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On the naughty step...

Ofcom fines Studio 66 TV for naughty words on daytime TV

Link Here23rd August 2022
Full story: Babe Channels...Ofcom have it in for free to air babe channels
Ofcom has fined 965 TV Limited after an investigation found that it had failed to comply with advertising rules on its Studio 66 TV service.

On five dates in March and April 2021, Studio 66 TV featured material which included sexually explicit language and behaviour. Ofcom found that the advertisements were capable of causing widespread offence and had the potential to harm or distress children.

Ofcom has imposed a financial penalty of 15,000 on the licensee 965 TV Limited.

The Breach Decisions noted that the material found in breach of Rules 4.2 and 23.3 included presenters using sexually explicit language which, on several occasions, appeared to be in response to a sex toy, not shown on screen, that had been remotely activated by viewers. This content was broadcast during the daytime between 17:10 and 20:16. The advertising was broadcast at 21:00 and again included the use of sexually explicit language as well as the presenter exposing her breasts on three occasions before 22:00, in contravention of the Chat Service Guidance.

Rule 23.3 of the BCAP Code prohibits the advertising of telecommunications-based sexual entertainment services before 9pm and after 5.30am.

Rule 4.2 of the BCAP Code requires that advertisements do not contain material that causes serious or widespread offence



Cable problems...

Major US cable TV company axes porn channels owned by Mindgeek

Link Here8th June 2021
 Comcast Cable (owners of the Xfinity brand)-- the largest cable television company in the United States with close to 20 million pay TVsubscribers is banning cable channels and streaming services owned by Mindgeek (owners of Pornhub).

A Comcast representative said that they were deeply concerned over the growing number of reports against MindGeek for unlawful business practices, including minors being exploited on their sites. As a result of this increasing evidence, Comcast decided to drop all MindGeek content from their cable systems. As of April 2021, all MindGeek material has been removed.

Furthermore, Comcast disabled new subscription video on demand (SVOD) signups and notified all their existing SVOD customers of their decision to remove content and cease distribution of MindGeek's SVOD services. Existing customers were informed of Comcast's decision through bill messages. Once the subscriber notification process was completed, the SVOD content became unavailable on their cable channels.



Vixen TV...

A high quality satellite channel to be distributed in association with Dorcel

Link Here1st February 2021

American-based content producer Vixen Media Group (VMG) and French adult studio Dorcel have announced the worldwide launch of a new dedicated Vixen TV channel on satellite, IPTV, cable and OTT.

In the Spring of 2020, VMG and Dorcel signed a multimillion-dollar broadcast distribution deal giving Dorcel the exclusive broadcast distribution rights to Vixen's content. Now, the alliance goes one step further with the creation of the Vixen television channel.

Vixen will broadcast the best of VMG's high-end adult entertainment, including content from Vixen, Deeper, Tushy, Tushy Raw, Blacked and Blacked Raw sister banners worldwide. The schedule will include six movies daily as well as exclusive clips of the Vixen Angels, first looks behind the scenes, and never-before-seen videos featuring the actresses and actors. On weekends, the channel will focus on Tushy, Vixen and Deeper, three flagship banners of the group, by offering several awarded productions from these labels.

Vixen will be distributed by satellite in HD 24/7 by the various European TV platforms of the Canal+ Group-owned M7 Group and by the entities of Canal+ International in the Caribbean, Africa, Reunion and New Caledonia. Additionally, Vixen will be distributed on IPTV, cable and satellite in the USA and Canada beginning February 18 via the Dorcel Group's North American partner, Vanessa Media.

Vixen Media Group's content is already available on-demand through the Dorcel Group's OTT offer as well as through Dorcel's partners on VOD through more than 100 international TV operators, and recently on FREE in France with the launch of an SVOD platform dedicated to the Vixen Group.



Satellite hub...

Pornhub TV has started on satellite TV

Link Here8th November 2020
A new channel has appeared on European Satellite TV named Pornhub TV. Presumably the world's favourite website is seeking wider audiences.

The channel is broadcasting from Eutelsat 16A and can be found by tuning to 11595.25 Vertical and uses the Conax encryption system.



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