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The Sexual Freedom Party...

Charlotte Rose is standing for sexual freedom at the Clacton By-election on 9th October 2014.

Link Here9th October 2014

Charlotte Rose is standing as a  Sexual Freedom party candidate at the Clacton by-elections on 9th October 2014.

Sexual Freedom Party Manifesto 2014

What we stand for

  • - Freedom from sexual ignorance due to poor, or denial of, sex education

  • - Freedom from control by others

  • - Freedom from governmental control

We stand for knowledge, tolerance and respect, whatever a person's ability, preferences, identity, orientation, or job, so long as neither abuse or unwanted control is involved.

Why constituents might vote for us

We alone cover one aspect of life which people really care about: sex. Sex is the second biggest human drive, after survival, and yet it is ignored in politics. Most politicians pretend it is not important, and simply promote family values.

What we bring

Having a Sexual Freedom Party politician in the House of Commons will help towards the sex and relationship wellbeing of British citizens.

The Sexual Freedom Party will bring a new awareness to Parliament and society and work towards ridding this country of the stigma and bigotry which prevents some of our citizens from being sexually free. We will be doing this in these eight pressing areas:

  • Disabled people and older people in care need to be free to enjoy the same pleasures as everybody else enjoys in the privacy of their own homes. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 makes this law, but it is rarely adhered to in practice.

  • People with sexual diversities still live restricted lives, for fear of stigma. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people have achieved some social acceptance but this does not often extend to situations like visiting the doctor or going into hospital, where stigma exists, and gay people actually avoid going asa result! There is still little acceptance of people into BDSM (bondage, domination sado-masochism), fetishism, swinging, dogging, and polyamory.

  • Those who provide sexual services are currently forbidden by law to work together, which limits their capacity and renders their working lives unsafe. No other profession is limited in this way. So long as no control is involved, sex workers should be free to work in pairs or groups, or as a community.

  • Striptease artists and sex workers are being targetted by religious and anti-sex feminists. They claim that sex work is violence to women, yet do not listen to the strippers and sex workers themselves. The professional ones actually claim they like their work and are in charge of what they do. Striptease establishments are being unnecessarily closed down around the country, and sex workers demonised. In fact, striptease is a delightful, aspirational form of entertainment, and sex workers provide pleasure, teaching, necessary human contact and satisfaction for millions of men and women across the country.

  • FGM Female Genital Mutilation -- thousands of young girls and women in this country are forced to have their genitals mutilated: the clitoris and labia are cut off, so that they experience pain instead of pleasure, Sometimes the vagina is sewn up so that entry is so restricted that the man can only masturbate on her in order to impregnate her! FGM is illegal but only one prosecution has been made* since the law was passed over 25 years ago, and nothing really effective is being done because of "cultural sensitivity".

  • Grooming of young girls -- the recent scandal in Rotherham of muslim gangs grooming and raping young girls, was covered up for 14 years. Those trying to expose it were ignored by the press and authorities, which demonstrates the ignorance and the PC cultural sensitivity of our government.

  • Forced marriage -- also ignored thanks to PC cultural sensitivity, where situations such as a young, learning disabled person being forced to marry a relative abroad in order for the spouse to live in the UK. Then they are encouraged to produce a large inbred family, with perhaps more disabled children. This is illegal under the Forced Marriages Act 2008, and Forced Marriage etc. (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Act 2011

but the laws are rarely enforced and do not go far enough.

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

SRE could do much to improve the sexual wellbeing of British citizens. This sex education needs to include everything mentioned above, i.e. sex and disability, all sexual diversities, striptease and sexual services and practices which threaten personal freedom.

Many brilliant campaigns have failed to get anywhere, and still schools are not obliged to teach SRE, and parents can ban their children from classes in school, so children are growing up in the 21st century, without sexual health knowledge, and often without the skills to enjoy a happy sex life.

Campaigns against porn use the argument that porn teaches people inaccurate information which corrupts their minds. This misses the point that porn is about fantasy. What young people need is education on reality. Sex education is necessary to prepare young people to look at porn. For example, in porn, anal sex looks as easy as vaginal sex but anal sex requires the recipient to open up, otherwise it is very painful and can be damaging. Many young porn viewers without this education are currently experiencing such difficulties.

Considering the above, the level and quality of sex education required is much higher than the "school nurse" or biology teacher is likely to deliver. Experts need to be brought in. A disabled man**, just out of school, declared that the best people to be teaching sex in schools are sex workers, as only they really know the full extent of human sexual needs and practice.

SRE needs to give people the confidence to enjoy the sex they want without being controlled or stifled. Some women, disabled people and shy people may need more support and there are experts out there who offer appropriate services. Sadly they mostly work underground and are largely unsupported.




Too Sexy...

Spearmint Rhino table dancing venue in Bournemouth has allegedly being found breaking the council's killjoy rules

Link Here18th September 2014
Bournemouth lap-dancing club Spearmint Rhino has been investigated amid allegations its dancers have been breaching no touch rules.

Licensing council employees visited the premises presumably undercover and say they witnessed several breaches of the council's miserable rules.

The conditions allegedly breached are those that forbid performers from sitting or straddling customers, placing both their feet on the seat, simulating a sexual act, intentionally touching another dancer and intentionally touching a customer.

Bournemouth council said it has been working with the premises since their visit in June to resolve the issues. The club's sexual entertainment licence is currently up for renewal and it is expected officers will seek to add further conditions onto the licence.



Update: Clashing Horns...

London's Spearmint Rhino granted a table dancing licence after 11 months of wrangling

Link Here16th September 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Spearmint Rhino survived a licensing scare as councillors rejected calls to shut down its flagship venue.

Moralist neighbours had urged the Town Hall to turn down the club's bid to renew its sexual entertainment licence on the supposed grounds that the club caused late-night disturbance and no longer fitted into the changing character of Bloomsbury.

But Camden's licensing committee agreed to allow the club to keep operating, until next month at least. Only one month as it had taken 11 months for last year's licensing process to complete.

Labour ward councillor Rishi Madlani had called for the application to be thrown out in full, with the bollox claim that Spearmint Rhino's operations did not fit into a planned overhaul of the city centre/ entertainment area which will see millions of pounds of investment and changes to road layouts.



Extract: Down the Rabbit-Hole...

What one million sex toy sales reveal about our erotic tastes, kinks and desires

Link Here15th September 2014 asked what insights Jon Millward could discover hiding in their anonymised sales data from 4.5 million transactions in the last 10 years.

The average Lovehoney customer spends a little over six minutes perusing ten pages of the site. When they place an order, they spend ?35 . Men on average spend ?5.73 (19%) more per order than women. 1 in 5 customers chooses to pay extra for next day delivery. Men are a bit keener than women to get their packages the following day: 23% of male customers choose the speedy option, compared to 19% of women. Half of women and one-third of men who place an order with Lovehoney buy a vibrator.

...Read the full article



Offsite Article: The lap dancers who find it hard to leave...

Link Here13th September 2014
Good money and the stigma preventing a return to more mainstream employment make the industry a tough one to leave. By Ben Miller

See article from



Updated: Miserable Cheltenham...

About 90% of responses to a council consultation on lap dancing favoured a total ban

Link Here11th September 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing in Gloustershire...Cheltenham and Gloucester

About 90% of people who filled out a Cheltenham borough council questionnaire said they do not believe it is acceptable to have a lap dancing club anywhere in Cheltenham.

The consultation was prompted partly by the level of public 'outrage' to an application to open a lap dancing club in Bath Road; an application which was granted by the borough council earlier this year.

The council's licensing staff will now meet to respond to the consultation results.

There were 174 responses to the sexual entertainment venue questionnaire also a petition advocating a ban received about 1,100 signatures.

Carmine Di Liso who runs Fantasy gentlemen's club in Bath Road said his club has received a very good reaction and has been completely trouble free. He said:

We have had no problem with the community. We have had local people criticise us before and they have come in and changed their minds.

Update: Calmer at the council's licensing committee meeting

11th September 2014. See  article from  

Cheltenham Borough Council's influential licensing committee met and was asked to give the authority a steer on whether lap dancing clubs should be banned in the town.

A number of moves to do just that were defeated but committee members did eventually agree that sexual entertainment venue licences should not be granted to any clubs outside the town centre.

Meanwhile, they also agreed any applications to open such a club in the town centre should be considered on a case by case basis by the licensing committee and that no limit should be placed on the total number of the clubs allowed.

Councillor Andrew McKinlay, cabinet member for development and safety, pitched the idea for the zero limit for residential areas and case by case determination in the town centre to the committee. He questioned whether a blanket ban would even be legally possible. He said:

It makes much more sense to restrict potential sexual entertainment venues to the town centre area where you would expect other night time entertainment.

The committee was read a statement from Jaine Simner, Gloucestershire Constabulary's licensing manager:

I don't believe we or any other force have statistics that suggest that SEVs are responsible for or increase the likelihood of sexual offences.

It is my opinion that SEVs if well run like any other licensed premises cause us very little problem and are not known for crime and disorder.

The issue of setting a limit on the number of sexual entertainment licences granted in Cheltenham will be discussed by the borough council's cabinet on September 16.



Having a good time the wrong way!...

Moralists crow after table dancing club's relocation bid is turned down

Link Here5th September 2014
An application to move Elegance stripclub from Granada Road, Southsea to Albert Road was turned down by Portsmouth City Council's planning committee.

But owner Paul Ojla said he would appeal the decision, saying it was made for the wrong reasons. He explained:

The decision seems to have been made on moral grounds rather than technical or legal grounds.

The councillors were all looking at the lap dancing side of it, but what they were forgetting was that downstairs was going to be a very upmarket bar.

Albert Road Traders' Association chairwoman Jenni Catlow said she was delighted with the decision. She crowed:

To have a business that's flaunting sexual activities wouldn't be very good for the road.

This sort of business would bring people seeking to have a good time in the wrong way to Albert Road, and it countermands everything we're trying to achieve.

Councillor Michael Andrewes said he collected a 350-name petition against the proposal. He said:

It's good to see that common sense prevailed. It would have been totally inappropriate for the street.



Bumping and Grinding...

Table dancing club calls in the ghostbusters

Link Here1st September 2014
Ghostbusters have been called to a Preston bar after spooky goings on became too much for the staff at Perfect 10s .

Manager Steph Watson called Leyland mediums Sixth Sense Ghosthunters to the Lune Street lap-dancing bar after experiencing a few bumps in the night as she set up for the bar's evening entertainment. Steph says she has even experienced an eerie sighting loitering in the upstairs bar:

Before I turned the lights on, I could feel someone behind me, so I turned around and there was a man sat in the booth opposite the ladies' toilets. I did a double take because I couldn't believe it. I think I went into shock.

One of the mediums came in and went straight over to the exact spot and said he could feel a man's presence there.



You'll know what they think of you if offered an outsized dildo...

Ann Summers aims to provide a more personalised website experience by analysing browsing behaviours

Link Here 27th August 2014
The Ann Summers website is be updated to create what it hopes is a much more personal and convenient interactions between consumers and the brand.

Using a combination of data points, from visitor opinion to visitor behaviour, the retailer aims to deliver personalisation in a way that impresses online visitors rather than creeps them out.

For example, a recent test segmented apparel buyers alongside those who had purchased sex toys that it concluded were shy and served them offers on returns and discreet deliveries respectively from the homepage. It delivered an increase in conversions the business claims, while it has also run tests based on customer browsing history, gender, sexuality and lifestyle data.

Previously, personalisation on the site came in the guise of content matched to the highest selling and recommended items to peoples searches, similar to how Amazon targets shoppers.



Inappropriate location of the toilets...

Scarborough council turns down table dancing licence application

Link Here21st August 2014
Scarborough Borough Council's Licensing Committee has refused an application for a sexual entertainment venue (SEV) licence at Chic Bar in Scarborough.

The application for the venue on the first floor of the bar, referred to as Little Black Book , was unanimously refused on the basis that the layout and character of the premises was inappropriate for use as a SEV as set out in the application.

The committee cited the lack of central location for facilities for dancers as one of the reasons for refusal as areas spread across the premises would mean dancers regularly having to move from place to place via parts of the building open to members of the public. Other reasons included lack of a smoking area for customers and staff, which would mean dancers having to stand with the public in the alleyway outside the premises in order to smoke, and the inappropriate location of toilets for customers, which would result in female (and sometimes male) customers having to use a restricted staircase under supervision or leave the premises in order to re-enter the premises on the ground

99 representations from members of the public were made against the application but the majority of these did not demonstrate any statutory grounds for refusal under the formal licensing process and therefore the committee could not take these into account when reaching its decision.

The applicant now has 21 days to appeal.



Offsite Article: The intimate confessions of a female porn fan...

Link Here17th August 2014
A new study has found women are just as easily hooked on online porn as men. Nichi Hodgson explains the beauty of porn and why she loves it

See article from



Update: Moralists were 'Shocked'...

Chester's harassed table dancing club licensed for 6 months

Link Here7th August 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing in Cheshire...Moralist licensing decisions
Lap dancing club the Platinum Lounge has had its sex entertainment licence renewed by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC)

The Platinum Lounge had faced an uncertain future after Cheshire West and Chester Council revoked its sex establishment licence in September.

But CWaC renewed the licence for another six months with conditions.

'Shocked' opponents to the club, on Bridge Street Rows, said they would fight the council's U-turn decision, arguing that the licencing hearing had been unlawful . During the full-day licensing meeting, held almost two weeks ago, campaigners expressed their concerns that supporters of the club were allowed to speak.

The licensing committee's decision notice reads there was not a sufficiently clear or compelling case articulated to persuade them that, at the time, the club was incongruous or in conflict with its location on the Rows.



The Uncertainlty of Corporate Censorship...

Bank censors circus troupe over skimpy costumes

Link Here3rd August 2014
A troupe of circus performers has been refused a business account after bank managers described their skimpy costumes as a moral problem .

Entertainer Joshua Morris set up Circus Uncertainty earlier this year and applied for a business bank account with Santander so he could get grants to fund work with terminally-ill children.

However, he claims the banking giant denied his troupe an account because the showgirls' outfits, a fringed bikini and stilts, were a moral problem . He was told on the phone he couldn't bank with the company because staff had looked on the circus' website and didn't like the look of costumes worn by some acts.

The performers are baffled by the decision as there is no nudity in the family-friendly act - which has performed at Glastonbury and was a centre piece at the Harbourside Festival.

As always with negligent corporate censorship, the censors admit their mistake when caught out, but this rather asks the questions how many other business have been suffocated by bank censorship that haven't had the good fortune to get press coverage. A Santander spokesman said: We are happy to review this account application following some clarification of the nature of the business.



Update: Bondage Bonanaza...

LoveHoney hopes that the Fifty Shades movie hype will generate a bonanza of sex toy sales

Link Here31st July 2014
Full story: Fifty Shades of Grey Movies...Kink for kids Hollywood style
The trailer of the upcoming erotic film Fifty Shades of Grey is hopefully set to spark a 1 million pound boom in the UK sex toy industry.

The Daily Star reported that the film will play in generating estimated average sex toy sales of 2 pound per adult over the course of the next year.

Lovehoney, who is the official supplier of all Fifty Shades sex toy merchandise, will be releasing a new range of toys to tie in with the movie which is out on Valentine's Day and are expecting a surge in sales and a bondage bonanza .



Offsite Article: Games But No Fun...

Link Here30th July 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing Licensing in Scotland...Scotland legislation to restrict lap dancing
Scottish government publishes responses to proposal to allow councils to ban table dancing clubs

See article from



Offsite Article: The Tsunami of gentrification...

Link Here30th July 2014
Full story: Strip Pubs in London...London's strip pubs threatened by Hackney Council
Edie Lamort mourns the closure of the famed London strip pub, The Robert Peel

See article from



Tourists to boycott York?...

A new table dancing venue licensed in York

Link Here25th July 2014
A table dancing licence has been awarded to a new table dancing venue for York. It will be located above Tokyo Nightclub at 3 Toft Green.

York Council had received 11 letters of objection including two from nearby hotels. York's Feminist Network had also campaigned against the venue.

Representatives for both the Hampton by Hilton Hotel on Toft Green and Safestay Tourist Hostel on Micklegate have written to the council about fears that allowing a sexual entertainment venue to open above Tokyo nightclub will somehow damage the city's tourist trade.

The plans have also attracted objections from York Feminist Network concerned that it would operate close to York's only other strip club, and near several sensitive venues like women's refuges, schools, nurseries, community centres.



At It Again...

A handful of objections for the licence renewal of a table dancing club in Northampton

Link Here24th July 2014
A total of 14 formal objections have been sent to Northampton Borough Council protesting against the renewal of Urban Tiger's sexual entertainment licence.

A total of four responses have been sent in support of the application and Northamptonshire Police has not submitted any objection to the licence renewal.

Letters have whinged about advertising and the location in the vicinity of a  schoolwear shop, Games Workshop, a Jesus Centre, women's hairdressers, a residential area and a bus stop.

However, the general manager of Urban Tiger said the objections had come as part of an orchestrated campaign by a small group of individuals ideologically opposed to the existence of lap-dancing venues. Presumably he is referring to the campaign group Object who orchestrated a similar campaign at the previous licence renewal.

The manager said there had been no crime incidents related to Urban Tiger in the past 12 months.



Straight into a Gay Quarter...

Eyebrows raised at the location of a new table dancing venue approved in Liverpool

Link Here22nd July 2014
Liverpool Council has approved plans for a straight table-dancing club in the city's gay quarter. The venue, which is to be called Paradise and will reportedly have a gay manager, obtained permission to open on Stanley Street, Liverpool's official gay quarter.

Members of the LGBT community said that a venue aimed at straight men was wrong for the area, was likely to lead to an increase in hate crimes, and would undermine the entire point of having a gay quarter.

Lawyers acting for the venue rejected these claims. They pointed out that, if a gay bar wishing to open in an area where most venues catered for straight people, such objections would not be tolerated.

The new venue will bring the number of sexual entertainment venues in Liverpool city centre up to its arbitrary council-determined limit of eight.



Update: Paradise Lost...

Birmingham Council rejects table dancing licence application claiming that the city's night life street is somehow a family orientated location

Link Here5th July 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing in West Midlands...Fun on Broad Street
Birmingham councillors have arbitrarily rejected plans for a table dancing club on Birmingham's Broad Street, claiming it would have been one sex establishment too many.

Bosses at Eutony Ltd saw an application to open the venue, which would have been called Paradise, turned down for the second time.

Members of the Licensing and Public Protection Committee have now issued 'reasons' for refusal, claiming a fourth club along the street would alter the family orientated character of the Golden Mile. [As if Birmingham's binge drinking street could be called a family orientated area?]

Broad Street already has three lapdancing bars, the Rocket Club, Cyclone and Legs 11, and countless bars for young people who enjoy hitting town on Friday and Saturday nights.

Committee chairman Barbara Dring spouted:

The committee accepted the clustering of a further sexual entertainment venue would be a powerful indication that the Broad Street area could become or come to be perceived as an adults' only locality within the city, this was considered inappropriate.

The committee also concluded a further sexual entertainment venue -- effectively a fourth in Broad Street -- would be inappropriate with the developing family and cultural character of the locality. A fourth sexual entertainment venue in this locality would be one sex establishment too many.

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