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Algerian government blocks newspaper stories about failing health of president...
Link Here 20th May 2013

Algeria The Algerian government has blocked the publication of two newspapers.

Hicham Aboud, editor of the My Journal and Djaridati newspapers, said that happened after he rejected an order from the Communication Ministry on Saturday night to remove an article from the papers that claimed hospitalized President Abdelaziz Bouteflika had slipped into a coma.

Aboud said the articles were quoting credible medical sources.

Officials have repeatedly said that the president is recovering well and will soon return to Algeria.


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Censorship Junk...Australian government proposes censor who would control the press by being able to revoke legal protections for newspapers
Link Here 13th March 2013

Stephen ConroyNewspapers could have critical protections from privacy laws ripped away by a Government-appointed official under new media laws mooted by the Federal Government. The proposed changes met with widespread criticism.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy unveiled his long-awaited package of media reforms, demanding the creation of a public interest test for major media mergers and the appointment of a bureaucrat to certify independent press regulatory bodies. Conroy gave little information on how the public interest test would work and said the measures must pass Parliament inside two weeks or be junked.

Shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull vowed that the Opposition would oppose the public interest test and the creation of the regulator:

Any attempt to regulate or further circumscribe the media has got to be viewed with the greatest of suspicion. Particularly from a Government that seems determined to cowl the media, to bully the media into not criticising it.

Under Senator Conroy's plan, an office called the Public Interest Media Advocate would be created that would apply the public interest test to mergers and give the tick to independent regulators such as the Australian Press Council or the Independent Media Council.

The Media Advocate would have the power to revoke certification for either body should it judge it was not living up to its promised standards. Without certification, newspapers would lose protection from privacy laws and their ability to publish controversial and legally risky stories would be compromised.


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Azerbaijan blocks screening of documentary on artistic freedom...
Link Here 30th January 2014
Azerbaijan flag Azerbaijani campaigners have called on their government to refrain from preventing public events amid claims the country's authorities recently blocked the screening of a documentary on freedom of artistic expression.

Art claims democracy was set to run at the Park Inn Hotel, Baku, on January 24 as part of the Art for Democracy campaign; but the hotel turned off the electricity for the event.

The power outage was limited only to the second floor of the building, the floor on which the documentary film was to be aired. Organisers confronted hotel staff at the time who claimed it to be a technical problem. According to Art for Democracy some hotel employees later unofficially admitted the power shortage was a result of pressures on the hotel management.