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No News Saturday 30th May...

News Friday 29th May...

newsnight emily maitlis
Commented: Fury, contempt, and anguish
BBC responds to complaints about Emily Maitlis' anti-government bias on Newsnight


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Groucho Marx got it right when playing dictator Rufus T Firefly in Duck Soup. He clearly had Britain in mind

If any form of pleasure is exhibited,
Report to me and it will be prohibited.
I'll put my foot down. So shall it be!
This is the land of the free!

Freedoms are eroding rapidly in the UK. This section covers UK censorship news, particularly  where it is attributed to UK government, censors and politicians.

News Thursday 28th May...

Spiked logo
Offsite Article: Ofcom needs to butt out of the Covid debate
The broadcast regulator is punishing channels for questioning public-health policy. By Andrew Tettenborn

News Wednesday 27th May...

Double Take Cortis+ and Sonderegger
UK News
Belfast stands alone against Chinese heavy artillery
China pressured Belfast council to censor photo referencing iconic protest photo at Tiananmen Square
cgtn logo
Ofcom fires some pepper pellets
TV censor finds that Chinese propaganda news channel CGTN broadcast biased news about Hong Kong protests

News Tuesday 26th May...

cyber legal logo
UK Internet
A Tale of Two Committees
Another excellent blog post analysing current thinking as the government defines internet censorship to be introduced in the Online Harms Bill. By Graham Smith

News Tuesday 19th May...

house of lords red logo
UK Internet
The UK's opening gambit in US trade negotiations is to stifle US social media giants
The government seems a bit cagey about the timetable for introducing the internet censorship measures contained in ICO's Age Appropriate Design rules

News Tuesday 19th May...

information commissioners office logo
Offsite Article: It looks like the UK's data regulator has given up, blaming coronavirus
Information Commissioner's Office has effectively downed tools as a result of the pandemic, raising concerns about outstanding cases and ongoing privacy issues

News Monday 18th May...

loveworld uk logo
On the wrong wavelength
Ofcom sanctions religious channel for 'potentially harmful' beliefs
Alison Marsden
Censorship on Demand
Ofcom appoints a new TV censor with responsibility for Content Standards, Licensing and Enforcement.

News Sunday 17th May...

good morning britain
Combative petitions
A 50,000 signature petition calls for the sacking of Piers Morgan for offending transgender activists

News Friday 15th May...

scottish government logo
UK News
Commented: Scotland hates free speech
And so is enacting extreme legislation to silence the views of the people

News Friday 15th May...

home affairs committee
Houses of Parl
Offsite Article: Evidence of reckless behaviour leading to infection and litigation is surely best deleted
Parliament's Human Rights Committee gives the Covid-19 app a hard time

News Thursday 14th May...

home affairs committee
UK Internet
Harmful censorship
Ministers report on the timetable for the Online Harms internet censorship bill
It seems that coronavirus news is more interesting than sex
Channel 4's Adult Material series has been postponed to avoid competing with coronavirus news

News Monday 11th May...

sunshine radio logo
Right speak
Ofcom mandates the use of self proclaimed pronouns for trans people and a radio presenter's resignation is accepted as an appropriate penalty for transgression

News Saturday 9th May...

Ofcom logo
Crowds have been silenced so now players have to be silenced too
A Premiership behind closed doors causes issues for Ofcom as players' strong language will no longer be lost in the noise


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