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Legal anlysis...

Several EU countries are investigating the legality of Google Analytics within the GDPR

Link Here15th January 2022
Full story: EU GDPR law...Far reaching privay protection law
The legal basis of the statistics service Google Analytics is proving shaky across the EU. The Austrian data protection censor has determined that the use of Google Analytics' on websites in the European Union is not compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Now the Dutch Authority for Personal Data (AP) has warned: Please note: The use Google Analytics' may soon be banned.

Google Analytics is a free service providing websites with detailed information about usage such as key information about how many users a site has and which pages they are reading. The websites allow Google to place cookies on their behalf that allow Google to track websites visits. It is that tracking that may transgress GDPR rules and note that it also one of the reasons for those silly cookie consent pop-ups that merely serve to train web users to mindlessly click on any pop-up that impedes their viewing.

The Dutch data protection censor has updated its Google Analytics privacy-friendly setup guide and has announced that it is investigating two complaints about the use of Google Analytics in the Netherlands.  The AP would like to conclude this investigation in the near future, namely early 2022. Then itwill be able to say whether Google Analytics is allowed or not.

Meanwhile Germany and Austrian data protection censors are also wrestling with a related case. A complaint about data usage by an Austrian website spilled over to Germany when the website withced to Germany. The censors are now debating both the data complaint and the jurisdiction issues.



Searching for consent...

France's data protection censor hands out massive fines on Google and Facebook for failing cookie consent requirements

Link Here5th January 2022
Full story: EU ePrivacy Law...The Cookie Law: EU regulate consent for tracking cookies
France is being very aggressive over enforcing the silly EU cookie law that nags and trains internet users to blindly click on website popups.

By announcing fines of euro 150 million for Google and euro 60 million for Facebook, the French privacy watchdog CNIL went much further than other EU data protection censors have gone to rein in the trackers, which allow advertisers to target people with tailored ads as they move around the internet.

Under the e-Privacy Directive, the CNIL is free to take direct action against companies that otherwise would be overseen by the Irish Data Protection Commission, because the GDPR gives prime enforcement power to the country where the company is legally established. Many tech companies have their EU bases in Dublin.

The French data protection censor has so far zoned in on two key violations: failing to allow users to refuse cookies as easily as it is to accept them, and automatically placing cookies on people's devices before they even have a chance to accept or refuse them. These are widespread violations across the web, but so far only the CNIL seems serious about tackling them.



France opts to become a circumvention hub for Pornhub...

Trail blazing French Government will try blocking major porn websites

Link Here 28th December 2021
Full story: Age Verification in France...Macron gives websites 6 months to introduce age verification
The French government has announced it will move to block five of the world's major porn sites unless they introduce identity verification for all users to ensure that users are over 18.

Adult websites Pornhub, xHamster, XVideos, XNXX and Tukif are in the firing line.

The move by France s Higher Audiovisual Council looks to force the websites to comply with a law introduced last year which made it compulsory to carry out age verification checks for adult content.

The council said the sites current tactic of simply asking users to fill out a check-box stating they are over 18 is not satisfactory and that they are breaking the law by failing to introduce better controls.

The move sees France align with European neighbours Germany in their efforts to bring about change in the adult industry by taking action against sites and organisations that do not prevent children from accessing adult content.

It will be interesting to see how porn users respond to the censorship and the dangers of handing over ID to be associated with porn use. The British Government will surely be monitoring the situation carefully. Options available to users are to subscribe to a VPN, use the Tor browsers, seek out unblocked porn websites, or possibly share porn via different media. After all a year's worth of porn viewing can be shared on a single memory stick.

One can be sure that the French internet blocking mechanisms will surely by well analysed in what will become a hot topic for millions of interested people. One suspects that the security services will be somewhat unimpressed if millions of people start using encrypted services to circumvent the state censorship.




Macron criticises the European Commission for trying to impose politically correct language

Link Here9th December 2021
French president Emmanuel Macron has criticised the European Commission for its woke nonsense a week after it withdrew controversial politically correct language rules following an outcry from politicians. Macron said in a speech that the commission should focus on recovery, power and belonging. He said:

A Europe that comes to explain to people what words they should or shouldn't say is not a Europe to which I totally adhere. It's nonsense, basically.

Macron added that the sense of European identity had withered away in France as well as European nations.

His scathing attack came a week after the European Commission pulled back from an internal PC language guide which advised officials to use inclusive language such as holiday season rather than Christmas and use gender-neutral terms instead of man-made and ladies and gentlemen.

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