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8th December

 Shopping: A Serbian Film...

UK cut version just re-released on UK DVD
Link Here

Serbian Film Special DVD A Serbian Film [Uk Cut Version] is a 2010 Serbia horror mystery thriller by Srdjan Spasojevic.
With Srdjan Todorovic, Sergej Trifunovic and Jelena Gavrilovic. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed 18 for very strong sexual violence, sex and violence after 49 BBFC cuts totalling 4:12s for:

  • 2013 Safecracker Pictures R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 2nd December 2013

The BBFC commented:

Cuts required to remove portrayals of children in a sexualised or abusive context and images of sexual and sexualised violence which have a tendency to eroticise or endorse the behaviour. Cuts made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy.

These include cuts to the juxtaposition of images of children with sexual and sexually violent material. Although the Board does not regard these images as likely to contravene the Protection of Children Act 1978, the Guidelines state that intervention is most likely with, amongst other things, portrayals of children in a sexualised or abusive context .

See further details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: A Serbian Film

Summary Notes

An aging porn star agrees to participate in an "art film" in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.


13th September

 Shopping: It's Friday the 13th...

The complete collection is released today on US Blu-ray
Link Here
PreviewComing Soon Cuts Cert Run Time BBFC decisions on 12 September 2013


  • The East
  • The Smurfs 2

The Hobbit

      Additional Material:
  • The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey [Additional Material, Audio Commentary, Extended Edition]
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Special Edition - a Long-expected Journey: the Chronicles of the Hobbit - Part 1 - the Journey Back To Middle-earth Individual Credits [Additional Material]
  • The Epic Scene of 88 - Strath Taieri [Additional Material, the Hobbit, Extended Edition]
  • Riddles in the Dark - Gollum's Cave [Additional Material, the Hobbit, Extended Edition]
  • Return To Hobbiton - the Shire [Additional Material, the Hobbit, Extended Edition]
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Special Edition - a Long Expected Journey: the Chronicles of the Hobbit - Part 1 Introduction [Additional Material, Extended Edition, Introduction By Peter Jackson]
  • Home is Behind, the World Ahead [Additional Material, the Hobbit Extended Edition]
  • ...under Hill - Goblin Town [Additional Material, the Hobbit Ee]

    29th August

     Shopping: Brides of Dracula...

    Hammer classic uncut and just released on a UK DVD/Blu-ray Combo
    Link Here

    Brides Dracula Double Play Blu ray mayBrides of Dracula is a 1960 UK horror by Terence Fisher.
    With Peter Cushing, Martita Hunt and Yvonne Monlaur. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

    UK: Passed 12 uncut for moderate horror and violence with previous cinema cuts restored for:

    • UK 2013 Final Cut (RB) Blu-ray/(R2) DVD Combo at UK Amazon released on 26th August 2013

    UK Censorship History

    Passed X (16) after BBFC cuts for 1960 cinema release. From IMDb. Cut brief shot of gore from Baroness Meinster's staking.

    Passed 12 uncut with previous cinema cuts restored for the 2007 Showbox Media/Slam Dunk Media R2 DVD

    Summary Review: Good Follow Up

    A well regarded follow up to the very successful 1958 Dracula. Noted for style, atmosphere and good acting.

    Peter Cushing plays a blinder in a film that contributed to establishment of Hammer as a major force in horror.

    Promotional Material

    Classic horror starring Peter Cushing. A young teacher on her way to a position in Transylvania helps a young man escape the shackles his mother has put on him. In doing so she innocently unleashes the horrors of the undead once again on the populace, including those at her school for ladies. Luckily for some, Dr Van Helsing (Cushing) is already on his way.

Cutting Edge

Gavin Salkeld's
Cutting Edge

42: Temple of Doom
41: Bound
40: Hellraiser 1&2
39: Straw Dogs
38: Predator 2
37: Tango and Cash
36: The Texas Chainsaw massacre
35: Basic Instincts Special Edition
34: Cutthroat Island
33: Lethal Weapon 2
32: The Hunger Games
31: xXx Films
30: Strange Days Special Edition
29: Batman Forever
28: Mirrors
27: Hard Target
26: The Rundown/Welcome to the Jungle
25: Doctor Who Special Edition
24: The Equalizer
23: The Mummy Series
22: Eraser
21: The Frighteners
20: RoboCop Special Edition
19: Taken 2
18: Sleeping with the Enemy
17: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
16: Hot Shots! and Part Deux
15: Die Hard Special
14: Lethal Weapon 4
13: Point Break
12: True Lies
11: Casino Royale
10: The Da Vinci Code/Angels & Demons
9: The Rock
8: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
7: Terminator 2
6: Steven Seagal Special
5: Tomb Raider
4: Scream
3: Cliffhanger
2: The Woman in Black
1: Tomorrow Never Dies

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