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News Wednesday 21st August...

Australia News Aussie News hotline miami
Rated MA for Madness
More random games censorship from Australia's 'classification' Board, this time banning Hotline Miami, previously rated MA15+
Australia News Aussie News Dayz
Updated: Dayzed censors
Australian Censorship Board bans video game DayZ, and a cut version for Australia will then be distributed worldwide

News Tuesday 20th August...

Australia News Aussie News we happy few ratings
Rated R for 'Random'
Australian games censors go into meltdown and award random ratings of Banned, MA15+, R18+ for We Happy Few
World News Asia Pacific sky nz logo
Distressing news
New Zealand's TV censor fines Sky News for broadcasting extensive excerpts from Brenton Tarrant's murderous live stream
World News Asia Pacific Hong Kong flag
State sponsored fake news
Facebook and Twitter close 950 accounts carrying Chinese propaganda against Hong Kong protests
EU News West Europe EU flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Go BoJo Go
EU planning to grab total control of internet regulations. By David Spence


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News Sunday 18th August...

South Asia South Asia Once Upon A Time In Hollywood DVD
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Cut by the Indian film censors

News Saturday 17th August...

US News US News Poster Hunt 2019 Craig Zobel
Updated: The Hunt
Universal cancels release of movie featuring an untimely plot of blue state elites hunting red caps
EU News West Europe Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The EU's latest assault on internet freedom
Soon online speech will be regulated by Brussels. By Andrew Tettenborn

News Friday 16th August...

US News US News victor arnautoff the life of washington
History denial
San Francisco Board of Education votes to hide artwork depicting slaves rather than destroying it

News Thursday 15th August...

World News Asia Pacific MICT logo
Fake claims
Thailand sets up an internet censorship centre in the name of 'fake news'

News Thursday 15th August...

World News US History mpaa
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Hollywood's history of self-censorship
The movie industry has tried for a century to keep the US government out of the box office. By Alissa Wilkinson

News Wednesday 14th August...

Australia News Aussie News Australian Film Classification Board
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Films and games
A history of Australian film and media censorship law

News Tuesday 13th August...

EU News West Europe authority of ireland
The European YouTube censor
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland volunteers to be the the country's internet video censor

News Monday 12th August...

EU News West Europe avms 2019
Updated: The latest internet censorship nightmare from the EU
The EU ups the internet ante and the UK will require video websites to be licensed by the state censors of Ofcom
World News East Europe YouTube logo
Highlight events
Russia gets heavy with Google for YouTube videos 'promoting' political protests in the country

News Sunday 11th August...

US News US News fcc logo
Protecting Americans from Online Censorship by appointing an online censor
Donald Trump is considering appoint the FCC as the US social media censor
World News Asia Pacific spark nz logo
Commented: What bright spark thought that it was a good idea for ISPs to decide what to censor?
New Zealand ISP Spark says it will unilaterally censor 8chan (should it return to life)

News Saturday 10th August...

US News US News FBI logo
FBI, Donald Trump, big tech, marketeers...they're all at it
Everyone's out to scrape all your social media postings and compile a searchable database of your life

News Thursday 8th August...

US News US News white house
Getting it right
Politico reports that the White House is working on order to counter the political bias demonstrated by social media companies

News Wednesday 7th August...

World News Asia Pacific statue of a girl of peace 0276x0299
Uncomfortable historical facts
Art exhibition in Japan closed down after protesters threaten violence over a statue of a 'comfort woman'


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