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A fetish for censorship...

Australian government releases report proposing a couple of modest improvements to very restrictive porn censorship laws

Link Here2nd April 2023
The Australian government has recently released a report into Australia's national classification regulation, which is likely to have a significant impact on the laws regarding pornography across the nation.

Currently Australia does allow for the classification of hardcore porn as X18+ for video and Category 2 Restricted for magazines. However its has more restrictions in play than most of the free world. One particular restriction that was discussed in the report is that fetish material is banned outright and that dramatic violence is also banned outright even if it is nothing to do with the sex content. (Eg a pirate film with sword fights above deck and totally separate sexual exploits below deck).

Even if a pornographic publication or film is able to get classified in Australia, there are significant restrictions on where that media can be sold or exhibited.

Category 1 (softcore) and Category 2 (hardcore) restricted publications are able to be sold in all States and Territories except for Queensland, but must only be sold in age-restricted sections of premises, in packaging which conceals their content.

X 18+ classified films can only be sold or exhibited in the ACT or the Northern Territory. It is therefore a criminal offence to sell or exhibit X 18+ films throughout most of Australia.  

The recently released report into national classification regulation suggests a number of key reforms when it comes to pornography. This includes:

  • The removal of prohibitions on "fetishes" in Category 2 (restricted) publications and X 18+ films as long as they are not illegal .
  • The removal of prohibitions on violence in sexually explicit films, if the violence is not related to sexual activity.
  • Limits the need to classify sexually explicit films to films which are professionally produced, directed at an Australian audience and distributed for commercial purposes. This means that many "amateur" forms of pornography no longer need to be classified.

Any such reform to Australia's classification guidelines will require cooperation and agreement from each State and Territory and is likely to be a gradual process.



Offsite Article: More than half of young men are single because porn suffices...

Link Here 25th February 2023
New research claims 6 out of 10 young men are single because they would rather be watching saucy content than meeting new people

See article from



Bankers screwing sex workers...

Moralist banks in Australia close accounts of businesses they don't like

Link Here22nd January 2023
Arbitrary screwing of sole traders and small businesses by financial institutions is a longstanding problem in AUstralia.

Now Australia's banks have doubled down on the reasons they believe they should not be required to tell customers or potential customers why they can't have basic banking services. In most cases this is because the bank doesn't approve of several types of industry seemingly on the basis or morality.

According to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, such businesses include cryptocurrency traders, brothels, individual sex workers and sex shops, tattoo parlours and precious metal traders. Cases have also been reported among firearms dealers, vaping retailers, mining companies and the agriculture and farming sector.

A typical example was high-profile Sydney escort, Samantha X, who last year reported her long-standing account with ING had been shut down. When she asked for an explanation, she said she was told: We can't tell you why sorry, it is a business decision.

The ongoing issue was highlighted a year ago by independent reviewer Mike Callaghan, who was commissioned by the Australian Banking Association (ABA) to conduct the three-yearly review of the banking industry's code of conduct. Callaghan rebuked the banks for what he called blanket denial of services seemingly with regard to the customer's occupation on the basis that they are concerned the AUSTRAC anti-money laundering provisions may come into play.

The ABA's blunt response appears to be: No, we won't agree to change our practices, or tell businesses or individuals why they have had financial services denied or withdrawn, until we are forced to do so.



Unequal breasts...

Facebook ordered to allow images showing trans female breasts whilst still banning natural female breasts

Link Here18th January 2023
Full story: Facebook Censorship since 2020...Left wing bias, prudery and multiple 'mistakes'
Facebook and Instagram will allow transgender and non-binary users to flash their bare breasts -- but women who were born female are still not allowed a similar freedom, according to Meta's advisory board.

Meta's Oversight Board -- an independent body which Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called the company's Supreme Court for content moderation and censorship policies -- ordered Facebook and Instagram to lift a ban on images of topless women for anyone who identifies as transgender or non-binary, meaning they view themselves as neither male or female.

The same image of female-presenting nipples would be prohibited if posted by a cisgender woman but permitted if posted by an individual self-identifying as non-binary, the board noted in its decision.

The board cited a recent decision to overturn a ban on two Instagram posts by a couple that describes themselves as transgender and non-binary that posed topless but covered their nipples -- only to have the post flagged by other users. Meta banned the image, but the couple won their appeal and the photo was restored online.

Meta will rely on human reviewers will now be tasked with trying to determine the sex of breasts.

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