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Update: Morality in Media recommends Cosmopolitan...

Morality campaigners try to get magazine banned from Walmart

Link Here5th November 2016

The morality campaigners of Morality in Media (now calling themselves The National Center on Sexual Exploitation) are calling on Walmart to ban Cosmopolitan magazine for being a bit sexy inside. Spokesperson Haley Halverson whinged:

For those who don't know Cosmo magazine, on the front it might just look like another woman's magazine - but inside it has a large number of very explicit sexual images and, more importantly, instructions on different sexual acts. So it's actually a very explicit magazine

Some stores actually have the magazine at checkout stands. In 2015, the Center received an agreement from Walmart regarding the magazine.

Walmart said that it would shield it in the checkout aisles, but they have not been enforcing this policy standard - and we hear reports from all over the country that Wamart's not doing it, she says. So now we're asking that they just stop selling the magazine altogether.

Morality in Media is now waiting for a response from Walmart.




New women's magazine features UK censorship in its first issue

Link Here14th May 2016
Lyra is a new quarerly women's magazine that touches on the subjects of  erotica and censorship. The magazine introduces itself:

We are a quarterly woman's magazine that focuses on critical discussions of society, politics and the arts. We publish a wide variety of content, including journalistic investigations, philosophical essays, erotic stories, poetry, photography and fiction, alongside many reflective pieces. Through this, we encourage thoughtful dialogues and critical perspectives while showcasing the voices of young artists and writers. We think that media should be cross-generational and appeal to people of different gender identities, a belief reflected in the magazine's editorial staff.

We call ourselves a woman's magazine, not because we want to appeal exclusively to women, but because we aim for a feminine voice. Alongside our magazine, we want to create various spaces in which people can discuss important issues, promote important campaigns and express themselves. To do this we will host events (including talks, exhibitions and panel discussions) and run a website, which publishes short form content and responds to time sensitive issues.

See extract from the first issue: Jerry Barnett On Censorship from



Offsite Article: Whatever Happened to...

Link Here14th February 2016
Playboy... after the nudes were withdrawn

See article from



Correction: No pent up demand...

Penthouse continues with its print edition

Link Here24th January 2016

Adult magazine Penthouse will end its US print edition after 50 years. Parent company FriendFinder Networks Inc. said the magazine will henceforth be released in online-only format and that subscriptions would be converted to digital.

The magazine division, which operated out of New York, will move to the company's Los Angeles-based office.

Besides publishing Penthouse, FriendFinder Networks operates a number of adult-oriented social networking sites including,, and

Bob Guccione began publication of Penthouse in Britain in 1965 and four years later in the United States, earning him a fortune estimated at $400 million at one point with a more explicit alternative to Hugh Hefner's Playboy.

But as the Internet became dominant in porn, Penthouse publisher General Media Inc., which was 85 percent owned by Guccione, filed for bankruptcy in 2003, which led to its acquisition by FriendFinder Networks.

Correction: Reports of the demise of the print edition were incorrect

24th January 2016. See  article from Thanks to Sabreman64

Several news outlets reported late last week that the porn magazine Penthouse was shuttering its print operations to go all-digital.

Penthouse managing director Kelly Holland says none of it is true.

Yes, Penthouse is launching a new digital format, an upgrade to its current web offerings. And it is true that the magazine laid off all of the more than 20 employees in its New York City offices last week as it relocates to Los Angeles. But Holland insists that nobody at the company said that Penthouse will do away with print. S he told CNNMoney:

One news outlet picks it up and gets it wrong. Then everyone picks it up and gets it wrong.

The tsunami of misinformation, as Holland put it, stems from what she concedes was a possibly weakly crafted press release. The press release title stated, PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE GOES DIGITAL! It went on to explain that the publication will be released in digital format and that future issues of the magazine will be available electronically through subscription. Nowhere in the release does it say the magazine is ceasing publication of its print edition.

Perhaps the press release should have said, 'Penthouse launches a digital platform in conjunction with its print publication,' she added.



Update: Ashes to Ashes, Bust to Bust...

FHM publishes its last ever issue

Link Here8th January 2016
Full story: Lads Mags...Blaming lads mags for all the world's ills

FHM has become the latest lads' mag to bow out after a history of 31 years of publishing.

The final issue of the magazine hit the shelves yesterday and features TV presenter Holly Willoughby. She first fronted the magazine in 2008. Willoughby poses in a black dress alongside the witty cover line: Ashes to Ashes, Bust to Bust .

Bauer Media, which owns FHM, said in November that it would be closing the magazine after dramatic losses in circulation.

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