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Faitytale in New York...

New Christmas traditions of sensitivity, snow flakes and censored songs

Link Here7th December 2022
Journalist Ella Whelan is arguing that censoring the classic Christmas song, Fairytale in New York is a form of cultural vandalism.

The Spiked Online contributor was speaking to Newstalk Breakfast after BBC Radio 2 became the latest station to censor the song.

She said her biggest problem with the decision is the suggestion it was taken at the behest of a young generation that's 'more sensitive' than those of us horrible old people to questions of gender and sexuality.

Censoring Fairytale of New York has become as much of a Christmas tradition as hanging up stockings and putting the tree up, she said. It's getting ridiculous now.



Boring board decision...

Facebook's Oversight Board overturns UK police instigated ban on drill music video

Link Here22nd November 2022
Full story: Drill Music...Drill music videos banned by UK police
Meta's oversight board has told Instagram to reinstate a clip of drill music originally removed from Instagram at the request of the Metropolitan police.

The clip, a short excerpt of the song Secrets Not Safe by Chinx (OS) , was removed after the Met flagged the track to Meta, arguing that it could lead to retaliatory violence in the context of the London gang scene.

The force told Meta it contained a veiled threat, referencing a shooting in 2017, and as a result the company manually removed 52 posts containing the track and automated systems removed it a further 112 times.

Now, the oversight board says those removals were a mistake. The track does not break Facebook or Instagram's rules, it argues, and basic principles of free speech, equality and transparency were breached in allowing a police operation to censor a musician in secret.

As part of its investigation into the removal of the track, the oversight board filed multiple freedom of information requests with the Met police, finding that the force had filed 286 requests to take down or review posts about drill music in the 12 months from June 2021, and that 255 of those had resulted in the removal of content.



Owning hairstyles...

Sony censors K-pop music video over ludicrous claims of 'cultural appropriation'

Link Here8th October 2022
Sony Music Korea has censored a music video to cover up the braided hairstyle of a K-pop girl band member following ludicrous claims of 'cultural appropriation'.

The controversy started last month when Hani, a member of the group EXID, wore braids in a promotional photo for their new single Fire .

Western K-pop 'fans' piled on to social media to criticise Hani's hair, claiming it's a form of racism for any non-black person to braid their hair.

Sony decided to censor the hairstyle by blurring it.



Fair comment...

Turkish singer arrested for joking about religious schools and perversion

Link Here29th August 2022
Full story: Music Censorship in Turkey...Musician under duress from Turkish authorities
Turkish singer Gulsen has been arrested and accused of suupsedly inciting hatred over a joke she made about religious schools. In April, the singer joked a member of her band's perversion was due to him having attended one.

Despite the comments being old, they recently went viral online, drawing criticism from religious conservatives.

Gulsen, who is likened to a Turkish Madonna, had apologised on social media. Writing on Twitter and Instagram, the singer said that while she was defending freedom of expression with her joke between colleagues she apologised to everyone who was offended.

She is being held pending trial.

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