our number one priority and we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can create a safe and open environment for everyone, Instagram said in the statement. This includes constantly monitoring hashtag behavior by using a variety of different signals, including community member reports. Access to recent posts and following hashtags are sometimes restricted based on content being posted with those hashtags. The hashtag #stripper can again be used and seen by the community in the spirit in which they are intended.



A perpetual politically toxic environment in Missouri...

Politicians propose resolution claiming all the worlds ills should be blamed on porn rather than more likely cause, politicians

Link Here 25th April 2018
A Missouri state Senate committee is considering a resolution that would declare pornography a public health threat. The Republican-backed resolution declares that pornography perpetuates a sexually toxic environment.

The resolution argues that pornography can contribute to emotional and medical illnesses, shape deviant sexual arousal and has negatively affected the family unit.

GOP state Senator Ed Emery, whinged:

In my opinion, what is unveiled by a personal moral failure may be a reflection of a disturbing and invasive social evil -- that of the proliferation of pornography and modern culture's ambivalence toward it.

Far too often, such behavior grows out of an exposure to pornography, he added. Where is the outcry against the evil of pornography?



Obituary: Porn Star Legend, Cara Lott...

Dies aged just 56 years old

Link Here11th April 2018
Golden age star, Cara Lott has died after a long bout of kidney disease aged just 56 years old.

Cara's filmography is extensive, totaling more than 180 adult videos between 1981 and 2009, for companies ranging from the top producers at the time (VCA, Vivid, Caballero, CDI, Las Vegas Video, Arrow, Leisure Time/Venus 99) to lesser-known ones such as Atom, Select-A-Tape, Cadre and Bel-Air. In fact, it appears that at one time or another, Cara had worked at least once for almost every producer who put out a videotape in the 80s and early '90s. Dialogue was never her strong suit, and all-sex videos were her preferred genre.

She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2006.

Examples from her films 1984-87

  • Club Taboo (Video) Constance 1987
  • Party Doll (Video) Dolly 1987
  • Pay the Lady (Video) Leslie Ann Wilkerson 1987
  • Star Cuts 40: Cara Lott (Video short) 1987
  • The Color of Honey (Video) Barbie 1987
  • The Pleasure Machine (Video) 1987
  • Good Lust Charm (Video) 1986
  • Aerobics Girls Club (Video) Rusty 1986
  • Dirty Harriet (Video) 1986
  • Ladies in Heat (Video) 1986
  • Nasty Habits (Video) Lesbian in flashback (uncredited) 1986
  • Up to No Good (Video) Phantom 1986
  • The Ginger Effect (Video) Rebecca 1985
  • Dirty Pictures (Video) 1985
  • Double Down (Video) 1985
  • Physical II (Video) Nancy 1985
  • Sex Shoot (Video) Joanie C. 1985
  • The Heat Is On (Video) 1985
  • Desperately Seeking Suzie... (Video) 1985
  • It's My Body (Video) Fran 1985
  • Midslumber's Night Dream (Video) 1985
  • Sizzling Suburbia (Video) Vicky 1985
  • Spermbusters (Video) 1985
  • Tailhouse Rock (Video) 1984
  • Daddy Doesn't Know (Video) Sheri Osborne 1984
  • Hot Spa (Video) 1984
  • I Like to Be Watched (Video) Carla 1984
  • Where the Girls Are (Video) Laurie Rush 1984
  • Shave Tail (Video)

Porn Star Legends: Cara Lott is a 2013 US adult film (Porn Star Legends)

Legendary starlet Cara Lott is a foxy blonde with a dancer's body and an insatiable appetite for sex. She's got sexual exuberance and erotic intensity- everything it takes to be a star worthy of induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. She also appeared in such mainstream film productions as Body Double and 52 Pick-up. Cara appears here in seven sizzling scenes of pure classic porn.

See worldwide VoD at Hot Movies  



Switter...Sex Workers' Twitter...

Sex workers try to work round the new US internet censorship law by establishing their own social network

Link Here31st March 2018
As the sun sets on online freedoms, sex workers of all kinds are quietly and swiftly being silenced on social media. Rightfully they're fed up, and are fighting back with a new website Switter, a play on 'sex workers' and 'Twitter', which is an alternative social network that's created by, and for, sex workers.

Switter's creation was initially in response to sites like Twitter, where those in the sex industry have been finding themselves "shadow banned", ie banned by the internet company acting on its own motivations rather than banned by the laws of the land.

Sex workers have always been more or less banned by Facebook but since the new Sosta law, major companies are setting out to censor all sex content as th emores practical or cost effective way of addressing the Sosta requirement to censor sex trafficking content.

Even Skype, the platform that many independent sex workers use to run their private shows, has specified in their latest Code of Conduct that the services not be used for "inappropriate content or material" like "nudity" and "pornography."

The new social network obviously can't be US based so the mantle has fallen to an Australian company, Assembly Four. The software is based on the open source Mastodon and does not have any built-in tracking, doesn't enforce real name policies, and doesn't' ask for any personal information for profiles.

Its early days yet, but the fledging social network says it already has about 8,000 members.



Kentucky joins the list of states claiming that porn is harmful...

But does it cause as much harm as guns and religion?

Link Here 26th February 2018
Kentucky is joining the list of states that claim that porn is somehow a threat to public health.

A Kentucky lawmaker, state Senator David Givens, has introduced a resolution in his state that would recognize porn as a public health crisis.

So far, five states -- Florida, Utah, Kansas, Tennessee and Virginia -- have voted on passing such resolutions. And others, like Idaho, are considering to vote on such a proposal.

Resolution SR170 moves to recognize pornography as a public health crisis, acknowledge the need for education on the harmful effects of pornography, encourage prosecution of obscenity and exploitation offenses, and commend law enforcement efforts to fight Internet crimes against children.



Florida declares that porn is harmful whilst guns are not...

They're wrong, even a school kid could tell you that

Link Here 22nd February 2018
Florida's House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday declaring pornography a public health risk. The resolution called for education, research, and policy changes to protect Florida citizens -- especially teenagers.

The bill's sponsor, Ross Spano, said that research has found a correlation between pornography use and mental and physical illnesses, difficulty forming and maintaining intimate relationships, unhealthy brain development and cognitive function, and deviant, problematic or dangerous sexual behavior.

The vote followed an earlier session in which Florida legislators declined to hold hearings on a bill banning high-capacity magazines and assault rifles such as the one used last week by suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz to kill 17 students and teachers at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Meanwhile in  Kentucky politicians have returned to the 1990s tactic of blaming video games for violence. Kentucky governor Matt Bevin started the show a couple of days after the shooting, and on Wednesday, Rhode Island state representative Bobby Nardolillo took it a step further.

Nardolillo proposed legislation that would put a 10% tax on video games with an ESRB rating of Mature or higher, Rolling Stone reported . That tax revenue would be used to fund counseling, mental health programs and other conflict resolution activities in schools, according to the press release on Nardolillo's Facebook page. Both Nardolillo and Bevin have high ratings from the gun lobby, the National Rifle Association.

But I'm not sure that blaming porn and video games is a good direction for the gun lobby. Surely if they consider that video games and porn causes the mental health issues that lead to killing sprees, then surely they should recognise that there are people that should not be trusted with guns. And as video games and porn are so ubiquitous then the only safe policy is that nobody should be trusted with guns. QED



Offsite Article: Inside the UK Age Verification Law...

Link Here20th February 2018
Full story: UK Porn Censorship...Digital Economy Bill introduces censorship for porn websites
What the new regulations mean for your US business

See article from



Living in a dreamworld...

Kansas senators click their heels three times and pass a motion condemning pornography

Link Here8th February 2018
The Kansas Senate has approved a resolution condemning pornography, claiming it causes infidelity and erectile dysfunction. The motion was passed on a 35-4 vote. The resolution has no legal effect. The House passed a similar measure last year.

The resolution says pornography is potentially biologically addictive and is linked to lessened desire.

Republican Senator Barbara Bollier mocked the resolution. She responded by saying:

Seriously? We'll see how excited they are about public health when it comes to guns.



Offsite Article: Call Em the Dirty Dozen...

Link Here3rd February 2018
Fortune Business Magazine takes a look at the 12 Most Popular Stars in Adult Entertainment

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Obituary: Jerry Butler...

Golden age porn actor dies aged 58

Link Here31st January 2018
Jerry Butler, a Golden Age porn actor who appeared in more than 500 adult movies in a career that spanned from 1981 to 1993, has died at the age of 58.

Butler entered the world of adult in 1981 after he answered an ad in Backstage magazine. Initially he auditioned for a non-sex role, but landed a sex role in the 1981 film Young, Wild and Wonderful . After being featured in the big-budget films Roommates in 1981 and In Love in 1983 for Chuck Vincent, he relocated to Los Angeles to act and perform full-time in adult pictures. His performance in In Love won him Hustler's Best Actor Award that year.

Butler created a stir in the industry when he published his autobiography Raw Talent in 1989. The title came from one of his best-known films, which told the story of a talented but struggling actor who gets sucked into making porn, winning the fame he craved, but losing himself along the way. His life story, as told to Robert Rimmer and Catherine Tavel, contained some unflattering details about his colleagues, and claimed there was widespread drug abuse in the industry.

And just a few examples from his filmography:

1993 Savannah Superstar (Video)
1992 Another Dirty Western (Video)
1992 Best Butte in the West (Video)
1989 Simply Irresistible (Video)
1988 Raw Talent III (Video)
1986 Hot Gun (Video)
1986 The Ginger Effect (Video)
1985 Wet, Wild & Wicked (Video)
1985 Cream Puff (Video)
1985 The Best Little Whorehouse in San Francisco (Video)
1984 Space Virgins (Video)
1984 Return to Alpha Blue (Video)
1983 Once Upon a Secretary (Video)
1983 Vixens in Heat (Video)



AVN Awards 2018...

And the winners were

Link Here29th January 2018

The winners were announced at the 2018 AVN Awards Show. Angela White and Harli Lotts hosted the 35th annual ceremony with comedian Aries Spears and musical guest Lil Wayne.

Here is the list of winners related to films, videos and toys:

  • All-Girl Performer of the Year Jenna Sativa
  • Best Action/Thriller Vampires , Girlsway/Girlfriends
  • Best Actor Tommy Pistol, Ingenue, Wicked Pictures
  • Best Actress Sara Luvv, The Faces of Alice , Girlsway/Girlfriends
  • Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene Best New Starlets 2017, Elegant Angel Productions; Melissa Moore, Elsa Jean & Adria Rae
  • Best All-Girl Movie Angela Loves Women 3 , AGW/Girlfriends
  • Best All-Girl Series Women Seeking Women , Girlfriends Films
  • Best Amateur/Pro-Am Movie Amateur Introductions 24 , Amateur Allure/Jules Jordan
  • Best Anal Movie Anal Savages 3 , Jules Jordan Video
  • Best Anal Series Anal Savages , Jules Jordan Video
  • Best Anal Sex Scene Anal Savages 3 , Jules Jordan Video; Lana Rhoades & Markus Dupree
  • Best Anthology Movie Sacrosanct , Trenchcoatx/Jules Jordan
  • Best Art Direction Justice League XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, Axel Braun/Wicked
  • Best BDSM Movie Cybill Troy Is Vicious, Severe Sex/Exile
  • Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene Angela 3 , AGW/Girlfriends; Angela White & Manuel Ferrara
  • Best Cinematography Sacrosanct , Trenchcoatx/Jules Jordan; Winston Henry
  • Best Comedy Jews Love Black Cock , BurningAngel/Exile
  • Best Continuing Series Angela Loves ..., AGW/Girlfriends
  • Best Director - Feature Justice League XXX: An Axel Braun Parody , Axel Braun/Wicked; Axel Braun
  • Best Director -- Foreign Feature Revenge of a Daughter, Marc Dorcel/Wicked; Hervé Bodilis & Pascal Lucas
  • Best Director -- Foreign Non-Feature Megan Escort Deluxe, Marc Dorcel/Wicked; Hervé Bodilis
  • Best Director -- Non-Feature Sacrosanct , Trenchcoatx/Jules Jordan; Kayden Kross
  • Best Double-Penetration Sex Scene Angela 3 , AGW/Girlfriends; Angela White, Markus Dupree & Mick Blue
  • Best Drama Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy , Pure Taboo/Pulse
  • Best Editing Angela 3 , AGW/Girlfriends; Angela White
  • Best Ethnic Movie Asian Anal , Hard X/O.L. Entertainment
  • Best Ethnic/Interracial Series Black & White, Blacked/Jules Jordan
  • Best Foreign Feature Bulldogs , Digital Playground/Pulse
  • Best Foreign Non-Feature Anissa the Tenniswoman , Marc Dorcel/Wicked
  • Best Foreign Series Rocco's Psycho Teens , Rocco Siffredi/Evil Angel
  • Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene I Am Katrina, Evil Angel Films; Katrina Jade & Kissa Sins
  • Best Gonzo Movie Manuel's Fucking POV 7 , Jules Jordan Video
  • Best Group Sex Scene Angela 3 , AGW/Girlfriends; Angela White, Mick Blue, Xander Corvus, Markus Dupree, Toni Ribas & John Strong
  • Best Ingénue Movie Young Fantasies 2 , Vixen/Jules Jordan
  • Best Interracial Movie Interracial Icon 4 , Blacked/Jules Jordan
  • Best Lewd Propositions Movie Babysitter Auditions , BurningAngel/Exile
  • Best Makeup Justice League XXX: An Axel Braun Parody , Axel Braun/Wicked; Dusty, May Kup & Cammy Ellis
  • Best Male Newcomer Juan "El Caballo" Loco
  • Best MILF Movie MILF Performers of the Year , Elegant Angel Productions
  • Best New Imprint Pure Taboo
  • Best New Series Young & Beautiful , Vixen/Jules Jordan
  • Best New Starlet Jill Kassidy
  • Best Niche Movie Cum Inside Me 3, Blacked/Jules Jordan
  • Best Niche Series Squirt for Me , Hard X/O.L. Entertainment
  • Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Movie The Art of Older Women, Girlsway/Girlfriends
  • Best Oral Movie Facialized 4 , Hard X/O.L. Entertainment
  • Best Oral Sex Scene Facialized 4 , Hard X/O.L. Entertainment; Aidra Fox, Jason Katana, Donny Sins, Filthy Rich, Hunter, Mark Zane, Brad Hart, Robby Echo, Wrex Oliver, Rob Banks & Chad Alva
  • Best Orgy/Gangbang Movie My First Gangbang , New Sensations
  • Best Parody Justice League XXX: An Axel Braun Parody , Axel Braun/Wicked
  • Best Polyamory Movie Adventures With the Baumgartners , Adam & Eve Pictures
  • Best Screenplay Bad Babes Inc., Adam & Eve Pictures; Will Ryder
  • Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production Claire Desires of Submission, Marc Dorcel/Wicked; Claire Castel, Kristof Cale, Math & Ricky Mancini
  • Best Solo/Tease Performance Angela White, Angela 3 , AGW/Girlfriends
  • Best Star Showcase Angela 3 , AGW/Girlfriends
  • Best Supporting Actor Small Hands, Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy , Pure Taboo/Pulse
  • Best Supporting Actress Kristen Scott, Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy , Pure Taboo/Pulse
  • Best Taboo Relations Movie Dysfucktional: Blood Is Thicker Than Cum , Kelly Madison/Juicy
  • Best Three-Way Sex Scene -- Boy/Boy/Girl Kendra's Obsession, Blacked/Jules Jordan; Kendra Sunderland, Jason Brown & Ricky Johnson
  • Best Three-Way Sex Scene -- Girl/Girl/Boy Young & Beautiful , Vixen/Jules Jordan; Riley Reid, Megan Rain & Mick Blue
  • Best Transsexual Movie [tie] All My Mother's Lovers, Grooby/Exquisite & Buck Angel Superstar, TransSensual/Mile High
  • Best Transsexual Series Hot for Transsexuals, Aiden Starr/Evil Angel
  • Best Transsexual Sex Scene Adriana Chechik Is the Squirt Queen, Toni Ribas/Evil Angel; Adriana Chechik & Aubrey Kate
  • Director of the Year Greg Lansky
  • Female Foreign Performer of the Year Jasmine Jae
  • Female Performer of the Year Angela White
  • Mainstream Star of the Year Asa Akira
  • Male Foreign Performer of the Year Ryan Ryder
  • Male Performer of the Year Markus Dupree
  • MILF Performer of the Year Cherie DeVille
  • Most Outrageous Sex Scene Viking Girls Gone Horny, Desire/Girlfriends; Leya Falcon & Ophelia Rain in "Well There's ONE Place You Can Put an AVN Award"
  • Movie of the Year Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy , Pure Taboo/Pulse
  • Niche Performer of the Year Cybill Troy
  • Transsexual Performer of the Year Aubrey Kate


  • Best Condom Manufacturer Paradise Lubricated Condom
  • Best Enhancement Manufacturer Bedroom Products
  • Best Fetish Manufacturer XR Brands
  • Best Lingerie or Apparel Manufacturer Fantasy Lingerie
  • Best Lubricant Manufacturer Wicked Sensual Care
  • Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer -- Small Clandestine Devices
  • Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer -- Medium We-Vibe
  • Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer -- Large Topco Sales



State moralist...

Utah set to scrap its role of porn czar

Link Here26th January 2018

Utah's porn czar, the butt of many a national joke, is a role that is set for the scrap heap.

The state's House voted unanimously on Thursday to pass HB50 , which formally removes from state code the obscenity and pornography complaints ombudsman. The measure now goes to the Senate.

The Legislature created the position in 2000, saying it would provide resources for residents to curb pornography in their neighborhoods and online. Attorney Paula Houston was hired and given a budget of $150,000 a year, and became the nation's first and only porn czar in 2001.

The role of porn czar made Utah the laughingstock of the nation, it attracted news stories by media from around the world and jokes by late-night comedians. However hen the attorney general's office had to cut its budget, the ombudsman post was among items axed in 2003 -- although language allowing an ombudsman remained on the books.



Corrected: XBiz Adult Awards 2018...

And the winners were

Link Here22nd January 2018

On Thursday night this year's winners of the 2018 XBIZ Awards were announced in Los Angeles. And from a very long list here are selection from the awards for porn films and stars

  • Feature Movie of the Year Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy (PureTaboo/Pulse)
  • Gonzo Release of the Year Inked Nation (Jules Jordan Video)
  • Gonzo Series of the Year Angela Loves... (AGW Entertainment/Girlfriends Films)
  • All-Sex Release of the Year The XXX Rub Down 2 (Digital Sin)
  • Vignette Release of the Year Sun-Lit ( Jordan Video)
  • Vignette Series of the Year First Anal ( Jordan Video)
  • Taboo Release of the Year The Stepmother 15 (Sweet Sinner/Mile High)
  • Performer Showcase of the Year I Am Katrina (Evil Angel Films)
  • Comedy Release of the Year Bad Babes Inc. (Adam & Eve Pictures)
  • Couples-Themed Release of the Year Unbridled (Wicked Pictures)
  • All-Girl Release of the Year -- Feature Vampires (Girlsway/Girlfriends Films)
  • All-Girl Release of the Year -- Non-Feature Angela Loves Women 3 (AGW Entertainment/Girlfriends Films)
  • All-Girl Series of the Year Women Seeking Women (Girlfriends Films)
  • Director of the Year -- Body of Work Bree Mills
  • Director of the Year -- Feature Release Bree Mills
  • Director of the Year -- Non-Feature Release Greg Lansky
  • Female Performer of the Year Romi Rain
  • Male Performer of the Year Small Hands
  • Best New Starlet Honey Gold
  • Best Male Newcomer Lucas Frost
  • Girl/Girl Performer of the Year Darcie Dolce
  • Foreign Female Performer of the Year Stella Cox
  • Foreign Male Performer of the Year Steve Holmes
  • MILF Performer of the Year Brandi Love
  • Crossover Star of the Year Ela Darling
  • Best Actress -- Feature Release Penny Pax, The Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved (New Sensations)
  • Best Actor -- Feature Release Charles Dera, Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy (PureTaboo/Pulse)
  • Best Actress -- Comedy Release Joanna Angel, Jews Love Black Cock (Burning Angel/Exile)
  • Best Actor -- Comedy Release Michael Vegas, How I Fucked Your Mother: A DP XXX Parody (Digital Playground)
  • Best Actress -- Couples-Themed Release Asa Akira, The Blonde Dahlia (Wicked Pictures)
  • Best Actor -- Couples-Themed Release Tommy Pistol, Ingenue (Wicked Pictures)
  • Best Actress -- All-Girl Release Brandi Love, The Candidate (Sweetheart Video/Mile High)
  • Best Supporting Actress Kristen Scott, Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy (PureTaboo/Pulse)
  • Best Supporting Actor Small Hands, Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy (PureTaboo/Pulse)
  • Best Non-Sex Performance Alec Knight, The Candidate (Sweetheart Video/Mile High)
  • Best Sex Scene -- Feature Release Jessica Drake, Ryan Driller & Michael Vegas, An Inconvenient Mistress (Wicked Pictures)
  • Best Sex Scene -- Gonzo Release Abella Danger & Markus Dupree, Fucking Flexible (Toni Ribas/Evil Angel)
  • Best Sex Scene -- All-Sex Release Ana Foxxx & Small Hands, Axel Braun's Brown Sugar (Wicked Pictures)
  • Best Sex Scene -- Vignette Release Katrina Jade, Charles Dera, Tommy Gunn & Nigel Dictator, Sacrosanct ( Jordan Video)
  • Best Sex Scene -- Taboo Release Angel Smalls & Isiah Maxwell, My Big Black Stepbrother (Toni Ribas/Evil Angel)
  • Best Sex Scene -- Comedy Release Joanna Angel, Abella Danger & Isiah Maxwell, Jews Love Black Cock (Burning Angel/Exile)
  • Best Sex Scene -- Couples-Themed Release Gracie Glam & Ryan Driller, It's Complicated (Wicked Pictures)
  • Best Sex Scene -- All-Girl Release Tori Black & Aidra Fox, Tori Black Is Back (Lesbian X)
  • Best Sex Scene -- Virtual Reality Bridgette B., The Wrong House to Rob (VR Bangers)
  • Screenplay of the Year The Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved (New Sensations)
  • Best Cinematography Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy (PureTaboo/Pulse)
  • Best Art Direction Justice League XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (Wicked Pictures)
  • Best Special Effects Star Wars Underworld: A XXX Parody (Digital Playground)
  • Best Music Agent 69 (Adam & Eve Pictures)
  • Best Editing Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy (PureTaboo/Pulse)
  • Studio of the Year Vixen/Tushy/Blacked
  • Best New Studio/Line
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year Vixen Angel of the Month/Year (
  • Amateur Release of the Year Adventures in Wife Sharing (Homegrown Video)
  • Pro-Am Release of the Year Canadian Sex Trip 2 (James Deen Productions/Girlfriends Films)
  • All-Black Release of the Year The Black Out (Jules Jordan Video)
  • Interracial Release of the Year Interracial Icon 5 ( Jordan Video)
  • Latin-Themed Release of the Year Nacho Loves Canela Skin (Nacho Vidal/Evil Angel)
  • Asian-Themed Release of the Year Asia Noir 7 (Video Team/Metro)
  • BDSM Release of the Year Whipped Ass 21: Masochistic MILFs ( Jordan Video)
  • Fetish Release of the Year Corrupted by the Evils of Fetish Porn (Severe Sex)
  • Foreign Studio of the Year Harmony Films
  • Foreign Director of the Year Dick Bush
  • Foreign Feature Release of the Year Revenge of a Daughter (Marc Dorcel/Wicked Pictures)
  • Foreign Non-Feature Release of the Year Rocco's Perfect Slaves 11 (Rocco Siffredi/Evil Angel)
  • Gay Studio of the Year NakedSword Originals
  • Gay Movie of the Year MXXX: The Hardest Ride (NakedSword Originals)
  • Gay Director of the Year mr. Pam
  • Gay Performer of the Year Colby Keller
  • Trans Studio of the Year Grooby Productions
  • Trans Release of the Year Buck Angel Superstar (TransSensual/Mile High)
  • Trans Director of the Year Dana Vespoli
  • Trans Performer of the Year Chanel Santini



Offsite Article: Mature debate...

Link Here16th January 2018
Full story: 2257 Record Keeping...US adut industry onerous requirements
Technical details of a legal challenge to onerous US record keeping for porn performers age, at least for those over 30 years old

See article from



Offsite Article: US Porn Industry Looks Back on One Year Under President Trump...

Link Here 2nd January 2018
Not as bad as initially feared, and a darn site better than the UK porn industry has fared under the tories

See article from

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