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Barely Noticed...

A topless protest against a Brazilian anti-nudity ordinance falls flat

Link Here23rd December 2013
A topless protest rally in Rio de Janeiro proved a little disappointing with few participants.

The protest against police enforcement of beach nudity laws, was organised in response to an incident in November when actress Cristina Flores was stopped by police during a half-naked photoshoot on the beach.

Thousands of women were expected to gather on Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema beach, taking off their bikinis in defiance of Brazilian law, which describes female toplessness as an obscene act.

Hundreds of photographers filled Ipanema beach, eager to catch a glimpse of the first women to strip in defiance of the law - but only a few women joined in.

The anti-nudity law, which dates back to the 1940s, is punishable by up to a year in prison, or fines. Locals admit the law does not frequently lead to prosecutions.



Free the Nipple...

Supporting the hype for the campaign and the movie

Link Here14th December 2013
Miley Cyrus would like us all to Free the Nipple . The singer took to Twitter to support the Free the Nipple campaign by posting a photo of herself holding a large, fake nipple over her left eye.

The campaign was started by campaigners appalled by [the] American media's glorification of violence and repression of nudity, and it aims to decriminalize the female body and protest the backwards censorship laws in the US, according to its Facebook page. It's something Cyrus has spoken about before, as the singer says she has faced censorship in her own life.

And an upcoming film entitled Free The Nipple tells the story of the two activists LIV (Lola Kirke) and WITH (Lina Esco) fighting against the glorification of violence and the repression of nudity, according to its Facebook page .

Free the Nipple is a 2014 USA comedy by Lina Esco.
With Casey LaBow, Zach Grenier and Monique Coleman. IMDb

Summary Notes

Appalled by America's glorification of violence and repression of female nudity, disruptive activists LIV and WITH begin a grass roots campaign to "Free the Nipple" and make toplessness legal across the country, and raise awareness of gender inequalities in the US. Their revolution opens a national conversation about the extraordinary amount of violence being blasted at the youth of America. Their mission concludes with a triumphant topless rally outside the Lincoln Memorial to protest the backwards censorship laws in the United States.



Blackpool Connections...

Previously the biggest swingers club in the northwest. Now the biggest mixed sauna

Link Here27th November 2013
A sauna boss who was threatened with closure after the council accused him of running a swingers club without permission has said he has no plans to shut his doors.

Earlier this month, a council enforcement notice was served on a property on Egerton Road that has been operating a mixed sauna under the name of Blackpool Connections.

However, owner Chris Maher insists the business, which advertises group sex and adult playrooms catering for every sexuality and preference on its website, has been operating within the terms of his licence and he intends to appeal the notice. He said:

The council cannot take any action until the appeal has been decided so it's will be down to the secretary of state. It can take up to 12 months for that to go through and in the meantime I am not closing down.

He also said he plans to update his website to remove any mention of the phrase swingers club .



Update: British Bollox...

Naked Rambler's conviction under the catch all public order act upheld on appeal

Link Here1st November 2013
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked
A man known as the naked rambler has lost a high court challenge against a conviction for supposedly violating public order when he walked through a town centre wearing only walking boots, socks and a hat.

Two judges in London rejected an appeal by Stephen Gough who says it is his human right to be naked in public.

Gough was convicted in March at Calderdale magistrates court in Halifax, West Yorkshire , of a breach of the Public Order Act relating to a 15-minute morning walk through the town with his genitalia on plain view .

Dismissing the appeal, Brian Leveson, President of the Queen's bench division of the high court, and Mr Justice Openshaw, ruled that the district judge who dealt with the case at the magistrates court was clearly entitled to conclude that, by walking through a town centre entirely naked, he was violating public order .

At an appeal hearing earlier this month, the two judges heard submissions from a barrister on Gough's behalf that he posed no threat to the public, and was not abusive or insulting -- he was doing no more than walking in his natural state without interfering with others, not promoting what he does or challenging those who may disagree .

Counsel for the director of public persecutions had argued that his conduct was plainly disorderly behaviour within the meaning of the Public Order Act.

Leveson claimed there was nothing passive about Gough's conduct that day in that he knew full well that many members of the public would both be alarmed and distressed by the sight of his naked body whether or not others would take a more benign view and whatever the origins or psychological reasons for that alarm and distress .



Breathing Fire...

New York burlesque performer sues police who arrested her for nude sunbathing when it is not against the law

Link Here26th October 2013
A burlesque performer is suing New York police who arrested her for nude sunbathing in the park when in fact it is not against the law. She filed suit Tuesday against the NYPD and the two officers who arrested her in July 2012.

Police arrested Jessica Krigsman for going topless in a Brooklyn park and forced her to cover up. Krigsman's lawyer, Stuart Jacobs explained:

She was minding her own business, sunbathing, and they approached her aggressively, said . They asked for ID and told her to put on her shirt.

The female cop picked up Jessica's shirt and forced it onto her, Jacobs said. She didn't resist in any way or fight in any way. They arrested her and cuffed her and took her to the precinct.

Krigsman said the officers added insult to injury when they shackled her with pink cuffs, then held her for five hours.

She was eventually charged with obstruction of a sitting area, but the rap was dropped three months later, according to the suit.

Kingsman is a burlesque dancer who performs a fire-eating bondage act under the name Nikki Talis.



Offsite Article: Police chiefs were asked about their policy on policing nudity in public places...

Link Here24th October 2013
The responses were summed up as 'There is no law against nudity in a public place, but we will arrest you anyway and then try and find a justification afterwards'.

See article from



The Daily Mail recommends dogging in Surrey...

The Daily Mail kindly suggests the best dogging sites in the country

Link Here17th October 2013

 The Daily Mail has kindly asked the police to identify the best dogging spots in the country. The police responded with 222 public-sex environments (PSEs) that they are aware of.

The Daily Mail takes great delight in that 93 of these are located in Surrey. Areas including Claygate, Esher, Oxshott, Weybridge and Cobham are among the most popular sites for anonymous public sex. In addition to ten sites in Elmbridge, Guildford has 16, Reigate and Banstead 13, and Mole Valley and Surrey Heath 12 each.

Surrey Police said the county had a high number of sites because the force was so pro-active at monitoring them. Hampshire is in second place overall, with 30 sites, followed by Northamptonshire with 16. More staid counties are Norfolk with six, Warwickshire three and Sussex only two.



Still Mean Above Mean High Water...

Ban on naturists partly lifted at Holkham Beach

Link Here4th October 2013
A ban on nudists getting undressed on one of Britain's most famous beaches has been lifted by the Queen's estate.

Officials previously told naturists they must cover up on the sands at Holkham, north Norfolk, after complaints that it had supposedly become a haven for swingers and perverts .

But after a campaign by British Naturism, which has around 10,000 members, the Crown Estate has performed a U-turn. They insisted a small minority of troublemakers was to blame for anti-social behaviour and were prepared to seek a judicial review if the ban was not lifted immediately. Campaigns director Malcolm Boura said:

We very much welcome the lifting of the ban and we are meeting the other interested parties later this month. Beach ban: After a campaign by British Naturism, which has around 10,000 members, the Crown Estate has performed a U-turn We are confident that by following best practice any remaining problems can be resolved. We hope that it is all behind us now.

A lot of naturists were extremely angry and upset when the ban was put in place but there is no reason why it should happen again. That part of the beach has been used by naturists for as long as anyone can remember and we are working very hard to ensure it stays that way.

However the ban on nudism in the dunes, which are owned and managed by Holkham Estate, and on all land above mean high water, will still be enforced.



The Daily Mail Recommends...

Clubf Swingers in Stanley

Link Here24th September 2013
A new school has opened directly opposite a swingers club in Stanley, county Durham.

North Durham Academy has just opened up near Clubf, which describes itself as the best sex club in the north east. The club, which appears from the outside to be The Spa Hotel was subject to vigorous resistance from miserable locals when its true intentions became apparent in 2004.

Clubf's website lists the club's facilities, including a dance floor complete with pole, a sauna and steam room, a public play area and an underground dungeon featuring leather and chains, padded tables and a man-sized wheel to which guests can be strapped.

The club, which opens from 8pm most evenings, urges its visitors to be discreet, but locals still campaign against the establishment, which they say is unsuitable for the location, and creates disturbances.

The venue needs no special license, as it does not sell alcohol and also the services it offers do not classify as sexual entertainment - which means the police and council have no reason to intervene.



Mass Masked Orgy...

Locals whinge at Sweden's biggest ever swingers' party

Link Here21st September 2013
News that the largest swingers party in Swedish history will be held next month in a town in eastern Sweden has some residents hopping mad about the supposed impact that the orgy of sex, erotica, and lust will have on their neighbourhood.

The Eyes Wide Shut party will held at Norrkoping's Arbis Theatre on October 19th.

The upcoming "Eyes Wide Shut" is set to be the club's first event at the Arbis, an arts and cultural centre that Club Adam and Eva is considering moving into permanently at the end of the year. It will cost attendees 650 kronor ($103), and follows the masquerade orgy scene in the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The upcoming sex party as well as the proposed permanent move to the Arbis has 'outraged' a few selfish neighbours of the theatre located in a residential neighbourhood.

I know it's not illegal, but I don't think it's appropriate for a residential area, whined resident Mariah Jacobsson.

This kind of thing doesn't belong here; them having sex and changing partners. I think it's too close to small children and families, Louise Carlen told Sveriges Television (SVT).

An online reader poll conducted by local paper NT prompted 402 responses, with just over half indicating they would like to participate in the swingers party.

The owner of the building set to house the sex party, Robin Karlsson, has a hard time seeing what all the fuss is about. Speaking with NT, Karlsson said he had little patience for locals' complaints: It is 2013 after all. How can people be scared of people shagging?



Update: Britain's Shame...

Naked Rambler jailed for another 3 months

Link Here13th September 2013
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

The naked rambler , Stephen Gough, will spend at least another three months in prison after a judge ruled that he will stand trial in January accused of walking around in public unclothed.

The 'judge' told Gough that he would face a one-day trial in January. He said Gough, from Eastleigh in Hampshire, would be remanded in custody until his trial. Gough simply replied: Thank you.



Offsite Article: Just Before Dawn at a Berlin Swinger Club...

Link Here8th September 2013
A first time visitor describes the experience

See article from



Update: Take a Deep Breath...

A Swedish Court of Appeal finds consenting breath play to be illegal

Link Here31st August 2013
A Swedish court has ruled that a man acted unlawfully when he strangled two women during sex until they fainted, even though the act was consensual.

The man was initially charged with aggravated assault after engaging in sex acts with two women that included repeated strangulation until the women fainted.

Prosecutors claimed the acts were life threatening and thus should be treated as aggravated assault. However, the Skelleftea District Court disagreed, ruling that his partners' complicity in the dangerous sex acts absolved the man of sole responsibility for their near-strangulation. He was thus convicted of assault, rather than aggravated assault, and sentenced to three months in prison.

Prosecutors appealed the ruling, but the Court of Appeals agreed with the lower court that the act was not aggravated assault as the women, one of whom was strangled to the point of fainting 15 times during separate meetings, were indeed consenting.

The man was sentenced to probation and 100 hours of community service, and the charge was lessened from aggravated assault to assault.



Standing Out from the Crowd...

Go Topless Day celebrated in New York

Link Here26th August 2013
Times Square was full of bare-chested women today, as equality campaigners descended on the New York landmark to celebrate Go Topless Day.

The annual event, which takes place in a range of cities around the U.S., was established in 2007 by Go Topless, an organization founded by a spiritual group called the Raelian Movement.

The day sees women walk together to challenge laws that allow only men to walk around shirtless.

In New York it is legal for women to go shirtless in public, as it is in Ohio, Texas and Colorado to name a few. But others including Kansas, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia it is outlawed for women to go topless in public



Cancelled: The Naked Rambler...

20th August 2013, TV documentary, BBC1, 10:35pm

Link Here21st August 2013
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

The Naked Rambler
20th August 2013, BBC1, 10:35pm

Stephen Gough has been in prison in Scotland for nearly seven years. Most of that time he has been naked in solitary confinement. Stephen is The Naked Rambler , well-known for walking in public wearing just a pair of boots and a rucksack. A controversial figure, Stephen's incarceration has meant he has not seen his two teenage children grow up.

This film follows Stephen as he attempts to walk home to his family in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Walking over 400 miles naked is fraught with difficulties. It is a four-month quest beset by arrests, police cells, court appearances, releases, rearrests and prison.

Along the way, director Guy Gilbert attempts to understand how Stephen became the most notorious naked man in Britain and to examine his quest for freedom . Why does a man persist in public nakedness when, time and again, his actions have landed him in jail? How does the public react to the sight of him? Is what he does wrong ? Is his cause really worth more than his family? Helping us understand, perspectives are offered from Stephen's family and from supporters who join him along the way.

By turns funny, frustrating and emotional, this film challenges our own notions of the law, freedom and morality

Update: The Continuing Shame of British Justice...Naked Rambler re-arrested for breaking a made up law

20th August 2013. See  article from

Stephen Gough known as the naked rambler was re-arrested as he left prison. He refused clothing from police and was held as he left Winchester prison.

He had been jailed for 11 months in June for breaching an anti-social behaviour order banning him from appearing naked in public.

He has now been held on suspicion of breaching a new order, with the same conditions, which was granted by magistrates.

Gough has been sentenced to more than six years in prison for his belief it is his human right to be naked in public.

Update: BBC Documentary Cancelled

21st August 2013. Thanks to Trog

The programme was listed in the program schedule until the morning of Stephen Gough's re-arrest, however it has now been pulled and I suspect that if you enquire as to why, the excuse will be for legal reasons .



Inappropriate Hardstandings?...

Miserable council order Kestrel Hydro to close

Link Here13th August 2013
A naturist spa with a dungeon, pool and sauna has been ordered to close after council miserablists claimed it breached planning laws.

The Kestrel Hydro Naturists Spa, in Stanwell Moor, Surrey failed to get permission to run the spa as an adult private members' club as well as not getting approval for outdoor structures and hardstandings , Spelthorne Borough Council ordered it to be closed last week.

The council said it wanted the property to be returned to a family home and for any structures installed by the Hydro to be removed.

Graham Tattershall, a director of the spa, said the decision threatened the jobs of at least seven people and insisted he was still planning on holding a Bank Holiday Barbecue on Monday August 26 and said he was fighting the decision.

The article does not make clear on what grounds the council has refused the permission. The spa is next door to a factory unit so presumably planners are not claiming anything along the lines of aesthetics of the area.



A Licence to Spout Bollox...

Another example of disgraceful people who think its ok to make up groundless aspersions about people enjoying different lifestyle choices, this time about a drinks licence for a naturist spa

Link Here12th August 2013
A disgraceful Birmingham councillor considers it ok to make up baseless aspersions about a naturist spa that has applied for an alcohol licence.

Neighbours and councillors are opposing the application from The Clover Spa and Hotel in Erdington, Birmingham, to sell drinks.

Robert Alden, a Conservative councillor for the area, told the Birmingham Mail that an alcohol licence would turn the spa into a strip club and attract local youths and trouble makers . He claimed he feared there would be a rise in inappropriate behaviour and displays of flesh if an alcohol licence was granted.

I wonder how he would feel if people made equally baseless aspersions that council hospitality events would descend into drunken orgies.

The owner of the hotel said the objections were unfounded and his naked guests only wanted to enjoy a quiet glass of wine with dinner, or in the suburban garden.



Clacton's Miserable Reputation...

Council leader looks to ban fun filled nude fund raising events

Link Here30th July 2013

The Essex resort of Clacton-on-Sea has been having fun with a sponsored skinny dip and a separately organised protest bike ride.

But the miserable leader of Tendring Council is having none of it and has said that the naked displays could be over. He plans to meet with authorities to put a halt to the fun.

Peter Halliday spouted prudish bollox the East Anglian Daily Times :

Clacton is a traditional family seaside resort and in my opinion people riding around on bikes with no clothes on does nothing to enhance our image, in fact it harms us.

They did not apply to use land under our responsibility so there was little we could do other than work with other agencies on a bit of a damage limitation exercise.

However, I now want to get together with the Police and others round the table and come up with a plan to put a halt to naked events in our area before it all goes too far.

Around 35 people had taken part in a 17km naked bike ride around Clacton-on-Sea protesting at car culture. The skinny dip was held to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care.



South London Swingers...

Selfish neighbours have a whinge

Link Here19th July 2013

Selfish neighbours of a Surrey house hosting weekly suburban sex parties have called on the council to have it shut down.

Sutton Council has received a letter of complaint from a miserable resident of Carshalton Road who trivially whinges that drunken men and transvestites have been seen lurking about outside the house at all times of the day (probably once).

The anonymous whinge claims the den of iniquity , is used by various sex clubs and that it was not a pretty sight for the neighbours and their children to see all kinds of weird characters such as transvestites parading through their street.

Websites advertising the house speak of the facilities including a mini dungeon which includes a throne, a suspension swing, stocks, and whipping benches.

Both police and Sutton Council have investigated goings-on at the house but concluded no laws or regulations are being broken.



Just in Case There Is an Emergency...

Northampton Council ban's nudity at its single sex sauna sessions

Link Here5th July 2013

Nudity is being banned at council-run steam rooms and saunas across Northampton.

From July 23, nobody will be allowed in the health suites at the Mounts Baths and Danes Camp leisure centres without wearing swimming costumes. The change in policy is for single sex sessions, as mixed sessions have always required swimming costumes.

Ian Redfern, managing director of Northampton Leisure Trust, claimed:

We are asking customers to wear swimming costumes when using the facilities as we have both male and female attendants. We want people to feel relaxed and enjoy their experience and would not want anyone to feel embarrassed by a member of staff of the opposite sex needing to enter the health suite.

At the same time we have a duty to our staff, who may not feel comfortable entering the health suite to perform their duties or to assist a customer in an emergency.

Northampton has long been a haven for naturist activity. The British Naturism Society is based in the town, and naturist group, the Northampton Sun Group, have held gatherings at Mounts Baths since 1982.



Update: Shameful British Justice...

Naked Rambler jailed for 11 months for breaking a made up law

Link Here20th June 2013
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

The naked rambler has been jailed for public nudity. He was not allowed to appear at Portsmouth Crown Court for his trial after refusing to wear clothes and so didn't offer a defence. He was given an 11 month sentence.

He was charged with flouting an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) banning him from being naked in public. Jurors returned a guilty verdict in less than 10 minutes.

Gough has previously been convicted of nine public order counts of going naked in public in Hampshire.

Judge Sarah Munro said Gough, who has been remanded in custody while awaiting trial, will be eligible for release from prison on 14 August.

Gough has now been sentenced to more than six years in prison for being naked in public..



Punishing the Many for the Actions of a Few...

Holkam Estate bans naturists from long established nude beach

Link Here18th June 2013

Naturists are to be banned from a nationally-renowned Norfolk beach following complaints about anti-social behaviour committed in the area.

The Holkham Estate has decided to close the naturist area on the western section of Holkham beach, near Wells, from July 1 following discussions with police. The western section of Holkham beach has been a designated destination for naturists for a number of years.

Sarah Henderson, conservation manager at the Holkham Estate, said:

We have consulted with the police and discussed the issues and options. The decision has been made to implement a total ban for the better management and future safety of all our visitors.

Wardens will be instructed that if they come across any naturists they will politely ask them to put their clothes on and if they refuse they will need to be aware they could be arrested and face prosecution.

Andrew Welch, a spokesman for British Naturism, said:

If 20 people out of 20,000 in a football stadium cause trouble they don't close the whole stadium so it is a shame that the Holkham Estate has come to make this decision and we would like to open some dialogue with them about this.



Worrying Law in the Making...

Naturists are justifiably worried that the authorities will abuse a new vague law allowing Asbos just for 'annoyance to any person'

Link Here13th June 2013

Naturists fear they will be forced to cover up under new laws designed to crack-down on yobs. New measures supposedly designed to curb anti-social behaviour could be used by police and the courts to stop them stripping off in public.

The row centres on the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, which is currently being debated in the Commons.

It includes power for the courts to grant an injunction against someone who has engaged in, or is threatening to engage in, anti-social behaviour .

The law has been so widely drawn that police officers and magistrates courts could easily abuse their position to target people for just about anything.

Under the new rule, an injunction could be granted if a person has engaged in conduct which is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person .

British Naturism warned that the new law:

Is so open ended that it could be used and abused to prohibit or require just about anything.

If history teaches us anything it is that if a power can be abused then it will be abused.

We have absolutely no doubt that if it becomes law as currently worded then it will be used to prohibit naturism in a wide range of places.

Beaches and gardens are a certainty and it may even include naturist events and clubs.

A Home Office spokesman said:

We want to give the police and other agencies the means to protect victims more effectively, not penalise certain behaviours.

The "nuisance and annoyance" test is clear and well-established in law, and it will ultimately be for the courts to decide whether it is proportionate to grant an injunction restricting an individual from acting in a certain way.



Offsite Article: Londonderry Alderman Recommends...

Link Here2nd June 2013
Dogging at Ervey Woods, Prehan Playing Fields and Ness Wood

See article from



Update: Members of the Public Shocked and Alarmed by British Justice...

The Naked Rambler continues in jail

Link Here 12th May 2013
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Stephen Gough, known as the naked rambler, has been fined after being found guilty of nine public order 'offences' for walking nude in public places.

Gough pleaded not guilty to the charges of behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

But district Judge Anthony Calloway said members of the public had been distressed at seeing Gough nude.

Payment of the £ 1,800 fine was waived in lieu of time served in prison.

Charles Nightingale, persecuting, said in several of the offences Gough was seen by parents with young children who were 'shocked' and 'alarmed' at seeing him naked.

Tom Stevens, defending, said his client believed his nudity was allowed under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act which protects freedom of expression.

Gough remains in prison as he awaits trial for a further charge of an alleged breach of an anti-social behaviour order banning him from being naked in public. He is due to appear at Southampton Crown Court on 19 June.



Dogging is Fun...

Channel 4 has recommendations in Essex whilst the Daily Mail points out a good spot in Surrey

Link Here6th April 2013

Essex has been recommended as the dogging capital of the UK after it featured in a fascinating Channel 4 show.

Almost two million viewers were glued to Dogging Tales on Thursday night. It featured couples wearing animal masks having nookie in car parks and woods and getting a big thrill by letting strangers join in or watch.

The dogging venue recommended in the show was High Beech in Epping Forest. There are also car parks, lay-bys and woodland spots in and around Chelmsford, Basildon, Romford, Southend, Colchester, Harlow and Brentwood designated on the internet as Essex dogging sites.

Twitter went into meltdown from viewers who said they planned to visit the area to have a look.

A spokesman for Essex Police said:

Sexual activity in a public place is not illegal unless it causes alarm and distress to others.

Only a few miserable gits took exception to the programm. TV censor Ofcom received only five complaints about Dogging Tales.

Offsite: Ockham and Wisley in Surrey

6th April 2013. See  article from

From a woman whose daily dog walk in Surrey woods has been ruined... Why do the police now think it's OK for people to have sex in public?

...Read the full article



Update: Naked Injustice...

Naked Rambler jailed again after being persecuted with an ASBO

Link Here10th March 2013

The Naked Rambler has appeared in court on bollox charges of breaching an Anti-social Behaviour Order, a day after it was inflicted.

The interim order, granted by magistrates, states Stephen Gough must wear clothing that at least cover his genitalia and buttocks in public, even though this requirement is not the law of the land.

Gough  denied he had breached the order by walking out of court naked minutes after it had been imposed. He was remanded in custody to appear at Southampton Crown court on 25 March.

The interim Anti-social Behaviour Order inflicted on Gough, is effective for all of England and Wales until 10 May.



Update: Melinda Tankard Reist Recommends...

BDSM documentary Kink presented by James Franco

Link Here8th March 2013

James Franco is the producer of pornographic documentary Kink, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The title Kink refers to a BDSM porn website, where extreme violence against women and torture are the norm. Common acts include non-simulated actual footage of rope, metal and wood bondage, underwater suffocation torture, electric shocks, sex with machinery, gang rape, slave training and public humiliation.

Promotional material for the website:

In our videos you will watch as some of the best riggers in the business bind, torture and fuck gorgeous women.

paddled, caned and flogged until their bodies are marked and red.

Pushing the very limits of their endurance and pain tolerance.

Porn star Aurora Snow  shared her traumatic experience making a Kink film.

"They are a company that looks for the moment when a girl has been mentally and at times physically pushed too far; the borderline of tears and pain. Sometimes talent leaves with giant bruises that take weeks to disappear."

"The scenes will push a girl over the edge. It's standard practice on set to take breaks in between filming and during these breaks the talent is fawned, told how amazing they are, catered to, etc. It makes for a very confusing experience when trying to evaluate one's own feelings about what's really happening." the full rant



Having Fun at Mistress Sarah's MissUse Fetish Parties...

Whilst mean minded locals get all worked up and 'outraged'

Link Here 7th March 2013

Hampshire's Daily Echo is playing up the inevitable 'outrage' after a Fareham home has been spotted as the venue for MissUse Fetish Parties hosted by Mistress Sarah.

The press is taking particular delight as the home belongs to a LibDem councillor David Fuller, deputy chairman of Portsmouth City Council's licensing committee and vice chairman of the authority's planning committee.

The Daily Echo understands that parties, which are not illegal, have been held on a regular basis at the three-bedroom property on The Avenue, in Fareham, for around a year.

The popular MissUse parties are held once a month and cost just £ 15 entry fee per person as a contribution to soft drinks and a buffet.

Visitors have been asked to use the car parking facilities at a nearby church, to avoid clogging up the road and drawing unwanted attention from nosy neighbours.

Father John Humphrey from St Philip Howard Church is obviously a bit wary of claiming the moral highground, lest someone point out that the church leaders have been monopolising recent sex scandals. So he spouted 'outrage' at the revellers choice of car parks instead:

I haven't got a comment on what they do in the house -- they make their own moral decisions.

But from our point of view it's not right that these people are being told to use our car park. It's an outrage.

Council bigwigs have of course vowed to investigate the outrageous concept that people having been having sexy fun in their patch.



Extremist Prudes...

North Carolina set to ban topless protests via threats of jail

Link Here19th February 2013

A bill that could send women to prison for going topless in public appears headed for approval by the North Carolina legislature.

The Republican-backed bill would amend the state's indecent exposure law to expand the legal definition of private parts to explicitly include the nipple, or any portion of the areola, of the female breast.

Depending on whether such exposure is judged to be for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire, the woman could be charged with a felony, punishable by up to six months in prison for first-time offenders. Non sexual exposure would be a misdemeanor meriting up to 30 days in jail.

Representative Rayne Brown, told members of the House Judiciary Committee that her bill was triggered by topless rallies promoting women's equity that were held during the last two years in Asheville.



Update: Homeward Bound...

Stephen Gough has served his time for outraging of few members of the public's decency

Link Here12th February 2013

The Naked Rambler has been released on bail after a one charge of outraging public decency in Oxfordshire was dropped.

The Crown Prosecution Service reviewed the case and found insufficient evidence for a realistic prosecution. The case was discontinued after the time Gough has spent in jail on remand was taken into account.

He was accused of outraging public decency in Carterton, Oxfordshire, in December. The Crown Prosecution Service said a public order charge would be more appropriate but as this does not carry a custodial sentence it would not be in the public interest to proceed.

Gough was released from Leeds prison after the charge was dropped on Thursday evening. He remains on bail for a number of other pending court cases, including in Halifax where he has appeared this week.



Offsite Article: Fornicated by the State...

Link Here4th February 2013
Virginia's Laws Still Prohibit Cohabitation, Oral Sex And Sex In A Car

See article from



Offsite Article: Contractual Issues...

Link Here23rd January 2013
Man found not guilty of Fifty Shades Of Grey whipping of partner after jury hears she signed a sex slave contract'

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Legalising Naked Rambling...

Government speaks of another Freedoms Bill

Link Here11th January 2013
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Number 10 has asked civil servants to produce a list of ideas that could be included in legislation to reduce state intrusion into everyday life.

Sources said reforms to nudity laws, which would give men and women the right to wander naked on Britain's streets and beaches without fear of arrest, were being considered.

A source added: There is some sensible stuff in the Bill, such as making it easier to get permission for street parties and other public events.

Men bathing naked on a beach not designated for naturism, or appearing nude in other public areas, can face prosecution under the 1824 Vagrancy Act, which makes it illegal to expose the male person . Women can be charged under the Public Order Act.

In a joint appearance at Downing Street earlier this week, David Cameron and Nick Clegg revealed that a new Freedoms Bill would be among key priorities for the next two and a half years of coalition government. They said:

As we take steps to reshape the British state for the 21st century, we will take further steps to limit its scope and extend our freedoms.

The Daily Mail seem to be predictably negative to the idea of a Freedoms Bill with a long rant against the already dismissed idea of reducing the age of consent to 14 for similarly aged children.

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