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An option for the moment...BUT for how long?...

Apple to add private message image scanning for nudity to UK iPhones

Link Here22nd April 2022
Full story: Apple Snooping...Apple scans users' images for sexual content and child abuse
Apple is set to roll out a snooping feature that scans messages for nudity to UK iPhones.

The feature uses AI technology to scan incoming and outgoing messages.

For the moment it is otional and allows parents to turn on warnings for their children's iPhones. When enabled, all photos sent or received by the child using the Messages app will be scanned for nudity.

If nudity is found in photos received by a child with the setting turned on, the photo will be blurred, and the child will be warned that it may contain sensitive content and nudged towards resources from child safety groups. If nudity is found in photos sent by a child, similar protections kick in, and the child is encouraged not to send the images, and given an option to Message a Grown-Up.

All the scanning is carried out on-device, meaning that the images are analysed by the iPhone itself, and Apple never sees either the photos being analysed or the results of the analysis, it said.

As originally announced in summer 2021, the communication safety in Messages and the search warnings were part of a trio of features that proved extremely contentious, and Apple delayed the launch of all three while it negotiated with privacy and child safety groups.

Of course having implemented the feature as an option it won't be long before it becomes an option that can be turned on by law enforcement in the name of seeking out terrorists, racists, anti-vaxers etc



What you see is what you can get...

US appeal court finds that it is legal to use the data downloaded to a browser which is used to display a web page

Link Here20th April 2022
Scraping is a term used to describe the automated use of the html page data which is downloaded by a browser and then used to diplay a web page. Perhaps the most obvious example is to select a section of text on a web page and use copy and paste to insert the text into another place.

The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals may have set an important precedent in the tech world. The court has essentially concluded that Data Scraping is not hacking. Hence, it might not be illegal to scrape data from websites, and social media platforms, unless there are defensive technologies in place.

After listening to the arguments in a case that involved Microsoft-owned LinkedIn and competitor hiQ Labs, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has concluded that scraping publicly available data does not constitute a federal crime. The case dates back to 2017 which LinkedIn had filed against hiQ Labs. The social media platform for professionals had objected to its data being scraped.

LinkedIn essentially wanted hiQ Labs to immediately cease scraping public data from the social networking site. During the first trial, the court sided with hiQ Labs, noting that LinkedIn couldn't invoke federal hacking laws to stop the practice. The court opinioned that hiQ Labs' behavior didn't seem to violate any laws, and hence, the company's actions could not be classified as a crime.

A defining feature of public websites is that their publicly available sections lack limitations on access; instead those sections are open to anyone with a web browser. In other words, applying the gates analogy to a computer hosting publicly available webpages, that computer has erected no gates to lift or lower in the first place. Simply put, had LinkedIn deployed mechanisms to prevent data from being scraped, hiQ Labs would have been in the wrong. However, since there were no restrictions, LinkedIn's insistence that hiQ Labs must cease its practice doesn't have any merit.



Offsite Article: FLoC off Google...

Link Here24th January 2022
Full story: Gooogle Privacy...Google's many run-ins with privacy
Google announces an improved minimal summary of Chrome website browsing history available for the targeting of advertising

See article from



Offsite Article: Google to hobble browser extentions...

Link Here11th December 2021
Chrome Users Beware: Manifest V3 is Deceitful and Threatening. By Daly Barnett

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