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30th March   

Inappropriate Time for Moralising...

Peterborough priest has a whinge about local lap dancing club
Link Here

A Peterborough priest has called on religious leaders to join a campaign to reverse a decision to allow a club near his church to run lap-dancing nights.

Father David Jennings, of St Peter and All Souls Roman Catholic Church, has written to religious leaders of all faiths in the city asking them to support his campaign over Pulse 8 nightclub, in Geneva Street, which recently began holding pole dancing nights.

In the letter Father David said:

We have been shocked that no attempt was made by the authorities to consult the residents of Geneva Street, nor the Catholic Church which residents next door but one to the night club.

This inappropriate decision fails to take into account the views of the 1,800 who attend mass each week.

As faith leaders within the city, I know you would not appreciate such an establishment being sited next door to your place of worship.


24th March   

Update: Thirst Starts Quenching...

Lap dancing club starts business pending nutter appeal
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing in Oxford...Thirst for nutter 'outrage'

Lapdancing sessions have started at a city centre bar in Oxford – despite continued protests from  neighbouring church nutters.

Al Thompson, the manager of Thirst Lodge, said lapdancing was being staged at the club, in Pennyfarthing Place, off St Ebbe's, from Monday to Saturday, between 9pm and 3am.

There are no sessions on Sunday, and Mr Thompson said this was a deliberate concession to the neighbouring St Ebbe's Church, which has led protests against the club's application to stage lapdancing events.

The city council's licensing committee approved the application in December, but the church has appealed against the decision and an initial hearing is expected to take place before Oxford magistrates next month.

Thompson said: We're now running the venue as a gentleman's club called The Lodge, that has poledancing and lapdancing. About 20 to 25 per cent of our clientele are women. There's pole dancing on the ground floor and private dancers in the basement, which cost £20 each.


22nd March   

Update: Moralists on Tap...

Moralists win a ban on lap dancing at Reading's Brewery Tap pub
Link Here

Punch Taverns wanted to reopen the historic Brewery Tap pub in Reading's town centre as a gentleman's club.

But its proposal was thrown out by Reading's licensing committee.

More than 40 locals voiced concerns about the potential noise from drunken behaviour. Business owners in Castle Street claimed they were worried about the safety of staff walking home late at night.

Abbey ward councillor Bet Tickner said: The feeling was this was unwelcome. The biggest worries surrounded noise from the premises as it is not correctly soundproofed. Business owners were not happy either because of staff working late. They didn't want a place where, after drinking, people in the town centre could go in and possibly get sexually aroused. Then you have women leaving the office and meeting people they don't want to.

Fellow ward councillor Tony Page agreed: This was a first class result. Many people were concerned about the activities going on inside. This is not the place for this sort of thing, certainly not on a 24-hour basis.

Punch's application included the provision of 24-hour drinking, live and recorded music, and new dance facilities including striptease, table dancing and pole dancing.

Punch spokeswoman Kat Auckland said: As previously highlighted this was a speculative application and we are continuing to explore other options for the site.


13th March   

Anna Span...

Noted British porn director to stand for parliament for the Lib Dems
Link Here

Anna Arrowsmith, also known as Anna Span, is the new Liberal Democrat candidate for Gravesham in Kent.

She is also the auteur of hundreds of female-friendly porn films. Her neighbours in Tunbridge Wells may or may not be disgusted to learn that some of these, including Be My Toyboy , were shot in the front room.

Last year she won a battle with the British Board of Film Classification to be allowed to show a scene of female ejaculation.

She said that campaign was idealistic. It was about saying to the censors that you can't tell the women of this country what their bodies can or cannot do.

How seriously will the voters take Ms Arrowsmith, 38, on the election trail? She wants to be respected for her business and campaigning record but knows that her career will present a problem for some. There will be some people who will never like porn, she says. People approach sex in different ways. For some people it is only an emotional act. For others it is a variety of different acts. Some people will never accept that. They are probably the same people who never had a one-night stand. There will be some people who are conservative and very anti-porn. I think on the whole these days people are far more liberal.

What about the Liberals? Aren't some of them going to be affronted by a pornographer in their midst? I don't think so. On the whole they are a sexually liberated bunch.

Fed up with seeing porn films that focused on women pleasuring men she has carved a niche making films in which a third of shots show the woman, a third the man and a third the couple together. She says that the films she makes are humorous and that there is no airbrushing. Nearly half her customers are women, she says: Women definitely need this. She laughs at the idea that for all her talk of being a feminist she is really in pornography for the money. For years she made very little. Now, I do OK — nice house in Tunbridge Wells. No way am I the millionaire I thought I would be.

In her Tory-Labour marginal a Lib Dem victory is a long shot, but she is determined to become an MP eventually.


13th March   

No Fun in Huddersfield...

Lap dancing club loses licence over supposed sex for sale
Link Here

The owner of a lap dancing club who was arrested following a raid on his Huddersfield nightspot has now been stripped of his licence.

Kirklees Council's licensing committee has revoked the premises licence for La Salsa following concerns raised by police.

Sgt John McFadzean, of Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team, was part of the raid. He said: I'm pleased the council has endorsed the actions of the police.

The Beast Market club was raided last month after undercover special constables were allegedly offered sexual favours by dancers.

They had been sent to investigate allegations some of the girls working there were performing naked and breaking the rules that ban physical contact with customers.

While police were in the club, they also discovered a 16-year-old Romanian girl working as a dancer.


9th March   

Boris Mouths Off...

Mayor calls on Londoners to refuse working girls advertising cards
Link Here

London mayor Boris Johnson has urged shoppers to challenge newsagents who allow their windows to become advertising boards for prostitutes.

Johnson said people did not realise calling cards offering massage services were often directly linked to organised crime and violence.

Speaking on International Women's Day at London Bridge, he said members of the public should play their part: I think this is one of those areas where the public can have a huge influence.

Launching his strategy for tackling violence against women, Johnson said he wanted more work to be done to reduce the demand for prostitutes. He said this could be achieved through the better use of existing laws and licensing regulations, publicity campaigns and education for school pupils.

But Sarah Walker from the International Prostitutes Collective criticised the mayor's plans, saying: It's outrageous that Boris Johnson is using International Woman's Day to attack prostitutes. Banning women from putting cards in windows will drive them out of premises on to the streets, which is 10 times worse. Whatever policies are put place, we have to prioritise woman's safety.


8th March   

Moraliser Not So Moral Now...

Glasgow council are notable for their campaigns against vice, so no surprises that their leader has resigned over a cocaine habit
Link Here

Senior Labour figures in Scotland were shocked last week to learn that the city council leader had a drug problem and had been warned by police that he was in danger of being blackmailed by suppliers.

Even politicians who considered themselves to be close friends of Purcell said that they had no idea about his problems.

Purcell resigned as a councillor on Friday, spelling the end of his high-flying political career, as speculation about the extent of his problems continued to mount. He had hoped that by quitting as leader earlier in the week he could take time out to recover and make a comeback in several months. However, as revelations continued to emerge about his lifestyle that strategy had to be abandoned.

It emerged yesterday that officers from the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforecement Agency visited him at his office in the city chambers last May to warn that he could be open to blackmail. The agency told him that it was aware of a dealer claiming to have evidence of drug use which could end his career.

Fellow moralist, Jim Coleman, will remain the acting leader of Scotland's biggest local authority until an annual general meeting is held in May.

Call to Review Purcell's Decisions

Based on article from

Glasgow City Council have refused to review any decisions made by its former leader Steven Purcell following revelations about drugs abuse.

Calls were made for decisions at the council to be looked at again. The demands by the GMB union and SNP opponents came just after the former council leader quit as a councillor and reportedly fled to Australia to recuperate.

Comment: Perhaps to time to review Glasgow Council's Moralising campaigns

Perhaps campaigns such as End Prostitution Now

From their website

End Prostitution Now is a campaign led by Glasgow City Council which aims to raise awareness of the harm caused through prostitution and put the focus on the buyers of sex - the DEMAND - who have in the past been invisible from public debate.

But Glasgow Council seem to be denying that they are running it.

There are no references to this campaign in the most recent annual Company report of the Glasgow Community and Safety Services Limited Company. And even stranger when Glasgow City Council were approached under the Freedom of Information Act (Scotland 2002)

The Council is treating your request as a request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

On inspecting our records, it would appear that Glasgow City Council does not hold the information which you have requested. Neither does anyone else hold it on our behalf. Accordingly we are unable to comply with your request.

I can confirm that Glasgow City Council does not run political campaigns.


2nd March   

Update: A Different Forum...

Oxford local paper finds that readers are supportive of lap dancing club
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing in Oxford...Thirst for nutter 'outrage'

Plans to run lap-dancing nights at an Oxford bar have received backing from readers on the Oxford Mail's website

Members of St Ebbe's Church are leading the fight against the application by neighbours Thirst Lodge. However, most commentators on our website believe the bar should be allowed to have lapdancers.

Pierre My said: Reading the story there are all the usual ridiculous unsubstantiated reasons why they don't want it. I was just waiting for somebody to scream 'Think of the children'.

Nightshift said: Next to St Ebbe's Church is a supermarket. Ironically, the beers, wines and spirits section is the closest to the church building. It sells alcohol at vastly reduced prices and greater volume than The Lodge. Of the two businesses closest to the church, which is the most likely to increase cases of domestic violence, violence against women, unwanted pregnancy, parents buying alcohol for children and admissions to A&E departments? In fact how many strip club-related admissions are there to A&E departments in Oxford?

LadyPenelope agreed: I don't see the problem with a lapdancing club. No one is forcing those girls to dance. It's just people trying to make a living paid by people who are somewhat sad enough to cough up cash for that sort of thing.

Only one reader posted a comment opposing the lap dancing.

Any One said: I'm sure you know, if you think about it, that how some young women end up in jobs such as lapdancing does indeed involve covert force. There are usually many factors that are not always immediately obvious, like men controlling these young women.


1st March   

Update: A Thirst for Intolerance...

Oxford nutters unite to protest about lap dancing club
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing in Oxford...Thirst for nutter 'outrage'

An estimated two hundred people gathered in Bonn Square to protest against lap dancing at Thirst Lodge.

Members of St. Ebbe's Church, local residents, students and leaders of the local Muslim community came together to protest against the establishment of Thirst Lodge as a sex encounter venue.

Kat Wall, OUSU's Women's Officer, told Cherwell, We've come together with various different groups from across the community to say that we don't want lap dancing to take place here. The main reason for this protest is, basically, we're very concerned about the harms that will be put on many members of the community.

Oxford City Council leader, Bob Price, urged the public to sign a petition against the Lodge's plans to host lap dancing. He said, We're very opposed to this application because it runs entirely counter to our image of what the city centre should be about, and as many speakers this afternoon have said, it would certainly raise the possibility of more crime and violence and attacks on women in this area.

An online petition campaigning against lap dancing at Thirst Lodge on the grounds of the prevention of crime and disorder and the prevention of public nuisance has over 1000 signatures.


22nd February   

Update: City Moralists...

Licence refused for lap dancing club near Holborn Circus
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London

A lap-dancing club has been barred from opening off Holborn Circus because there are already too many in the area.

Plans to open a new 300-capacity gentleman's club called Blue Diamond with a 4.30am late licence have been thrown out.

Almost 100 irate nutters and businesses had objected to the plans claiming it would debase the reputation of Hatton Garden.

Numerous other lap-dancing and strip joints operate within a 500-metre radius - including neighbouring club Secrets as well as The Griffin, in Clerkenwell Road, and the Chatterbox and Venus nightspots in Farringdon Road.

Blue Diamond, off Holborn Circus, is the latest venture from For Your Eyes Only (FYEO), which opened Europe's biggest lap dancing venue in City Road in 2008.

It would have featured 30 private booths with customers paying £20 a time to have a fully naked female dancer gyrate for their pleasure for three minutes.

FYEO insists it operates a strict code of conduct that bans full body contact between customers and dancers and ensures private booths being are not fully curtained-off.

But Camden Council threw out the plans citing the cumulative effect of yet strip club opening and its impact on the quality of life of residents with nearby schools and churches .


14th February   

Update: Small Ads and the Small Minded...

Vera Baird and Harriet Hatemen line up their next assault on sex work
Link Here
Full story: Ads for UK Sex Workers...Government laws against small ads and phone box cards

Advertisements for massage parlours and escort agencies are to be banned in the next government assault on the sex industry. 

Ministers plan to disrupt the sex industry by banning newspaper advertisements for prostitutes and brothels in a new law put forward in Labour's election manifesto. Failure to comply with the law could carry a £10,000 fine.

The clampdown is being led by Vera Baird, the solicitor-general, and Harriet Harman, the equality minister.

They are concerned that a request to remove the adverts has had only partial success. Although The Newspaper Society succeeded in persuading some newspaper groups to stop carrying them, ministers are concerned that many others have failed to do so.

The Crown Prosecution Service has already studied a similar law in Ireland and concluded that it would work in the UK.

The new law would also inform publishers which kind of ads will be banned by defining, for example, the difference between a massage parlour which is actually a brothel and spas offering therapeutic massages.

Sex phone lines, carried in many tabloid newspapers, would not be caught by the law unless they are a front for arranging prostitution.

It would also make it a criminal offence to print or distribute telephone-box cards advertising prostitutes. Under the current law, it is an offence only to be caught in the act of posting such a card.

Baird said: It is now appropriate to move against people who make money from advertising prostitutes. The Newspaper Society tightened its guidance on taking such ads but there is still a market that we now have to look to legislation to disrupt.


14th February   

Update: Court Protection from Radical Feminists...

Peter Stringfellow warns that he will go to European Court to keep his clubs open
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing License Change...UK lap dancing suffers repressive new licensing

The nightclub boss Peter Stringfellow has warned that he would appeal under human rights laws if he was forced to close his lapdancing clubs under new government regulations.

Hundreds of lap-dancing clubs will have to seek new licences under powers that are expected to force some premises to close. The new licensing regime will start on April 6, when clubs will be called sexual entertainment venues . They will all have to apply for a fresh licence.

Local councils in England and Wales will be able to ban clubs from opening near schools or other buildings in quiet or busy neighbourhoods. The public will be given the right to oppose an application to open a club on the basis that the premises are inappropriate .

Stringfellow and the Lap Dancing Association are threatening to go to the European Court of Human Rights if any club given specific permission to conduct lap dancing loses its licence. They claim that loss of the licence breaches human rights because it deprives them of their possession.

Stringfellow said that the regulations had been brought forward because Jacqui Smith, the former Home Secretary, and Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, were entranced by the radical feminist organisation known as the Fawcett Society .


11th February   

Director of Public Persecution...

Attempt to twist UK law to criminalise the buyers of sex thwarted
Link Here

  Britain wants to prosecute

An attempt to prosecute a man for asking a woman for sex in a Nottingham red light district was slammed as reprehensible by a High Court Judge

The case, from July 2008, had been thrown out by magistrates previously, but prosecutors tried to reopen it.

A police sting operation took place after complaints from Mapperley residents about the impact of prostitution in the area. A police officer posed as Sarah , a prostitute, and agreed a price for sex with the man after he approached her.

The man was arrested but magistrates cleared him of any offence, ruling he had done nothing wrong.

But the Director of Public Prosecutions tried to re-open the case in the High Court.

However, Lord Justice Elias said the attempt was quite hopeless and upheld the ruling a single incident of asking a woman for sex in a known red light district could not amount to a nuisance.

He added a single, otherwise lawful, act does not become a criminal offence just because other people are carrying out similar, otherwise lawful, activity in the same area.

Observing prosecuting authorities were using wholly artificial concepts to criminalise lawful conduct which they considered to be reprehensible , Lord Justice Elias urged all courts to have no truck with it .

Offences of engaging in, advertising and facilitating paid-for sexual activities (1) The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 (asp 9) is amended as follows. (2) After section 11 insert—


9th February   

Moralists on Tap...

I don't believe in moralising...BUT...lap dancing in Reading is just wrong
Link Here

The Brewery Tap in Castle Street, Reading may be transformed from a traditional pub after owner Punch Taverns submitted plans to vary its premises licence to allow 24-hour drinking as well as live and recorded music. The application also details new dance facilities to include striptease, table dancing, pole dancing, lap dancing and other similar styled entertainment of an adult theme .

But local residents predictably said they cannot bear the thought of such a club on their doorstep. Neighbour Terry Parsons said: We don't want it. It was bad enough as a pub. They couldn't keep the noise down when it closed at midnight, so we are concerned this would make it even worse. It's not even the right location – not somewhere you expect to find a strip of bars. Where we live the parking area is quite small. We have people making noise at four, five o'clock in the morning and it echoes through the courtyard.

Punch spokeswoman Jo Navin said: It is always our priority that our sites are open and trading and serving the community around them. The Brewery Tap has been closed for a number of months and we are exploring options around the future of the site. One option is a speculative application to vary the premises license to include extended drinking hours and the opportunity for the site to operate as a lap dancing venue.

Reverend Edward Malcolm, from St Mary's Church in Castle Street, opposite the pub, said: It doesn't seem at all appropriate. Apart from the unsavouriness of that form of activity, it is in a residential area. There are already enough drinking establishments with long licences in Reading. We don't need another one. There seems to be no justification for it. I wonder if they are after something less than a 24-hour lapdancing club and putting in an extreme case, so they get knocked back on some things but end up with 24-hour drinking.

Deputy leader of Reading Borough Council Tony Page, who is ward councillor for the area, urged people living near the Brewery Tap to take part in the consultation: Without passing any moral judgements ...[BUT]... I have very grave reservations about 24-hour drinking in an establishment in a residential area on the people that live close to the Brewery Tap. He emphasised his objections were not moral since he used to run a club in Reading – the Majestic in Caversham Road – in the 1980s which had both male and female strippers.


7th February   

Update: Antisocial Uxbridge...

Lap dancing banned from West Drayton pub
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London

Lap dancers will not be disrobing at a pub in West Drayton, much to the delight of the area's MP.

The De Burgh Arms had asked for permission to hold lap dancing and striptease evenings in a separate building within their premises, a move hotly opposed by Uxbridge MP John Randall (Con). He said: I am very pleased with the result. I just do not think it is the right location for that sort of establishment. I'm delighted.

At a licensing meeting at Hillingdon Civic Centre last Tuesday, the committee ruled against permitting the new venture at the pub in Station Road.

The De Burgh Arms is next to the town's busy station, and many residents supposedly feared the lap dancing pub would be the first thing people coming to West Drayton would see.

Councillors said the possibility of the venue adding to anti-social behaviour and crime in the area was another reason to turn it down.

Comment: Nimby bandwagon

9th February 2010. Thanks to Alan

Interesting to see my former local get a mention! I used to drink in the De Burgh Arms, which used to be the best pub in West Drayton by a mile. It became less pleasant a few years ago, and the lap dance proposal might be an attempt to revive it. Sorry to see the normally sensible John Randall jump on the nimby bandwagon.

Strp pubs are by no means unknown in the area: there are a couple in Hayes, and another boozer just on the other side of the railway used to run regular strip nights a few years back


6th February   

Update: Ebbing Tolerance...

Oxford church intimidates and harasses lap dancing neighbour
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing in Oxford...Thirst for nutter 'outrage'

Nutters of an Oxford church have resurrected protests against an Oxford bar's plans to run lap-dancing sessions.

In January last year, Greene King applied for a licence to run lap dancing and pole dancing at Thirst Lodge, off St Ebbe's Street, but withdrew its application after staff at St Ebbe's Church complained.

But in December, the company renewed its application and the city council granted permission.

Now the church has appealed, and magistrates will be asked to reconsider the proposal.

On Saturday, church members gave out flyers outside the bar, in Pennyfarthing Place, and asked shoppers to sign a petition.

The Rev Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe's Church, said: We are concerned because we understand women can feel intimidated and experience harassment from men who are leaving lap-dancing clubs.

Nutters of the Oxford University Students Union have also had a whinge about Thirst Lodge. See also article from


4th February   

Police Moraliser Thwarted...

Portsmouth license lap dancing club despite police moralising
Link Here

A strip club has been given the go-ahead to open in Portsmouth's city centre. For Your Eyes Only will take over the former Mint Casino in Guildhall Walk.

Portsmouth City Council granted the adult entertainment venue a license despite objections from police.

Licensing officer PC Mike O'Malley claimed the club, which is set to open until 5am six days a week and until 4am on Sundays, would have a negative impact on the already notorious Guildhall area. He said another late-night venue would not help police prevent crime and disorder.

He told the council: The police are strongly opposed to this application and feel that it should not be granted.

But councillors said they could find no real reason to refuse it.

Cllr Les Stevens, chairman of the licensing committee, said: The sexual aspect is not a licensing concern - that is not a reason to turn down a licence. We had to make a decision based on the opening hours and that sort of thing. The casino used to be open until 6am, so this will close earlier than that. And it's not going to be the sort of place drunk people can just turn up - it costs £10 to even get it and drinks are going to be so expensive - I think a small bottle of beer is going to be about £4 right up to a bottle of champagne for £5,000, so groups of drunk lads aren't going to be able to afford to go in.

Cllr Stevens, Lib Dem, added: There is no evidence that this sort of place causes sexual crimes to go up at all. We have never had any complaints about the two that are already open.


31st January   

Update: Nasty Ladies...

Labour's next attack on an enjoyable life
Link Here
Full story: Ads for UK Sex Workers...Government laws against small ads and phone box cards

You will have seen the advertisements in the back of some newspapers: New young models. Open 24 hours. Come and relax and have a professional massage.

If Vera Baird, the UK Solicitor General has her way such ads will soon be a thing of the past. Baird, along with Fiona Mactaggart, Harriet Harman and other feminists in Westminster, is looking to the Republic of Ireland for inspiration on how to legislate against third-party profiteering from the sex industry – namely by newspapers. Ireland's legislation, in place since 1994, reads:

A person who publishes or causes to be published or distributes or causes to be distributed an advertisement which advertises a brothel or the services of a prostitute in the State or any premises or service in the State in terms, circumstances or manner which gives rise to the reasonable inference that the premises is a brothel or that the service is one of prostitution shall be guilty of an offence.

The legislation includes those advertising prostitution services in other ways, for example displaying notices or posters, circulating leaflets or cards (such as those in telephone boxes) or on radio, television, computer, telephone, fax or photography.

At Baird's instigation the Crown Prosecution Service here in the UK has taken a close look at the legislation and decided that it could be useful in prosecuting those directly involved in profiting from this abusive industry and could also reduce the numbers of men paying for sex.

If police can confirm that an ad being published or distributed is for a brothel the publisher is sent a warning of possible arrest and prosecution if the ad runs again. The penalty is a fine of up to £10,000.


24th January   

Trafficking a Clapped out Myth...

Scottish police claim large scale sex trafficking (but can never seem to find any)
Link Here
Full story: Trafficking Hype...Trafficking figures hopelessly over exaggerated

Prostitution is seen as a market opportunity for organised gangs trafficking women into Scotland, a police body warned MSPs yesterday. The claim was made at a Scottish Parliament committee investigating the economic impact of human trafficking and migration.

The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) said people-smuggling generates large amounts of money for gangs and opportunistic criminals, particularly in the Strathclyde force area.

In a submission to Holyrood's equal opportunities committee, Acpos said: The existence of an illicit sex industry in Strathclyde and the rest of Scotland is seen as a market opportunity, and there is evidence that criminal gangs, involved in large-scale organised prostitution rings, traffic women into the UK.

Prostitution and escort services generate vast amounts of profit for the criminals, not to mention the harm to the individuals, who are exploited and require intensive support to reclaim their lives.

Politicians have called for dedicated government funds to tackle the problem before the Commonwealth Games comes to Glasgow in 2014. It was claimed last year that well-paid construction workers might increase demand for prostitution in the city.

The Scottish Government has said it is funding the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency to establish a new unit which will target human trafficking as well as other forms of organised crime.


23rd January   

Medway Moralists...

Mean minded councillors give colleague a hard time over kerb crawling arrest
Link Here

Medway councillor Nick Brice is facing calls to resign after it emerged that he was cautioned for attempting to pick up a prostitute.

The Rochester South and Horsted ward representative was arrested looking for working girls on the streets of Rochester in November of last year. The councillor admitted the offence and received a conditional caution.

Medway Conservative Group immediately moved to expel Cllr Brice from the party, saying that all elected members should uphold the highest standards in public office and public life . Medway's Labour Group has also called for his resignation.

Party leader Paul Godwin said: When a person who holds public office breaks the law, they generally have the decency to resign. When they have been caught kerb crawling, any right minded person would do the decent thing. The local Tories were correct to throw Cllr Brice out, and I am amazed that he has not yet resigned. His position is completely untenable. If he doesn't attend any meetings for six months he automatically ceases to be a member, but if he does appear he will find himself in front of the standards committee.

Cllr Teresa Murray, of neighbouring Rochester East ward, added: I am sure everyone in Rochester, and in Medway as a whole, is disgusted by Nicholas Brice's actions.

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