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Creating confusion...

Indonesian tourism minister seeks to ban Fortnite over user created content which includes a religious site

Link Here15th July 2021
The Minister for Indonesian Tourism and 'Creative' Economy Sandiaga Uno has announced plans to ban Fortnite in the country after the discovery of a user-created map that allegedly allows for players to destroy a building resembling the Kaaba, a sacred site for Muslims.

Epic Games made a statement on the Fortnite Middle East Facebook page clarifying that the map was in fact created by a community member in creative mode and the building cannot be destroyed on the map. We would like to emphasize that our team respects all religions and works closely with our game content makers to provide a safe gaming experience for all our players.

Prior to the statement by Epic, Sandiaga said that he heard the structure could be destroyed on the map and players would be awarded weapons and advancement through the level for destroying it.

The national police of Indonesia are working to track down the creator of the map.



Building a miserable world...

Microsoft requires that Minecraft players are aged 19+ in South Korea

Link Here8th July 2021
While Minecraft is generally considered a child-friendly game throughout the worl, a law in South Korea has resulted in the game being blocked to all players under the age of 19.

As reported by, Microsoft recently informed South Korean players that they would need an Xbox Live account to continue playing Minecraft, with local restrictions requiring that such accounts are only made available by Microsoft to over 19s.

The age restriction is due to a controversial South Korean shutdown law, which prohibits children from playing games between midnight and 6 AM. The law has been in place since 2011. While some game providers have implemented technical solutions to prevent minors from playing their games between these hours, Microsoft instead chose to restrict all Xbox Live accounts for people under the age of 19. Until now, users have been able to sidestep that restriction by logging into Minecraft with a Mojang account instead.

The Minecraft restrictions have caused South Korean users to start a petition against the law, reading: Korea's game market is at the risk of being the world's only place where Minecraft is labeled as an adult game. The petition had over 67,000 signatures as of July 6.



Mary Skelter Finale...

The latest video game to banned by the Australian Censorship Board

Link Here28th June 2021
Full story: Banned Games in Australia...Games and the Australian Censorship Board
Mary Skelter Finale is a 2021 Japan console game by Idea Factory

The game was banned ('Refused Classification' in censor speak) in June 2021 by the Australian Censorship Board. The game is PEGI 16 rated in Europe.

Kotaku Australia revealedl that the game was specifically banned over instances of hypersexualised imagery, including scenes that the Board described as implied sexual violence and exploitative or offensive depictions of minors.



Disco Champions...

Distributors of Disco Elysium video game successfully appeal against being banned by the Australian Censorship Board

Link Here15th May 2021
Full story: Banned Games in Australia...Games and the Australian Censorship Board
Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is a 2021 role playing game by ZA/UM

A three-member panel of the Classification Review Board has unanimously determined that the computer game, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, is classified R 18+ (Restricted) with the consumer advice High impact themes, coarse language, and drug references.

In the Classification Review Board's opinion Disco Elysium: The Final Cut warrants an R 18+ classification because the themes, coarse language and drug references have a high impact. The overall impact of the classifiable elements in the game was high. The Review Board also considered the appeal of the game to be skewed to an adult audience.

In the Review Board's opinion, while drug use linked to incentives and rewards cannot be accommodated at R 18+, this game does provide disincentives related to drug-taking behaviour, to the point where regular drug use leads to negative consequences for the player's progression in the game. It was, specifically, the disincentives for drug use that influenced the Review Board in making their decision. Drug use is not explicitly depicted within the game. The game contains frequent strong coarse language, often used aggressively, which has a high impact. The themes within the game are related to a detective investigating a murder while also attempting to manage his own alcohol addiction, and getting his life back together after his substance abuse. The themes and drug references within the game are inextricably linked.

The Review Board convened on 11 May 2021 in response to an application from the original applicant, Zaum Studio OU, to review the decision made by the Classification Board on 18 March 2021 to classify Disco Elysium204The Final Cut RC (Refused Classification).

The Review Board is an independent merits review body. It makes a fresh classification decision upon receipt of an application for review. This Review Board decision takes the place of the original decision made by the Classification Board.

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